Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla and Mr. Bhalla arguing and Ishita managing arrangements. Rimi says everything is done and Ishita talks to him secretly obeying Mr. Bhalla’s orders. Romi says he will manage everything. She gives him food asking him not to go empty stomach. He thanks her and leaves. He says he will get Puri and 5 lakhs, then he can return the money too. Puri brings Amrita there and she asks him to confirm once with Shagun. Romi says I will not leave Puri today. Romi sees them and hears Puri talking to Shagun.

Romi thinks what is Shagun doing this new drama, with Puri and this girl, I have to keep an eye on her. Ishita serves food to Raman and asks did he think of any gift for Rinki. He says he will send her to Paris for honeymoon. She asks where are the tickets.

He says it will come till evening. His phone rings and she asks why is Ashok calling you. He says he has some work and leaves.

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Amrita is irritated as she got someone else’s bag. She gets a call from airport and they confirm about Manav’s bag. Amrita says she neds her luggage in one hour and the lady asks her to come and collect it herself. Amrita says fine, and asks for address. Amrita takes her bag and leaves. Shagun says she needs a room, and will pay for whole day. She ends the call and says once I get entry with Amrita, Nikhil will be exposes and they all believe Ishita, when the marriage breaks, it will be fun. Puri calls her and says Amrita is not in her room. She scolds him and asks him to find her.

Amrita comes to change the bag with Manav’s bag. Shagun sees her and says what is she doing here. She sees Ishita and hides. Amrita stops Ishita and asks for her help. Shagun looks on from far and thinks what are they talking. Ishita and Amrita have a general talk, and Amrita says she is from US. Ishita says about Rinki’s marriage. Amrita asks her to find about the guy well, as many problems are happening, people marry for green card and then another one in India. Ishita says the guy is known by our relations, he is from Houston. Amrita says even I m from Houston, whats his name. Shagun calls Ishita and talks about Adi. Amrita leaves. Ishita thinks do people cheat in marriage like this and leaves.

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Amrita comes to their apartment and Shagun asks what is she doing here. Amrita says she came to take her luggage. Mrs. Bhalla and Mrs. Iyer come out and Shagun hides Amrita, saying she was talking to Nikhil’s to be wife’s sister in law. She tells her plan to Amrita and she booked room in same hotel where wedding will be held, and they will expose Nikhil.

She asks Amrita to rest and sends her to her room. She thinks Bhalla family is trusting Nikhil because of Ishita, now see how the trust breaks. Bhallas like the arrangements and praise Ishita. Vandu comes with Bala. Raman asks her to take them to room. Ishita takes her. Vandu says she is feeling hungry and asks for food. Simmi gets Rinki’s

Bala teases Vandu seeing her have food and says he will go as Raman is calling him. Ishita asks Vandu to go to her room, and she will send her bags. Vandu calls Mihika and asks her to do her makeup, as she is not looking good in pregnancy, and gives the address. She asks her to come soon. Mihika agrees. Raman and Bala do some arrangements. Ishita says she will call Mrs. Bhalla to see Rinki once. Ishita says you see or mum, its same thing. Ishita sees her and smiles. Raman comes and he also gets emotional seeing Rinki as bride. Rinki asks him to do his duty and he says come, and makes her sit, to fix the Kalirey to her bangles.

Shagun asks Amrita not to be nervous as she has come to take her right, she is doing the right thing, don’t tell anyone I called you. Amrita says I won’t, you helped me a lot. Shagun says countdown begins and smiles.

Shagun asks Amrita to be careful. Mihika looks on and is shocked as Shagun asks Amrita to stop the marriage.

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  1. Kya chemistry hai. ..bhabhi aur devar ki. ……….bhavar.. milkar shagun ki zindagi main aaisa toofan lekar aayen ge. …….pata bhi nahin Chale legal shagun ko k uss k sath kya hogaya. ……..

  2. Awwwwwwww. ..bahen. .bhaiya aur bhabhi ka scene. ..bahut bahut emotional tha. …. ……
    …..raman jab rinki k bangals par kalirey bandh raha tha. ……..unn dono k sath mujhe bhi runa aaraha tha. …………
    ……..superb scene. .

  3. oh ho shagun dont simile now just wait and watch how will u thrown out.ab waiting for it.and that scene will be amazing to watch by ur failure plan.

  4. Shagun sonch rahi hai ki isse family ishita ko ghar se nikal denge. ..par. ….iss ka opposite hone wala. …..hai. ……ishita nahin khud ghar se bahar hojai gi. ……..
    ……..jaisa karo ge waisa bharo ge. …..

  5. waise aaj ka rinky aur ishu ka scene kamal hai lekin raman aur rinky ka bhai behan ka scene tho quit emotional tha.per only one missing tha that is romi.even romi has right of bro for his choti behan right hai naa.

  6. arey yaar everything is going on right track.bus bohot hogaya.all the serial has started their holi plan.even we want to know what special in hamara serial for this holi. whatever happens bus our holi should be superb hit than compare to another serial.cue guys iam right naa.

  7. You are absolutely right priyaroli. ……..
    ….hamare ishra ki holi party. ……..sab se aalag. …super duper hit honi chahiye. ….
    ……………special IshRa ki tarha holi party bhi Special. ..masti wali. …nok jok wali. ..romantic honi chahiye. ……

  8. Right. …..bahut mast lagrahe hai IshRa. ………par aaj koi IshRa scene nahin tha. ……….no ek dusre ki tarif nahin nothing. …

  9. waise in spoiler may said adi will help ishu for finding cum it will happen.mere matlap adi is nt shown in marriage.bus kuch bhi hojav this bar adi ka custody should get ishu only.and raman should start new bussiness aur should join in another job.

  10. Par. .holi party par aur koi celebrities nahin hone chahiye. …only IshRa N ISHRA families. ………agar celebrities honge toh. ….valintine day jaisa hojaye. …ga…..last year bhi sirf IshRa hi the. ….aur superb thi holi party. ……..guys aap kya lagta hai. ..aaisa hona chahiye?

  11. Main bhi. .sare matches dekhti hoon. …par india ka hai toh match k start se lekar end tak. …….even news channels par jo reviews hote hai woh bhi dekhti hoon

  12. waise mizun i want ur help yaar.if u dont mind.kal match hai and i have office woh bhi upper se month end ka kam hai so i will can u say scores an request.

  13. bhagi

    bhagavaan kare shagun jaisa aurath ya insaan kahi bhi na paida ho…….e ek kisa insaan hai ki kisi ki parva nahi karthe hai chiii ek baar bhi nahi socha ki mandaap pe shaadi rokhe ga tho bichaari rinkhi ki kya haal hogi…….hate this women

  14. Yaar…yeh Vandu Bala ke jo scenes hai…aise scenes hume IshRa ke dekhane hai..& very soon yaar…….
    Pls makers kuch karo iss baaare me…..
    Pls jldi kuch karo…….

  15. hi prayosha.ur right even iam thinking the same.waise in dabh sandy also give good news.tho ab more wait nayi hoga.bus even we want good news form ishra yaar.

  16. Are yaar tumhe pata to hai..mere lever pain ke baare me….. aaj to hadd hi ho gai..subah se jo bhi khaya kuch bhi pet me tika hi nahi……. turant vomit ho jati thi….. tuttion se aai to fever bhi tha…. & pain bardast ke bahar ho gaya to painkiller le kar thodi der so gai thi…… abhi YHM dekhane ke liye uthi…..

  17. Easy mat lo yaar. ……kitne din hogaya hai ye pain start ho ke. ..abhi tak kam hi nahin hoa. …medicine lo. ..tumhe pain horaha hai. .par main bhi feel sakti hoon. … kitna pain horaha hai. Tumhe ……plzzz yaar khayal rakho apna. ….

  18. Thanks Mizun……… par ab me kya kar sakti hoo…….
    Par ek baat bolu……mere 2015 ke Raashifal me likha tha ki muje stomoch dieses honge…& shaayad operation bhi karna pade…..& me aisi baato me belive karti hoo…to ek darr beth gaya hai mann me……..

  19. In Shaa Allah. …prayosha. ..operation. … zarorat h nahin pade gi. …medicine se hi pain khatam hojai ga. …….& don’t worry yaar. …..jitna darogi aaisa lage ga ki. …..waise hi hoga. ..zyada mat soncho. …………kuch nahin hoga. …

  20. Yaar yeh reguler medicenes leni hoti hai…& kal raat mai lena bhul gai….iss liye aajtabiyat phir bigad gai…yeh to achcha hai…practical exam subah achche se ho gai……

  21. Haa maine picks dekhe wedding ke……perfact familh….par iss family me humri cute Angel miss thi & uss ka not more devil but Prince bro bhi miss tha……..

  22. Yaar abhi laga tha ki Mihika ka sach saamne aayega….to dusri aur Mihir me shaadi kar li…… ab jab Mihika ka sach saamne aayega to Mihir Rinki ke saath Happy Married life thodi jii payega……..

  23. STAR Plus’ popular show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein has always attracted the
    audience with its enthralling track.
    The show has managed to keep its
    audiences glued to the show.
    As per the current track, Mihika
    eavesdrops on Ashok’s conversation
    with Sooraj and learns about Raman
    joining their company. Raman asks
    Mihika to not reveal to Ishita about it.
    The Bhalla and the Iyer families dance
    at Rinki’s sangeet. Later, Shagun asks
    Puri to keep an eye on Amrita.
    Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Amrita
    will confront Nikhil and will called off
    the marriage . Shagun will blame
    Ishita for the mess.
    Meanwhile, Shagun’s intentions will
    get exposed while trying to blame
    Ishita. Ishita will propose for Rinki and
    Mihir’s marriage and as per her
    suggestion, Rinki will get married to
    Later, For her devious schemes,
    Shagun will be slapped and will get
    thrown out of the house. Shagun will
    leave but will take Adi along.

  24. Good rithushree. ..
    …shagun ki iss harakat se. sahi hoa ki. ….shagun ka Sach sab k samne aagaya. ……shagun ne apne hi pair par kholhadi marli. ….par Adi bhi jald IshRa k paas jald hi aajaye ga. …..

  25. Ok good night prayosha. …apna khayal rakho. …time par medicine lo. …..aur bekari ka mat soncho. …..
    …..are subha main busy hoti hoon. ….par kal jaldi aaon gi. ..ok bye

  26. Hi prayosha ,mizun ,palak I am new here . I want to join with you .and prayosha you should go to hospital as many diseases are arising so be careful

  27. Are waah ..india ne kya bowling ki yaar mast. 102 par UAE ko all out kiya. ……….india is the best. ……..
    …….india india. ….

  28. STAR Plus’ popular show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein has always attracted the
    audience with its enthralling track.
    The show has managed to keep its
    audiences glued to the show.
    As per the current track, Ishita thanks
    Romi for helping her in organising
    Rinki’s marriage. Meanwhile, Romi
    eavesdrops on Puri’s telephonic
    conversation. Raman informs Ishita
    that he has booked a honeymoon
    package for Rinki, in Paris. Shagun
    informs Amrita about her plan of
    exposing Nikhil.
    Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Amrita
    will confront Nikhil and will called off
    the marriage . Shagun will blame
    Ishita for the mess.
    Meanwhile, Shagun’s intentions will
    get exposed while trying to blame
    Ishita. Ishita will propose for Rinki and
    Mihir’s marriage and as per her
    suggestion, Rinki will get married to
    Later, For her devious schemes,
    Shagun will get slapped and will be
    thrown out of the house. Shagun will
    leave but will take Adi along.Mrs
    Bhalla will get worried for her kids,
    Raman will assure that he will set
    things right.
    Meanwhile, Raman will try to find
    Sarika for marriage with Romi.Raman
    thinks that Sarika is the perfect match
    for Romi. He then will file a custody
    case to fight for Adi’s custody.

  29. Are kya yaar tum log ………abhi tak notice nahi kiya ki FB & baki sab jagah update hoti hai…wo yanhi se copy ki hoti hai…….jab yanha update nahhi hai to FB par kaise hoga………..

  30. Phir Ishita Rinki ko mandap ke liye lene jati hai….to Dimpal ko Amrita ki mom ka phone aata hai…to Dimpak juth bolti hai ki hum family friend ki shaadi mw aaye hai……yeh Ishita sun leti hai…jab Ishita puchhati hai to Dimpal baat palat deti hai…

  31. Dusri aur Shagun & Amrita shaadi todne ki baat kare Mihika sun leti hai & Vandu ko bhi batati hai…..phir jab phere hote hai toIshita Dimpal ki baate yaad kar thodi upset hoti hai…to Raman use hasata hai…….phirr Ishita khud phere rokne ko kehti hai…….piche se Shagun & Amrita aakar Shadi rokne ka kehte hai….Amrita Nikhil ko thappad marti hai…….phir wedding certificate dikhati hai…IshRa dekhate hai & shock reh jate hai…….

  32. Precap – Shagun Ishita se kehti hai tum pehle se janti thi iss bare me bataya kyo nahi…..Ishita kehti hai..tum kehna kya chahti ho……to Shagun kehti hai..aise kaise tunne puchtach kiye binba shadi ke liye haa keh diya ……sab ko jawaab do ……..

  33. Episode starts with mihika helping Vandu for make up. Vandu insists mihika to attend marriage. Mihika agrees.

    Mihika later feels awkward to attend as she is not been invited and she messages Vandu and observes shagun talking to some stranger girl and thinks shagun has some evil plan to execute and hears them sayings should somehow stop this marriage. She thinks of informing ishits but fails and tells Vandu.

    Amritas mom calls dimple and she talks to her saying to understand the situation.. Ishita hears this ans thinks something is wrong as dimple couldn’t answer ishits.

    Waiter calls romi to check some arrangements and he leaves.

    Pheras are about to start,amrita and shagun enters. Amrita slaps nikhil for cheating on her, plummy aunty interrupts scolding amrita,where she shows marriage certificate and everyone are shocked.

    Precap: shagun blames ishita for happenings as she is responsible for marriage and ishita is tensed….

  34. Hey aaj. …ye bataya ki. ….nikhil uss ki family k sath aata hai nikhil ki aarti hoti hai. ..aur sab Chale jate hai. ..lekin Amrita wahi shagun k sath khadi hoti. …amrita sab ko Sach batana k liye jati hai. .par shagun usse rukh deti hai. …..aur kehti hai ki a abhi Nahin bad main batana. .aur ye sab mihika sunn leti hai mihika ishita ko call karti hai ye batane k liye par ishita phone nahin uthati hai. ……..
    ..nikhil ki ki sister ko amrita ki mom ka call aata hai aur woh chali jati hai. .toshiji ishita ko rinki ko lane k liye kehti hai. .aur ishita nikhil ki sister ko phone pat baat karte sunn leti hai. .ishita jab usse pochti hai toh. …woh. .jhot bol kar chali jati hai. .par ishita ko uss par shak ho jata hai. ….mihika Vandu ko sab batati hai. ..shagun k bare main dono ishita k paas jate hai. ……ishita rinki ko leke aati hai. ..warnala ceremony hoti hai. ..par ishita beech main rukh deti hai. ..same time par Amrita bhi rukh ti hai. .aur sab ko nikhil ko apna husband batati hai. ..ishita nikhil ki sister se phone call ka Sach pochti hai. …..amrita kehti hai. .ye shaadi nikhil ne green card k liye ki. …aur yaar money k liye karraha hai. .aur marriage certificate dikhati hai aur sab family shock ho jate hai ……..
    shagun kehti hai ab meri bolne ki. .bari hai. ..
    precap main shagun ishita ko blame karti hai. ….

  35. Angel. .aaj ishra scene tha par. …IshRa wala scene nahin tha. ………ishita tensed thi aur raman ishita ko has ne keliye Kehta hai. .thoda tha par cute scene tha

  36. Small tha Angel Ishita phero me tense hoti hai to Raman us se puchta hai kya hua to Ishita kehti hai…….Bachche kaha hai..unke bare me skch rahi thi……Raman kehta haki….yanhi kahi honge…….ghodi der baad phir Raman Ishita ko sad dekhta hai…to apne hato se Ishita ke lips ko smile ka pose deta hai…….

  37. Next week super week hoga. ……..nikhil full pitne wala hai. ……..mihir rinki ki shaadi hogi. …..puri pakda jaye ga. …………phir shagun ki bari aaye gi ghar se bahar Jane ki …….

  38. Hey prayosha maine khud dekha tha. .uss time par nahin. .tha. ….
    lekin ab phir maine check kiya toh . .ab aagaye hai. ….
    toh yhm ka bhi WU aajaye ga. …

  39. ok guys.even i will c u all trm.good nt palak,prayosha,mizun and also.and prayosha take full rest and have medicine.and mizun ap tumara health kaise hai yaar.all of take care and u guys have exams well.bye.swt dreams with ishra and india ka win.

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