Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Raman and Ruhi bond

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita going to Nikhil’s flat. She sees the lock and says you will be back, then I will kill you. She goes to Simmi and says come with me. She slaps Simmi. Simmi says how dare you. Simmi holds Ruhi’s hand. Ishita drags her. Ruhi’s hand gets the scratch. Raman comes and asks what’s happening, its all messed up. Ruhi says nothing, I had to show you files. He says we will go to your room. Ishita takes Simmi to her room and slaps. Simmi points a scissor and says I will kill you today. Ishita says fine kill me, what did you tell Ruhi, to stay silent when Nikhil molested her, you should have protected her.

Simmi says what you did with Ananya, you have killed her, I m getting peace today, Ananya died in my arms, look at yourself today. Ishita says you are getting

fun seeing others in pain, you are mad, your humanity ended, your soul has died, will you take revenge from Ruhi like this. Simmi says you weren’t here so your revenge will be fulfill by your daughter. Ishita says enough, control now, stay away from my children. Simmi says you can’t do anything, Raman will never remember anything, I will never let him remember. Ishita says they are Raman’s children, and I m his wife, I have come to protect them. Simmi says I will see how you do this. Ishita says I will ruin Nikhil and then you.

Raman asks which paper to sign. Ruhi looks for papers. Raman looks around and says this is the first time I came to your house. Ruhi thinks its good chance to show albums to Papa. A pic falls down. She picks it. He asks what happened. He sees her hand and says you are badly hurt, be careful, let me do the aid, sit here. She says relax, its fine. Ishita comes. Pita se hai naam tera…..plays……Raman does the aid. Ruhi sees him and cries. Raman says move your hand, open your wrist, just leave it. He sees the pic. He says Pihu, you and me in one pic, we look happy. Ishita recalls doctor’s words. Raman sees Ruhi and asks are you my daughter, I didn’t react when you were talking to Ishita, am I your Papa, why didn’t anyone not tell me, neither you or Simmi. Ruhi says doctor asked us not to tell anything, this was worse your condition, doctor gave us hope that you will recall everything one day. Ishita cries.

Ruhi says I was waiting to tell this to you, I feel like hugging you and tell you how much I love you, that I m your daughter, I tried to find many chances, we were helpless and stayed quiet, I was forced to become your business colleague and call you Mr. Bhalla. He says address me as Papa from now on, now that I know this. Ruhi cries. Ishita thinks Raman didn’t react and accepted this big truth. Raman says you can hug me. Ruhi cries and hugs him. Ruhi sees Ishita and cries happily. Raman says Ishita is also in this pic, what is she doing in this pic. Ishita worries and thinks Ruhi shouldn’t tell him about me. Ruhi says Ishita is close to us, she is loving and caring, she is very good. Raman says I have been so rude with her, can I keep this pic. Ruhi says of course Papa. Raman says keep saying Papa, its good to hear, don’t cry. He goes. Ishita goes and hugs Ruhi. Ruhi says finally…. I don’t believe this. I m very happy today. Ishita says he reacted well, you explained him well, we can unite this family by patience and love, he doesn’t remember anything, he can relate to pic, its all right for him to shout on me, he is so clueless, Simmi did this with him, I won’t let Simmi do this, I can’t tolerate her anymore.

Ruhi asks did you meet Nikhil. Ishita says he wasn’t at home, he won’t get scared. Ruhi says I don’t want to face him. Ishita says you have to get him punished, don’t be scared, now Papa is also with you, happy times.

Adi comes to Romi and says I wasn’t getting sleep. Romi asks did you fight with Aaliya. Adi says no, we are fine together, I m happy you and Mihika are finally united, what are you doing in guest room. Romi says Mihika wanted some time, this is good, Mihika is like my girlfriend, I will be doing those romantic things again, I will attract her again. Adi says amazing plan, the problem is, you have become old. Romi says I m not old, I m still young, there will be music in background, it will be romantic. Adi hugs him.

Its morning, Ishita wakes up and hugs Ruhi. She thinks did Nikhil come back. She calls someone and asks him to inform her when Nikhil comes back. She goes to her room and sees Raman sleeping. Dil kahin rukta nahi…..plays…. She sits by his side. Raman wakes up and says I know I m very handsome, that doesn’t mean you can touch me. She says no, there was something on your nose. He says you are sitting as snake on my kundli, go now, what happened. She smiles and says nothing, I came to take clothes. He says then take it and go. Simmi looks on and goes. Ishita takes her bag and goes. Raman says she is so strange. Simmi thinks they started having nok jhok like old times, if this turns to love, I can’t let this happen.

Ishita asks Ruhi to beat Nikhil, she is with her. Ruhi beats Nikhil. Everyone comes out of the flat. Raman asks Ruhi to stop it. Ishita says you need to be brave and tell everyone what happened. Ruhi tells them that Nikhil tried to do bad with her. Raman and everyone gets shocked. Raman angrily beats up Nikhil.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    for the haters: piece by piece truth comes forward ☺

  2. I think simmi gives raman drug through tea..

    1. mujhe vi aisa lagta hai.

  3. Instead of arguing so much with simmi ishita can just confess her the truth being a mother she has all rights to know that

    1. Yes of course….but y they are dragging lime this

  4. Wow today ishita just nailed it, gave that simmi three slap on the face.

  5. Yes of course….but y they are dragging like this

  6. wow !!!, superb episode .
    anyhow friends i am new to here, pleasure to be with you all !!!

  7. I am unable bear this simmi anymore. Always she is saying that ishita killed annanya and that is the reason for her change but before that also she was doing bad for ruhi by supporting nikhil . everything was the result of her doings.i am eagerly waiting for the day for exposing of simmi’s truth especially to Mrs.Bhalla…..

  8. Raman should beat Nikhil up so badly that he (Raman) is sent to jail for at least a month. There at least het will “detox” and slowly remember everything.

    1. Good idea Simmi won’t be there to give him those pills
      What kind of a sister is Simmi a pure evil

  9. Why do I have a feeling that Raman remember everything when Ishita showed those photos and just pretending to not know any to find out the truth. The way Ishita, Romi and Mihika played a game Raman is also playing a game to find out the truth.

    1. Same feeling……… he probably does remember everything

  10. Riana

    Really a beautiful episode after ages…
    And precap is more interested…???
    Ishra’s tiny nokjhok reminded me of old days…
    Really loved it…
    I wish cvs stops this memory loss drama soon…
    Simmi is annoying !!…lol ?

    1. Riana

      *interesting* i mean

  11. I actually don’t understand why Ishita continues to lie that it was her that caused Ananya’s death. First of all, are the Bhallas so dumb that they would think Ishita would knowing hurt, much less kill someone she loved like her own. Secondly, why the big secret that it was an accident and Pihu was involved. So much secrecy for no real reason, just to make the story run longer with Simmi’s hate.

  12. oh my god best episode so far ???????? Ishita slapping simmi gave the best feeling in the world and the precap is amazzzzzzzzzzing…………………..
    I had started to hate this show because of its strechy story but it’s back on track Nikhil deserves to be crushed and crashed ?
    Now just waiting for Ramans memory to come back quick ????????

  13. What kind of an aunt will want to hurt her niece like that?she is a scum bag,regardless of what happen to her daughter she should not have been so mean to Ruhi,when she finds out that it was an accident and that her little niece was involved i want to see the expression on that condescending face of hers not forgetting when she finds out the real Param boy oh boy she is in for a rude awakening i enjoy today’s episode.


  15. if ishita had told that ananya was pushed away accidentally…. the story would not have reached this point… some other interesting track would have come up long back

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