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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita looking for her car keys. Shagun comes and says sorry to come like this, I m worried for Pallavi, this can’t be Amar and Pallavi’s child, Amar does not know this. They hear Rohit crying and rush to see him. Mrs. Bhalla, Mihika and Amma stop Sarika. Sarika says I took Ishita’s car as it was imp. Mihika says I informed police about your car, and tells odd even rule. Sarika asks why are you after me always, you are always around Romi and Rohit. Mihika says yes, I m after Romi and Rohit, why do you care, you don’t regard Romi your husband. Sarika taunts her. Mihika says so what. Sarika says Romi is my husband. Mihika says really, then you would have not tortured Bhalla family, you do plotting with Ashok, Romi is my true friend, I don’t use him like you


Mihika scolds Sarika for thinking Romi as useless and not valuing him. Sarika asks them to sit and backbite about her. She goes. Romi and Mihika smile. Mrs. Bhalla and Romi come home. Neelu tells them that Rohit fell from bed and got hurt, Ishita took him to hospital. They all rush there and ask about Rohit. Ishita says Rohit fell down, there was broken vase and he fell over it, he got much hurt. Romi and Mrs. Bhalla get angry on Sarika, and on themselves to leave Rohit on Sarika.

Doctor asks them to get baby’s parents for blood. Ishita says he is adopted. He says oh, then I will try talking blood units. He goes. Ishita goes. Shagun looks on. Ishita tells Pallavi to come with me. Pallavi says stop it, I don’t want to come, I don’t go without asking Amar. Ishita says Rohit is in hospital. Pallavi gets shocked. Ishita says I know everything that Rohit is your son, that nurse who did your delivery told the truth to Shagun, I promise this will be between us, you have to cooperate, Rohit’s life is in danger, he got much hurt, he has rare blood group, I think it will match with your blood, come. Pallavi agrees.

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Pallavi gives the blood and asks Ishita and Shagun not to tell anyone that I m Rohit’s mum. Ishita says fine, I wanted to ask about Rohit, he is not your and Chadda’s son, then.. Pallavi says I used to love someone before marriage, he died and I came to know I m pregnant, my parents got me married to Amar, Amar went to London after marriage and I came to my parents, I gave birth to Rohit and sent him to orphanage. She says I told the caretaker not to tell anyone I m Rohit’s mum, don’t know why you came in between and wanted to find Rohit’s mum, I attacked you in fear, I m sorry, I felt you will say everyone, if Amar knew, don’t know what would he do, he would never accept this truth, when I knew you and Raman want to adopt Rohit, I was very happy that Rohit will get good parents and family, I request don’t tell this to Amar that I m Rohit’s mother. Shagun says we won’t tell anyone. Ishita says believe us, I know you are scared, but we want to ask about you and your husband.. Pallavi says I m already late, don’t know what will Amar do when he knows I m not at home, I will go. She moves the curtains and they get shocked seeing Chadda there.

Ishita says actually I called Pallavi here. Chadda signs her to stop. He says not now, see Ishita ji, this is my personal matter, any way here are Rohit’s parents, congrats his adoption process started, it depends on court now, I request you to be away from me and my family matters, come Pallavi. They leave. Ishita says he can do anything to Pallavi. Shagun says lets hope he does not do anything, lets be positive. Ishita says I hope nothing happens to Pallavi.

Pathak says I don’t know Bala how to save Vandita. Bala says why is college pressurizing Vandita to resign. Vandu says what rubbish, it was that student’s mistake. Bala says we have seen that student’s blood reports, he was drugged. Pathak says his mum is rich and appointed best lawyer. Bala says fine, but we have evidence, why should we be scared. Pathak says we need to, as such lawyers make fake evidence, I m afraid we will …., but I will come there tomorrow, everything will be fine. He goes. Bala asks Vandu not to worry.

Chadda drinks and recalls Pallavi’s words. Pallavi gets tensed seeing Chadda. She apologizes and asks him to leave him. He asks her to shut up and just say why did she not say Rohit is her son, I would have got him here in this house and not let anyone adopt him, he is my son too. She gets shocked. He says I m also human, I m not devil, think about Rohit, I m really sorry. She asks you are not angry on me? He says I should apologize, I tortured you and you have bear all that, I m sorry, we will never hide things from now on, I love you. He hugs her and says I m your husband, I will take care of you. She smiles. He says I will take complete care of you, I love you Pallavi. She says I love you too Amar. He smiles.

Its morning, Raman and Ishita have a talk. He asks her to talk to Pallavi. Ishita talks to Pallavi and asks how are you. Pallavi says I m fine, I m very happy. Raman says you were taking tension just like this and goes. Pallavi tells Ishita that Amar cancelled his meetings and gave leave to servants, he said he will make food for me, its all because of you. Ishita asks her to enjoy the day and they will party later. Ishita says wow, she sounded happy for the first time, thank God.

Ishita comes to clinic and gets Shagun’s call. She tells Shagun that everything is fine between Pallavi and Amar, she told me that Amar is going to spend day with her, he gave leave to servants too. Shagun asks what, I have a doubt, when I worked in NGO, there were many such cases, husbands show they love their wives, but used to beat their wives in reality.

Chadda beats Pallavi and says I will punish you. Ishita and Chadda fight and he gets hit by the knife.

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  1. Hj

    Finally we knew who’s the real parents of rohit. But chadda is disgusting. Any way episode is ok. Precap is horrible. Waiting for next update. But i am not ready to murder scene, human bomb scene and specially niddhi’s scene. All the scene are very horrible. We want only our old ishararuadi. Not this nonsense.

  2. Eera

    This serial is becoming worst day by day…. ….. . . I want to stop watching it.. .. .. But can’t because Im. crazy fan of yhm

  3. pavan

    What an precap nonsense creative team didn’t get any creative thought ghost track finished and rohit track is also finished ang now murder track started and lets see when this track will finish (at least for 4 month)

  4. Resh

    But guys I have a doubt…..tmrw ishita will accidently kills amar & surrender before police,then when will the human bomb track comes..what I meant is that if ishita is arrested then how will she save ruhi…..

  5. SIndhu

    I don’t think we can see old YHM Smile… After this episode, I don’t think it will be anything good already. The murder scene comes and the terrorist comes into the picture. The Niddhi is already introduced into the episode and we can see less of Ishra. I only can see it is getting ridiculous. Anyway, just enjoy watching the old episodes of YHM. it is really very good and funny. You can see the closeness of Ishra and of course our dear little angel Ruhi. Let this entire phase of Niddhi and murder scene pass. That may take like another two months just like the ghost drama. As long as they do not make Raman marry another woman, that is fine. If not the whole serial stinks. Do the writers think that the kids will accept the new mother? Adi already took very long to accept Ishita unless they make it such a way that Adi and Ruhi go to Shagun while Ishita is in prison now that Shagun appears more. Why can’t the writers read all the comments of the fans and change the script to the liking of the fans. I dread the future episodes….

  6. sumi

    do one thing…let ishita kill chadda…after dat go to sarika n kill her too…thn on d way to ashok n suraj..kill them too….after dat go straight to police station…yhm..the…hmm…

  7. horrible episode . if any kind of leap happens i will hate ekta and her makers and what knows if yhm turns soo worst then even i may dont like it also . agar yhm mein leap hua toh yhm utter flop aur barbaad ho jaayega aur kyunki unhe veiwers ki parvah nahi hai . dekhne wale hum hai aur unko sirf trp ki padi rehthi hai .aur ussi trp ka bhaaad mein jaaye . yhm ke puraane episodes star utsav par aa raha hai aur bahuth accha hai .leap hoga toh ekta ki yhm ka barbaadi ke saath saath koi bhi yhm fan ekta ke kisi aur serial ko dekhega bhi nahi .

  8. jinal

    actually ishita kill amar in self defence so uske uper murder case hi nahi banta hai… aur abhishek to unka family acp hai to wo bhi to bacha sakta h use…
    directors ko jb leap lana h aur ishra ko separate karna h tb New layer ki entry karvadi..
    ek sarika cum thi kya jb human bomb, murder and raman ki 3rd marriage ka scen la rahe he…
    itna sara drama h to sarika ashok and suraj ka kya hoga..

  9. the main leads of the show should be an inspiration to all .what is all this rubbish they are showing in yhm of ishitha killing chadda . it is totally a big lump sum of nonsense that will be accumilated.

  10. jinal

    plz yar old yhm was very nice.. kuch achi story leke ayo yar..
    abhi show k name jaisi story to rahi nahi h jaha ishra ne ruhi k liye kya kuch nahi kiya aur ab ishita ruhi se dur ho jayegi?
    it’s not fare

  11. diya

    gys i cm here to inform you all da nws abt ishra seperation followd by a 20 yrs leap is fake. i cm to knew abt it thru a page in fb . So, chill nd keep watchng nd stop dreadng abt future epis

  12. Happy

    Useless drama ishita hits amar once,that also not so hard how can he die…..and it is afact that many of the educated people also do domestic violence

  13. pamela suppanee

    this show is boring with chadda and ashok and suraj finish this and let us see balla family in peace do not bring leap

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