Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Parmeet reveals his plan

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman talking to Appa and asking him to open his eyes. He says you are a great person, we need you, Nisha got caught, you are a free man now. Appa gets conscious and holds his hand. Raman smiles. Appa asks is it true that Nisha has confessed, all the allegations are cleared. Raman says no one will blame you. Appa talks to Amma. Raman goes out and cries. Ishita sees him. She comes to him and says you are the best son in law, I have seen how you got Appa conscious. He asks just best son in law, I want to know the things I m best at. She says best husband, best father and best son. He says you have to buy me a good gift, you are my Secret santa. She asks how do you know. He says I have written that chit. She asks when did you do this. He says its called smartness. She

says I will get something useful for you. He says you want to me give me a toothbrush. She laughs.

Karan calls Sudha and asks where are you. She says sorry. He says you didn’t come to see Rohan. She says there was no network in rural camp. He says Bhallas are planning Christmas party. She says then I will come. She says listen to me carefully. Ruhi sees a phone with Karan and comes to snatch it. She scolds him a lot. Sudha hears their argument and gets angry. Sudha says this girl treats my son as a servant, I won’t leave her. Parmeet says I told you, you did the best thing to get me out of jail, see how I ruin their christmas party, see what I do. Sudha smiles.

Amma feeds food to Appa. He says I m happy that all the allegations got cleared. She asks him to sleep. Raman says sorry, I should have knocked and come. Amma asks him to sit. Raman says Appa, we have a reason to celebrate, you are very strong, you have to come in Christmas party. Appa says no. Amma says you have to come. Appa says okay, don’t scold me. Raman says theme is western, Aaliya and Ruhi will get clothes for you. Raman says you can continue that. He goes. Amma asks Appa to sleep.

Ishita says I hope Raman likes this. She hides the gift. She says I won’t decide it now. He compliments her. She runs away. She says I m pretty and smart also. He acts hurt. She asks what happened. He says you broke my heart, you are my doctor. She says you were being romantic or you wanted to see the gift, you will get this under the Christmas tree. She goes. He says its something special. Karan asks Rohan to take care, Sudha is coming to trouble Bhallas. Rohan says Simmi isn’t here. Karan says she went to make papaya leaves juice, mom made a good plan, Simmi thinks her daughter’s heart is beating in you. Simmi comes and gives juice to Rohan. Karan says he is much better now. Simmi says yes, I forgot to tell you, we are hosting a small party. She goes. Karan jokes on her. Rohan says enough, I m unwell, Simmi took care of me, respect her, stop it. Karan goes.

Parmeet says you are impatient. Sudha says I want to know about the plan, the manager has got everything you wanted. He applies some color under his nose and says I m going to get a severe attack now, its your hospital, your rule, anything can happen. He tells the plan. He says when I m taken to OT, I can just escape. Sudha shouts to doctor and asks him to check Parmeet. She says we need to take him to OT. Parmeet is taken to OT. Bhallas welcome Iyers in the party and wish merry Christmas. Raman comes and says I went to get this champagne. He says this is for Appa. They laugh. Rohan and Karan come in party. Everyone looks on. Rohan says I m not feeling good. Simmi asks him to be with everyone and enjoy, he will feel good. Raman says you are still the servants and will do the work. Simmi says let them enjoy with us. Ishita comes. Everyone compliments her. Raman says Ishita is my secret Santa, she is my life. They smile.

Sudha says paperwork can be done later, save Parmeet’s life, he is my responsibility. Constable asks how long will the surgery take. Sudha says we can’t tell anything. Parmeet gets up. Sudha says you won’t tell anyone about the fake operation, you will wait here.

Parmeet in Santa disguise faints entire Bhalla family. He kidnaps Ishita. Sudha looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I think Parmeet is very close to creators, It is not possible to come out from jail.Anyway we are enjoyed at least few minutes of Ishra scenes , Raman spoke to his in laws . Nice

  2. At least of this serial both Param & Sudha will get severe punishment by God.( ( not in jail .Again will come out.,) Their eyes , legs or hands will be broken). Then the justice .Pls cls the serial.or change KP & DT of this characters.after that we didn;t see the serial

  3. I wonder for dramas sake how can creators of yhm
    Show all this rubbish … one sudhaji comes and takesacriminal to herhospital and the Paramus drama .. yhm is the only show which is soo popular internationally purely becoz of Dt and KP.
    Yhm means Divan
    pls stop sudhaji and her unbelievable ploys ..
    Param isa class villain … but it’s scaring to watch now with Ishitha is kidnapped
    If the writers do not know how to write positively … pls read Ishra fan fictions and get ideas … how beautifully some have written
    Ekta should be punished by censor board for giving wrong messages by increasing the crimes in her serials …she is lucky she got Divan … They can still take this show to many more years as the audience simply love to watch Ishra …

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