Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman calling out Pihu. Pihu stops. Raman removes the hair wig and shows his face. Pihu gets shocked seeing him. She runs to him and hugs. They cry. He asks why are you crying, you are strong princess, Papa could not come to you, so I came here as Gulabo, this is just between us, promise. She promises him to keep the secret. Romi asks did you not identify me, I m Romi. Pihu says I did not identify you, wow, you both are acting so well, and who is she. Divya says I m original, I m not in disguise, I m helping Raman. Raman asks Pihu not to tell anything. Pihu promises.

Niddhi says none will know what happened. She adds the poison in the sweets. She thinks Ishita, Mani and Shagun are excited for the baby, Shagun will lose her baby after having this sweets, the

blame will go on Mihika, Shagun’s miscarriage will happen because of me, I will get peace seeing their upset faces. She takes the sweets for Shagun. She gives it to Shagun. Shagun asks Mihika did you make this. Mihika says yes, taste it and tell me how is it. Ishita comes and stops Shagun from eating sweets.

Niddhi gets worries. Mihika asks what happened. Ishita says sorry Shagun, you can’t eat this sweets, you have acidity problem, Paisam has Sabudana/Sago, you can’t have this, sorry Mihika, you made this with love, but this is not good for her health. Mihika says its completely okay. Shagun says its fine with me. Ishita says you have to do dieting. Mrs. Bhalla says we will go and have food now. Niddhi comes to kitchen and dumps the sweets. She says I have to teach a lesson to Ishita, see what I do of Ishita now.

Raman comes to Ishita and asks where to keep the gifts. Ishita says keep that in Shagun’s room, come here for a min, are you angry, I scolded you, sorry, but you did mistake, if you were hungry, you could have taken something else, those fruits were just for Shagun, Tamilian pujas are strict, why did you had to take that orange. Pihu laughs. Ishita asks why are you laughing. Pihu says Gulabo has stolen orange. Ishita asks what’s funny. Raman signs Pihu and says I was hungry, that’s why. Ishita asks what happened Pihu. Raman says leave it, children can laugh anytime.

He asks Pihu to come and do homework. Ishita takes the gifts from Raman and goes. Pihu says Papa…. Raman says no Papa, Gulabo. Pihu says sorry and laughs.

Romi comes to Raman and sees him sleeping. He says Gulabo. Raman wakes up and says yes madam ji. Romi laughs and says you look hot as Gulabo. Raman says I got backache, even Ishita is not here. Romi says so what, your Laxman is there. He massages Raman’s back. Raman says we don’t appreciate women, who do a lot, why did you come here, is everything fine in office. Romi says yes, Adi and I are managing office, I came to talk about Mani’s secretary, she is strange. Raman says yes, Tisha, I got negative vibes from her. Romi says I saw her with Mani, it looked like she has hold on Mani. Raman says she does not leave a chance to insult Gulabo, Abhishek is not in Delhi, once he comes, I have to get Tisha’s kundli.

Pihu asks Ruhi can she sleep with her. Ruhi says yes, I m studying. Pihu gets Ruhi’s manager’s call and puts call on speaker. Manager tells Ruhi about a company approaching them for Ruhaan, shall I fix the meeting, offer is good. Ruhi says no, I don’t want to sign any contract, refuse to them. He says we will get profit of Ruhaan’s fame. Ruhi says I m busy now and can’t work now. She ends the call. Pihu asks why did you refuse to manage, if you are famous, you are lucky that everyone likes you. Ruhi says the followers are Ruhaan’s fans, they like you till you are popular, those are not real friends, I feel its useless. Pihu says when people like your pics and videos, it will be fun, I will also make account on FB. Ruhi says you are young, we will make your account when you turn 18. Pihu thinks even Ishita won’t allow me.

Ishita gives milk to Shagun and says you are like a kid, to get busy on phone and tab. Shagun says you are like Dadimaa, see the pics came so good, I will upload it on FB. Ishita says Aaliya gets happy when she gets likes. Shagun says we will get many likes, look at this one, Gulabo, so cute, I feel her strange. Ishita says yes, but she is a nice person, I think she got much tired today. Shagun says look at this one, Mani is staring at me from far, whatever I have said and done, Mani is happy, but does not show.

Ishita says Raman did not call, we went to coffee shop. Mani was angry and I came back soon. Raman did not ask anything, he does not ask about Ruhi and Pihu, I feel he does not care. Shagun says I m sure he realized he did many mistakes, I know he cares for you and would be missing you. Raman recalls Ishita and smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays…….

Its morning, Shagun thanks Pihu for help. Pihu takes care of her. Shagun says the function photos got so many likes. Pihu says wow, you have many friends, I want to make new friends, can I make account on photogram. Shagun says of course, promise me you won’t get distract by this and will focus on studies. Pihu agrees.

Niddhi says first plan failed, but not this one, who will save Ishita now. She takes oil bottle and pours it on the floor. She says now when she won’t have leg left, how will she interfere in other’s work, she can take rest now. Raman comes and asks Niddhi is she finding anything. Niddhi argues.

Pihu hugs Raman. Ishita says Pihu got so much liking for Gulabo. Raman says she is like my daughter. Pihu laughs. Ishita asks Pihu what is it. Raman says you should be happy that girl is laughing, come and have breakfast. Mani greets Ishita. She asks where is Shagun. He says she just woke up and said she will have food in some time. She says she should have breakfast on time. Raman asks her to have breakfast, Shagun will have later. Ishita says fine and walks towards the table. Niddhi smiles.

Raman tells his manager about some imp work, to become his husband. The man asks what are you saying. Raman explains everything.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode. Especially gullabo’s performance was awesome?. such a funny episode?cant help laughing. This nidhi ahhh ?so irritating. In present the costume of her and her talking style is soooo funny my god. The precap was awesome…..?????????

  2. Tvfan1

    Hai everyone!!!

    So how was today’s episode..
    I read your previous comments and replies..but I couldnt reply individually..

    Many Ppl are missing ishra’s scenes.. Yep
    me too…

    I wish they could add both ishra and adiya!
    And what happened to bala and vandu? !

    Do u remember that they showed krishitija once??!! But where did she dissappear to??!

    Also some one said about aliya being with mihir?!
    I don’t agree with it..their age do matter..
    Why is u hate adiya so much??!!

    1. Yep you are really right. I like ishra and adiya… And some of them hate Adiya pair.. when Thier scenes do not appear, people would start commenting more. Why are people so partial towards both these cute pairs ? Ishra and adiya are NOT THE SAME AGE!!! Ishra look so young and cute… I don’t compare them. But many of yhm fans make a comparison between both. I know this is too much. I really really looooove both. I watch yhm only for these two. And Aliya with Mihir, doesn’t match. Yah I am even missing Bala,vandu,and Mihir here. I want both scenes of ishra and adiya.

  3. Nice episode I hope thus positive trend will continue for a while.

  4. Hi Rithu, VP, Mani, Shivani, Magic, Marin, Madhu, Bhagya, Priya, Priyamvadha, Ridika, Siddhi, Khushi, Jaz, Ahs, Parichary, Riya, Ahs, Monique, Susan, Jay, zaiba, Isuri, mp and many many YHM fans….

    Wow !!!It has been awhile since I came on. Many not coming because no Ishra. I just want to comment about today’s episode. A little positive vibe. I love the chemistry between Pihu and Raman. Very nice hug. Both father and daughter miss each other. Chemistry between Ishita and Pihu has waned. Adi and Aliya pair is just ok but they can’t come any close to Ishra. Ishra is magical. I am only watching for Ishra. The gulabo get up is at least interesting to watch. I am happy with that. Of course it would be better if Raman and Ishita are shown. I loved the flashback of both of them.

    Ishita should stop being stubborn and go back to Bhallas home. She is selfish over here. Depriving of father’s love between Ruhi and Pihu. She should never separate the children from any parent. Looking at this Ishra will never join as they will remain separated because now Niddhi will not allow that to happen.

    1. Hey Sindhu .How are you ?Even I am not seeing many of the commenters in this site .

  5. Riana

    Nice episode…Nidhi failed in killing shagun’s baby n troubling Ishu….Raman replied on Romi calling him Gulaboo??

  6. Lovely episode.

  7. Rahul96

    Now I guess after grown up shagun baby will looklike Ruhi .

  8. Rahul96

    Now I guess after grown up shagun baby will looklike Ruhi .
    What say guys ???

    1. Rahul…

      Nidhi will make Shagun miscarriage. Shagun will lose her baby very soon which Ishu couldn’t save Shagun baby. Shagun will blame on Ishu so that Ishu will return back to Bhalla house. Nidhi will enter Bhalla house to surprised Bhalla. Nidhi want Raman and Ishu to get divorce. Raman don’t want to leave Ishu again. Raman will become crying baby. Ishu will find out about Raman’s biggest lie that he had been in Gulabo avatar. Ishu become very angry and will demand for divorce from Raman. Raman get shattered and plead Ishu for forgiven. Ruhi will be angry on Ishu. Pihu will support Ishu. Ruhi to go against Ishu for Shagun but Pihu angry on Ruhi and will not support Ruhi. Pihu will demand Raman and Ishu to get marry. I think that Ruhi, Adi and Pihu discussed this to bring Raman and Ishu together again.

  9. Rahul96

    Now guys I think this is a real life track !!!;
    Where children usually make an account in social media and gets distracted from studies !!!!
    Even Ruhi is much more mature than Shagun !!!
    Shagun is grown up woman , how can she allow Pihu to make an account in social media??? Pihu is only 10 years old !!!

  10. I cant wait gulabo n her 3 husbands

  11. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  12. In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein on Star Plus where Gulabbo is being alleged upon possessing a stealing character.

    Niddhi wants to kill shagun’s baby by hook or by crook and for doing this niddhi can cross any limits.

    With Gulabbo around Ishitha and Shagun’s everytime this is somehow not possible for niddhi.

    Niddhi in order to workout her plan has come up with altogether a different idea.

    Niddhi starts ruining Gulabbo’s image amid Shagun by filling upon shagun’s ears against Gulabbo.

    Now,is of the opinion that Gulabbo can never do stealing or such a thing as Ishitha has got to know Gulabbo very well off.

    It would be interesting to watch how would Gulabbo face criticism from Shagun and praises from Ishitha.

    What else would Niddhi do to prove Gulabbo a robber?

  13. The upcoming episode of star plus’ daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some interesting twists and turns.

    It seems that Niddhi will find Gulabbo as a huge obstacle in her way to harm and seek revenge from Shagun.

    Therefore niddhi will try to manipulate Shagun against Gulabbo aka Raman so that she can fulfill her revenge easily.

    Shockingly Shagun will change her behavior Gulabbo and will start doubting her.

    On the other hand Gulabbo will be shocked to see the changed behavior of Shagun and try to get to the bottom of the problem.

    Will Gulabbo be able to expose niddhi or not?

    Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates.

  14. Hey guys a very good afternoon to all.

  15. Hi Rithu … Good afternoon … yhm is lost fully but sad we commenters too stopped . Its not worth commenting now . How much I like Dt , I cant say in words but the character Ishitha is butchered totally … Now I hear Ishitha wants divorce becoze Raman acted as Gulabo atleast Sandhip should think its only becoz Raman is loving and caring to his wife and children , he has gone to this extend where they should make Ishitha realize his true motive and love . To give more space for Shaghun butchering Raman and Ishitha .. it hurts the fans … dragging to the core .. Adi Alia scene is unnecessary ..what message the cvs are conveying .. really regret watching this serial

  16. História yhm fans, Rithu, V. p, apollonia, Rahul 96, parichary, sonya, riana, sindhu, manju, tv fan 1, Phb, magic ,marin, madhu, baghya, mani, shivani, pryia, kushi, monique, Susan, MP, insure and ali yhm family, today episode is ok but i dont Shagun lose her baby. Nidhi is very bad because se sad to mani close your mouth then i dont arm your family, he very inocent , why he left Nidhi alone indo he home?

  17. Hi yhm fans, evry one is missing , i no we love old yhm but we need comment.i miss all of u, long time i dont comment but now i start again because i love yhm and ali of um.

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