Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mihika being angry in her room. Ashok comes happily to her saying it was all for her. She scolds him and says she deleted all her pics from the mobile. He asks why did she do this. She says I m your wife, I have legal right, don’t trouble me, and keep my family out of all this, get out. He says not again. She says out, and he leaves. She says you ruined my life, but I will make you pay the price for every single moment, I will take revenge from Ashok and Suraj. Raman is sleeping. Ruhi tells Ishita that Adi is not in room. Ishita says he will be in washroom. Ruhi says he is not at home. Ishita says he will be with Shagun, and makes her sleep. Ruhi asks what if he is not at home. Ishita says don’t take tension, I will see him, you sleep now.

Ishita looks

for Adi in everyone’s room. She does not see Adi anywhere and gets worried. She says where did he go, and sees the door. She says did he go out, and goes to see outside. She sees Adi shivering in the cold sitting on the bench. She asks him how did he come here, and hugs him. Adi says nothing, I was feeling scared and I came to have air. She says why did you not tell me or Raman, come with me. She takes him home. Suraj gets angry and says all the hardwork waste, Mihika deleted all pics. Ashok says yes, she is very smart, she is walking one step ahead of us. Suraj says she will have some weakness. Ashok says yes, once I get it, then see what I do.

Ishita brings Adi to the room, and Raman wakes up. She tells him everything. She asks him to sleep with Adi, he will feel good. She says I will tell Shagun that Adi is with us. Adi sleeps. Raman says Ishita is very good, she loves you a lot. Adi turns and holds Raman. Raman recalls how Adi was 6 years before. He thinks he won’t let Adi go anywhere, I promise, no one can make us away. He sleeps. Its morning, Ishita sees Adi sleeping peacefully and says he got good sleep with Papa. She wakes him and Adi asks her to go. She says Ruhi went for morning walk with Raman.

She says when Ruhi does like this, I take her blanket. Adi shouts on her asking her to leave, don’t act like my mum, I know I m guest here and I will be going in few days. Ishita is stunned and recalls Mrs. Bhalla’s words. She says its alright, if you want to sleep, you can. Adi asks her to leave. She says fine, get ready, breakfast will be ready downstairs. She feels sad and leaves. Adi wakes up and sees he had pee in bed, while in sleep. He says I have grown up, what will everyone say, I have to clean this. Simmi asks Ishita about Adi. Ishita says he is sleeping. Adi shuts the door and says mum said if I make Ishita angry, she will kick us out. He puts talcum powder on the bed. He tries changing the bed cover.

Ishita says it will be tough for Adi, he was taken away 6 years ago and he is here now, it must be difficult for her. Simmi says yes, Shagun has filled so much in his mind. Ishita says he will know we all love him. Ishita goes to see Adi, as his toothbrush is in Ruhi’s room. Simmi says Ishita thinks so much for Adi, and his real mum does not care, she might be sleeping till now. Ishita comes in room and sees bed well cleaned. She goes to see him in washroom and sees him washing the bedsheet. She asks what is he doing. He scolds her for coming without knocking. He says he was washing the cough syrup that fell on bedsheet. She says Neelu will do it. Adi says mum said we are guests here, I can do my work myself.

She asks why are you saying this, its your house, we all are happy. Shagun looks on. Ishita asks him to get ready and come. Adi sees Shagun and runs. Ishita says how to make Adi convinced that this is his house. Shagun asks Adi what happened to you, I told you to control your habits, else they will kick us out. Adi says I m sorry. Shagun says we are not part of this family, we are guests here. Adi says I did mistake. She says I don’t have money, Ashok kicked us, where will we go. Adi says sorry, I will behave well with everyone. She says I m sorry, I was worried, please be careful, Ishita will fill Raman’s ears and he will kick us out, be a good boy. Adi cries.

Ishita talks to Raman and asks him to become Santa. He jokes. She calls him fat. He asks her to see her size and brings her to the mirror. He says you will need to use bedsheets now, not sarees. He says he will get x ray glasses. She says just leave me, fine I m very fat and you are lean Santa. She leaves. He wears it and thinks its good, this will work for me. He smiles. Ishita waits for Bala’s call. He says he got all items, but not Santa clothes. He says I tried many, but not getting any right size. She says fine, get all the items you bought, we will start arrangements. He says fine. She says how to get small Santa.

Mrs. Bhalla says she can’t become Santa. Ishita says the costume is small and you will look good, it will suit you. Mrs. Bhalla says she is not short, am I fat to become Santa, I don’t have beard and I m not a man. Ishita says it will come in costume. Mr. Bhalla asks her to become Santa for Adi’s happiness. Raman shows Mihir a Santa costume and says Ishita organized party for Adi. Mihir says you will look cute Santa. The party begins at Bhalla house. Simmi likes all the decorations. They have a talk about Adi’s gift. Shagun asks Adi why is he so upset. Shagun plans against Ishita. Vandu comes happily.

The Christmas party goes on. Shagun hides Adi’s gift. Raman comes as Santa and says Merry Christmas. Ishita asks Simmi about Adi’s gift.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. sree

    shagun ishita ko neeche dikhane ki chakkar mein wo adi ka emotions ke saat khel rahi hai.she is the worst mom.

  2. and shagun wt women ur yaar.ur really bad omen to all woh bhi for adi ur really bad omen.raman plz woh stupid shagun ko throw out of the house.becoz she is spoiling ur son a lot yaar.when shagun leave form adi ka life then only adi will become a good human being and kid also.the show so good scene but this shagun spoiling all.just throw her will good to all.

  3. ishra

    koi maa apne bache aaisa nahin karti. …jaisa. apshaguni. ..kar rahi hai adi k sath. ……..apne bete ko use kar rahi ho. ….apni aishoaram…k liye. ………tum DAYAN. .ho. apne bache ko bhi nahin chodti. ..chiii

  4. ishra

    Are yaar. ..ab Monday ka intezar karo. ..
    IshRa. .k cute. ..romantic. ….nok jok liye ……….
    mujhe lagta hai ki raman ishita ko itni easily nahin bataye ga. ..spects..k. .bare main. ..

  5. ishra

    ekta mam. ..aap ye mat sonch na ki. …
    do din IshRa k. ..achche scenes dikha k. ..bad. .main rolao ge. …ye nahin Chale ga. ….We want only IshRa scenes. …..Please

  6. rithushree

    today’s sbs was really good par beech mein apshagun so called shagun aa jathi hai.she does not have sense at all.but any ways hamesha jaisa hota hai ki ishra ke beech koi na koi aatha hai toh iss choodail ko toh aana hi tha.kuch deer ke liye toh ishra ke beech raha na.

  7. rithushree

    awesome episode.atleast ab se tohadi aur raman ke beech kuch accha hona shuru toh hua hai.mihika aur maza chakau yaar.mihika ki christmas party ke liye toh i am eagerly waiting especially sooraj as item girl aur iyers kaise ashok aur sooraj ko maza chakathe hai.ishitha you are too good yaar.shagun ko sirf paisa hadapna aur zeher gholna aatha hai.ek bhi mauka nahi chodthi hai adi ke mann mein zeher gholne ki.

  8. ishra

    yaar. ..p. ..aaj nahin bataya. ..woh. ..scene main kitna intezar karrahi thi. …IshRa. ..scene woh bhi sirf 5 min. …..koi nahin. …dikha ya toh sahi. …..waiting for Monday. …..

  9. p

    ha ishra maine bhi aaj ke episode ka intezar kiya par yaar saara maza khraab ho gaya .Bas ab monday ke episode ka intezar hai

  10. ishra

    The handsome hank. …bollywood dabangg khan. .salman khan …many many happy returns of the day. …..
    mai toh super girl salman di fan. ..♡♡♡♡♡

  11. waise ishra glass wala scene is superb duperb asusual.they looks perfect couple.they r the best.aap chalo we should wait to ishra on screen only one monday.inbtw we have a one full day.without cing ishra scene the day not goes well.waiting for chrismax celebration on monday.and plz make the character of adi positive long time now adi should improve.and in chrismax celebration raman ka choti behan rinky will also came.we will wait and c wt happen in show after her arrival.

  12. ishra

    The handsome hank. …bollywood dabangg khan. .salman khan …many many happy returns of the day. …..
    mai toh super girl salman di fan. ..♡♡♡♡♡
    hangover Teri baton ka. ….

  13. p

    To most handsome hunk SALMAN KHAN many many returns of the day and maine toh supergirl salman de fan jo leve panga kardu mai…….

  14. Anitha(shagun) wen u were acting in tamil flims…..on tht time me nd my frndz lke u so much…still v lke ur songs in tamil flims…but in YHM serial i hate u frm botom of my heart…. really………..plz get out frm ishra’s life……. ……

  15. Sarith

    So monday everyone in Bhalla fly will blame Ishita tht due her carelessness the gift gone missing.. I hope raman will stand for Ishita..but Adhi raman’s bahut weakness hai 🙁

  16. bhagi

    i hate this apshagun she is disguisting….how rude she is i really wanna slap her……..plz change the track yar plz change adi to positive and dont never break ishras relation plz

  17. Are yeh Shagun ne Aadi ka gift kyo chhupaya……wo Aadi ko dikhana chahti hai ki Ishita Aadi ke liye gift nahi laai aur wo Aadi se pyar nahi kari …..kaisi aurat hai yeh Shagun God ne (makers) ne badi fursat se banaya hai…..khubasurati to bahut di par pyar bilkul nahi diya……

  18. ishra

    prayosha ur right. …..shagun ko makers ne badi fursat se banaya. …….kisi k liye pyar. …kindness. .ratti bhar bhi nahin dala. ………apne bete ka gift chupa diya. ………matlabi aurat. ….

  19. Yeah right Ishra Santa ka gift to God ka blessing hota hao aur use hi chhipa diya par yeh Aadi itna rudely kyo behave kar raha hai Ishita ke saath…

  20. sangs

    Episode writer please allow mihir and mikca together.lovely couple they are. Characterisation of mikca is like bold,intelligent,beautifull.but she took foolish decisions.

  21. lily

    Why is shagun doing such cheap things to get back in to raman’s life ?? She’s using her own child for these stupid things !! I don’t think that she’s doing anything for adi but foe herself!! Ishitha is so stupid !!! They should have found them some place to stay. . Are they planning on keeping both of them at bhalla house forever??? I think that this adi will not understand ishitha’s goodness and shagun’s b*t*hyness until the show takes a 5 or 10 year leap! Because ekta’s serial without years leap is incomplete because it should have something to show that it’s an ekta’s serial

  22. Aishu

    good episode…but As evry1 said Ishra scenes r too short…plz show them together Ekta…BTW damid Shagun so disgusting…the only mom i hve ever seen who uses hr child fr her well being….throw her out of yhm soon

  23. ishra

    I think. ……woh itni jaldi ishita ko nahin bataye ga. …..usse tease kare ga. ……jaise aaj kiya. ……….par mujhe lagta hai ki. ……specs k liye jo fight ho rahi thi. …..uss k bad bhi ishita ko malom nahin hoga ki. ..woh x – ray glasses nahin hai. ….uss k bad toh woh shagun aaja ti hai ……….
    tumhe kya lagta hai prayosha. ……

  24. rithushree

    bhagwan ne sab ko brains diya hai .the only thing is ki you have to use it.mihika yaar plz tell everything to your family ,atleast ishithaabout what all happened with you and why you married that blo*dy kameene ashok.rinky will come as mihir ka new pyar phir ashok ko maza chakhaoge lekin tumhare pyar ka kya .atleast mihir should be aware that you did everything for him.phir baad mein roona aur pachtaane ke alawa tumhare saath kuch nahi hoga.

  25. rithushree

    shagun you are just asenseless aurat yaar.kisi ki privacy mein interupt karna apne plan ki jeet nahi balki raman ko irritate karna aur tumhara plan fail hona.

  26. ishra

    sbb main wahi. .chashme wala scene bataya. …….back ground music is superb. ……
    IshRa ko..back ground main . .jo chahe song de do. ..sare songs. ..suit karte hai. …..

  27. rithushree

    yhm is second in trp in of yhm.kaise bhi show first par aana hi chahiye because it is the best serial.

  28. ishra

    …..prayosh . …..yhm…fb par. ..ishita ko x – ray glasses ki sachchai malom hojata hai. .bahut achcha hai video. .dekho. ..
    dekhe bad…bolo kaisa laga. ….ok

  29. Usme Raman kw yeh dialog muje bahyut achha laga……
    Meanwhile, Raman said to himself turning away from the duo, “mere biwi ke saath chemistry, huh? Jis din main apne maths pe uthrunga tab tumaara biology bathal jaayega!”
    Yeh Raman uss boy se keh raha tha jo apni baton se Ishita se flirt kar raha tha nice dialog naa…..

  30. ishra

    haan nice dialog. …
    mujhe lagta hai ki ye dailog maine yhm sona. ..woh bhi raman k muhse. ……tumhe kya lagta hai …main sahi hoon. .

  31. sree

    ishita shagun ko ghar mein rakhna nahi chahti hai .woh sirf adi ko rakhna chahti hai..adi toh shagun ki bina nahi rahega aur raman ka khushiyan adi par hai…jab adi paas hote hai toh raman bahut khush hota hai…

  32. sree

    shagun is really bad.ek toh ishita usse rahna keliye jagah thi aur woh ussi ke khilaf saazish bana rahi hai aur apne hi bete ka istemaal kar rahi hai..kaisi aurath hai yeh shagun.

  33. Shital

    SBS me to kuch khas nahi bas itna hi ke raman,adi,romi etc. carrom khel rahe the aur raman ne wo X ray spacs pehne the aur ishu nahi thi waha…..
    SBB me bataya ki raman aur shagun ki anniversary hoti he aur shagun bhalla house me he to ishu thodi upset hoti he but raman ishu ko apne ghar ke khandani earrings gift deta he…..aur wo dono bahar jaane ka plan bhi karte he… ishu was looking stunning in that silver saaree with that gifted diamond earrings….but again mihika spoils ishra ki date…..wo hi hotel me mihika bhi ashok ke saath hoti he aur ishu usko washroom me rote hue dekh leti he aur thodi hurt ho jaati he

  34. 123

    comedy show lagra yeh. Divorce ke baad kaisi anniversary mere baap. Aur Raman Ishita ki anniversary kab hogi. Ek saal mein na to Raman ka janam din aaya nahi Ishita ka. Makers chaahte hi nahi ki Ishra ke beech kuch accha ho. Isiliye kisi na kisi ko beech mein laatey hai unka romance disturb karne ke liye.

  35. 123

    arey makers Ishita aur Raman husband/wife hi hai na? Yeh sharmaana kuch zyada hi ho raha hai. Inki suhaagraat hogi ki nahi? kya yeh dono bas yuhi ek dooje ko tease karte huye poori umar guzaar denge? physical love dikhaao mere baap. yeh eye locks ab bas karo.

  36. Yes Ishra maine dekha wnd mai bhi tumase yeh hi kehne wali thi kya scene hai boss Raman ne apne haatho se earings pehnaye….and Shagun ke badle Ishita ke saath anyversry manai…..
    Wow but yeh romance ko thoda awge bhi badhao hamesha dono sirf hug karte hai & bawto se ankho se romance karke sharmate hai…..

  37. No 123 I am not agree with you……makers ne romance ki shuruat ki hai to use aage bhi badhayege….aur ab to love ka season month february bhi aa raha hai aur sone par suhaga IshRa ki 1st anyversry & Velentines day……to sab hoga par dhire dhire par sach kahu to ab to mujse bhi aur wait nahi hota……

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