Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simmi saying it can’t happen that kids not performing in Adi’s engagement sangeet. She calls upon Ruhi, Shravan and Ananya for the dance. They dance on Punjabi wedding song…… Everyone smile and clap. Mihir tells Mihika that you are not supposed to be here, you should be in sangeet. She asks him to relax, you are getting dizzy. He says come. She makes him sit and says its long drive, I can’t take you, we can’t reach for sangeet on time, take rest, when family knows why are we here, they will understand, please lie down, take rest, I will order soup for you, you will feel better.

Ruhi says wow, performances are happening well, till groom and bride’s parents come and dance, how will the sangeet get over. She asks Adi and Aaliya’s parents to come.

Raman goes and signs Ishita. Pihu says wait…. How will Papa dance, mumma went to Chennai. Aaliya says Appa will dance with Adi’s Papa. Mani says no Aaliya. Aaliya says Pihu is seeing, don’t say no, please. Pihu says Mani uncle, you have to dance, you are Aaliya’s Papa, come. Adi and Aaliya ask Mani to come. Ishita laughs saying Raman and Mani would perform. Mani agrees. He tries to make excuses and says I think its sprain. Adi makes him sit back. Pihu asks Mani how will you dance now, who will dance from Aaliya’s side. Mani smiles and says Ishita…… I mean she is Aaliya’s Amma, so she can dance from Aaliya’s side.

Pihu says Ishita aunty, Mani uncle got hurt, dance with Papa from Aaliya’s side, please. Everyone smile. Ishita smiles and looks at Adi. Adi signs her. Ishita says okay, I will dance with your Papa if you are saying. Everyone clap. Pihu thanks her. Raman and Ishita dance on Jag Ghoomeya….. song. They look wonderful on the stage together. They smile and have romantic time on the stage. Raman expresses his love via the song and dance. Everyone clap. Ruhi says our families practiced a lot for the family union of Punjabis and Tamilians, so we have Bharatnatyam and Bhangra fusion now. Bhalla and Iyer family members perform together on Galla Goodiyan…… Raman and Ishita also dance along with their families. Pihu dances with them happily. The sangeet ends.

Mihika stops the taxi. Mihir asks why are you getting down here, I will drop you home. She says family did not know I went to meet family, I missed sangeet, what will I say, where we were, its not right time. He says tell them, we did not do anything wrong. She says don’t worry, I will tell them on right time, they will get worried, take care of health. Romi tells everyone that Mihika seemed to be in tension. Simmi and Raman worry and say he should have told them before. Raman says we will go to Abhishek. Mihika comes home. Romi asks where were you, your phone was not connecting. Ishita asks why did she not call anyone. Mihika says sorry, I could not inform anyone, my phone broke. Bala’s mum comes and says Mihika, you came so late.

Mihika thinks aunty is here and will take matter somewhere else, I won’t say infront of them. She lies about her friend and apologizes. Simmi says its mahurat of 4am, we all should go and sleep. Everyone go. Mihika thinks what to do, I have to tell truth to Romi. She stops Romi and says I need to talk something, where are you going at night. He says u have to meet flower decoration men, I have to do my work well, everyone thinks I don’t complete my work, you look tired, sleep, I will just come. He goes.

Ishita asks Mihika are you okay. Mihika says actually….Amma comes and says I came to see did you guys sleep or not. Ishita says I have grown up children, you are scolding me Amma. She laughs and goes to sleep. Amma asks Mihika to go and sleep.

Raman says why do people wake up at 4am, people don’t do breakfast at 4, and they like to marry at 4, how to tie this, I will ask Appa. Adi comes in Tamilian clothes. Raman sees him and recalls Adi’s childhood moment. He says you look south indian groom. Adi says thanks, but you are groom today. Raman asks who made you ready. Adi says I got ready myself, to impress Mani, I have worn this Tamilian clothes. Raman compliments him and jokes. Adi helps him in tying the dhoti. Raman gets emotional. Appa comes to help Raman and gets glad seeing Raman ready. He asks them to come. Raman asks can’t this happen fast forward. Appa says no, all rituals have to happen. Raman says we will marry till lunch. Adi says yes, Dadi said all rituals should be done, she asked me to record everything, so that she can see. Raman says yes, we will do everything, afterall its for children.

Mihika and Ruhi make Ishita dressed as the bride. Ruhi compliments her. Mihika applies the black dot and says Amma would have done this, she is busy in temple, so I m doing this. Ishita says don’t make me emotional. Ruhi says don’t cry makeup will spoil. Ishita says nobody is crying, it’s a happy day. She smiles.

Raman and Ishita start arguing. Ranbir and Anushka talk to Ishita about love. Anushka says your husbands seems to not love you. Ranbir asks is it easy to live without love.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Baratanatyam!!!!

  2. It is better MIhika tells Romi as soon as possible if not the whole truth is going to blow out of proportion. I am not sure to trust Kunal. I hope I can. Sometimes YHm twist until there is no more twists. So Kunal seems to be nice now but what if Ashok influence him and he turns around. What will Shagun do after knowing that Raman and Ishita got married? She would make their life more miserable.

    What a beautiful dance by Ishita and Raman. Very nice episode. All the dancing in Sangeet was very nice. I think this remarriage of Ishra happening is the best. When I saw the old episode of 7 of YHM and I compare to this one, there is a huge difference. In the old YHM both of them married very reluctantly and they were not at all happy. There was not even a smile on both their faces but now both IShra are so in love that they are marrying happily so it is nice to watch this remarriage.

    1. hi Sindhu I read somewhere that Kunal Blackmails Mihir & Mihika. Ishithat & Raman finds him to be the blackmailer. So Ishu is Trying to catch him.Oh never ending another marriage on the rocks by the look of it. As you say why are they hiding everything from their partners .. Where is TRUST in a marriage if u don’t share & Confide in each other. & Why are they allowing Pihu to run the show.. she is a small brat . Hope They will get married without any more drama. & why is Ishu crying her heart out after her marriage. i saw it in some u tube.. Crazy Shagun , Ashok should pay for all what they did before they end the drama. i think after Pihu goes to Ishu the show is ending & This Ekta person already ready with another show. Gosh hope they will not mess with that one too. Thank God This will be my first & the last one. too much stress. we watch for stress free. but she messes it up big time. Yes Magic Pls keep studying & Do well that is life & Ur Future. Hi To All Exp VP, Shivani, AZ Rithu, Bahgya, Magic, Monique, Kushi, Ardithya & All YHM fans.. Going to miss all of u after the show ends. but happy i got to know all . U all have beautiful hearts, loving, kind & so on…. God Bless All

  3. Hi Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino, Jaz, Az, Kiran, Monique, Khushi, Bhagya, magic, padma and many YHM fans. Magic I hope you are studying hard for your exams.
    Rithu let us know your results when they are released

    1. Hi are you? In my mid term exam I got only two subjects marks .both are 85%.i hope I get other subjects also good marks.

      1. Woow Rithu Congrats u will get the others also the same results.. Very good. Marks in this competitive World.. Bless U

  4. Where is Toshi, Vandu and Bala? They are supposed to be here and they are not here. Toshi is an important person but she is not around.

    DT looks so awesome as a South Indian bride. Wow… She is too beautiful. Reminds me of the old YHM episode when she first got married to Raman.

    Raman looks great without the beard. I am so glad he shaved off his beard and now he looks clean shaven. At least you can see his complete face.

  5. Make people realise shagun has turned negative because of them

  6. NABANITA626

    as you all know on 4th nov our favourite serial siya ke ram will if you are anyone skr fan too so please comment in last day update page of skr.We have also decided to publish a final list of skr fans.if you are anyone skr fan too but anyday you have not comment in skr page so please tell us your name to us by replying here or to comment in skr we can add you in the list.

    1. Hello , I am a big fan of skr.l have seen all episodes of this show

  7. There’s a spoiler out that Raman stops the marriage and it doesn’t get completed. Don’t know if it’s true, so many spoilers, which to believe.

  8. sorry sindhu actualy im studying 11 std and i m not studying for any exams and luvd today’s epi . actually i’ve a doubt why ishita and raman are fighting ,they r happy to get narried again dn y should they fight

  9. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    oh my god ishu u r simply superb as south indian bride

  10. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hai guys rithu vp jaz az mino monique supergirl sindhu siddhi shivani saritha adityakiran magic khushi reshma sunitha sobana shreya padma khushiarvind ishveerian ranaji and al yhm family gud 9t to al

  11. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    vp jaz az aditya khushi shreya where r u dears why u r not commenting daily iam missing your comments

    1. Ya .these guys have they left the site . Why are they not commenting.really missing their comments in this site.

  12. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    rithu how u wrote your exams what r u studying?

    1. Hi bhagya. I am studying in 12th standard.i am studying commerce.

      1. My exams were little tough.

    2. Hi Bhagya Are u also a student? I thought u were a professional.. Good Luck In UR Studies Now a days that is very imp.. My Father used to say people can rob u of everything but if u have studied & have a profession u can start anywhere in the world.. no one can Rob the brain.. he he he we were eight girls & two boys may be he frightened us he he.. i did my music & qualified to teach but i do not teach as i hv no patience…i play for church etc..

  13. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    mani if u r realy changed then please help ishu to get pihu’s custoday because only main is responsible for raman and ishu’s pain if he is realy helps raman and ishita to get pihu’s custody then definetely raman and ishu forgives mani and then only he proved that he is ishu’s best frd

  14. Was frustrated with the serial,,, did not watch for a few days bcoz of that… Could not comment also bcoz of that… But now what I really wished for IS HAPPENING!!!!????????

  15. hii frinds today episodes was nyc but i think some twist is coming after one day because pihu is seen there Isra wedding as soon as clear all confusion maybe kunal is blackmail mihir and mikha and verYyyyyy Nycccccc episodes

  16. A superb episode ever in yhm!! I love it!!! It was fantastic! But Mihika is hiding the truth from the family, doesn’t it cause chaos? I doubt Kunal a little bit. He doesn’t seem to be a good person. His face expressions yday was a suspicious thing! I hope he doesn’t get influenced by Ashok as they know each other. Ishra Dance on Jag ghoomeya and gallan goodiyan was awesome!! Love this episode more than others. Tomorrow Ranbir and Anushka will be there in the show to promote adhm!!!! I am sooo excited for this! Let their film be a mega-hit! How come Shagun shaggy comes to know about ishra marriage? Or before she left the Bhalla house did she keep any CCTV cameras inside or a voice recorder inside????? The villains come to know abt the good ones plans but the good ones don’t come to know of the villains plans! Shagun is a secret Spier? She is like a spy camera!! She is brainwashing a little girl that Raman is deceiving her!! Pihu shld have been told the truth before! I lf I were Raman I would make Pihu understand abt Ishita. It takes a day to tell a child abt her real parents. In fact, Raman will go out of the mandap in his marriage. Why is that so? Is he afraid of Shagun’s plan? Doesn’t it hurt Ishu? Poor Ishita, she is helpless. Don’t know what will happen in the upcoming episodes. I saw a photo on Instagram that adiya are getting engaged. Need more cute couple nok-jhok!

  17. Hi all yhm fans. Episode was nice.yes guys after yhm will definitely miss all u guys . really enjoyed coming to this site.guys I hope shaggy doesn’t cause more trouble without her end Ashow the serial is soooo peaceful.

    1. Happy birthday super girl in advance.

  18. Eisode was entertaining … Ishra dance was awsome …KP with full energy and Dt tried her best to go in flow with him . Dt looks gorgeous in tamil bride …. if not for these two actors , the best adorable jodi .. yhm would have been nothing … If spoilers to believe Raman goes away after seeing Pihu … why should he ? why cant the cvs show them together winning Pihu …cvs really spoiled Pihus character , I feel they have stuck with Pihu what to do … we want to see Ishra happy married life …. they had been living for every body … now let them live for them … Raman be happy with Adi and Ruhi … … Raman is not trying to tell the truth to Pihu … Adi will be a promising actor … Simmi too very nice … Mihika looked elegant in the last scene but Dt really talented and gifed .. so natural she is … hi to all … where is Khushi ? Jaz and Adoti Kiran …

  19. Nice episode.. loved it .

  20. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  21. And today I may get another subject marks . hope I get good marks.

  22. hi vp….i think that will be the next track,ishra trying to win pihus heart…i heard that raman left the mandap to convince pihu..ruhi will tell all the truth to pihu…..

    Did anyone remember a girl (i dont knw her name)said about her mother working with yhm team…she said there would be a rift btwn romi and mihika….and ashok will try to kill mihika but ishita came to save her and will get shot….then pihu runs to ishita and after this pihu will accept ishita as her mom…i think this may happen….

    1. Oh No Shivani no more drama & killings etc.. Ashok & Shagun should be behind bars for all i know.. we want a very happy ending without any abrupt ending. It is getting closer to 1000 so i think this show will finish.. Does That mean Raman & Ishu will not have a happy married life at all. . Goodness me started so well & Now we will be kept in suspense when they end it abruptly just like that . i suppose we have to imagine the happy ending . what a lot of crap… Hope this ekta person will never ruin another show the way she ruined this show.. she is already getting ready for another i heard.. anyway her money her show..

    2. Thank you Shivani … if Raman leaves the mandap to convince Pihu , , its good rt ? what all dramas we have to see … I cant tolerate if Raman is going to blast at Ishitha and be a cry baby … ishitha should leave immediately if it happens … self respect is the most important a person should have …. which Ishitha so far not , whatever Shaghun does ok for Raman … ehat is he scared of ?

  23. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita’s fight over Pihu’s (Ruhanika Dhawan) suicide attempt

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show high voltage drama where Pihu has seen Raman-Ishita’s remarriage.

    Pihu had got upset and has vowed to never see Raman-Ishita’s face as Pihu misunderstands Ishita being bad.

    Ishita and Raman are sad what all their daughter Pihu has to bear because of them.

    While Ishita takes a strong decision to tell truth to Pihu that she is actually her daughter and she is her mother.

    Ishita-Raman’s rift over Pihu

    Ishita goes to meet Pihu and reveals all truth to Pihu that how they took Shagun’s help to get her.

    Pihu being innocent couldn’t understand it and attempts to kill herself being in major dilemma.

    Raman bursts out at Ishita for being responsible for Pihu’s suicide attempt and keeps away from her.

    1. What’s wrong with cvs ??…a 7 year old girl made suicide attempt…!!!..this show should be banned….

      1. What are these cvs upto ? 7 year old girl try to commit suicide … these serials dont have any censering and all …. so many children are watching this ….,

  24. Someone pls kill that idiot raman…he is bursting out at ishita for revealing the truth to pihu… if he want pihu then why he married ishita….he knws pihu hates ishita….ishita don’t have any self respect….pls cvs, let ishita go away from raman forever….why she is bearing all his insults…ramans feelings for ishita is absolutely fake…..he is doing fake drama with ishita that he loves her…rain dance,marriage, his performance after that scary dream,everything is fake…..ishita should leave that spineless man…

    1. very true Shivani …. I dont want to kill him … he is very immarured …

  25. In kalash even ravika married for two times and in yhm ishra, same thing

  26. Hi all yhm fans. ekta mam has really ruined every character on yhm. Raman is such a baby everytime misunderstanding ishu. now he will blaim ishu for pihu suicide. stupid man , he is to blaim for everything, from surrogacy to ishu suicide to insulting her everytime. i hope ishu leaves him forever. his so stone cold like ekta kapoor is , they only worry about money.

  27. How could she have an idea to suicade ? She still 7 years! This is bad education! Its mature problem. And the child shouldn’t be intervene. The stupid Shagun has no work and her activity just run to the rich man also ruin other people. What the different with a hocker? Boring because the enemy just Shagun and everybody know it. Such no other people. And more stupid again, everybody know Shagun is bad attitude they still believe her.

  28. When ever they try to give us this kids episodes they end up
    Spoiling the show even more so I wasn’t even interested infact am gonna try to stay away cuz I just can’t witness anoda puttar Raman’s nonsense shouting o. Ishu and shaggy always winning

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