Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Romi thinking he will seek answer from Sarika, it means mummy ji was right. Sarika sees him and takes him away. She asks what is he doing here. He says you did not tell me about this job, why did you say you are single. She asks him not to shout, she did this job to secure Rohit’s future, she wants to give Rohit good life by her money, not Raman, romi just takes his career light, she does not want Rohit to live like her life. He says Rohit is my child too. She says yes, you are not responsible, go and don’t create any scene, don’t make me say I did mistake to marry you. She goes.

Romi is drunk and comes home. Ishita and Raman hear him and go to see. Romi says I m a loser, useless. Mrs. Bhalla tells Raman that she was afraid this would happen. Raman asks

what happened. Romi says I m not earning, Sarika is showing me attitude as she is earning. Raman asks him to go to room. Sarika comes home. Mrs. Bhalla scolds her. She says my son has drunk because of you, stop fooling you, you won’t go to work from tomorrow, this is my decision. Sarika says I can’t leave this job. Raman asks Romi to be quiet. Sarika says I m doing job for Romi, me and Rohit, if his ego comes in between, I can’t help. Mrs. Bhalla shouts. Ishita and Raman support Sarika. Raman says if Romi can’t handle pressure, why is mummy cursing Sarika. Mrs. Bhalla asks whats needed, can’t she be at home and take care of child. Sarika says I also want to spend time with Rohit, but I want to be independent, I want to earn respect, which Romi can’t give me. Ishita says Sarika is working hard, Romi should support her, she is not wrong. Romi says wah Bhabhi. Mr. Bhalla says enough, we will talk in morning. He asks everyone to go and sleep. Ishita asks Sarika to relax.

Its morning, Ishita asks Mr. Bhalla did mummy ji not come for breakfast. Mr. Bhalla says no, her mood is off, I will take plate for her. Ishita finds Ruhi sad and asks why is she not eating, and about her homework. She takes Ruhi with her. She asks her to share what happened. Raman says sometimes kids don’t like to go school. Ishita says but Ruhi can share with me. She tells Ruhi to share anything, I won’t scold her. Raman asks Ruhi to go school if Ishi Maa is saying. Ishita hugs Ruhi and goes. Raman tells Ruhi that he will talk to her teacher. He says he will drop kids to school, then he has important meeting.

Prateek is worried for the loss and talks to his lawyer. Raman hears him and asks any problem. Prateek says lawyer did not work well, and I met a loss. Raman recommends Neil Pathak, he is a good lawyer, I will send his number. Prateek says thanks for help. Romi argues with Sarika. Ishita asks Romi why is he creating problem if Sarika is earning. Romi says please, don’t give lecture. Ishita asks him to earn respect. Romi says but… Mr. Bhalla tells Romi that he was drunk yesterday night and created a scene, Mrs. Bhalla is unwell. He asks Neelu to give food to Mrs. Bhalla. Romi does not have breakfast and goes. Sarika gets sad.

Prateek goes to court to meet Pathak. Pathak is having a conversation with Ashok. Pathak asks why is he here. Ashok gives him money for his help in getting a contract. Pathak says I hope its same amount as you said, you won contract as I told you the figures. Ashok asks how did he get disloyal to Raman. Pathak says I m helpless, I need money. Ashok says I will pay for your work always. Prateek sees them and thinks Pathak is working for Ashok, he should inform everyone.

Raman waits to meet Ruhi’s teacher. The lady says she is Ruhi’s substitute teacher in Kalpana’s place. Raman says what remarks Kalpana wrote. She says Ruhi did not complete project. He asks her to know the reason. She asks what is the reason. He says its sensitive issue, can I talk to you outside. She says fine, this is my lunch break, we will meet at coffee shop. Raman thanks him.

Prateek informs Ishita about Pathak. She says what, he is like our family member, he told yesterday about Simmi’s bank account. He says I think Pathak is framing Simmi, he is working for Ashok. Ishita says Mrs. Bhalla invited Pathak on diwali night, maybe he went to terrace and made stone fall on Raman. He says about watchman. She says watchman is missing, how will we know. He says maybe Ashok is blackmailing Pathak. She says don’t know, I m getting Vandu’s call, I will talk later, inform Shagun and Abhishek. Vandu tells Ishita that Raman is not in office, Mihir said he is handling meeting, Raman is in restaurant with a beautiful girl, he did not notice me. Ishita gets angry and thinks Raavan Kumar is flirting with a girl, while she is fighting for his life.

She says she maybe wrong too. Ishita says fine, I will come and see. Simmi asks what happened. Ishita leaves. Raman says sorry to call you here, it was personal thing. The lady looks at the door. They order coffee and sandwich. She sees her BF coming and asks Raman to try chicken sandwich. The man sees her with Raman, wondering why she told him about meeting.

Raman tells her the problem at home. The man messages that lady Pooja, what is she doing here and who is that man. She thinks her plan is working, Mohit is noticing me, I will use this meeting with Raman and make Mohit admit that he loves me. Vandu hopes Ishita comes soon. Ishita comes there and says I will not leave Raman. Vandu says I did not hear them, don’t know what is it. Ishita says I will see them. Vandu says maybe they are not on date. Ishita says he lied to me and Mihir, he has come to flirt, I m doing so much for him. Vandu asks what are you doing. Ishita says same what you do, taking care of home and kids. She goes. Vandu wishes God saves Raman, and hopes its his meeting. Raman sees Ishita angry.

Ishita cries and calls Raman a liar. Raman asks Pooja to tell Ishita. Pooja says what darling, tell her that you are leaving her for me. Raman asks what. Pathak argues with Mihir and asks is he jealous that Raman trusts Pathak more.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. cindy

    who hell is pooja and what is she doing and who is mohit. I’m starting to hate this drama lots of confusions

  2. waiting to see ishra’s nice fight. on today’s if pathak has any financial problem means he can
    ask raman also he always treat him as brother especially raman treat mihir and pathas as own bros comparing with romi he knows this very well why he is disloyal to raman if pathak is the culprit means he cought thrown stone on raman on deepavalli but what about the gun was found in Mr.bhalla’s room there is no change to pathak kept that
    according to romika Mrs.bhalla is always wrong she is thinking about only her son not give importance to other’s emotions she have to understand about sarika’s self respect and motivate romi according to that

  3. jhanvi

    Epi was OK……what to say about sarika Nd romi ?????

    Missing adi so much Nd IshuAdi scenes… Ishraruh scene was nice….

    May be pathak is doing this for his wife…let’s see…!!!!!

    Awaiting for next epi.. Ishra cute nokjhok..!!!

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  5. Diya

    Hi rithu,Darshika,jhanvi,Diya etc………
    Y is pathak doing this?? He is not being blackmailed he’s saying he needs money.. This many yrs he was there with Raman and suddenly he needs money why?? Something behind this?? Some mystery I guess..2nd part was funny…I am waiting to know whts happening tomorrow… Any new information rithu??

  6. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will
    show that Abhishek
    finally get arrested
    advocate Pathak in
    charge of attempting to
    kill Raman.
    Raman and Ishita reach to
    police station to know
    about why Pathak did it
    as they believed on very
    Pathak refuses to accept
    the accusation on him but
    Abhishek forces him to
    tell the reason behind his
    enemy behavior against
    Pathak then reveals to
    them that his wife
    kidnapped that is why he
    did this but no one
    believes on his
    Pathak plead to Raman
    and Ishita (Divyanka
    Tripathi) to save his wife.
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates of Yeh
    Hai Mohabbatein.

  7. # Upcoming
    The watchman’s dead body is found in
    Pathak’s car. So he’s being
    investigated by ACP Abishek. Pathak is
    saying he doesn’t know anything.
    Raman and…

  8. yeh pathak .aadmi kya kamal ka hai .raman ko apna bhai kehtha hai aur agar usse paise ki zaroorath hai toh ashok ke ishaaron par naach raha hai .raman thodi na usse paise dene se maana kartha .uski wife trisha agar kidnapped hai toh apne muh bole bhai raman ko maar do woh bhi kisi ke kehne par woh bhi paison keliye .wah!kya logic hai .uss pathak ki toh soch hi ghatia ho gaya hai .uski wife ke liye matlaba apne bhai ko maar do .lawyer hoke illegal activities kartha hai .lagtha hai uske wife ka kidnap hone ka sadma laga hai usse toh jaake mental hospital mein bharthi ho jaana chahiye .aise ki insaan par jaan leva hamla karna pagalpan hai .aur pagal toh neil pathak ho gaya hai.

  9. what a stupid reason pathak has that to kill raman just to save his wife . attempt to murder someone is such a horrible deed and he this man pathak is doing all these on his brother the so called whom he calls .

  10. nimrit

    hiii rithu……today’s epii was good……. after long time ishruh scene…… so nice………but why pathak did this??? he gonna mad fr money…..agar jarurat thi toh raman se mang leta…raman ko aapna bro kehta hai & usiko marne nikla hai…how cheap…chii…

  11. nimrit

    ye sarika and romi ka drama toh kab khatam hoga pata nahi….dono ke dono miya biwi pagal hai bilkul…..they hvn’t any trust….understanding btn each other like our ishra……haaaaat…….

  12. diya

    Heeyy rithu, diya , jhanvi , darshika , parvathi .. nd yhmians …how r u all??
    Nowdays am keeping a lil bussyy cmnt krne mein late ho rahi hun

    Nyway …i liked todays epi … i also support sarika in this
    Nd mrs bhalla she always overdoes it
    specially he love fr romi is too much .
    i really dnt know wts going on in the show soo many suspects but whatever it is am likng it …. today’s ishru scene was soo cute .
    Nd the last part of the epi was damn funny .. ishu ka para pura ht pe tha .
    btw i hv some cmpln to pathak ….if he is really in trouble he shud ask hlp to raman not that bl***y ashoke .
    btw tommorrow’s episode is going to be funny nd nok jhok wala.. stay tuned frndz

  13. diya

    here is the trp of week 46, 2015
    Top 5 shows

    1- sath nibhana sathiyaa / kumkum bhagya
    2- ye hai mohabbatein
    3- diya aur bati hum
    4- sasural simar ka
    5- tarrak mehta ka ooltha chasma

    plus guys i hv smthng to inform u all
    .. according to last weeks trp yhm wasnt on the 1st place but in the 3rd plce aftr sns nd kkb . i hv checkd my sites nd sadly they hv confirmed it .but this week its in 2nd plce nd this result is cnfirmd by mny sites as well as sbs . 🙂

  14. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    Hi rithu,jhanvi,diya,diya,parvathi,cham,siddhi and all………
    Nice Episode and precap……
    Can’t say anything about romika.
    And if pathak needs money, he must ask it from raman. He definitely will give. Why doesn’t he ask….?
    Watchman is killed by someone and dead body is found in pathak’s car. So he is arrested. Then raman will aware about it.
    I think, raman should aware about ishita’s plan VERY SOON. Waiting to see ishra fight……

    Jhanvi, I can’t say about her/his comment. Coz admin will delete my comoment. She/he said, she/he wants to see ishra scenes.(plz understand that which type of ishra scenes….! I think, you’ll get it.)
    From SL

  15. last week yhm was on first only .because even i saw in many websites but there even serials like jodha akbar ,rukh jaana nahi and all were there which are all old serials .

  16. jhanvi

    Hi guys ….I m fine …how r u all.???
    Nd good morning to all…

    Ha nimrit par muje lagta hai wo paiso k liye nahi kar raha hai wo keh raha tha muje apni biwi ko bachana hai….kyuki agr use paise chahiye hote to wo mang leta.. So I thnk kuchh aur bat hogi..

  17. nimrit

    ya janhavi….but aapne fb pics dekhe honge na ussme ishra white dress me hai….lagta hai wo dono kahi pe gaye the time spend karne & bichme hi uss acp ne pathak ke bareme inform karke disturb kiya hoga……

    • jhanvi

      Ya hamesha ki tarah…..tumhe yad hai pehle hamesha koi Na koi unhe disturb kar deta tha unke romance k bich me ….old ishra scenes me…..aur us bat se ham sab kitna irritate hote the…

  18. Hi jhavi ‘ diya , diya , darshika rithu , nimrit n all how how r u??? Finally my exams r over I missed the episode only read the update seems as if I missed a gud episode anyways i am waiting for today’s eposide

  19. nimrit

    hmmm…..but raman knows tht ishita is doing drama..he knws everything….. jab ye sab reveal hoga to ishra scenes dekhne me bohot maja aayega….too cute both of thm…..

  20. nimrit

    upcoming scene:-
    Scene 1: ishita in room arranging bed n raman
    cums frm washroom..he asks food ws gud at
    restraunt n v shud hv takn mom dad along… He
    ws sayin to chk ishita as he knew she wud ask
    her “y he helped n forgave pathak?” She said ys
    y u did so… He rwplied pathak did ds for his love
    his wife to her life… Raman said if i wud hv at
    his place, i eud hv also dn ds.. he said if ishita
    ws in danger dn i wud hv gone mad.. i wud hv
    been dead… Dn ishita says ya u r right… N
    raman says u also did same by hurting urslf…
    (DT says i dnt knw dat he knws dat im acting of
    being posesssed)…
    Scene 2 : Ishita raman on bed sleeping… Raman
    sleeping wid blankts on mouth… Dn suddnly
    ishita wakes n removs blankt frm his mouth n
    finds dat he ws doing sumthng wid torch n she
    asked… He ws reading a book on bhoot aatma to
    knw hw to save her. He said i ws practical
    person bt jabse tum par aatma ayi hai main ab
    bas tumhe bachana chahta hoon… He also said
    dat har admi ko shadi ke baad ye book padni
    chahiye as usse kya pata jis ladki se wo shaadi
    kar raha hai shadi ke bat wo bhoot ban jaaye…
    dn dey hold hands n hug each othr…
    PS : So seems like Raman knows abt Ishita’s
    drama but she doesn’t know that he know abt
    the drama. And there’s going to be a IshRa
    dinner! Very excited for that!!!

  21. Raman and Ishita’s car breaks down in the jungle. A black masked man tried to divert them. The man puts soil over
    the body and leaves. Ishita screams seeing a dead body there. She shows the body to Raman. Raman calls police
    there. The police get a cufflink there, which Raman identifies. Raman doubts on Neil Pathak. Neil is arrested. Raman
    and Ishita meet him in police station. Rinki’s murder case is solved, but Neil is put behind bars for some other
    murder case. Neil is accused and is silent. Raman asks him about the girl with whom he was linked. He asks him to
    share his personal problems and maybe Raman can help him out. Raman and Ishita ask him to tell the truth as
    police got watchman’s dead body in Neil’s car. Neil shouts and says he is innocent. Raman and Ishita doubt his
    hand in Rinki’s murder.

  22. Diya

    Hi rithu, jhanvi,Diya,Darshika,nimrit,siddhi etc…
    Thanks for letting me know whts gonna happen..

    If Pathak’s wife is kidnapped he should tell Raman and ask him for help and not that Ashok.. He should not betray Raman and be a part to kill him..wat a stupid reason he is telling to kill Raman??

    And its romi’s ego sarika is educated and is working for rohit and romi for their better future y can’t romi understand that?? Today’s episode is going to be funny waiting for that..

    And telly updates pls post the comments fast..the moderation u r doing is good only but pls make it a bit faster..

  23. jhanvi

    Hi guys…. Gd evening……

    Thnx rithu Nd nimrit…. Nimrit matlab Raman ko pata hhaiiiiiiiii……he knows everything bout d drama ….I knew it….I told Na before that I have a strong feeling that Raman knew d drama…..

  24. jhanvi

    Nd if he knows that Na to I m veryyyy happyyyy Nd I m tottaly stress free…… Now I can enjoy d current track without any fear of separation….. Yiiipiiiieee…!!!!!!!

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