Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tanu asking Ishita why did she call her. Ishita says why will I call you. Tanu says you are also a socialite’s wife, you are using press to defame Ashok, excellent. Simmi thinks Ishita can’t do this, then who has called her. Shagun blames Ishita for sending Mihika to seduce Ashok and now trapping Ashok by using Mani. Raman says have you lost it, you know this Tanu dances on Ashok’s signs, you are always blind. She says can’t you see, everyone has seen Mihika having suhaagraat with Ashok. Mihika folds hands and apologizes to Shagun. She cries and says she has hurt everyone today, Mihir loves me a lot, he is annoyed with me. She says Ashok does not love you. Shagun asks did she call Tanu to show this and asks them to make an issue of her life.


defends herself. Shagun says you have broken my trust. Raman says I know they are using her to make it a big issue and asks Tanu to get out. Tanu says let me do my work, as three big industrialists are here and a big gossip mill. She says Ishita has called me here. Ishita says nonsense I did not call you. She asks Shagun to tell her. Shagun scolds her and says everyone has ruined my life, and broke my dreams. She cries and leaves. Mihika says she is sorry. Ashok goes after Shagun. Ishita pacifies Mihika. Raman asks Tanu did she get what she came for, get lost before I forget you are woman, do what is right, not that for what you are their slave. Simmi asks her to leave as she knows who has called her. Tanu leaves.

Simmi thinks she has to find all truth from Mihika. Mihika tells about Mihir. Ishita says he trusts you. Mihir is wandering on roads and thinks about Mihika. A sad song plays in background. Tum har kahin ho……… Tum yahin ho…………..plays………….He thinks why did Mihika do this, she could have trusted and told him. this would have not happened, now everything is over. Mihika breaks down. She says she can’t go home, what will I tell Amma, I can’t face them. Ishita asks her not to run, as they will realize her pain. Ishita signs Raman. Raman says enough Mihika, stop crying, listen to me. He says he was silent in this, as she did what she had to do, she did not think to talk to him, Ishita and Mihir, she made the plan to expose Ashok, what is the result, it got backfired on her.

He asks what did she think, she can fool those three cheapos. He says I know you did this for Mihir’s good, but Ashok has planned bigger and this happened, think what to do now, the right thing to do is face what you have done, media will print it and then forgotten, we all are with you, we know you are honest, what matters is family, if we are with you, I don’t think anyone can harm you. Ishita says yes, family will support you and don’t be afraid. Ishita strengthens her. Mihika cries and hugs her. She says lets go home now. Raman says come. They leave.

Ashok says finally the marriage has stopped, I told Shagun to stop and she went with Adi. Suraj says Shagun was blaming Mihika and Ishita, she still wants to marry you. He says I told her I don’t deserve her now. They thank Tanu for coming. He says defame Raman this time that he can’t show face to anyone. Tanu says you are always bad, don’t get good. Ashok says the headline should be Mihika has broken Ashok and Shagun’s marriage. She says fine, as you say. She leaves. Simmi hears all this and is shocked. Ashok says Suraj called Tanushree. Suraj says yes, Parmeet is the head. Parmeet says he thought to ruin Ishita and did this. He laughs. Simmi cries and says how can Parmeet do this, how can he be so bad. She says maybe this is called heartbreak, he broke Mihir and Mihika and blamed Ishita.

She says they have ruined life to help Ashok in getting Mihika, is this Parmeet’s love and real character, she has to do something. She leaves. Ashok says heart broke seeing Mihika cry so much. He says when she was lying unconscious, he had many ideas but he did not touch Mihika, the hotel staff removed her clothes so that people think everything happened between us. Suraj says it was necessary and Mihika got trapped, the headline should be Ashok and Mihika’s scandal. Ashok says yes, Mihir will leave her, and no job and Iyer family, she will come to me, and doors of hell are open for Shagun.

Shagun comes home and cries. She throws her jewelry and falls on the bed. She imagines Mrs. Bhalla laughing on her as she is paying price for hurting Raman, Ishita says what you did, you got it back. Raman says you broke my house and marriage, now your marriage ruined. She holds her head. Adi asks her to open the door and talk to him. Shagun says they have ruined me, Mihika and Ishita ruined me…..Amma beats Mihika asking did she come to Delhi for this, they left Chennai. Vandu and Ishita stop Amma. Ishita sends Mihika with Vandu. Amma is shocked. Mrs. Bhalla says I told Ishita to be away from Shagun and she did not hear her, all this happened because of Ashok and Shagun. She says when this news comes on papers, it will ruin our name not Shagun.

Ishita says don’t blame Mihika, she has did this to expose Mihika, she did not know about Ashok’s plan. Amma says world will blame Mihika, they will not see the truth. Raman looks on and says whatever happens, Mihika is part of our family and we will stand by her. Bala says yes, don’t worry. Ishita says Mihika needs us, please support her. Mihika cries and Vandu pacifies her by a hug. She makes her drink water. Mihika says she never thought Ashok will do this, how can he do this with me. She says Mihir loves me a lot, what about him, he must be so hurt, I don’t know how did this happen, my life has ruined. Vandu says just relax. Mihika says everything is finished.

Mihir says Shagun is going to Ashok’s home. Raman asks about Adi. Mrs. Bhalla says Adi won’t go, get him here. Raman says he will go and get him. Ishita says she will come. Raman says stay with Mihika. She says she won’t let him go alone to Ashok.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Update fast plzz

  2. Can any one please clarify what happened to raman’s younger sis rinky she is not shown since long tym

  3. Rithushree ne kal kaha tha ki YHM ka naam change karke Yhe Hai Barbadi rakhna chahiye. But no is show ka naam ” YEH HAI JUDAAI ” hona chahiye kyonki yeh naam is story ko sute karta hai. Spoiler padh kar to yeh hi lagta hai ki har jodiyan tutne wali hai.
    1) Mihir & Mihika
    2) Ashok & Shagun
    3) Bala & Vandu
    & 4th is our favourite jodi
    4) Raman & Ishita.
    Pls yaar Ekta story ki script badlo yaa phir show ka naam badlo

  4. Sab kehte hai we hate this phir bhi Excelent ko rate karte hai.

  5. Bala is blackmailed by some rich lady…any guesses?
    Prayosha…u said vandu bala jodi will also break…wat made u say so?

  6. Arey yaar clarify my doubt

  7. thank god ….finally the drama is over

  8. Thank you amena

  9. Spoiler me padha nahi tha Bala ki mistry girl ke bare me. Ab jab Ekta sab jodiya todna hi chahti to yeh jodi bhi tod hi de kya fark padta hai. Wese bhi Couple saath me ho yeh Ekta ko raas nahi aata is liye to har show me jodiyan tod deti hai.

  10. Will simmi found out the truth to everyone

  11. Who’s gonna clarify my doubt

  12. sunayana what is your dout?

  13. What happened to Raman’s younger sis rinky

  14. Never will be change story – yhm serial…..already written by authorities
    upcoming episode in-
    (Raman SKR ke raaho pr chal padege….)
    like movie – kal ho na ho…..
    i will decide this serial watch ya leave coming Saturday episode…….
    only waiting for Saturday episode…..

  15. Aysha

  16. arey yaar after itna kuch hogaya phir bhi shagun want to go to ashok.oh gosh kaise women ur shagun.arey just close this drama and focus on ishra naa.i dont want to miss my fav plz change the track and ishra together as always.

  17. Yaar kise yeh track Excelent lagta hai ? Kyo bhai Excelent ko rate karte ho?

    1. Prayasha ! Star plus tv show pr ek dekhne wala serial tha magar woh bhi end hone wala hai – yeh hai mohabbatein serial……
      or dekhne wala serial nahi hai star plus tv show pr…..
      koi dushra serial select kr loo….
      colour tv show pr bahut mil jayega …..
      mai Saturday ko decide karuga serial dekhna ya band krna hai…….

  18. To be truthful this is the best drama produced by ekta so far but the way the story is going on im soon to be proved wrong !!! Ekta’s dramas always drag for at least 5 years without any reason …. kyunki saas bahu just ended without a finale episode and in kasutii zindagii kay prema became a great grandmother but she looked way better than her granddaughters 1st pavithra rishta was all about manav and archana and by the end it was about naren and ankita …. this was the the only realistic drama of ekta but now it’s also gonna be unrealistic… please don’t separate ishitha and raman and don’t bring that b***h to bhalla house along with that evil child of hers

    1. I wil agree with u….

  19. Muje do ho Show pasand ek Divyanka ka YHM & dusra uske fiance Shard ka Maharana Pratap.

  20. Don’t worry guys… This will pass soon… Yea ekta’s serials are deffo known for their depression and dragging plots but u gotta admit this is the best series she has come up with so far… yea when the plot is bad, then it’s REALLY bad… But give it a week or two in yhm and everything will be back to normal 🙂 remember amma’s accident case?? That too was as bad >.< so please don't give up on yhm <3

    1. Yes I agree with you. Because is show me jitna achha scene IshRa ka dikhate hai uske baad utna hi bada drama dikhate hai aur phir usse bhi jyada Romance dikhate hai + & – se show ko = equal rakhate hai. Muje bhi lagta hai ki ye kamse kan 2-3 weeks me thik ho jayega.

    2. Bkw! Aap ne too had kar diiiii……
      aap hi jhellna bhai…..
      i m not waiting for long time

  21. Ab kuch pane ke liye kuch kuch khona bhi padta hai.

    1. I am already wasted time so much…..prayosha….

  22. If no one clarifies my doubt i cant sleep tonight

    1. Rinky ko last me jab Raman president bananewala tha tab dikhaya tha.. Ab show me uski jyada jarurat nhi is liye use nahi dikhate. Jaise ki Ruhi ko bhi kitana kam dikhate hai.

  23. All in all 1 good thing mihika ke saath kuch bura nahi hua.
    At the end of the day a woman is saved

  24. Sunayna use padne ke liye hostel mein bhej diya hai :):).

  25. Is drama mein if she studies she will never ever in her life pass her college

  26. Is she studying mbbs or what she wont even attend festivals

  27. Bookoholic

  28. Hi i m new why u all guys worry. Shagun agar wapas raman ke ghar aa rahi hai matlab initially ishu wil face prblm but jahan tak mera prediction hai adi n ishu wil befriend each n jahan tak jodiyan tootne ka sawal ekta ke serials main jodiyan toot ti rahti hain n judti rahati hai

  29. yeh hai mohabbatein title change kardo plz. this is not a love story. It is just drama and no love & romance. It’s been 1 year and we did not see physical love between Ishra and i do not expect to see it in the coming days. just serious drama now. all shit. Ashok not doing anything to Mihika is simply unbelievable. Is he a good man or bad. His negative character is not justified.

    1. He is a baaaaaad man. With a mischevious smile. I think he’s just jealous of raman. Good actor though

  30. Is it acceptable for a divorced woman to go back to her now married husbands home? What sort of drama is this

  31. dis never gona change,atleast for a week/two…after that some +ve things happening and agan entry of karishma in raman’s,ishitha life wil create a storm and agan same old drama,rona dhona,,,,

  32. Upcoming episode in- how is the dangerous villain in yeh hai mohabbatein serial….
    (a) Ashok
    (b) param
    (c) shagun
    (d) suraj
    answer is – (c) shagun ! Now shagun is Ishita’s new villain……
    Ishita be careful and today episode in shagun entry in bhalla house…..
    so your future life is soooo….dark…..
    and i m not like this track……
    (aap na badlege too hum ruh moor lege)…..

    (c) sag

  33. Stp ptng mcq qustns aanand. R t a scl tr? By the wy i acpt wt bwk. I hp prblws wl pass by. I hd knwn vry earlr tht shagun wl entr raman’s hm usng adi. I nw only wnt 2 see hw ishu and raman wl stp mihika mryng ashok. I hv my final exms cmng. I hp prblm wl b ovr whn exams are ovr. Hate u ashk and shgun

    1. Again explain ,what u say i don’t know…..

    2. Royli – @gain explain, what u say i don’t know……

  34. Royli keh rahi hai ki tum hamesha MCQs kyo pu6te ho? Ye koi school nahi hai.

    1. Ye to comments karne ka apna apna andaaz hai ……royli jee……
      royli- i m also final exam coming soon….

  35. @anandraaz what royli sed was
    “stop putting mcq (multiple choice questions) anand. are you a serial something? By the way i accept what bwk said. i hope probems will pass y. i had known very early that shagun will enter raman’s home using Adi. i now only want to see how ishita and raman will stop mihika marrying ashok. i have my final examz coming up. i hope problems will be over when examz are over. Hate you ashok and shagun!”

    well hey….im new to this… its d first time im posting here..

    1. For royli U r not a Ishita fan’s, what is ur name royli ya tufi…..
      ( ishu….fan’s not changing name ….u r a defaulter guys…..)
      plz sorry yaar…..royli……

      1. haha i am tufi… a different person from royli…i get it that u found royli’s shortforms pretty hard to understand…aur isiliye i wrote her etire comment in fullforms.

  36. Mine too final xams coming
    hey sunnana mbbs hi sirf nahi padte hum engnn wale bhi padte hain :/ :/

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