Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman taking Shagun with him. Bhallas come to see Raman and Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla cries and says Raman told us that Ishita is brought here. She prays for Ishita. They get shocked seeing Raman bringing Shagun, realizing she is alive. Shagun asks Raman to listen to him. Shagun looks at them and cries. Romi comes there and gets shocked seeing Shagun alive. Raman says Shagun is alive. Sarika quietly leaves and informs Ashok.

Ashok gets glad and smiles. Sarika says Raman has caught Shagun and now the family knows she is alive. Raman asks Shagun to stop it. He says Ishita is fighting with her life, if anything happens to her, then… He goes. Ashok hears this and smiles. Sarika asks Ashok did he hear. Ashok says great Sarika, see my fate, I thought I lost Shagun and

Raman has caught her. He ends call and says Ishita bhalla I failed you, in just third step, what will happen to Raman now.

Raman goes to ICU and looks at Ishita. He asks her what was the need to do all this, if anything happened to you then, what do you think you will always do as you want, problem is our lives are related with yours, I m very angry with you, we promised we will never hide things from each other… he cries……

Raman does not hold her hand and wipes his tears. He worries. Doctor comes and Raman will she get fine. Doctor says yes, we operated, but anything can happen in such cases, it was crocodile attack, we will keep her under observation for one day and her recovery can take upto few weeks, pray for her that there is no complications. Raman says I can’t lose her.

Shagun is treated and asks doctor to let her go. Doctor asks her to rest, this will affect her baby, your family asked us to take care of you. Raman comes there. The doctor asks her to rest, they won’t let her leave. Raman stares at her, fumes and leaves. She cries.

Its morning, Raman looks at Ishita. She sees him and he goes angrily. Shagun also recovers.

Next day, Romi and Sarika come to meet Ishita. She smiles expecting Raman. Romi and Sarika keep food and leave. Ishita cries. Prateek and Abhishek talk to Shagun. They help Ishita recover. Raman comes to see Ishita at night. Aansoo ka rishta……………plays………….. Raman sits outside and cries, while Ishita and Shagun cry too. Mrs. and Mr. Bhalla come and keep tiffin. They leave. Few days pass……..

Adi comes and cries seeing Ishita. He hugs her. Mrs. and Mr. Bhalla show annoyance. Raman sees Ishita in the ward and sends food for her by ward boy. Ishita sees Raman and signs him to come. He leaves. Next day, Raman cries angrily and stops himself from meeting her. She gets upset.

Its morning, Bala tells someone that he can’t come now, he is in class. He takes class and gets disturbed by calls. He says I m not able to concentrate on anything. Khosla comes and shouts on Bala infront of the students. He says there are many things wrong at the training centre, computers did not come, you should have gone there and see everything, training has to be start soon. Bala asks how, I m busy with my students. Khosla says I invested much money in training centre, you can’t neglect it, I can’t work with such business partner. He leaves. Bala worries. He reschedules the class and thanks the students. The student says this will harm our studies, Bala is trying to earn more and playing with out future. Bala hears them and leaves.

Khosla informs everything to Suraj. Suraj says keep this pressure on Bala. He recalls Vandu’s slap and says problems will break loose on Vandu.

Ishita tells doctor that she feels better, she can go home now, her husband will come to take her. Romi comes. The doctor asks nurse to prepare her discharge papers. Ishita gets a call. Romi goes out to do formalities. Ashok asks Ishita to see the result of getting against her, he exposed her in 3 steps, Shagun’s truth is out, just pray for Raman, all the best. She cries.

Bhallas and Shagun wait for Ishita at home. Romi brings Ishita home. Raman with teary eyes asks Ishita how is she. You look fine, did you meet Shagun…oh actually I forgot you played this game with Shagun, we felt Shagun died and see she is alive here, I m not asking you, I m telling you, you don’t have to say anything, I will say today, I have many questions and things to know, I m fool, I thought Shagun did this game, but Ishita did this. He tells Appa that both his wives are expert in playing games, Ishita crossed the limit. Ishita cries.

Raman asks Ishita not to wear her mangalsutra, their relation is over. Ishita cries. Shagun and
Abhishek get worried.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. in the upcoming episodes raman will try to commit to die . lagtha hai woh pagal ho gaya hai .arey ekta kyu raman ke character ko show mein itnaa gira rahe ho. raman kehtha hai ki ashok usse hurt nahi karsaktha toh agar ishitha aur shagun ne yeh sab nahi kiya hoga toh woh bhalla house mein baitha khabri kya baitkar manjeera bajaatha .arey woh khabri toh directly nahi toh indirectly ruhi ya adi ko maar ke raman ko maar dethi ,tab raman baitke manjeera bajaatha aur ashok pakde bhi jaatha toh kya hotha, uss kameene ki plan toh suc essful hotha hi aur woh jail jaakar bhi bail lekar aa jaatha.

    • No rithu raman will not commit suicide actually sarika will spike raman’s juice with poison and she will manipulate him against ishita I saw this in sbas segment after drinking the juice he will become unconscious after that ishita will try to open the door but it’s locked so romi will break the door and both will be shocked to see raman unconscious

  2. Varsha

    What a fast update..
    This Raman how can’t he believe ishita..
    If he is cheated he should clarify all the misunderstanding between them in a polite manner.. Instead he should not behave like this… I hope Raman will understand

  3. bechari ishitha .raman aise kaise ishitha se yeh sab bol sakthi hai .i am reay disappointed .agar maine episode dekha hotha toh zaroor ro jaathi specially precap pe.

  4. raman ko ishitha aur shagun ka yeh sab drama karne ke peeche ke drama ka kuch pathaa nahi aur aise hi woh kyu bol raha hai . lekin inn sab mein ishitha ki bhi galathi thi woh raman ko bathaake usse bhi apne plan mein shaamil kar sakthi thi.ishra promise karthe hai aur dono hi hamesha promise bhoolkar baathein chupaathe hai.

  5. mp

    whats wrong with raman. Always he shout on ishita. If there is a separation I will stop watchig. Realy dislike todays epi.

  6. ho na ho raman ka zyaada peena aur ishitha ka betrayal yeh sab khuch uss kameeni sarika ne hi raman ke kaan mein bharkar uske drink spike kiya hoga .ek baar usse expose hone do tab apne aap sab theek hoga .abhi bhi ashok ka ek chane baki hai aur uss aakhri chance aur challenge mein ishitha aur shagun hi jeetenge.

  7. Epi was bad…Feeling bad for IshRa…But Raman should have listen to ishita…Precap is worst…
    In todays SBS they showed after confortation Raman will faint…Dont know what’ll happen then…

  8. Today’s episode was extremely emotional I became teary eyed for both raman and ishita, poor ishita she did everything for raman and look at her fate….no one was ready to speak with her except adi and even Amma appa didn’t come to see her….. one of the worst pain is pain of being avoided:-(( and raman on the other hand he wants to take care of ishita but he got stuck between anger and frustration when both ishra cried I was so sad it’s all because of that kamina ashok and backstabber sarika such a betrayer and the precap oh god…
    And today both karan Patel and divyanka rocked what a performance hats off to divan really spectacular performance

  9. joke

    I hate this. what is d essence of d ghost drama when sarika’ truth is nnt out. why should ashok win at all time. pls no separation.

  10. shree

    nowadays raman’s character is stupid…he is being dumb and not even listening to ishita or shagun why they did the drama.
    I think sarika will spike raman’s drink and he also consumed a lot of alcohol so he will b criticle.Ashok takes this as an advantage and the blame comes on ishita!This wll b an upcoming track which is really irritating!
    precap is shocking which proves raman is stupid.They spoilt raman’s character!I miss raman’s old character! 🙁

  11. Siddhi

    Yr kya ghar me koi bhi ishu ko nii samajata at least kisi ko to ishu se pochna cahiye tha k us ne asa kyo kiya aur WO kamini sarika want to kill her

  12. Shraddha Sharma

    Very very very very very very sad episode….
    Raman and all family members never belives Ishita ….

  13. today i was not yet watch the episode still waiting for tomorrow morn 9.30 and where is simmi why cant she try to tell everything to raman and family i agreed raman anger is right but he try to listen ishita’s words also at the time of surrogacy also raman hides everything to ishita but ishita believed raman till the last and asked raman for explanation about the baby she got anger on him for not giving explanation not doubt him after saw the medical reports directly from the hospital then only she have an doubt on raman that time also she listen raman words
    but why raman is not listening her

  14. heer

    Too much dragging. If ashok can find so easily just with ishita extra phone no. that shagun is alive .Acp abhishek can’t find that sarika is the informer.they think audiences r fools.y can’t she in beginning itself told raman the truth. Husband wife relationship should always be transparent.

  15. Mr.X

    I think raman is doing this to find out who is the informer in his family.i think so.Hope no ishra seperation.peace✌✌

  16. diya

    today’s episode was emotional . am really feeling bad for ishita.
    i know raman has the right to to be angry.. but atleast he shld give a chance to ishita to speak. for 14 days .. e stayed angry but cnt speak to ishita for once . evn whn ishita misunderstood raman of having a rltn wids shagun… she atleast gave ramanj to a chance give xplnation. but raman is not evn listng to ishita . yes absolutely .. ishita hv done wrong . but atleast lstn to her once mr ravan kumar .. we know ur xtrmly hurt. but this is not done yaar .

    i read a recent intervw of sonali jaffar whr she said . the informer will b xposed on new year. nd anita evn said that whn raman will get to know he truth hewill understand . waiting for that day . i cant see ishra seperated and annoyed with each other.

  17. muskaan

    Really I m also worried after seeing such a bad precap but I m thinking dis will lead to a leap nd dey will show the leap of 10 years when shagun will deliver a baby as it was earlier posted by #yhm_team on instagram… I m really worried nd if it is happened I will nt watch this show.

  18. Jhanvi

    What d hell…. Ashok shld not win. Pls reveal that sarika soon.. Nowadays sarika is more irritating than Shagun.. Nd Acp Nd pratik r more irritating than Ashok… Thank God at least they came… But today when simmi’s presence can make everything fine.. She is mimissing…

    Ramannnnn pls listen once ishu …ur anger is right but not to give chance to her is unfair…

  19. Jhanvi

    Shagun is backkkk…. Don’t know what is going to happen next.. But waiting….

    Sad Nd emotional epi.. But KP Nd DT rockedddd…. Raman wanted to go ishu but he was controlling himself was soooo nice.. Nd this YHM music Nd that song ” ansuo ka rista ” is amazing.. But y it was played on Shagun..??

    Nd thank god at least coz of Adi , ishu got relief…

  20. nivedha

    Ok whatever happened is happened…
    Let us think this ishra as the ishra who married sirf ruhi ke liye.. Let them start from beginning.. As this is the same December ie., this serial’s month… Let them start fresh

  21. Jhanvi

    How can Raman ask ishita not to wear her mangalsutra….?? Tmr epi will be more sad.

    Yeah shree they r showing Raman fool.. I m also missing old Raman Nd YHM too…

    Ya raghu.. Being avoided is d worst pain…

    I hope soon sarika will be exposed…still we have to wait 2 or 3 days…

  22. Jhanvi

    Hi guys…. Diya , rithu, diya, faya, fathi, Darshika, naaz, parvathi, sidhhi, nimrit ,nivedha,sabrin Nd all….how r u all.???

    I cldnt watch ITA awards …..

  23. fathi fathi

    Oh nooo…y z it???rely feeling sad on todays episode n feeling sad on ishita n shagun n feeling upset for the upcomming episodes…….sarika z rely being a bad daughtr in law for the BALLHA FAMILY n i hope thre will b no ishra separation if thre z ishra separtion i will stop watching bcz i like DT n KP acting togthr as real life couple n if i hurt any 1 who reads thz i am srry….bcz i txtd everythng frankly………….feeling upset for the upcomming episodes,bcz thr will b many misundrstng btwn ISHRA…
    HI ritu.siddhi.darshika.vp.priyol.faya.parvathi.diya.diya.janvi.naz.varsha.sabrin n all YHM fans n hw u guyz??hw do u all feel about todays epi??

  24. Siddhi

    Hats off sarika u r doing MBA , job ,n also taking care of rohit n also helping ashoke . hi rithu . jhanvi . fathi fathi .l, faya , diya , diya , dharshika , nimrit , naaz , zaraa , misty , VP n all

  25. Ayushi Srivastava

    If Raman can hide things from Ishita. Why can’t she do the same? He should at least listen to her once..
    For heaven’s sake Raman is the hero of the show. He is acting worse than a villain.

  26. diya

    in upcoming episode serial ye hai mohabbatein viewers will witness high voltage drama in bhalla house. Raman and family are shocked after Ishita and shagun truth is revealed. Raman is angry on Ishita and taunt both the ladies , he is deeply hurt and shuts himself in the room.

    Sarika cunningly instigates Raman against Ishita and gives him poisonous juice to drink. Sarika plans to kill raman but make it look like a suicide. Raman drinks the juice and falls unconscious. Evryone gets shattered seeing raman in that bad condition and take him to hospital.Ishita is blamed for Raman’s condition and everyone believe that Raman tried to commit suicide after knowing Ishita and Shagun truth.

    Will Raman survive? Will sarika get exposed? keep watching to know more.

  27. diya

    According to sources , in upcoming episode shagun will come back to bhalla house. Ishita and Shagun plan failed and is revealed to bhalla family .Now, more planning will happen in the bhalla house, and soon sarika will be exposed which will shock the entire family . Romi will be heartbroken as sarika’s evil face is revealed and how she conspired against bhalla house and planned to kill raman along with Ashok.

    Sarika’s revelation will remove the veil from many mysteries.

  28. Diya

    Hi all my frnds..rithu, jhanvi, Diya, darshika, siddhi, nimrit, faya, fathi, sabrin, parvathy, naaz, cindy, misty, nivedha, etc…..

    So bad episode terrible precap y can’t he listen to ishita?? Just let her the reason which led to all these naathak..and ya rithu and Diya I also heard all those news..simmi knows everything then y she is keeping mum??Raman can listen to simmi ryt?I want them to reveal sarika to everyone asap..

  29. V P

    Hi all Yhm fans …… Just to find out the informer , the creators have dragged this serial to the core where we could not believe anything . Ashoks plans to win , Shaghun to turn positive all rubbish . We can’t blame Raman on his anger at all ….. What all ways Ishitha was lying to him . It’s not a joke even to save her husband . We can’t blame the actors …. We can only blame the creators ….. There was no reality at all . Now today’s episode is something we can say , real like all family members are avoiding Ishitha . We are all sad about it ….. Still more dramas can be expected . Shaghun will turn back to negative role again ….. Here Ishithas life is only to suffer …. Knowingly acted as Shaghuns athma and Ishitha literally hurt every one in the family . True Raman hid surrogacy which is also a major mistake .but Ishithas unacceptable . Both Karan and Divyanka delivered good acting . Super actors they are . Wishing old Yhm will be back to us …. All in the hands of creators ….

  30. Shakespeare

    Bhaut ghalt bat hay raman, ,,ishita is trying to save you and u are talking to her like this,,,this is really bad.,,I don’t like it,,,plz stop tesi nonsense

  31. yashvora

    a little long post —-

    1] not felt much pain as serial is already degraded – left regularly following after separation of MM , probably due to insecurities towards ishra from MM. lost d respect for d serial after MM separation as was sure anything can emerge now to sustain trps.

    2] y u need new supporters for ishra – removed MM & d lawyer – bad decision

    3] RM pair was good enough to tackle ASP [ villains ] – but now they aren’t even in d main frame

    4] well get off ur love for superior villains – can’t u empower RS pair to help their brother [ raman ]

    5] degraded ishimaa – just to prioritize shagun – well character building takes a big efforts but destroying is done in a jiffy
    d only successful character restoration seen is of roshni from jr – actually it was even improved
    it would b difficult to restore I as ishimaa – or better as mrs, rkb

    6] y u need to engage every iyer daughter to AS-K [ villains ] – do u want to destroy d only normal pair of d show

    7] R vs I – both lied but what’s better
    – R is a kind of impulsive angry kind with alcoholic tendency but I is a kind of soft soften , especially when guilty driven
    – d surrogacy lie can b excused as a surprise but moreover there wasn’t any danger to R
    – I was known of R helping out S – also known of phone records
    – I was feeling guilty of being infertile & expected good for S even with R helping out

    – I lie is more of a crime , especially with her arguments against surrogacy lie
    – I as alone is more vulnerable then d pair ishra
    – R asked her about her new found secrets that she can’t share with him but to her new friends ; he questioned her about her various abnormal presence wrt place & time ——– but she brilliantly lied , even manipulated his pov.
    – thought I matured after d mani track but was wrong
    – moreover her lie around A misbehavior was tackled nicely by R – no anger issues were there
    – this time its all amplified – her critical condition , baby loss drama , her new found friendships especially with S ,her brilliant lies & manipulations , moreover her betrayal & above all her distrust over him especially wrt her trust over third persons
    – that’s y he is giving her free hand to do d drama without caring to respect him in her decisions

    well d mindless decisions taken by ne 1 of d lead pair without considering for d other partner has literally destroyed – veera , balh , dabh , matsh , bd , pr , kb , aphj & even yhm – unfortunately all r described as a romantic love story

    hopefully d serial improve upon itself – sorry if hurtful

  32. SIndhu

    Sarika is the worst character in this serial. She is seeing how Ishita, Raman and Shagun suffering and yet she is so silent about everything. I don’t know how anyone who has done so much evil can pretend to be an innocent daughter in law and cry along with the family members. I feel like slapping Sarika. As for Raman, I can’t blame him for not listening or getting angry with Ishita. She has hidden the truth from him. I think what he can’t forgive is the fact that she made the whole family believe that she is having Shgun’s spirit. Perhaps he may have forgiven other parts of it but to let someone believe that the person is dead when the person is truly alive can probably cause the anger on him. We have to understand his point of view. I suppose when Raman is hospitalized perhaps that is where their love will rekindle. Ishita probably will be nursing him at the hospital and maybe Raman might realize his wife loves him so much. I hope it happens like this. There is definitely going to be a huge drama rama. Of all the characters, only Adi is so forgiving. This Adi who hated Ishita now adores her so much and Romi as well. The rest of them and even Iyers don’t even try understand her on why she did it. She tried to save Raman, the baby and even Bhalla family. Who will do that?

  33. Hj

    This episide is veryyyy bad. Why raman can’t listen to ishitha or shagun!?? Plzzzz don’t separate ishara.

  34. both kp and div acting was too good hi yhm writters if kp and div was not there your story and serial is worst show bcos of they both only your serial is watching by the can sarika do this with ishra bcos of ishra only now she is aliving otherwise she was dead in the bus accident and ishita believes her family a lot but the bhalla and raman are so selfish ishita only saved their kids two times by kept her life in risk and she lost her own baby bcos of saving them only. why the family cannot give a chance to her to speak out. the bhalla and raman could hide the truth from ishita but ishita do the same means they get anger

  35. Karthika

    I am nt getting angry on ashoks character. ..ishita z the one who supported sarika all the time. …..I guess raman z upset but I think raman z playing game to find out informer

  36. Dee

    Hi All,
    Raman’s reaction although disappointing was understandable. He cares a lot for Ishita and is angry that she took everything in her own hands, if anything happened to her – Raman would not be able to bear it.
    Shagun has only bought him heartache in the past, again understandable why he doesn’t trust her and does not want to listen to her.

    I really miss Ishru in this show – ishru and Ishraru are the heart of YHM but it seems like the writers have forgotten this!!

    I’m also curious as to why Shagun’s character is being portrayed in postive light now. I liked her in a slightly negative role, and am not liking this change. I hope Ramans perception doesn’t change either – how can he have his ex and current wife living under the same room. What do you all think of the change in Shagnuns Character.

    Finally I agree with the comments above, it’s only because of Divyanka, Karan, Anita, Ruhanika & whole cast of YHM that his track has survived without TRP’s going completely down. I hope the writers appreciate this fact!! They can’t take fans for granted though.

  37. V P

    It is going to be very sad today’s episode . Both Iyers and Bhallas are closing their door on Ishitha . They feel very cheated …. All becoz is Shaghun and surrogancy . A beautiful unique story line , which was mind blowing till surrogancy is become heart whelming for all of us . Yhm really being watched only becoz of Ishra and Ruhi … Easily this story could have twisted defferently from all other serials . Really feeling very sad for Ishitha , how can she be a fool to hang Raman on the wall that too knowingly . Too extreme it was . At the same time Raman has to understand she even walked on the hot coal to save him . Creators it’s a request please twist Yhm to a unbelievable beautiful serial .

  38. Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is
    making the viewers hooked to it’s
    show with new tracks.
    Recently we have seen, Ishita finds
    Shagun in the lake and brings her
    out.But Ishita gets attacked by a
    crocodile.Some people save ishita
    from the crocodile.
    The hidden secret of Ishita will be
    out.Raman finds shagun is alive.He
    feels as if he is cheated.Ashok
    celebrates as he is successful in his
    In the coming episodes of Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein, After Many days, Ishita
    comes home from Hospital. Raman
    will not listen any answer from her.He
    realizes that ishita hided shagun and
    played the Drama of Bhoot.
    However,He will ask ishita to remove
    her mangalsutra and ENDS his
    relation with ishita.
    On the other hand,Sarika instigates
    Raman against ishita and spikes his
    juice.She will follow he orders of
    Ashok to separate Raman and ishita.
    Soon we see, Bala in a troubled state
    and he realizes his mistake.We have
    to wait and watch whether ishita and
    Shagun able to find Sarika’s true face?
    Will Raman forgive ishita ? To know
    more keep reading for more updates of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

  39. High voltage drama in
    going to happen in Bhalla
    house after Ishita and
    Shagun’s reality expose
    in fr0nt of Rama.
    Raman is broken down
    seeing Ishita betrays him
    joining hands with
    Raman refuses to believe
    on Ishita that she did all
    ghost drama just to save
    him from Ashok.
    Raman is completely
    shattered over Ishita’s
    betrayal and attempts to
    suicide by locking
    himself in room.
    Raman’s this step hurt
    Mrs Bhalla lot.
    Mrs Bhalla accuses Ishita
    for making Raman’s life
    Mrs Bhalla turns angry
    woman and throw Ishita
    out from the house.
    Mrs Bhalla also throws
    Shagun out from the
    house assuming she is
    responsible for all this.
    Mrs Bhalla is also
    heartbroken after
    throwing her beloved
    daughter in law.
    Sarika will now starts
    ruling in Bhallla house
    and trying to take Ishita’s
    Stay tuned.

  40. Raman has ended his relation with
    Ishita. He is heartbroken to see what
    he did not imagine ever. He feels
    Ishita has cheated to him by her web
    of lies. Mrs. Bhalla is angry after the
    revelation. Mrs. Bhalla shouts on
    Shagun and Ishita and asks both of
    them to leave from her home. She
    holds their hands and drag them to the
    door. Mrs. Bhalla pushes them outside
    the house. Sarika gives a evil grin and
    shut the door on their face. Ishita goes
    to Amma. Amma scolds her and says
    my house door is closed for you. She
    goes and shuts the door. Ishita cries
    and feels helpless. Shagun consoles

  41. Diya

    Raman has ended his relationship with Ishita. He is heartbroken to see what he did not imagine ever.He feels Ishita has cheated to him by her web of lies.Mrs. Bhalla is angry after the revelation. Mrs. Bhalla shouts on Shagun and Ishita and asks both of them to leave from her home. She holds their hands and drag them to the door. Mrs. Bhalla pushes them outside the house. Sarika gives a evil grin and shut the door on their face. Ishita goes to Amma. Amma scolds her and says my house door is closed for you. She goes and shuts the door. Ishita cries and feels helpless. Shagun consoles her.

  42. I hate raman he should listen to his love once and should understand that she did this to save him only and recall the incidents that happened to ruhi and adi then he will clearly understand but NO like always in anger do wrong things which will broke ishita

  43. But I am also thinking that raman is acting to bring out the informer because they said that on new year they will expose sarika true face if it happen then the hard work of ishita,shagun,abhishek,prateek will not go waste and specially divyanka she got hurt many times by acting as she is possessed and to act like that is very hard and ekta please give importance to the viewers because now yhm is in 5th or 6th position if separation ya leap will happen means yhm will thrown out of top 10 shows please it’s a humble request to you please don’t separate ishra and we don’t want leap and if they separated you very well know viewers will stop watching the serial and one day the show will close like tere sheher mein due to low trp and we all yhm fans wish that this show should never end without ishra separation it should continue for many years. So friends who will accept with me if any one accept with me please comment

  44. Jhanvi

    I agree with u swathi… But it seems lyk no one is here to listen us…, but I hope no ishra separation.. Dfntly I won’t watch YHM …

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