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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita getting shocked knowing about divorce. Shagun says its property matter, and signs lawyer to go. Ishita asks Shagun to share things. Shagun says there is nothing. Raman comes and asks about housekeeper. Shagun says she will revert, I m sure. Lina calls her. Shagun answers the video call. She says I m not getting my ipad, I want your help, do you know about that heater mechanic, you remember anything about that day. Lina says yes, he came after you left home. Raman says I m Raman, Shagun’s friend, can you describe that man. Lina says I can try to send you CCTV footage of the apartment. Shagun and Raman thank her. Ishita says it will be big help. They thank Shagun. Shagun says no need to say thanks, Ruhi is my daughter too, I can do anything to protect her.


Bhalla and Amma check the matrimonial sites and find Gaurav Bajaj. Amma checks his profile. She says he is bachelor, 37 years old. Mrs. Bhalla gets glad. Amma tells more about him, that he is veg. Mrs. Bhalla says Simmi can’t manage without chicken, what did this happen. Raman and Ishita meet Ruhi and tell about the heater mechanic. Ruhi cries and says don’t know how did this happen. Raman hugs her and says Ruhi you just have to wait, police is finding him, just be strong. She gets blackmailer’s call. Raman talks to Inspector. Inspector says ask Ruhi to talk to that man for long duration, we can trace him. Raman says the same to Ruhi. Ruhi answers call.

The man says I know you went to cyber cell to complaint against me. Ruhi says please delete the video, my parents are worried, what do you want. He says you will know when you meet me, I m smart, you have to meet me with money. He tells the address and says if you don’t come, this video will get viral. He ends call. Inspector tells Raman that blackmailer ended call soon, we could not trace call. Ishita asks Ruhi did she hear background voice, like a bell. Raman says church bell type. She says yes, I heard it. Inspector says she is right. They trace the area. Raman thanks inspector. He hugs Ruhi and asks her not to worry. Ishita says we have to find that man anyway.

Mrs. Bhalla says I will do anything to see Simmi happy. Mihika asks Aaliya to talk to Mrs. Bhalla, as she is woman and married in this house. Aaliya talks to Mrs. Bhalla and asks about Bhalla family. Mrs. Bhalla says I m lucky to marry in this family, you are also lucky. Aaliya asks is everyone fine, the Bhalla men. Mrs. Bhalla says they are good, when I got married, I had some troubles, Mr. Bhalla had joint family, we used to hide and drink wine. Aaliya says but Bhalla men. Mrs. Bhalla asks what do you mean. Aaliya asks are they same, I don’t understand they get busy in life and do not know someone is waiting, they don’t say sorry and dominate. Mihika says Aaliya is going in wrong zone. Aaliya says Romi and Raman shout, Ishi maa handles Raman, even Adi is like this. Mrs. Bhalla says stop her. Mihika stops Aaliya and says you are getting late, come. Mrs. Bhalla says we will talk tomorrow. Mihika takes Aaliya.

Raman asks inspector who went to church. Inspector says we have sent Abhishek’s team, they will be coming now. The team comes. Ishita asks did you find blackmailer. The officer says no, we did not get him. Ruhi cries. She gets blackmailer’s call again. Inspector asks them to trace call. The officer says this is new number. Ruhi says I can’t answer call. Officer asks her to put on speakers. The man says I also see tv serials, I knew you will hear church bells and send police, I m not such fool, tell police not to waste time to track call, I m ending call.

Ruhi asks why are you doing this with me. The man says fine, I will give you one more chance, I challenge you to come in Christmas party in hotel, come there and give me money, you involved police, you have to pay price, you will give me 22 lakhs now. She says no, how will I get money. He says your Papa can give money, he will not want his daughter’s respect to be on net. He ends call. The officer says blackmailer used tracker block, we could not trace him. Raman hugs Ruhi. Officer says we will be there, don’t worry. Ruhi says you don’t come. The officer says you cooperate with us, your parents did right to file case, many people get scared and don’t file case, we will catch that man and punish him.

Aaliya and Mihika are at cafe. Aaliya asks is Adi like other Bhalla men, shall I call him. Romi says no, she should call you. Adi says its my mistake, let me call and say sorry once. Romi stops him and says no need of sorry, never say sorry. Mihika says he will never say sorry, its our mistake, we forget our identity. She asks Aaliya to focus on her life goals, whats hurry to marry. Aaliya says I really love Adi. Adi says I really love her, let me call once. Romi says try to understand, if you do this now, you will be ruined, look at my state, Mihika did this, she is dominating, I think I married a Chudail, see my state. Mihika says Romi never bends infront of me, I have to do so much to make him agree to someone.

Ruhi comes in the Christmas party. A man offers her drinks. Abhishek talks to Ruhi and asks her not to worry, officers are around you, stay calm. Ishita says how will she manage everything alone. Abhishek says police is there, don’t worry. Raman and Ishita worry.

Raman says if blackmailer identified us there then… Ishita says we have to be near Ruhi, its costume party, we can go wearing costumes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    i hope raman and ishu catch that blackmailer soon then ruhi wil get hapiness already ruhi faced so many problems

  2. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    sry ahs i didn’t rly to your comment yestarday yes dear iam a hindu and my caste name is brahmin

    1. Hu Brahmin caste actually i am also from same am magic sharma by the way HNY in advance to you also bhagya

    2. Ah well Bhagya. I too wish u a fabulous new year ahead n wish u all the very best for ur seminar.

  3. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi magic vp sindhu rithu shivani siddi ahs priya jaz az parichay khushi aditya madhu and al yhm frds wish u a happy news year in advance.from tuesday to saturday iam busy with my project seminors thatswhy iam wishing in advance

    1. Occupy thoughts and do well in project/seminar

    2. Bhagya I hop u have a good luck to your project seminars,we are here praying for u,be always confident and bealive in your self.GOD bless u and happy new year to u and all yhm family.2017 give to us long life and happiness forever.

    3. Happy new year bhagya. May you have a successful year ahead.

  4. Tvfan1

    um..episode was okay..but guys there’s even shocking drama! i feel like i should stop watching yhm for a while..and this ‘bhalla men’ drama is too much!

    1. Same YHM has lost its old charm,even I don’t watch it from few days bcz of this Sohail-Ruhi drama.

  5. Tvfan1

    zaiba, priya ahs.,

    me dawaswala yhm ekata mokoda kiyanne? mata nam athiwela me drama eka appa! zaiba mamath next year 9!

    1. Hi tvfan. Aiyo Mata mey track ekanam penna ma baa!!! :-\ .Ow ane godak satutuy oya grade 9 eke miss :-). Oya Colombo wala da inne?

    2. Hy TV fan. Aththatama MTA nam Dan yhm epa wela but balanna ekak nathi nisa balanwa. Ape wachanayen qwoth gon ane.

    3. I’m tired of watching this show now.

  6. Can anyone here give me the link of bigg boss 10 26th dec written of telly updates?please….

  7. Hello vp, appy, shivani, rithushree, sindhu, mino, parichary, shreya, khushi, siddhi, priya, ahs, zaiba, tvfan and all who is that blackmailer bhai

    1. Tvfan1

      It’s suhail he has come to take revenge. He is NIDDHIS brother

    2. Hi magic. Yeah what tvfan said is true many spoilers tell that the blackmailer is sohail

    3. Hi magic. Many say that the blackmailer is Suhail.

  8. Saba and tia how are you both?

    1. Magic iam fine tanks,how your study’s going?

  9. Magic the black mailer is none other than Sohail- who is Niddhi’s brother. He has came to take revenge and is using Ruhi as he knows Raman’s biggest weaknesses is his childs.

    Hi all…
    Yesterday I said something wrong, actually I meant why ruhi is trusting Sohail instead of Raman not why Ruhi is trusting Raman instead of Sohail.

    Is Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is about revenge only. Noddhi’s revenge, Ashok’s revenge and Sohail’s revenge e.t.c.
    CVS should change the name to Yeh Hai Humara Inteqaam (English: This is our revenge).

    1. And sorry I couldn’t reply you rithu, yes I am ok, but my cough isn’t ready go away, its been there for ages, I have been coughing for like 3/4 months, and now I have got this ridiculous cold as well as the cough.

      1. Riya,before sleep drink a milk with haldi and wen u weak up drink bolling water before break fast and in 3 days your cough be better.In Brazil my country is hot but always wen I cough I drink in 3 days milk and boiling water then after I better.

      2. riya, I hope you’ll be better soon. And I also have the same problem. I am having cough for 2 months.And I am unable to have a peaceful sleep because of it.

      3. Hey riya .get well soon.dont worry your cough and cold will go soon. I will pray for you.

      4. Riya take care . Saba has suggested what I too wanted to tell you . Half glasswater , half glass milk, make it hot add one spoon haldi with little sugar and pepper for taste , just drink it for 7 continuous day . Guaranteed you will be ok . Drink hot water only . Take care …

    2. Hello riya how are you? Achha title suggest kiya aapne cvs ko

      1. I am fine, and yeah I kind of like the title suggestion because all of the Ekta Kapoor serial mainly focuses on revenge.

  10. Hi ahs,tvfan and Priya. Ogalla ta kohomada?
    Hey rithu,bhagya,riya, magic,VP,shreya,sindhu,tia,shivani, sparkle and all the other yhm fans.
    Drag, drag, drag and dragging am like waiting and waiting till this track finishes coz it’s getting on my nerves. Very nice to see the love between aaliya and Adi, glad their bond is strong because I don’t want their bond to break!

    1. Hey how are you Zaiba???

      1. I’m doing great riya, how about you?

    2. Man hnhin zaiba.

  11. Swathi21

    I hope ishu and raman catch the culprit . I adi and aliya track is nice

  12. I think sahil is the culprit

  13. I am fine magic I am so happy to see you r u?
    Hi rithu bhagya priya vp madhu and all yhm fans.
    Episode was ok.I wish the blackmailer would catch soon ruhi already bear so many problems.

  14. I think nidhi sent one boy to do this video as she is taking revenge… suhel is good friend but I have doubt suhel is d culprit bcoz how the culprit knew tat they all r doing police complaint…

  15. Hy Magic, priya, rithu, Vp, zaiba, TV fan, tia, riya, Bhagya, Khushi, Bithi, Soni, Princess , KRKAB, super girl, shreya, shivani, madhu, sindhu n all yhm fans. How u all dng???

  16. Hi yhm fans,has,shreya,Madhu,sidhu,Rithu,magic,super girl,Priya,vp,tv fan,Bhagya,soni,Tia,princess,krkab,Zaiba,bithi and all yhm family Ho I love the episode is good but I sad because suhel is negative,but I hop Raman find out quickly.

  17. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  18. In the upcoming episode there will be lots of high voltage dramatic situations seen amid Ruhi and Raman in the daily soap.

    It so happened that Ishita suddenly have gone somewhere without telling anyone in the house.

    Now, Raman and Ruhi are very tensed and they tense up Sohail also for Ishita gone missing.

    Ruhi think that might be the blackmailer have kidnapped Ishita as he is too powerful to do the same.
    Raman and Sohail rush police station

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of tragic situations seen amid Raman and Sohail in the ongoing serial.

    Raman and Sohail immediately without wasting time rush to police station to launch FIR.

    It would be very interesting to watch as to how would Ishita’s missing report tense Raman and Ruhi?

    Stay tuned for further details and developments in story line.

  19. Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) life.

    The current storyline of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is revolving around Ruhi MMS scandal and Ishita going to Shagun to seek her help in finding out the culprit.

    In the interim, Ishita will learn that Shagun and Mani are heading for divorce and Ishita will get distressed hearing this news.

    Ishita will try her level best to talk to Mani and try to convince him to give one more chance to Shagun.

    Fortunately, Mani will agree and will stop his divorce proceedings with Shagun.

    Let’s see how Shagun will react to Mani’s change of mind.

  20. I am good ahs

  21. Hy guys i m ayesha khan i m new on this i m watching yhm since its started i m a big fun of yhm love to all yhm team

  22. Hey friends….I am new in this site but watching YHM for ages…can I join your group?? I think YHM should reveal the truth that who is the real culprit behind ruhi’s MMS …..and stop dragging the serial….I agree with you guys that YHM has lost its charm…..

  23. Welcome dear friend you can surely join us and be comfortable.

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