Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 27th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman being excited to go with Ishita. The family gets glad seeing him happy. Adi gifts shoes to Raman and Ruhi says its from his pocket money. Raman gets touched and Adi asks him to say I love you to Ishita. Ruhi says the same. Raman says fine, I will go. Raman smiles seeing the shoes. Ishita gets ready and everyone compliment her. Adi too says she is looking pretty. He gifts her and Ishita gets glad. She opens the box and sees a beautiful clutch. She likes it. She gets a message, with love from Ruhi and Adi.

She thanks them and hugs. She says this is the best gift for me, I will keep this always, I will take it with me. Raman wears the shoes and comes there. Ruhi compliments him. Ishita says he is looking tall and handsome. She shows the clutch her kids gifted

her. Raman takes her and leaves. Ashok asks servant to check at the door.

Shagun comes and asks why is he drinking, what state did he make of himself. She says she is his lucky charm, she will not leave Raman and Ishita, and snatch her kids from them. She brings Adi’s school papers. She gets a call and says she is coming. She asks Ashok to think something and leaves. Ashok says first I should sort my life.

Raman and Ishita come in compound and she tells about her friend. Raman says stay here, I will get car. He leaves. Subbu passes by and stops seeing her. He says he was thinking to go together if Raman is busy. She says she is going with Raman. He says fine, we will meet there. Raman comes and Subbu greets him. Raman says why to take two cars, you can join us, she says save fuel. She asks Ishita to sit infront as her leg is hurt. They reach the place. Subbu says this reunion is after 15 years.

Raman gets a call and asks Subbu to take Ishita inside. They meet their college friends and have a talk. A lady Pooja compliment Subbu and Ishita. Raman says she is happily married, but with me, she is Mrs. Raman Bhalla. Ishita smiles. Pooja says sorry, long time you know. Raman says it happens. Subbu goes to meet other friends. Ishita says sorry Raman. Raman says its fine. Adi gifts Shagun and she likes it. She sees Rinki and sends Adi to call Ruhi.

She stops Rinki and says sorry, I heard you saying your friend that you will stay here, what happened, are you not happy with marriage, will you leave Mihir. Rinki asks her to mind her own business. Simmi looks on. Rinki goes. Simmi asks Shagun did she get answer and scolds her. Raman is guest of honor for all the doctors union. They laugh. The ladies talk about Ishita and Subbu and she married someone else, leaving Subbu. Raman hears them gossiping, and saying about Subbu madly in love with her, then why did she break 12 year old relation and married a Punjabi business, she donated two bottles blood for his sake, it was intense love, this Raman has CEO award, he has kids too, why did she marry a divorcee. They think maybe some money issues made her marry Raman, but even today she looks best with Subbu.

Raman looks on and leaves. Shagun says once I know the problem between Rinki and Mihir… and sees Mihika outside. She says so you are the problem and scolds her for breaking other’s marriages. She says that’s why Rinki is staying here, because of you, poor Rinki, she does not know Mihika wants other’s husband to be after her.

Mihika says what nonsense. Shagun blames her. Mihika says whats problem if Rinki came to stay with her mum. Shagun asks her to stay away from Mihir. She leaves. Mihika says what did she say, does Rinki really leave Mihir because of me, I need to talk to her. Ishita talks to her friends and says she is happy in joint family, and can manage clinic and home well, and mum’s house is opposite to her house. She says about her kids, they are very sweet and answers them about marrying divorcee, she married a person, not his past, they can’t end life and move on. She says we are very happy together.

Ishita sees Raman sitting alone and comes to him. She says lets go home. He asks why, meet your friends. She says you are getting bored. He says no, its rocking party. She asks why does he lie when he can’t, she can see he is not feeling good here. He jokes and she asks him to joke on others. She says she will not be here, and asks him to take her home, holding his hand. Subbu looks on.

Subbu asks them to come inside, music is going on, see how doctors dance. Ishita says she can’t dance. He says but you can see, come on. Raman says lets see dentists can dance or not. They go inside and Subbu welcomes them to the dance floor. She gets sad hearing an old song, and the girl remind her she used to dance on this song with Subbu. Dil hai ke maanta nahi………..plays……. They ask her to dance with Subbu, Raman won’t mind. She says I can’t, I have fracture. Raman says its okay. They all insist. She gets sad.

Raman sings Main tenu samjhawan ki……… and dances around Ishita. She smiles happily.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  16. Karan’s New Interview in Hindustan
    Times.. –> I work best under pressure P.S.: Love his way of working… “Keep working Silently and the Results
    will Speak for You”. Don’t let others come to know how
    much you are bearing to achieve your
    Dreams , others wont even understand
    the pain caused.

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