Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mihika confronting Mihir for advising Abhishek for waxing. He says yes, I told him, I wanted to test him, as you took wrong decision about Ashok before. She thinks whats happening, I want to make him jealous and he is testing Abhishek. She thanks him for his concern and leaves. He says don’t know she thanked or taunted me. Adi and Ruhi ask Simmi about Ishita. Simmi is unable to answer them. Raman comes and promises the kids that Ishita will be fine, they have to promise they won’t disturb Ishita. Ruhi asks Raman to open this Mata Rani’s protection thread, as she will tie this to Ishita. Raman and Simmi hug the kids. Raman looks at the thread. He takes food in a plate. Sarika comes and says I think you should not go close, as she is not in control. Raman says

she is my wife, she is not mad or murderer. She says sorry, I mean she can harm you. Raman says she can’t harm me, she is my wife. Romi scolds Sarika and asks her to leave. He apologizes to Raman from Sarika’s side.

Raman takes food for Ishita. He sees her sleeping and goes towards her. She wakes up and says Raman. She cries and asks whats happening with me. He sits by her side and tries feeding food. She throws the plate and holds his hand. She says I don’t want food, I want you, forget Ishita Bhalla, you are just mine, you are Shagun’s. He frees his hand and starts going. She says you are just mine. He stops as she starts crying, asking him not to go, she will kill me. He walks to her and she says this is big drama queen, your Ishita, I will not leave her, I m your first love, come back to me. He stops and leaves from the room crying. She screams.

Everyone hear her and come in living room. Mrs. Bhalla asks what will happen now. Sarika says I told Raman not to go to Ishita. Raman comes there. Mrs. Bhalla says we have just one way to save Ishita. Raman calls doctor and says she is not taking call. Sarika says we should take Ishita now. Raman says she is ill, she can do anything, please let me manage her. Mr. Bhalla says Raman will manage, Ishita is our daughter, we have to think well. Raman sits on the stairs and cries.

He recalls their happy moments. Yeh hai mohabbatein……….plays…………. He feels guilty and says its all because of me, I should have told Ishita about surrogacy, Shagun would have not died, and this would have not happened. Mr. Bhalla asks him not to blame himself. He says Ishita will be fine. Raman hugs him and says I don’t want to lose Ishita. Ruhi gets up and says Ishita might be sleeping, Raman has tied the thread to her hand, so she maybe fine.

She goes to Ishita’s room. Adi does not find Ruhi in room and looks for her. Ruhi comes to the room and sees Ishita tied by ropes. She cries. Ishita says I m missing you Ruhi, come to me. Adi tells Raman that Ruhi went somewhere. Raman rushes to the room. Ishita asks Ruhi to tell Papa to open the ropes, she is having ache. Ishita cries and says please open the ropes Ruhi. Ruhi says Ishi Maa, I will open your hands. Raman comes there and stops Ruhi. Ishita asks Ruhi to come to Shagun mumma and scolds Raman. Raman hugs Ruhi. Ishita shouts asking him to open the rope. Raman takes Ruhi with him.

Ruhi cries. Raman asks why did she go to Ishita. Ruhi asks why is Ishi Maa saying she is Shagun mumma. Raman says she is ill, she will get fine soon. Ruhi says Ishita is crying, her hands are tied, she asked me to open her hands. Raman says they tied Ishita for her safety. Ruhi says make her fine, I want my Ishi maa fine. Adi asks will she get fine, I m scared. Raman says she will be fine, I will sleep with you both today and takes them to room.

The kids sleep. Raman wakes up and goes out. He gets the doctor’s call. She asks did he call him, she went for family emergency and left phone at home, she has seen his messages and missed calls. He asks her to come and see Ishita. She asks why, she was fine, I met her yesterday. He says I will come and pick you. She says fine, I will come. Amma hears this and says Raman called doctor, but just pandit ji can make Ishita fine.

The doctor talks to Ishita and asks does she remember what happened yesterday. Ishita says she does not remember after she opened the cupboard.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. jhanvi

    Epi was OK….. Confused about next epi…

    Happy to see Raman’s care for ishu…..once ishu after one second Shagun…., poor RAMAN….!!!!! BT Happy that he is with ishu …

  2. meetu

    I think sarika isdoing all these things. She wants to prove ishita mad in front of family.i think she is the main villain.

  3. jhanvi

    Thank God !!!! Raman realized his mistake that he shld tell d truth to ishu before…. After this .., dfntly he will learn a lesson… I hope so….!!!!!

    Plz bring Sarika’s truth infront of everyone soon….

  4. When i saw raman ruhi Adi i feel crying………..plzzz make ishu fine today i remember ishita & raman happy moment…..whe raman recalls there happy moment…….

    • Mira

      Its actually not scary………
      Ishu is setting a trap 4sarika…….
      Because whenever a scary thing is happening ishu is scaring sarika…….

  5. yar yhm’s gener is romantic not horror aaj kal mai yhm ko dhek kar esa feel karne lagaa hu ki kahi mai koi ssk2 ya phir koi horror movie nahi dhek rahi hu na mai ithni baar recheck kar rahi hu ki kya bathaoo its kk track bt nt gud we love ishra’s romance nokjhok nd ishu ruhi adi bonding nd family drama nt that shagun ki atma so plzzz jaldi hi iss track ko khatam kar dijiye ga plzzzz Aab aur nahi dhek payenge atleast karwachauth thak tho khatham kijiye ga plzzzzzzzz

    • definitely raman and ishita only. dont see by face see that by heart if ishita is not entered in raman’s life shagun never changed her behaviour she always hurt raman only ishita only
      give all the happiness to raman and ruhi when adi and ruhi’s life was in danger with the
      fire shagun leaved them for her lives safety is this a mother can do how you are people saying shagun is a good charcter and suit for raman. after shagun leaved raman and ruhi
      only ishita entered in raman’s life why she leaved them and went with ashok for luxury life
      whose mistake this always shagun only doing all the mistakes but ishita is suffering a lot

  6. Darshika

    so emotional episode…… Happy to see that raman cares about ishita….! And raman realized his mistakes. Raman is doing great job by acting as a helpless husband…… He will help ishita and he won’t leave ishita.
    Ishita should recover soon.
    Raman and ishita best ever couple. They’ve made for each other……!
    Precap is veryyyyyy nice……
    From SL

  7. ar

    This track seems connected with sarika….. Hope tat its not really horror!!! Serial is more good with romance drama genre not horror

  8. jhanvi

    Of course our ISHRA looks best together….!!! This is my favorite jodi…. I m big fan of shahrukh nd kajol’s jodi…. Nd Ishra is my Television’s SRK nd KAJOL….

  9. today karan acting was too good dont drag this track too much end soon and give happiness to ishra also writters go and watch your previous episodes from the 1st we want
    the same yhm if you watch previous one and compared it nowdays episodes definietely
    you feel shame this is for ekta mam also

  10. soniya

    Shagun is so jealous with Ishita, that’s why she’s trying to hurt even after her death.
    Ruhi’s love for Ishita is so real I love u Ruhi

  11. Darshika

    Parvathi, I totally agree with your first comment……. Although how much good Peraon is shagun NOW(if she alives),,,,,, It’s ONE AND ONLY because of ishita. How could ppl say that ishita should not suit to raman NOW…….??? It’s because of ISHITA’S FAT….?!? Then it will be really good(nonsense) massage for society….. What…? “If your wife is getting fat than other ladies, you can change your wife or you can chose another beautiful woman…..”
    WTF……??? Have you ppl lost your mind..? This is irritating me too much.
    I hope that this will never happen in yhm.

  12. a scary episode .atleast precap mein ishitha apni senses mein aayi .hope ki woh spoiler jaha ishitha bhalla house chodne ki naa soche aur aisa kuch na ho .

  13. Star Plus Popular show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein is becoming a horror
    story after ishita is being possessed
    by shagun’s spirit.
    Divyanka Tripathi is doing an
    marvelous action of Shagun’s spirit
    by adding her own style to it.The
    audience are loving to see a different
    side of her acting.
    Even after Doctor confirmed that ishita
    is perfectly fine,She will again behave
    weird during the pooja.She tells
    everyone that she is shagun and will
    take revenge from Bhalla family.
    In the coming episodes,Raman will
    decide to take complete care of ishita
    till she recovers.He will also bring to
    their house.But Amma will think that it
    can only be cured by Pooja.
    However, Ishita would observe the
    karwa chauth fast and Shagun’s soul
    will once again play havoc in her life.
    Shared a source, “Ishita would be
    excited about the entire preparations,
    and would get ready for the special
    occasion, when once again Shagun’s
    ghost would strike.”
    Ishita would be seen getting ready like
    Shagun and trying to woo Raman. The
    family would be shocked seeing this
    avatar of Ishita and would ponder over
    the probabilities of her changed
    Why Ishita is behaving like shagun,is
    she really possessed or is it her
    stress? OR Is Ishita is doing all these
    things intentionally to find out Rinky’s
    Keep reading for more updates.

  14. soniya

    Hello Dharshika, there is no standard to measure beauty, For you, me and most of the YHM fans ISRA is the best couple, but for others shagun is the beauty queen (If you ask me l will say shagun is a darfk witch for sure) So I feel its nothing like as you meant in your comment

    Sometimes some fans love to tease the true fans (just for fun), we have to accept everyone’s comment. I used to comment so much about shagun, my anger is about that character and not with the actress Anita. Its like that.

  15. jhanvi

    Well said Parvathi nd Darshika….. Totally agree with u ….some people give impo.. To face..BT for me ishu is pretty than Shagun nd suits better with Raman…..

  16. ishitha aka divyanka has put on a lot of weight compared to few months back .the reason was she had fracture and food posioning and many things .but now she is looking really beautiful .but the fact here is ishra chemistry is best but not raman and shagun .ofcourse shagun aka anitha is beautiful and slim but we just hate her character as shagun but i feel really happy when she receives any award for yhm and she did also .i like her as anitha as she is good at acting as a vamp and she adds a lot of twist in the story or plays an important role in every track of yhm . so i think people should not hate anitha but shagun . and at the same time be happy that she has won a lot of awards for yhm and her work is to be appreciated .

  17. i dont think so ishitha is possesed with shagun and all because shagun had changed into a positive person and she very well knew that bhallas hate her ,thats why she left the city and when she came back she helped raman by being surrogate mother of ishitha ‘s child .i mean who will do all these things though they are positive .and shagun is used to hear taunts from bhallas and its not any first time for her to hear about her as characterless by the bhallas as they said this to shagun many times due her past deeds and she is not a kind of person who could suicide and all .i think its a plan of ishitha shagun and acp .because whenever ishitha behaves weirdly sarika is showing crying and tensed and the camera always keeps on revolving around her for no reason.i think its a trap for sarika to expose her.

  18. all i want to say is i dont want leap and ishraruhadi seperation in yhm and i am totally against it always .hope it does not happen and all the spoilers of leap and seperation turn out to be fake or a rumour .

  19. Darshika

    Of course sonia, I also don’t have any problem with anita….. Didn’t you see ? I didn’t mention anita’s name…… I only talk about raman,ishita and shagun…….
    And I accept everyone’s comments. That’s why I didn’t reply to nisha and others…..coz those are their comments. And this is my comment.It is my OWN COMMENT. I told that I don’t like raman shagun pair. That’s it…..

  20. Rifat

    Only #Akshara from “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai” is da true diva in Indian television. Her style of acting/expression is simply superb.
    Top ranking of Star Plus Actress:
    1) Akshara(YRKKH)
    2) Ishita(YHM)
    3) Panchi(TMH)
    4) Sandhya(DABH)
    5) Amaya(TSM)
    6) Meher(BD)
    7) Gopi(SNS)

  21. amreen

    omg, such a nice show is declng, plzzzzz ekta stop dis nonsence, grow up baby people nw a days r modern oriented no 1 Is intrstd 2 C so called shagun bhoot dram!

  22. The horror track is spoiling the fun in the show. It does not suit Divyanka Tripathi (Ishita). Hope a new track gets introduce soon. There are rumours that post a time leap, Ishita and Raman would have moved on with other partners. Hope the rumours are fake. Fingers crossed!

  23. jhanvi

    Guys have u read spoilers..??? Karvachoth par kuchh bada hungama honewala hai….I think karvachoth par hi Sara sach bhr a jayega. .
    I m really exited for that epi. I jst want to see Raman’s face nd his reaction when he will come to know that ishu was not suffering.., BT acting.. How will he react ????

  24. Cham

    I feel like this is enough now. From the beginning of this track i told that it should not play for a long time,
    Anyway today episode is so emotional and its very sad to see Raman’s condition.
    I love their acting (Ishra’s)…excellent job

  25. V P

    It’s true that when evil spirit enters someone’s body , that person will be affected by , pooja a , manthras and slokhas . That will bring the evil out and Divyanka is simply superb . But I feel too much dragging , as Ishithas amma says this can be treated by only Pandiths , they will be able to remove the spirit . And due to this Ishra separation happens , very sad . Such an amazing couple they are . I don’t think it’s a drama to bring out the truth of sharika . In that case Divyanka knowingly acting as Shaghun and blaming her family members . Can’t happen this way . And why should Shaghun take revenge on Ishitha ? She left Raman , got divorced not even bothered about her kids …. She should be affected where here it is otherwise round . The story took a wrong step from surrogacy track . Now the writers don’t know how to twist ….instead of making good people enjoy a good life , it’s totally defferent here . Viewers are here only sympathizing with Ishra and kids , that makes the fans upset . We are here to enjoy this unique family story …. Please understand ….and please change the track soon …….

  26. Sumathi Arumugam

    This is the time has a husband raman should take care of ishu and raman family should give some moral surport to raman. Ishu have given her life to safe the whole bhallas family from the bom track. Raman love can do anything by your pure love to ishu you will safe her.

  27. Soniya

    If this ghost track Is to expose Sarika’s truth, why they act as if it is with shagun’s ghost, istead Ishita would have acted like Rinki.

    I don’t think Ishita is acting, she must be either suffering from SPD or possessed with something. Poor Ishita she has to suffer through out the series with one or the other

  28. what ff are you guys saying .i am really not understanding .someone is saying ff is backwaaz and someone is saying ff is nice. of whom .i did not update it .i dont know who updated it .even i am too shocked.

  29. Darshika

    OMG rithushree, Is it not your story….? I knew it….. Coz you never write such a bakwaas story….!!!

  30. jhanvi

    What …???? Rithu if u didn’t write d story …, then who wrote this story…..nd y she used ur name ?????

    BT I dfntly know that u can’t write this kind of story…..

  31. nsb

    pls stop this shaguns ghost drama, spoiling such a nice family serial..its great to watch raman taking care of ishu..amma pls bring ur pandit soon n make ishu ok soon..

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