Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th February 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Simmi getting someone’s call. She tells him that she got saved from Ishita. She says I have taken care, but I don’t know what to do ahead. The man tells her a plan. Simmi says fine and ends the call. Mihir talks to Mrs. Bhalla. She asks him to come and meet her, not tell anyone about this. She says I will give you a food packet which you should give to Raman. Mihir says I m in Raman’s cabin and there are 3 tiffins for breakfast, lunch, and salad. Mrs. Bhalla is surprised. Mihir says its from home. She says I will see. She says who took the tiffin, did Ishita take it, is she playing double game. She says is she trying to make me away too, she is clever, I won’t let her play any game.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita about the tiffin. She says

did you make all the dishes at your mum’s place. She says you made Mr. Bhalla against Raman and now you are sending him tiffins. She says if you care about him, make something else. Ishita says I did not send him any tifffin, I was in my clinic since morning, who has sent the tiffin, why are you doubting on me, I won’t go against dad. Mrs. Bhalla says then who is sending the tiffins. Simmi says I m going to Dubai, my husband is calling me. She says my flight is tomorrow morning. Ishita questions her. Simmi asks her not to interfere. She says he is my husband, he can keep me anywhere.

Simmi says give me my passports. Ruhi comes home from school. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to take care of Ruhi. Ishita asks did you give the note to teacher. Ruhi says yes, she smiled and says you can meet her. Ruhi and Ishita have a talk. Ruhi says make noodles for me. Ishita asks her to share with her friend as sharing is caring. She says your Dadi has made yummy food for you, if you don’t eat, she will feel bad. I will make noodles at evening. Ishita thinks about Ruhi and makes noodles for her. She does not get noodles at home and calls the grocery store to order it.

She asks him to send noodles. He tells her that a boy took all the items just now. She says send it to Bhalla house. He says I forgot you got married. Ishita says Amma ordered Rajma, lets see. She sees Raman having food at her house. Raman sees Ishita and speaks sweetly to Amma. Mihika serves him hot food. Mihika says I brought tiffins to your office. Ishita comes to know that they are sending him tiffins. Amma says sorry I don’t make non veg. Ishita thinks unbelievable, my Amma is spoiling Raman. Raman calls Appa who is pressing his shirt. Raman laughs.

Ishita says Amma Appa, what is all this. She asks Raman what are you doing here. Amma says can’t I do this or my son in law. Amma talks to Ishita. Amma says what happened to you, he is my son in law, can’t I give him food. Ishita says we can also give food, but everyone are boycotting him. Amma says Raman told us everything. Ishita says he is a liar. Amma says its too much, he is your husband now, don’t tell anything against him. She says you made his parents against him, bad, you both should be a team, come and sit with him else leave.

Mrs. Bhalla comes there and sees Raman. She says these people have controlled you. Raman says they have not boycott him. Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita made your dad against you. I can’t bear to see that you eat here. I m sorry, come home. She says I will make butter chicken for you. He takes Raman with her. Raman says I will come again Amma. He thanks them and leaves.

Raman comes home and talks to Ishita. He says Amma and my mum will always support me. Ishita says I m doing all this for Ruhi. She says we boycotted you as you misbehaved with Ruhi. Raman gets angry on her. She says you can never change. I doubt how Ruhi can be your daughter. Raman says enough, what do you think you are, you always use Ruhi as your shield. He says the day when I tell the truth, you people won’t be able to speak. He says if you warn me again, I will kick you out, be in your limits. Ishita thinks what happened to him, anger is normal, but he was on other tangent.

She says its something else. Raman breaks a glass and says Ruhi is my daughter. She comes to see him. He says get lost. She goes to the room and shuts the door. Raman looks at the broken glass pieces and lifts it. He sees a stamp paper. Raman checks the papers and says dad names this house after Ruhi. He asks Mrs. Bhalla whats all this. She says your dad has taken this decision. He cleans the floor and asks why are you doing this. She says because we are worried about her, she needs your love and you don’t love her. She says when you scolded her, she cried and said you don’t love her. She says we are today, what about tomorrow when we die, Ruhi should not feel no one thought about her, so this house and everything will be hers.

Shagun tells Ashok that Raman came and is angry. Ashok smiles. She says why did you tell him that Ruhi is not his daughter. She says I will call the police. He says no, do as I say.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. Getting bored,i want to see sme sweet n romantic scene btwn ishi raman

  4. Natasha is right what a borrd twist

  5. boring serial……

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  7. it cant b alway a sweety cozy love story

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