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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita giving the DVD. Abhishek sees the video. Ishita cries and looks at Raman. Mrs. Bhalla gets shocked seeing the video. Raman gets speechless and tensed. Ishita says this footage shows Raman was not with Rinki, see the time and date in the footage. Raman thinks he was fearing for this, who made this CD. Shagun goes to buy insulin injections and the man says there are no more injections, that lady bought it now. She says that’s Laxmi, she does not have diabetes. He says she is Parul, not Laxmi, I know her well, she is buying insulin since many months. Abhishek says so its proved Raman was not with Rinki. Ishita cries and leaves.

Raman says I will talk to Ishita. He tells her that Shagun went to Ashok’s factory to get evidence against him, I went after

her, we got locked in cold storage, temp fell and she was having breathing problem, I was giving her CPR, you are doctor, you will know it. She asks why did he not tell her. He says I did not have time, so much happened, Shagun has changed, no one will believe it, Manoj loves Shagun, I went there to talk to her about Manoj. Raman gets Shagun’s call and says he will call later. She says its about Laxmi, don’t end call, I m following Laxmi, there is someone diabetic in her home, it can be big problem if she is lying, come to hospital.

He says I m coming. He lies to Ishita about office call and says you trust me right, I have given explanation, you can think anything. He leaves. She cries saying going for work or to meet Shagun, I can’t trust him, he will lie to me again. Shagun goes to meet Laxmi. She asks do you have diabetes. Laxmi denies. Shagun says don’t lie, I have seen you buying insulin injections since one month from the chemist, who has diabetes, you or your family, answer me Parul.

Parul accepts she has diabetes and asks what does this matter. Shagun says we want fit woman for surrogacy, not a diabetic woman, baby can get diabetes also, how did reports come clear. She says I have become surrogate mum before too, reports came clear as hospital staff is behind this. Shagun gets shocked. Parul says I do this work for money. Shagun says you are running illegal business, I will give you to police. Parul asks her to give Dr. Mukherjee to police. Parul asks Shagun to take her pay from Mukherjee. Shagun slaps her and asks will she play with a child’s life, and warns her not to be around Mukherjee’s clinic. She leaves.

Mrs. Bhalla and Ishita come home. Mrs. Bhalla apologizes to Ishita and says Shagun has done all this. I will beat Raman when he comes, he broke yours and a mum’s heart too. Ishita asks her to relax. Raman told me the truth, he said Shagun and Raman were locked in cold storage and Shagun fainted by cold temp, so he has done all that. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t believe this. Ishita says I can’t neglect this. Mrs. Bhalla blesses her and says she will talk to Raman. Ishita says we have to think about Rinki, not Raman and Shagun. They go inside the home and see Mihir. Mihir asks the family where did Rinki go. Simmi says I tried calling all her friends, I don’t know. Ishita tells Mrs. Bhalla not to tell anything to Mihir. Mihir asks them about Rinki.

Raman and Shagun meet Manoj at hospital and asks how did Laxmi has diabetes. Manoj says someone changed the reports, we have to get them punished, we will have to get new surrogate mum, else we have to freeze embryo, we have to do all process again, else surrogacy will not be a success. Raman cries and says Ishita did so much for me, we should give this chance to her. Manoj says we will try, but we have less time. Raman says we will get anyone who will give birth to Ishita and my baby. Shagun looks on. Manoj says how will we get a new surrogate mum in one day, insemination is not possible today. Yeh hai mohabbatein………..plays……….

Shagun says we want a healthy and fit surrogate mum, I m healthy, I have two kids, I will become Ishita’s baby’s surrogate mum. Raman and Manoj get shocked. Shagun says Raman, Ishita did so much for me and saved my kids, I have done my complete body checkup, I m fit, Raman knows me, he is father of my kids, why don’t we take a chance, and asks Raman to just agree, they will start the procedure now. Raman says I don’t know. She says I want to do this for Ishita, she did a lot for me, she got me from dustbin, she changed Adi’s life, and took care of Ruhi, she did a lot for my kids, I want to repent for my mistakes, please, OT and embryo are ready, you and Manoj are here, we should start this procedure and not waste time.

Mihir says I knew there is some problem, she did not talk to me well, I did not know she did not meet you all, where did she go. Ishita says we will get her. He asks is she hiding anything, Simmi said Rinki was meeting her male friends, who were they, whom was Rinki meeting, I got credit card bills. Ishita says I don’t know, you ask Rinki when she comes. She goes to make a call.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Amma to call Raman, he is not taking anyone’s call, I m worried for his doings, don’t know where he is busy, I want to tell him Mihir has come back, you call him. Amma says fine, don’t take tension. Neelu says Abhishek has come, he is calling all of you. Mrs. Bhalla says maybe he got to know about Rinki. Raman is sending Shagun to OT and thanks her for this favor. Shagun says I m not doing any favor. Manoj asks Raman not to worry and takes Shagun. Raman says I want to see Ishita happy, when she smiles holding our baby and prays to Lord to make everything fine. Mihir asks Abhishek did he find Rinki. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to say. Abhishek says Rinki is dead. The family gets shocked. They all get teary eyed.

Ishita asks Raman to come home. Raman says tell me on phone, what happened, I m getting worried. She says Rinki’s body… He asks what nonsense. She says police got Rinki’s body.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shagun MUST remain +ve
    nd i want AbhIka not MiMi

    nd if MiMi reunite then abhishek wd b paird wid simmi

    AbhIka forevr

  2. Kaweesha Nethmi

    Oh……no……. I hate this episode. Raman always does his foolish things without thinking further. Too hate surrogasy track. This has become another typical Indian TV series. Seem like Ekta maam doesn’t care about YHM fans. That’s why they are doing this. Shogun suddenly become good and now to become surrogate mom for Ishra ‘s baby… Ekta maam do you think we expect these nonsense from yhm. Ishu got pregnant once. Why can’t she become pregnant again. Plesae come to your senses. We want old yhm. I watch this continuously but seems like lm going to loose my valuable time… And in my country this is telecasting. It is dubbed in sinhala. I think they too will stop liking yhm. I hope at the last moment this operation will become a flop. Because Shogun too had some compilcations regarding ruhi’s birth……
    A heart broken fan from sri Lanka……
    Please do matter our comments dear……

  3. The makers of YHM writters team go and should watch the serial from 1st episode to
    recall the stories
    The story was basically ishra marriage bonding was due to ruhi’s sake only not for ishra’s
    When ishra got married at that time Ashok told to Ruhi that any one married Raman that
    lady will surely leave your dad because of your dady’s torture now you are people(writters)
    try to split ishita and raman that means the villian was always right and win the hero only
    is the looser how can be a hero is the looser.
    This is for KARAN AND DIVYANKA both you are fabulous actress you got so many fans all
    over the world through this serial please try to understand your fans please quit the
    show with good name otherwise ekta will spoil your name.
    Why the writters wants to spoil Raman character too much especially Hero charcter.
    Dr.Manoj and Raman knew about Shagun is a drunker when she was full of emotion she
    used to drink alchocal this will spoil the baby’s health then how they can allow shagun as
    a surrogate mother especially Manoj he is a specialist in gynachologist.

  4. apcelutely right.agree with you all guys .

  5. HateYouEkta……. You take me wrong….. I blame to ekta and cvs…… Not anyone.

  6. yeh jo kuch bhi yhm mein ho raha hai woh sab ekta ka kiya dhara karnaama hai .arey kitna request kare phir bhi fans ki koi value nahi hai.dekhne wale toh hum hai na .phir bhi apne hi manmaani aur dekhne walon ko torture de rahe hai.

  7. Shagun reveals to Raman
    and Manoj that Laxmi’s
    real name is Parul and
    she is diabetic patient.
    Shagun tells Manoj that
    she is ready to become
    surrogate mother of
    Raman and Ishita’s baby
    because she is perfectly
    fine and also mother of
    Raman’s kids.
    Raman is confused over
    the matter and Shagun
    manipulates Raman in
    her words that she wants
    to do it for Ishita as Ishita
    gives a good life to Adi
    and Ruhi.
    Finally, Shagun get
    successful to make both
    Raman and Manoj agree
    for surrogacy.
    Will Shagun really wants
    to help Raman and Ishita?
    Will Shagun’s changing
    behavior develop any soft
    corner in Raman’s heart
    for her again?
    Stay tuned for further

  8. Yeh Hai Mohabbtein : Real Reason Behind
    Rinki’s Death Track Revealed !
    Read More :

  9. This surprising news for all ‘me adarayai’ crazy fans…… ##Divyanka Tripati is in sri Lanka for 3 days……##
    yes, you herd right…..! She is in colombo……! ! !
    I’m sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo exited…….! And I’ve gone mad….! Fb has been very heat now. She’ve taken selfies in colombo airport.
    Show your love guys……! ! !
    I try my best to see her.

  10. guys how can u talk so much bad about this show? ishita and raman loves each other very much. i know its all shagun and ashoke who is making this problem in there life . i also hate them totally . But our life can’t be only with goodness .problems are meant to be there right? raman and ishita is going through this face only and they r going to come out soon. no leap is happening . surrogacy is going to happen soon nd ishita will get to know abt it also . but at the end she will be convinced. and shagun’s charectar has turned positive . surrogcy is not a bad thing at all . you guys think nd talk lot of negetives . yesterday i was reading older updatez . nd this kind of comments are there also but did anything happened ?? we will get our old ye hai mohabbatein back .

  11. not only here but also lots of ppl don’t like nowadays tracks in fb,instergrame,twetter……. All comments are like this…… They hate surrogacy…….
    Cvs please come out of this soon.

  12. Ppppllllzzz guys if anyone knows the full trp chart ppppllzz post it

  13. Having requested from the fans , the makers moved with surrogancy with Shaghun . How can Raman be a fool and spineless . Ishitha should leave him and go with children then only he will learn a lesson . Rinkys case they want to unite Mihir and Mihika. No other way but kill her . Business or no business Ashok wins thru ….. Having a very good theme why going behind murder . Surrogacy . Ex marital affairs too bad to view . An unique one , totally spoiled .

  14. i think the producers have ran out of story lines!!! why Ishita cant have a baby millions of women have miscarriages doesn’t mean they cannot conceive !again – Shagun being the surrogate mother unacceptable – should have been a miracle ishita should have the baby – motherhood is different i used enjoy the show a lot but this is utter Nonsense !!!!

  15. guys dont waste u r time yaar..plzzz…..iss site par ek bhi cmnt nahi aayi na to hi pata chalega inn s. ko ki unhone ye track lakar bahot badi galati ki ha…….YHM kibwat full wat lagne wali hai…..adhe viewers to abse hi yhm dekhna chhod denge…..

  16. never gonna stop seeing this show . i have full confidence in this show . surrogacy is a bad idea but i think the makers have something else in store so they are showing this track despite so much protests . and this a better track than the earlier track of ishita having cancer . that was unbearable . i will love yhm till death . muahhhhhhhh. i think leap is not happening because they are showing the surrogacy track . i think romance will bloom between manoj and shagun in this 9 months . i hope the equations between iyers and bhallas never change . nd they soon put kumaar behind the bars . stay positive .

  17. This is not to hurt anyone. Just a request!!!!!
    Writers are not mad to make yhm a crap. Everyone should remember this. The same writers are the persons, whom create a huge no of fans all over the world for this yhm with thier story and hardwork. so they know it well how to move the story. we all have the rights to comment. But no one have the rights to hurt others for this unreal dramas. A real YHM fan will understand my sayings.

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