Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla getting shocked seeing Raman with Niddhi. She goes and confronts him, saying Ishita is not yet found and they all are mourning, and he is here drinking with Niddhi. She reminds that Ishita is dead. Raman says stop it, don’t say about Ishita, did she care for me and kids, I told her not to interfere in other’s matter and become Jagat mata, why did she go, she was getting hanged, she liked helping others, who will help now, she would be lying in some cliff, did Pallavi come to help her, I became joke for society, you should be happy for me that Niddhi helped me, she saved my company.

She says its not Ishita’s mistake, no woman can take Ishita’s place, I know what Ishita meant for you, if this woman helped you, but she should not be here in

your room at this time. He stops her and says I respect you, so I m stopping you, this is my room, and its my personal matter. She cries and asks him to come to senses. Niddhi looks on. Raman asks Mrs. Bhalla to go now and shuts the door. She cries and says what happened to Raman, why is he saying this about Ishita. He gets angry and says Ishita is making me mad. Niddhi says its okay, they need time to forget her, I have an idea, why don’t I take Ishita’s place. He likes the idea. She asks what Ishita did, taking care of kids, its all simple, I will manage. He flirts with her and they drink.

Mrs. Bhalla comes to her room and cries. She says I m sorry Ishita, Raman made me ashamed today by getting Niddhi here. Mr. Bhalla wakes up and consoles her. She cries for Ishita. He makes her sleep and thinks Mrs. Bhalla is not able to forget Ishita, she was so good and used to take care of elders and kids, how will you manage alone now.

Its morning, Niddhi gets angry on Neelu for taking Ishita’s name and instructs Neelu to make breakfast for kids and her. She asks Ruhi and Adi to come, breakfast is ready. Ruhi says why is that aunty wearing Ishita’s apron, I don’t like her. Adi says Ishita taught us to respect elders, we can have breakfast, just for our Ishi Maa. Niddhi serves them sandwich. Simmi gets angry seeing Niddhi. Mr. Bhalla says wait, we have to find why Raman got her here. Niddhi serves breakfast to them as well. Romi asks Neelu whats this. Niddhi says I made Neelu make this, its healthy for body and mind. Amma gets idli for Ruhi. Niddhi says we should not love kids so much, they have grown up, they know everything. Mr. Bhalla says even elders don’t know what to do and what to not, I will talk to Raman. Niddhi says he is sleeping, he had work at night. Romi and Simmi eat idli as well. Niddhi gets angry and leaves.

Romi asks Mr. Bhalla about this new drama. Mr. Bhalla says I don’t know, we have to talk to Raman tomorrow. Raman wakes up and Niddhi asks did you get old, so much hangover. He says I have much headache. She asks him to rest, I will be at home and work, I told Romi to report me everything, you also stay at home today. She gives him mild sleeping pill and asks him to take rest. He says wake me up if you need my help. He goes to sleep. She smiles seeing him.

Simmi asks Neelu about kids tiffin. Neelu says I did not make anything, Niddhi stopped me. Niddhi looks on. Simmi says who is Niddhi to tell you, I will see. Niddhi asks Neelu to give her kids tiffin. Neelu says but its empty. Niddhi says give it any way. She keeps money in tiffin. Neelu says Ishita never did this. Niddhi asks her not to take Ishita’s name, kids can have food by canteen. Adi and Ruhi come with school bags. Adi asks for tiffin. Niddhi gives their tiffins and asks them to leave soon. Simmi looks on. Ruhi recalls Ishita. FB shows Ishita caring for kids and teaching them sentence making by some work. Simmi asks kids to come.

Simmi consoles Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla cries and says what will happen of Raman and kids, what about Ishita’s unborn baby, Ishita died before that baby came in the world. Vandu looks on sadly. She recalls Suyyash’s words and leaves. She comes to her room and drinks wine. Bala stops Vandu and asks did you go mad. She says I m sorry, I can’t help it, I will go mad, let me drink. He says no, I won’t let you drink, you are strong woman, you can’t break my promise, we will go to some doctor. She refuses to meet any doctor. He says I want to help you, but I don’t know how to help you, we all love you and need you, we can’t lose you, come with me, everything will be fine. She hugs him and cries.

Simmi asks Mrs. Bhalla to stop crying, and sends Neelu to get Mrs. Bhalla’s medicines. Romi asks Mrs. Bhalla is everything fine. Mrs. Bhalla says I m worried for kids, who will manage them. Sarika says Niddhi will manage everything, Niddhi is Raman’s friend and lawyer, she was acting as if she has special place in this house, she is managing Raman’s office too, she will replace Ishita soon. Romi scolds Sarika. Sarika says I m saying what I m seeing, you think as well. She smiles and leaves. Romi says Simmi, we have to do something. Mrs. Bhalla asks them to do anything fast, before this affects kids.

Adi and Ruhi talk in canteen, that their classmates are saying bad about Ishita. Adi asks Ruhi to have food. She opens the tiffin and gets money. Adi too checks and gets money. She asks what did Niddhi aunty give us. She says I will not eat anything. Few boys come and take money. Adi asks the boy to give back tiffin. They get into a fight. Adi gets hurt. Ruhi shouts Adi and cries. She calls out teacher.

Niddhi checks kids school teacher calling Raman and switches off the phone. She sits working. Simmi tells everything to Shagun. Shagun says so Niddhi is the root of all this, Romi said Niddhi is interfering in office too, now she is staying at home, why is Raman tolerating this, whats going on. Shagun gets a call and gets shocked.

Shagun scolds Raman. Simmi blames Niddhi. Raman shouts on all of them, and says Niddhi will stay with me. He says my kids will get a mother, as I m going to marry Niddhi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. No words to explain how I am of feeling now after watching today’s eposide v want ishu back yrr I don’t want to see the present track but I can’t stop my self from watching yhm coz I am addicted to this serial o God either help me so that I am can stop watching yhm or else give ekta some sense I am regretting why I started watching yhm ekta I want to give u a option ishita ko maara hi rahnay day n Raman ko centre se divide kar k niddhi n shagun ko de doo I am also just fed up with this shagun devi

  2. I have seen a promo which shows ruhi handover a paper to raman and tells him that these are divorce papers and from today onwards herd and raman’s relationship ends

    1. Sorry itsnot’ herd’ its her’s

  3. Fed up with this track.Dont drag too much.Lost the life and colour of yhm

  4. total rubbish

  5. Ini ithinteyum kudi oru kuraveyullayirunnu. WAKE UP RAMAN if u want to trap nidhi so that u get the chip pls go ahead but plsssss don’t marry her, its my humble request

  6. Hello everyone rithu, VP, summi and many regular ones who write in this column. I watched today’s episode for Ruhi and Adi but am of course not surprised to know the recap that NIddhi is going to marry Raman. How many woman villian do they want? We already have Sarika is not enough and now Niddhi. Oh I feel like slapping NIddhi. She is really creating so much nuisance and no one can do anything to her. I saw the new look of Ishita. Oh my goodness, she looks absolutely different. Her hairstyle is completely different from her original long hair beautiful hair she had. She does not look the conservative bahu but very modern woman. Oh no… what did the writers turn our very traditional bahu Ishita into???I hope Raman and Niddhi will not get married. Hopefully the spoilers are false and the wedding will be stopped. Rithu I like your updates as most of it are almost true but I was really sad to read about the coming marriage and Ishita coming as Shalini. Can’t the writers think of a better plot?
    VP you are right in yesterday’s comment. The producers and writers are playing with the audience emotions too much. I agree they are testing our emotions to the limit and many are really commenting saying that it is getting boring. I agree. Without Ishra, YHM is not YHM. I don’t mind if Raman gets friendly with Niddhi to find out the truth but not to the extent of she entering his bedroom and getting married. That is really too much… All Ishra fans will not be able to tolerate this. Abhishek is such a waste. Being an ACP, he can’t even suspect anything. He should already guess something is not right with Niddhi becoming an investor and legal advisor to Raman’s company. What a shame that Shagun has to come and inform him all these. He as an ACP should have the police instinct something is not right. How long is this going to be dragged? Even if Ishita comes back as a new avatar, how is she going to react with the kids and how is Raman going to react? Will we get back our old Ishra ir we are going to see a new Raman and Ishita?

  7. what non sense is this…am shocked with this precap..ishta has to come back as soon as possible…this is getting out of control….n raman how dare he think of zat marrying nidhi! no way raman…i hope zat it is ishita and raman’s plan to expose nidhi….n after zat ishita and raman will b back together…n the show will not take any leap…….plzz do not do zat….do not separate ishita and raman….plzzzzzz

  8. Everyone is upset with this track, so the trp of yhm is falling. But when it comes about Rashmi sharma’s popular crap saathiya why no one is having any objection. The viewers simply bear all those blo*dy things shown in the serial and the trp of the serial is high. And also CRAPEST serial ssk, all those ghost and dayan tracks are enjoyed by the people with whole hearted. why is it so. Whatever blunder they shows in the serial, both the serials will maintain its position in top 5. But why not with Ekta kapoor’s serial. And now her silsila pyaar ka, the lead pairs will get married for the sake of the heroine’s daughter as ishra got married for the sake of ruhi. None of them have any objection with Rashmi sharma but won’t bear if Ekta kapoor does so.

  9. Now I hate today episode & yhm.Everyday new drama plays in this story.

  10. Eashvara inni enthoke kanannam.I am fed up with this stupidity

  11. Kya hogaya humari yhm ko…. it can’t get worse than this and I don’t know how to explain my hatred towards this track especially that niddhi she’s more annoying than the previous shagun who was a vamp
    And you are right sindhu ishita’s new look especially the hair it’s totally blunder I didn’t like that and they are really testing our patience by changing raman’s behaviour and ishita’s outlook, look change is ok but this one it simply didn’t go well .. I love divyanka as the simple indian girl she looks great in that….so until it’s not confirmed that ishra are together in this plan I will only read updates let the trp fall till ishra unites……

  12. I can understand your feelings because I am also going through the same but let’s have hope that it’s all the plan of raman and ishita to expose niddhi if it doesn’t happen then #end card_rip yhm 🙁 but I believe that nothing wrong will happen

  13. Hey guys i think this raman and nithi planning for ishita and they doing some drama so i waiting for truth of raman and nithi’s drama lets see waita and watch

  14. Pls somebody tell me this holly shit is going finish soon or this yhm will have zero fans and where the hell is ishitha and Raman if this is a plan why not tell this to the whole family and do it with the family pls don’t make the same mistake ishitha did by hiding her plans ?about finding the culprit ?I got ballha family,shagun’s death and Ashok? trying kill him sooo pls Raman if this is a plan to with the family if not this story needs better writers ?to write a better ending?

    1. Sorry it’s not finding the culprit I GOT ballha family its finding the culprit in the ballha

      My bad??????

  15. If I vomit on this serial den also my vomit will cry that why did i vomit on dis serial……. Its total rubbish……. It has lost its charm and nt even going on track….. Ekta ke pass agar screw hi nahi hai toh woh dheela kaise hoga?????

    1. v.v. good comment

  16. stop this crap in yhm .plz makers .worst episode and worst precap .i feel like crying everyday after watching adi ruhi .pagal logon poore serial ka satyaanash bana dala.

  17. hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna
    natasha sowmy and all yhm friends.

  18. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will
    show that advocate Nidhi does not leave single chance to impress Raman.
    Mrs Bhalla cook food but she goes anywhere for some work and Nidhi comes there.
    Nidhi wears apron and pretends of cooking food in front of Raman. Raman comes to the house and surprisingly asks her that if she cooked all food and Nidhi says yes.
    Nidhi tells him that Mrs Bhahlla is not well so she cooked food because she loves his family a lot. Raman is happy seeing Nidhi is doing all this for his family.
    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  19. Balaji Teleflims Yeh Hai Mohababbtein engaging the viewers with it’s suspense filled track.The show gave a shocker to the viewers when Raman(Karan Patel) pushed his lovely wife Ishita(Divyanka Tripathi) off the cliff.
    As we have Already informed , Nidhi becomes official lawyer of Raman and he brings her to Bhalla house. Raman losing his cool on Ruhi (Ruhanika Dhawan) who will be aghast to know that her father is divorcing her beloved Ishima. She will say that she won’t call him Papa ever after. Raman will be very angry and Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) will try to calm him down by saying that Ruhi is just a kid.
    In the coming episodes, Nidhi plays her another trick to impress Raman. Toshiji cooks food for everyone and Nidhi who finds that Raman is just about to come in a minute. She goes to kitchen and tells Toshiji that she will handle everything and sends her away.
    When Raman enters She fakes and tells him that she cooked everything only for him. Raman will get impressed by her (Hope he finds that Toshiji cooked everything by tasting it). The Whole DRAMA will be witnessed by Amma and Toshiji ,they both fume on Nidhi’s antics and decide to teach her a lesson. Amma gives an idea to Toshiji to drink loaded and spoil Nidhi’s party. It will be interesting to watch how the ladies plan to irritate Nidhi Chabra. Well,We like to give a warning to Nidhi to stay away from Amma and Toshiji, Because they both are experts in harassing and had experience with Shagun and Sarika. What will be Raman’s next plan?
    Will Raman and Nidhi marry? Stay tuned for more updates.

  20. i think so leap wont happen . i think next month ishitha may return back in the show and ishraruhadi may reunite . ishitha ka new look yhm serialgossip .com par hai guys .you can see it .it is very modern and new look . but ishitha is looking as foreigner .

  21. With the high voltage drama and
    sudden twists, the Star Plus show Yeh
    Hai Mohabbatein featuring Raman
    (Karan Patel ) and Ishita (Divyanka
    Tripathi) has turned talk of the town
    these days.
    As seen till now Ishita has been given
    death penalty in case of Mr.
    Chaddha’s murder.
    Raman comes to know Adv. Nidhi’s
    evil plan of proving Ishita guilty in
    court and getting her death penalty.
    Raman makes the plan of dramatically
    pushing Ishita off the cliff to make fake
    death drama.
    On the other side Raman will woo
    Nidhi to get the real video clipping to
    prove Ishita innocent.
    Nidhi, however, will come to know of
    Raman’s plan and will kidnap Ruhi
    and Adi.
    Raman will be helpless, but Ishita will
    rise to the occasion.
    Ishita will be back as Shalini in
    modern look and will turn investigator
    to find out about Mr. Chaddha’s real
    Apparently, Ishita may find link
    between Romi, Nidhi and Sarika in
    Shalini avatar.

  22. Now it’s not even worth reading wen v see old yhm v want to see it not read it n now not even read Dat low has gone dis show

  23. According to new rumours, Ishita will
    be back in a new avatar to shock
    everyone and revenge against Nidhi in
    The extremely sweet Ishita bhalla will
    now be seen in a furious avatar who
    will want to take revenge. It is yet to
    know whether Ishita will be aware of
    Raman’s game plan of faking romance
    with Nidhi to expose her reality.
    Are Raman and Ishita (Divyanka
    Tripathi) together in this plan to
    expose Nidhi? Will Raman and Ishita
    Are you exicted to watch Ishita as
    Shalini ?
    Keep reading for more updates about

  24. accha hai ki ishithw niddhk se revenge lene aayegi .woh bahuth hi irritating hai .kameeni kahiki.

  25. Wat crap is going on in yhm… Plz tell me wen ll tis current track end…

  26. hate new ishitas look gopi maintaned her look yet there lot of twist in the serial cant the writer write something on other characters in the series ,potraying abisek like police officer that is not competent pls bring normal ishita back from nigeria

  27. Whether it’s a game plan of Raman and ishita to expose Nidhi or Raman turn into a vilian,
    Whatever it may be this serial has lost its identity… Writers have lost their story track.
    Boring writers making actors and audience boring…

  28. Its unbelievable Raman can be so rude to his mother n Nidhi is unbearable how can behave like this with Raman’s family. Nidhi cant be a mother she just kept 100 note in each tiffin box on first day it self she failed to manage home. By seeing todays episode I am unable to understand its Raman’s plan against Nidhi or Nidhi is using him n Raman is acting like a puppet. Plz writers don’t force us to hate our lovely show YHM. Plz plz bring back Ishita as soon as possible.

  29. cant understand anything …. addicted to yhm , so cant stop watching the same .missing Divyanka ….. so much . cant imagine Ishitha in new avatar .not even Ishithas body is found , Raman is going to marry Nidhi .. how its possible ? shaghun tries to become like Ishitha but cant reach near to DT, in positive role . Adi and Ruhi awesome lovely cant express in words . but how much these kids gone thru …bomb blast …… ghost track …..terrorist attack …. murder … Ishitha in jail and now her death . think the writers are gone pshychic to twist only negative tracks . Please respect the audience …. and we dont want DT in new avatar ….. no ishra seperation … please b realistic ….

  30. This is playing something like pyar ka dard he…wre pankhudi raised as aysha…wot du uh feel guys…

  31. I don’t have any problem with this track and Ishitha’s new look if Raman is not marrying nidhi. In fact I’m enjoying it. I love yhm a lot and I trust Ekta kapoor. There should be some one to support her right?? she is the television queen and she Is there in the television industry for years and she know how to continue the story. If all the viewers of sns and ssk can continue watching Rashmi sharma’s crap and raise its trp then there should be at least one of the viewer of yhm who support her. So go on with your story Ekta mam I will support you always.
    A great fan of your serials

  32. Omg……!!!!!!!!please make thus ebd as soon as possible as it is getting on our nerve’s…ekta one request to you…..please be a little more creative… r building up the same plot just like you did in bade acche lagte hai…showing the lead actress dying amd comming back frm the dead with a new avatar………. Its getting boring now.

  33. I think Raman n ishita ki planning h …BT I don’t think its good mtlb family k sath aisa behave krke raman ko kya milega n why abt ruhi n aadi y they suffer… became very boaring infact trp also effected ..sch a rubbish plan

  34. where is today’s wrtn updte I am dying to know what happened today.

  35. Where is the episode

  36. WHer is the update

  37. i dnt want to see ds serial again…

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