Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Nikhil acts innocent again

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with jeweler asking Adi about the bracelet. He says I got this bracelet ordered by some man, it was same. Ishita asks who got it made. Jeweler says he didn’t say his name, he looked from good family. Ruhi and Mihika show jewelry to Romi and take him to decide jewelry for Mihika. Raman thinks I m not able to do anything in Ruhi and Romi’s matters. Jeweler sees Romi coming. He asks do you stay here. He asks him to say, he has got the bracelet made. Mrs. Bhalla asks which one. Ishita says he made it for his friend, nothing serious. She asks Romi to come with her to talk. Ruhi says I got him to select a set for Mihika. Ishita says we will come later. Adi thinks it means Pooja and Romi.

Ishita slaps Romi and says so Raman was sending you to US, answer me. Romi says

sorry. She slaps again and says you cheated your wife for that Pooja, you are sorry now. Raman comes. She says you have hidden this from me. Romi says sorry, I know its a mistake. She says you made me ashamed, we had doubt on you, Adi and Parmeet, I said you can’t do this as you love Mihika. He says I was trapped, Pooja is blackmailing me, really sorry. She says say sorry to your wife, her heart is going to break, Pooja is a mature woman, she didn’t understand she is breaking a home, I will not leave her. She goes with Raman. Ishita slaps Pooja and says how dare you see my family men, why did you try to trap Raman. Pooja says ask your husband. Ishita says you think I will question Raman, you called him and held his hand, I doubt on you, why are you after Romi and Raman, tell me, else media will get this news.

Pooja says I did this intentionally, I was made to do this. Raman asks who told you. Pooja says Nikhil did. They get shocked. Pooja says Nikhil told me to keep Raman occupied and away from home, he wanted to take pandit and decide marriage date, you got the answer now, go from here. Ishita says now stay away from my home. They leave. Raman says I know people, you have to change Ruhi’s decision. Ishita says Nikhil is playing smart games. He gets a call and says we are coming, Mani got info about Nikhil. Mani says a girl Madhura is admitted in mental asylum, Nikhil is taking care of her, she can’t be his sister. Raman says we have no time, we have to find out. Ruhi tries the marriage outfits. She talks to Nikhil on call. Ishita comes. Ruhi asks her to see the dress. Ishita asks the designer to come later. Ruhi asks what happened. Ishita says we went to meet Pooja. She tells everything. Ruhi says this can’t happen, did you plan this again. Ishita says we are just saying what we got to know, call Nikhil, ask him yourself.

They all wait for Nikhil. He comes home. He asks what happened. Ruhi asks who is Madhura, how is she related to you. He asks how do you know this. Raman asks why did you hide this, Ruhi you wanted to marry him. Nikhil says she is not my GF, she is my cousin, my uncle and aunt died in an accident, she lost her mental balance, her parents made a trust for her, I m just taking care of her, I m doing a brother’s duty, I don’t want to publicize it, you decided to make it an issue, do I always need to prove myself innocent. Ruhi says no Nikhil, I m sorry, I should have not doubted on you, sorry forgive me, I will not doubt you. He says its okay, I can understand your fear. He asks them to ask everything directly and leaves.

Ruhi says Nikhil is not a bad person, let me marry him happily, stop this, I understand what you both want, its enough now. She goes. Raman says next time we will be prepared with all info. Parmeet asks what, did Ruhi break marriage. Nikhil says relax, this marriage will definitely happen, Ruhi trusts me more, I knew Raman will find out my past, so I planted that girl, I don’t even know her, I got Ruhi’s sympathy, Raman and Ishita fell down. Parmeet asks what’s your plan. Nikhil says I will spend time with Ruhi before marriage. He smiles.

Its morning, Raman asks for ginger tea. Aaliya goes to make it. Simmi says I decided we have to keep a cook. Ruhi asks Mrs. Bhalla to invite her friends for haldi. She asks Aaliya to call a good mehendi designer. She asks Simmi to see sangeet arrangements. She says I m excited to dance, I want to celebrate. Pihu comes and reminds of PTM in school. Ishita says sorry I forgot, I will come. Simmi says Ananya’s meeting is next week. Ishita asks Aaliya to take care of Ruhi. She says I trust you, don’t leave her alone, be with her.

Ruhi talks to Nikhil on call and says all of their doubts got over, they went for PTM, tell me which song you like, I will dance on it. He thinks they are not at home, its right chance. He says I m missing you a lot, can we meet, please come here. She agrees. He thinks to snatch everything from her.

Ishita says Raman, I m not getting a good feeling about Ruhi. Nikhil asks Ruhi to not leave him ever. She says I m not going. They say I love you and hug…. He smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Don’t behave like oldies even if they spend time, that’s ok it’s very common, don’t show like black and white series..common be mature and show some maturity

    1. Aku

      I agree that spending time with the person you love isn’t wrong.. but what Nikhil is doing by degrading Ruhi and trying to ruin her life that is wrong

  2. Yep you are right as it is Ruhi falls in love with just a drop of hat. What big deal she spends time with Nikhil or for that matter anybody.

  3. This Ruhi is so immature. She does not know only that the one with whom she is blindly in love with is using her for his own revenge and is playing with her feelings. And this Nikhil is also such a worst person he does not even realize that he is trying to degrade that girl who truly loves him and is fighting against her family for him. Let Ruhi do what she wants only time will explain her now. Really, Ruhi and Riya looks like sisters.

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