Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita giving the DVD. Abhishek sees the video. Ishita cries and looks at Raman. Mrs. Bhalla gets shocked seeing the video. Raman gets speechless and tensed. Ishita says this footage shows Raman was not with Rinki, see the time and date in the footage. Raman thinks he was fearing for this, who made this CD. Shagun goes to buy insulin injections and the man says there are no more injections, that lady bought it now. She says that’s Laxmi, she does not have diabetes. He says she is Parul, not Laxmi, I know her well, she is buying insulin since many months. Abhishek says so its proved Raman was not with Rinki. Ishita cries and leaves.

Raman says I will talk to Ishita. He tells her that Shagun went to Ashok’s factory to get evidence against him, I went after

her, we got locked in cold storage, temp fell and she was having breathing problem, I was giving her CPR, you are doctor, you will know it. She asks why did he not tell her. He says I did not have time, so much happened, Shagun has changed, no one will believe it, Manoj loves Shagun, I went there to talk to her about Manoj. Raman gets Shagun’s call and says he will call later. She says its about Laxmi, don’t end call, I m following Laxmi, there is someone diabetic in her home, it can be big problem if she is lying, come to hospital.

He says I m coming. He lies to Ishita about office call and says you trust me right, I have given explanation, you can think anything. He leaves. She cries saying going for work or to meet Shagun, I can’t trust him, he will lie to me again. Shagun goes to meet Laxmi. She asks do you have diabetes. Laxmi denies. Shagun says don’t lie, I have seen you buying insulin injections since one month from the chemist, who has diabetes, you or your family, answer me Parul.

Parul accepts she has diabetes and asks what does this matter. Shagun says we want fit woman for surrogacy, not a diabetic woman, baby can get diabetes also, how did reports come clear. She says I have become surrogate mum before too, reports came clear as hospital staff is behind this. Shagun gets shocked. Parul says I do this work for money. Shagun says you are running illegal business, I will give you to police. Parul asks her to give Dr. Mukherjee to police. Parul asks Shagun to take her pay from Mukherjee. Shagun slaps her and asks will she play with a child’s life, and warns her not to be around Mukherjee’s clinic. She leaves.

Mrs. Bhalla and Ishita come home. Mrs. Bhalla apologizes to Ishita and says Shagun has done all this. I will beat Raman when he comes, he broke yours and a mum’s heart too. Ishita asks her to relax. Raman told me the truth, he said Shagun and Raman were locked in cold storage and Shagun fainted by cold temp, so he has done all that. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t believe this. Ishita says I can’t neglect this. Mrs. Bhalla blesses her and says she will talk to Raman. Ishita says we have to think about Rinki, not Raman and Shagun. They go inside the home and see Mihir. Mihir asks the family where did Rinki go. Simmi says I tried calling all her friends, I don’t know. Ishita tells Mrs. Bhalla not to tell anything to Mihir. Mihir asks them about Rinki.

Raman and Shagun meet Manoj at hospital and asks how did Laxmi has diabetes. Manoj says someone changed the reports, we have to get them punished, we will have to get new surrogate mum, else we have to freeze embryo, we have to do all process again, else surrogacy will not be a success. Raman cries and says Ishita did so much for me, we should give this chance to her. Manoj says we will try, but we have less time. Raman says we will get anyone who will give birth to Ishita and my baby. Shagun looks on. Manoj says how will we get a new surrogate mum in one day, insemination is not possible today. Yeh hai mohabbatein………..plays……….

Shagun says we want a healthy and fit surrogate mum, I m healthy, I have two kids, I will become Ishita’s baby’s surrogate mum. Raman and Manoj get shocked. Shagun says Raman, Ishita did so much for me and saved my kids, I have done my complete body checkup, I m fit, Raman knows me, he is father of my kids, why don’t we take a chance, and asks Raman to just agree, they will start the procedure now. Raman says I don’t know. She says I want to do this for Ishita, she did a lot for me, she got me from dustbin, she changed Adi’s life, and took care of Ruhi, she did a lot for my kids, I want to repent for my mistakes, please, OT and embryo are ready, you and Manoj are here, we should start this procedure and not waste time.

Mihir says I knew there is some problem, she did not talk to me well, I did not know she did not meet you all, where did she go. Ishita says we will get her. He asks is she hiding anything, Simmi said Rinki was meeting her male friends, who were they, whom was Rinki meeting, I got credit card bills. Ishita says I don’t know, you ask Rinki when she comes. She goes to make a call.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Amma to call Raman, he is not taking anyone’s call, I m worried for his doings, don’t know where he is busy, I want to tell him Mihir has come back, you call him. Amma says fine, don’t take tension. Neelu says Abhishek has come, he is calling all of you. Mrs. Bhalla says maybe he got to know about Rinki. Raman is sending Shagun to OT and thanks her for this favor. Shagun says I m not doing any favor. Manoj asks Raman not to worry and takes Shagun. Raman says I want to see Ishita happy, when she smiles holding our baby and prays to Lord to make everything fine. Mihir asks Abhishek did he find Rinki. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to say. Abhishek says Rinki is dead. The family gets shocked. They all get teary eyed.

Ishita asks Raman to come home. Raman says tell me on phone, what happened, I m getting worried. She says Rinki’s body… He asks what nonsense. She says police got Rinki’s body.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. HateYouEkta

    Now go to hell ekta 😡 . You spoiled everything. Now no hope left . Its over. Do continue your mohabbatein with this annoying shagun and duffer raman. Raman this is not done. You will pay for this. I just hope Ishita will leave Raman . And you brainless CV’s “in beginning episodes you told shagun had faced few complications during Ruhi pregnancy” she is not fit i think you forgot this but we didn’t. Already two kids there from that shagun tummy. Third one is not needed. You just spoiled my Raman character. Just hate you . #Rip yhm. Good bye. The worst episode ever .

  2. such a stupid show and such a stupid track!
    Ekta kapoor!
    If u love anita so much then make another show for her.dumb woman..ruined the whole show…and ruined raman’s character..y the hell this surrogacy!and that too u made shagun the surrogate mother! :/
    don’t you remember it was shown in another track that shagun had complication during she was pregnant with ruhi!! -_-
    stupid ekta! :/
    anita’s character could be ended a lomg tym ago,ryt after the earthquack track…but no!ekta just has to give her importance and now she has completely ruined the show….bye bye yhm forever now…i just want ishita to leave raman forever and take the kids too….stupid raman and over sweet ruhi arora will turn the kids life into a hell -_-

  3. Ritu arora

    How stupid u ishu u can hide anything frm raman for the family happiness like tht way he also done. Raman is ram like he kept his name of lord dont doubt him he is doing all for only ur happiness trust him. Ekata mam did u think the surrogate track rinki’s death track is all r punishment for us . Becoz we req u to not give a leap for yhm plz dont do this mam. Otherwise u will lose lot of fans of yhm around the wrld.

  4. HateYouEkta

    😆 Such a joke Raman doing for ishu happiness… Ishitha done everything for a reason. How can people tell that Raman can hide the most important thing Its so dumb . Who can trust after watching her husband with his ex . Ok leave it he told. Now he’s hiding surrogacy thing from ishu. She must have right she’s the official mother for that baby. Dont she have that right to know. How can Raman think ishu will be happy after giving baby that to from shagun. Yucky yucky… Looks like yhm haters and shagun lovers are enjoying the current track…

  5. Makers u win why u guys r commenting and wasting u time its a humble request guys don’t comment and quit yhm plzz don’t waste your precious time in watching this crab

  6. baad me jaaye ekta tu aur e tera twista vala yhm,…………hate u frm the core i just hate u ekta muje tho aaj tak yakhin tha ki yhm will not sloop to that low level par aaj aapne saare hadhe par kar li aab tho muje poora yakhin hai ki ishu raman ko kabhi maaf nahi karegi aur leap ke baadh hame ishra ki separation dhek na hoga……aab tho meri yhm ki rishtha katham i cant beleive my self guys before some days am so mad for yhm har rojh 3 baar dhekthi thi aaj kal atleast starplus channel ko bhi nahi dhek rahi hu bec jab bhi starplus lagathi hu tho muje bahuth bura lagtha hai yhm ke liye nd ektha mam i salute u and every serial’s should treat u as their icon how to make the best serial to the worst iskeliye tho aapko award milni chahiye that is soooolll disguistng aur haa aap apki mission me succesful huyi hai ki aap apni dosthi achi se nibhaya vo bho saari yhm fans ki dhil thodke

  7. shagun kithi bhi achi bane positive ya tho phir mahaan devtha par vo tho hamesha ishra keliye hurdel ban ke rahega……hate u shagun nd hate u ekta @RIPYHM@

  8. Vini

    Wow wat a great story wife will be with sumone hubby marry fr kids then wife becums gud hubby agrees her to be surrogate. Wat a broad mind thought. Ekta hve u gone crazy. We r nt mad to accept to be like Ramans character so dumb playg betwn two women. Hopefully no gud father and mother will accept ths track.

    And cmg to rinkys fate the track is suspense but again mihika with mihir mihika with ashok mihika with abhishek fyture abishek or mihir???

    ekta relationships r nt so fragile to break and stick as we wish.
    hope thts a reason we stand out as Indians in world

  9. why the screen play is lacking so many episodes what about bala and vandhu you showed
    that bala feels lonely after getting second baby. Then you showed Mrs.balla have
    problem with sarika for continuing her studies. what happened that matters without
    ending of that matters you are continuing your story in some other track with a leap

    I just watched this serial from jan’15 onward before the episodes i watched in hotstar
    there were lot of track lacking without properending for ex. bala and raina singh relation
    abimanyu charcter etc. why this was happened.

    why you are spoiling Raman character unnecessarily in this surrogate track that also hiding
    the truth to ishita. Raman character won best husband award in this year a best husband
    does not done this with his wife he knows very well she cant give a child and married for
    ruhi then why he need a child for ishita that also from shagun. you are spoiling the hero
    character too much

    According Mrs.Bhalla she believed romi what ever mistake he done with girls like mihika,
    sarika etc but she wont believe Raman who is taking care for full family without thinking
    his life and wishes what a mother partiallity between the child

    Star plus channel and yhm team remembered that you won nearly 6 star parivar awards
    and 5 zee golden awards and so many in the year 14 & 15 why you want lost for next years
    better you finished the story in properway.

  10. diya

    don,t call it a crap guys. cause in the upcoming episodes mihir will say that he has done the murder and will lie to the police nd raman will beat him up to a pulp.

  11. gopu

    ektha mam has more love on shagun aka anitha …she made her as main heroine by ruining heart of yhm ruhi…more than 80% fans avoided the show if shagun became Raman’s wife again by leaving ishitha u cv’s go to hell…

  12. Hate Raman…ishita ke baare mein eek baar bhi nhi socha ki use kaisa lagega jab malum chalega ki shagun uske bacche ki surrogate mother banne vali hai…raman tab shagun ko zayada importance daga….ishita will feel bad that time….hate RAMAN 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    • HateYouEkta

      Then why are you commenting big blo*dy fool. Ekta your kumkum bhagya and meri aashiqui ka trps kam hogaya… Kyoun Ki we yhm fans stopped watching your others disgusting shows too. Go to hell you and your shows. You must not be born in India. You just spoiling Indian culture by showing extra marital affairs and child devils , murders and blah blah. You are black mark in tellywood. Someone told surrogacy is good coz Indian people feeling shy to get a surrogacy … We have good medical system now people conceiving with proper treatments but have to wait some years. Surrogacy is not at all needed. Its just dumb. Raman accepted infertile ishu now why he’s dying to have a kid for ishu. Its good if ishu will convince other than this nothing is acceptable.

  13. Megha

    When shagun was living with ashok ,shagun was mistaken that she was pregnant but in that episode doctor told that shagun was mother of two children and she can’t get pregnant..Now how. It is possible???

  14. roshann

    I don’t think that ishita will stay with raman after knowning about surrogate mother is shagun and all bhallas family will not be believe to ishita that rinki has ex affair because she does not have any prof they will think to save mihika she is lying And I hope that acp will also with mihika he will search for the truth

  15. AS

    we should all stop watching ektaserial and write it to her star plus she alwys makes a massacare of every story. she should be given time to complete in time else the serials needs tobe shut down. end the stories with a proper ending . complain complain till ekta learns. she stats with different story line again same leap and at last no body is happy end the serial due to low trp. the good is always sad and bad r always happy. end it . plz plz . its dis gusting . i tell u new serial storyline kuch toh hai darmiyan. sreetoma loves rishav but she will get maried again after some time she willcome back to taerevenge she willfighther of. again leap their children will fall in love again problem aagain leap. then due to low trp close the serial.

  16. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Rinky get mistakenly shot by Mihika.

    Mihika was just aiming to the balloon using fake bullet but Rinky’s boyfriend replace fake one by real one.

    Everyone accuses Mihika for Rinky’s death but Mihika is shocked over Rinky’s death, Apart from this, Mihir returns to India and is not ready to believe As Rinky is no more.Both Bhalla and Iyyer family have great fight over Rinky’s death.

    Furthermore, Mihir gets shattered after losing his wife Rinky and gets a peace at Mihika’s shoulder. MIhika and Mihir were in love and they are also friends too.

    Will Mihir and Mihika unite again?

  17. aaj ki episode hi kaafi tha yhm ki poori barbaadi ki film hidikha di .shagun surrogate mother aakhir ban hi gayi .iss se zyaada bhatthar aur kya ho saktha hai .ek toh twists pe twists aa rahe hai woh bhi bilkul ghatia .raman jaisa pagal aadmi maine aaj tak nahi dekha hai .aaj toh woh bilkul mental hospital se bhaga hua mental pateint lag raha hai .uski harkathe hi aisi thi.jab ishitha ne surrogacy ke liye manaa kiya toh buss baath khatam kar dena chahiye tha.arey bhai uski behen lapathaa hai usse dhoondne ke bhajai surrogacy mein busy hai . hero kya side actor jaisa lag raha hai . abhi aage jo bhi hoga yhm ko barbaad karke hi chodega.

  18. hate ekta and her writers who bring such type of worst tracks .ekta ke serials ko ban kar dena chahiye .serial mein social messagw ho ya na ho lekin entertainmebt toh hona chahiya ya itnii negativity nahi honi chahiye .yeh log toh sirf apne man mein jo chaha woh dikha diya .dekhne walon kw baare meib sochna chaahiye.

  19. kya zaroorath thi ishitha ko sabse baath chupaane ki .aage jaakar sab usse hi sunayenge aur raman ka koi bharosa nahi kab gusse mein kya bol de aur rinki ki murder ki aag aur jhatke mein ishitha ke khilaf ho jaaye .ishitha ne toh sirf overacting ki aur apne hi pair par kuladi maar di.precap dekha .arey dekhne laayak bhi nahi tha .arey matlab rinki mar gayi hai aur ishitha jaisi normal rone dhone wale avtaar mein hai .

  20. sruja

    Rinki is murdered…!!!!!why u guys cnt make some happy ending before leap…??its a beautiful family drama.. There is no need of creating unnecessary chaos by killing someone… Please don’t kill anyone.. Make a happy family picture.. Shagun should marry Manoj… Rinki n mohir should be happy..m why this crap…

  21. diya

    guys .. ahsa kuch nehi hoga .. stop making tories in side ur head fr god’s sake . har serial ka accha bura waqt hota hain. see sasural simar ka they r show ing tracks with dayeens and nagins .. nd most of the ppl r watching this stupid serIAL . MERI ASHIQUI TUM SE HI mein to ek charectr ki 5 baar shaadi hota hai nd it is a ekta kapoor serial .. shaadi ka mazaak ban gaya haim udhar. fir bhi ppl r watching . but in yhm they r showing a much more relevnt track.surrogacy agar nehi hota to accha hi hota nd leap is not going to happen . this is 200% sure. raman aur ishita k beech mein ahsa confusion pahle v huya hain if u the remember last yr mani entered the story nd uske pehle v . but sab thikk ho gaya na… iss bar v hoga . 3 -4 episodes dekh kr u cnt decide the fate of the serial. if u dont wanna watch it .. no body is forcing but don’t bad mouth this serial. aagar kabhi v yhm se saccha pyaar ki ya hain to keep trust in it. ekta will not end this serial so soon and bohut jaldi kuch neya nd accha hone bala hain. ekta iss industry mein bohut sare saloon se hain she knows it .. nd no, here shagun is not more importance than ishita. but i will be happy if woh manoj se shaadi karke kahi dur chale jay nd never evr come back. ekta kapoor is NOT GOING TO END THIS SERIAL SO SOON. tv mein pehle bohut sare crap serials saloon chale hain yeh v chalega.

  22. all good shows like mmz,badtameez dil,nauc have gone off air and these kind of baseless shows are still going on :/
    star plus and ekta have gone mad and ruining all good shows…y do they need to drag a show unnecessarily?
    Basically yhm was the story of two different ppl who had to marry each other for the sake of a liitle child ruhi…they hated each other…but their daughter became the cupid and they fell in love…now when they r a happy family ishita’s pregnancy track could be shown and the show would have been successfully completed…
    BUT NO!
    they just have to drag a good show and spoil it -_-

  23. 99.99%does not like raman shagun chemistry .aur iss week yhm 4th position pe aaya hai not worth it .jab show barbaad ho chuka hai tab show sunday bhi aa raha hai . ek baar yeh serial trp se bahar jaaye toh saare ke saare yhm fans kabhi bhi ekta ke kisi serial par ek nazar bhi nahi daalenge .acche khaase chalthe serial ka sayanaash banake achaar bana diya . arey yeh serial ka trp bhi accha tha aur top 10 se hatt bhi nahi raha tha toh yeh sab nautanki aur backwaaz dikhne ki kya emergency pad gayi ki zabardasthi thoos diya .waise star plus yeh jo serial sunday bhi laa rahi hai sirf trp ki wajah ae kyunki barc ratings mein colors channel no.1 par hai. issliye low trp ke shows ko jald band kar rahe hai .waise bhi star plus mein bahut saare shows booked hai .yhm jab trp mein girega aur channel khud usse band kar dega toh baki serial baazi maar lenge .

  24. yhm toh apne lowest level par gir chuka hai .waise bhi pehle iss site par bahut saare commenters aathe the ab unn mein se sirf kuch hi hai .pehle toh yeh site bhara bhara tha bahut saare alag alag commenters the ab sab band ho jaayega .ruhi jab tak iss show mein rahegi tab tak yeh serial mein ruhi ko dekhne ke liye dekh rahi hoon .aage ka toh sirf yeh serial ki barbaadi ki kahaani hogi.

  25. aaj ka episode toh buss great tha .wonderful job yhm .most worst episode mein epic episode tha .wah ! issliye toh unhe award milna chahiye.

    shagun ka bhi aaj kuch zyaadi hi ho gaya tha . woh bhi pagal aurath jaisi lag rahi thi.

  26. Balaji Teleflims Yeh Hai Mohabbatein starring Karan Patel and Divyanka Tripathi is getting ready for it’s first leap in the show and obviously some old characters will be replaced with new ones.

    In the coming episode’s of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Mihir returns from USA and he comes to Bhalla house to meet Rinky.He will be shocked to find out her missing case.

    Soon we will see Bhalla family in an emotional trauma after finding Rinky’s dead body.Raman loses his senses and feels that Mihir killed his sister. Mihir will be taken to police station and Abhishek keeps him behind bars. Abhishek interrogates him about Rinky’s murder. Mihir repeats again and again that he don’t know anything about her murder.

    As we have mentioned Earlier, Mihika kills Rinki accidentally and May be Mihir sees this and tries to hide her truth.

    On the other hand,Manoj informs Raman that Laxmi is not suitable to become a surrogate mother.Raman breaks down into tears.Later Shagun decides to be a surrogate mother for Raman and ishita’s baby.

    Seems like this leads to misunderstanding between Raman and ishita.

    Will Raman find out the real truth behind rinky’s death? Will ishita misunderstand Raman ?

    Stay Tuned to know more updates about Raman and ishita’s Life.

  27. diya

    today i was watching the older episodes of these show . they were so good . please ekta with due respect don’t take a leap in this show . sathiyaa took a leap after 3 years , so as diya aur bati hum .ye hai mohabbatei is only 1 year 10 months old . no one is interested in this show after the leap . no leap please . the bond between little ruhi and ishita is the heart of this show . dont take its heart please. its a plea . please .

  28. Raman is the biggest fool in the whole world and ishita app se acha to is world me koi Thai he nahi wawowao u r no I SAP to mahan hain and for ekta kapoor hands off hands off ,a huge round of applause ,standing ovation for making a beautiful serial hell u r brilliant yhm ki unique story this ek fun living family ,strong ishru bony romantic ishra scenes n now??????????? Hate u ekta for making my favourite serial crab

  29. gk

    mihika’ll blame fr rinki murder how is ths psble if mihika is arrested wl rinki mdr then wt wl b abhisek 1stly mihir blme mdr n after mhika ths is so mch cnfusing

  30. Kaweesha Nethmi

    Oh……no……. I hate this episode. Raman always does his foolish things without thinking further. Too hate surrogasy track. This has become another typical Indian TV series. Seem like Ekta maam doesn’t care about YHM fans. That’s why they are doing this. Shogun suddenly become good and now to become surrogate mom for Ishra ‘s baby… Ekta maam do you think we expect these nonsense from yhm. Ishu got pregnant once. Why can’t she become pregnant again. Plesae come to your senses. We want old yhm. I watch this continuously but seems like lm going to loose my valuable time… And in my country this is telecasting. It is dubbed in sinhala. I think they too will stop liking yhm. I hope at the last moment this operation will become a flop. Because Shogun too had some compilcations regarding ruhi’s birth……
    A heart broken fan from sri Lanka……
    Please do matter our comments dear……

  31. The makers of YHM writters team go and should watch the serial from 1st episode to
    recall the stories
    The story was basically ishra marriage bonding was due to ruhi’s sake only not for ishra’s
    When ishra got married at that time Ashok told to Ruhi that any one married Raman that
    lady will surely leave your dad because of your dady’s torture now you are people(writters)
    try to split ishita and raman that means the villian was always right and win the hero only
    is the looser how can be a hero is the looser.
    This is for KARAN AND DIVYANKA both you are fabulous actress you got so many fans all
    over the world through this serial please try to understand your fans please quit the
    show with good name otherwise ekta will spoil your name.
    Why the writters wants to spoil Raman character too much especially Hero charcter.
    Dr.Manoj and Raman knew about Shagun is a drunker when she was full of emotion she
    used to drink alchocal this will spoil the baby’s health then how they can allow shagun as
    a surrogate mother especially Manoj he is a specialist in gynachologist.

  32. yeh jo kuch bhi yhm mein ho raha hai woh sab ekta ka kiya dhara karnaama hai .arey kitna request kare phir bhi fans ki koi value nahi hai.dekhne wale toh hum hai na .phir bhi apne hi manmaani aur dekhne walon ko torture de rahe hai.

  33. Shagun reveals to Raman
    and Manoj that Laxmi’s
    real name is Parul and
    she is diabetic patient.
    Shagun tells Manoj that
    she is ready to become
    surrogate mother of
    Raman and Ishita’s baby
    because she is perfectly
    fine and also mother of
    Raman’s kids.
    Raman is confused over
    the matter and Shagun
    manipulates Raman in
    her words that she wants
    to do it for Ishita as Ishita
    gives a good life to Adi
    and Ruhi.
    Finally, Shagun get
    successful to make both
    Raman and Manoj agree
    for surrogacy.
    Will Shagun really wants
    to help Raman and Ishita?
    Will Shagun’s changing
    behavior develop any soft
    corner in Raman’s heart
    for her again?
    Stay tuned for further

  34. Darshika

    This surprising news for all ‘me adarayai’ crazy fans…… ##Divyanka Tripati is in sri Lanka for 3 days……##
    yes, you herd right…..! She is in colombo……! ! !
    I’m sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo exited…….! And I’ve gone mad….! Fb has been very heat now. She’ve taken selfies in colombo airport.
    Show your love guys……! ! !
    I try my best to see her.

  35. diya

    guys how can u talk so much bad about this show? ishita and raman loves each other very much. i know its all shagun and ashoke who is making this problem in there life . i also hate them totally . But our life can’t be only with goodness .problems are meant to be there right? raman and ishita is going through this face only and they r going to come out soon. no leap is happening . surrogacy is going to happen soon nd ishita will get to know abt it also . but at the end she will be convinced. and shagun’s charectar has turned positive . surrogcy is not a bad thing at all . you guys think nd talk lot of negetives . yesterday i was reading older updatez . nd this kind of comments are there also but did anything happened ?? we will get our old ye hai mohabbatein back .

  36. Darshika

    not only here but also lots of ppl don’t like nowadays tracks in fb,instergrame,twetter……. All comments are like this…… They hate surrogacy…….
    Cvs please come out of this soon.

  37. V P

    Having requested from the fans , the makers moved with surrogancy with Shaghun . How can Raman be a fool and spineless . Ishitha should leave him and go with children then only he will learn a lesson . Rinkys case they want to unite Mihir and Mihika. No other way but kill her . Business or no business Ashok wins thru ….. Having a very good theme why going behind murder . Surrogacy . Ex marital affairs too bad to view . An unique one , totally spoiled .

  38. Swarna

    i think the producers have ran out of story lines!!! why Ishita cant have a baby millions of women have miscarriages doesn’t mean they cannot conceive !again – Shagun being the surrogate mother unacceptable – should have been a miracle ishita should have the baby – motherhood is different i used enjoy the show a lot but this is utter Nonsense !!!!

  39. nimrit

    guys dont waste u r time yaar..plzzz…..iss site par ek bhi cmnt nahi aayi na to hi pata chalega inn s. ko ki unhone ye track lakar bahot badi galati ki ha…….YHM kibwat full wat lagne wali hai…..adhe viewers to abse hi yhm dekhna chhod denge…..

  40. diya

    never gonna stop seeing this show . i have full confidence in this show . surrogacy is a bad idea but i think the makers have something else in store so they are showing this track despite so much protests . and this a better track than the earlier track of ishita having cancer . that was unbearable . i will love yhm till death . muahhhhhhhh. i think leap is not happening because they are showing the surrogacy track . i think romance will bloom between manoj and shagun in this 9 months . i hope the equations between iyers and bhallas never change . nd they soon put kumaar behind the bars . stay positive .

  41. gd

    This is not to hurt anyone. Just a request!!!!!
    Writers are not mad to make yhm a crap. Everyone should remember this. The same writers are the persons, whom create a huge no of fans all over the world for this yhm with thier story and hardwork. so they know it well how to move the story. we all have the rights to comment. But no one have the rights to hurt others for this unreal dramas. A real YHM fan will understand my sayings.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.