Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roshni saying I will go and see Ishita. Ishita calls Baweja. Ishita asks about Adi’s annulment. He says its done, don’t worry. She asks when will we get the papers. He says you did not see time, I m judge, not your personal matter, come to office tomorrow. Ashok says it will be fun, their happiness won’t stay for long.

Roshni comes and says everyone is calling you, forgive me, you made my life better, I have hidden things. Ishita says why will I not forgive you, you won’t go anywhere and will make a new start of life with us, come. Ruhi does the ghatbandhan again. Adi and Aaliya take the rounds. Adi fills sindoor in her maang and makes her wear mangalsutra. Pandit says your wedding is completed, go and take blessings from your mum and dad.

Adi and

Aaliya take elders’ blessings. Yeh hai mohabbatein…..plays…. They all smile for a family picture. Ashok gets a call. He asks what, marriage happened, its good news, it means bride agreed, what a love, you come and collect triple money tomorrow. He says I will give newly wed couple some time to spend, I will start my game tomorrow.

Ishita asks Raman why are you avoiding me. He says I don’t want to talk to you. She asks why do you think I do wrong when I try to do something good. He says you think you are right, but its not right, I asked me not to tell till marriage completes, you told everyone, its good everyone is not mad like you, Aaliya believed Adi and married him, learn from Aaliya how to trust others. He goes. Ruhi looks on. Ruhi hugs and consoles her, asking her not to worry, Raman’s anger will get away, we will make everything fine, come Aaliya bidaai’s is happening, we have to support her. Ishita says I can’t see anything wrong happening, Aaliya is my bahu, but daughter too, if it was about you, could we bear about the groom’s truth, why should Aaliya not take decision. Ruhi says I know you are right, I m with you, come.

Neelu asks Roshni to give the things to Aaliya at her bidaai time, Mrs. Bhalla asked me to go home to prepare for Aaliya’s welcome. Raman comes and sends Neelu. He says this is some money for you. Roshni asks why are you giving me money, you also want me to leave this house, you did a lot for me, I can’t pay for your goodness, I will leave. Raman says I m not giving money to send you, keep this as loan, when you become big officer, you can return it, I did your stay arrangements in women’s hostel. Roshni says I will leave, give this to Ishita.

Ishita comes and asks where are you going. She says Roshni won’t go anywhere. Raman says you always go against my decision, Roshni is my responsibility, Adi and Aaliya will be here. She says we can’t leave her as per our convenience, I just want that we don’t leave her alone. Roshni says Raman is right, Adi will be with Aaliya, how can I stay here. Ishita says I thought to keep you at Amma’s place, once your study completes, you can go. Raman says its your decision Roshni. Ishita says we have to prepare for Grahpravesh as well.

Mani says this is my sister’s bangles, your mum would have been happy. Shagun says I m proud of you, you handled situation well, I m sure your decision will be right, I m always there for you. Mani says daughter can never be away from parents, in fact she joins two houses. He hugs Aaliya. Aaliya hugs Dadi. Adi promises to take care of Aaliya well. He apologizes to Mani. He says I will never give you an chance to complain. Babul jo tumne sikhaya….plays… Aaliya’s bidaai happens. She cries and hugs Shagun and Mani. Raman hugs Mani. Aaliya goes with Adi. Mani cries.

Ishita does aarti and welcomes Adi and Aaliya. Aaliya’s grahpravesh happens. Ruhi stops Adi and asks for nek. Mrs. Bhalla says he will give nek. Mr. Bhalla gives money to Adi. Adi gives it to Ruhi. Adi and Aaliya sit for ring finding ritual. Ruhi says whoever finds first will rule. Raman asks Adi not to lose. Ishita says Aaliya, women are no less, girl should have relations and everything in hand, you have to win for girls. Raman looks at her. Aaliya finds the ring. Ruhi says we will play next game, you have to remove red thread by using one hand. Raman asks Adi not to lose this time. Adi and Aaliya try. Ishita asks Aaliya to use nails. Adi and Aaliya win. Ishita sees Raman. He goes. Ishita thinks Raman is annoyed, but their relation and trust got strong by what I did.

Baweja says great, Adi and Aaliya got married, its celebration time. Ashok says why not, I kept champagne bottle ready, we will attack Bhalla family on right time.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Happy ? for adi n aliya they make a cute couple N also hoping roshini becomes an officer?‍♀️ Why is ashok after bhallah family srsly ashok mind ur own family always into everyone else’s lives no wonder ur business goes into losses instead of concentrating on that u always hang outside bhallah families houz god knows when u will have some sense in that small brain of urs
    Hope aliya n adi never seperate n roshini also finds her perfect life partner N Raman uve started once again wif ur anger ? really ????????
    That baweja should loose his job ?

  2. Hi Rithu, VP, Shivani, Bhagya, Khushi, Priyamvedha,Parichary…….YHM fans. It is nice to know that finally marriage took place but of course a volcano is waiting to explode thanks to Ashok.This judge Baweja is also like a gangsI will be equivalent to Ashok. How can a judge be misled? Then people would not trust the justice system. There should not be any bias.

    I will have to agree with Raman for this. It is true that Roshni should leave Bhalla’s house as situation will be very strange if she continues in the house. At least Ishita should agree in this matter instead of going against Raman. I must say Raman has agreed and supported many time with Ishita’s decisions be it Adi’s case, Ruhi’s case or even Pihu’s case in the past so at least she should suggest calmly that instead of sending her to hostel just let her stay at Amma’s. I am sure Raman would relent. Rather than trying to be more authoritative.

    Of course I love Ishita and Raman much but just wish that cvs will not bring tarnish their divine characters

  3. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    such a nice eposode ishu is always right .why Raman is annoyed with her .what’s wrong she did.very emotional episode aliya leaves Mani but ishita is there for her .but don’t know what’s running in ashok’s mind.pls ektha mam pls show some scenes between ishra and pihu and ishima.
    hi guys rithu VP Amma magic sindhu shivani shreya siddhi Mino mounique adithya disha isuri MP HP jaz parichey and all yhm frds

  4. Then again Raman should not have shouted at Ishita now that the wedding has happened and Aliya knows the truth. Raman should have been relieved that things have been resolved now. When Ashok comes into the picture then deal with it. Raman does not know how to speak respectfully to Ishita

  5. I liked that finally Adi and Alia got married. Now please don’t separate them for further story. I love to watch the serial only because of them

  6. azuka nkwonta

    Aaliyah and adi happy married life. IT is good that roshni leaves instead of watching aaliyah and adi together and feeling jealous. Ishita should learn how to support her husband all the time and not be going contrary to his decisions that is the duty of a wife and not be trying to rule over her husband. No husband wants to be ruled by his wife , they want them to be their support and not their king.
    I can assume that the writer and producers of this serial does not like the idea of a woman been under her husband because all the women in this serial have always over shadowed their husbands except for Raman who is trying to remain in charge but ishita is not letting him that is why they constantly fight, their fights are always about dominion of opinion. Ishita has refused to be under Raman and until that happens they will always be fighting. It’s good if roshni does not stay in amma’s house, raman’s decision is okay she can stay in female hostel and study if she stays in amma’s house it’s almost like staying in bhallas house. Raman is a good person I don’t see anything bad about him he might have some temperament but it doesn’t change him.

  7. Hello friends… Nice episode .. but waiting for tomorrow episode… By the time Ishita goes to her room .. Raman will be waiting with surprise.. then they show some romance between ishra and adiliya same time… This is new yhm shown by CVS.. I am sure tomorrow ishra patch up …

    1. Lol. I was also thinking the same. Lets hope the cv’s don’t crush our hopes.

  8. azuka nkwonta

    Is their no other role Ashok can play in this serial I am getting tired of seeing him fighting with the bhallas all the time. If they don’t have any other role for him again they should remove him entirely from the serial.

  9. Great epidode i just loved it adi and aaaliah are the best jodi please director don’t separate them please i love u adi and aaliyah

  10. Adi and Raman should say sorry to Ishita. But now what will happen to Roshini. I like her.

  11. Hi.
    Iam silent reader.iam from chennai

    1. Hi i am from bihar, studying in west bengal.

  12. Hello,
    Does anybody knows the name which was playing during the wedding the first part of the episode? I liked it a lot!:-)

  13. Ramans scolding to Ishu is right as she always take a decision without discuss with her husband or her parent in law to come to a final decision. Raman keep avoiding her to give her a last lesson, otherwise kicks her out of house with Roshni who she protected than her childrens happiness
    Recently, producer shoot many scences without Raman or Ishu together at the same place. One of them is replaced by other person. Ishu is not present at the last scenes and replaced by a fake Ishu such as scene of welcome Adit & Aliya home and scence of Adit Aliya find out ring and remove red thread. She was shoot before or after those scences because we dont see her with family at the door together when camerarer focus entire family at the door/ And we can see only a below part of her sacree and distance that the fake Ishu standing is far from family members. Audiences are cheated

  14. Hi all I don’t think it’s ant who is above who in a relationship but ant the respect and trust a couple have. Raman and Ishita have been thru so much so I wad have expected a bit more from them. And really why does their relationship suffer wen its others at fault.
    Annoyingly no one apologies to Ishita ..Ruhi is the only one. Watching old YHM…so good to see Ruhi Ishita bond back then.
    Now everything is wish you washy…not like before pure and sincere.

    Let’s hope entire Bhallas unite to destroy that evil Ashok

  15. azuka nkwonta

    Ishita should lower down herself a little bit so as not to drag power with her husband. She first of all told roshni that she is not going anywhere without discussing with her husband now when Raman can up with his decision instead of her to agree she started making her own decision. My problem is that I don’t understand why ishita is keeping roshni with her she can still leave anywhere and study. She protects roshni more than her children. Ishita should learn from shagun, when she was with Ashok she always agree with him, they always discuss and do the same thing. The bottom line is that ishita should submit to her husband a little bit if she wants to end their fights. Even the viewers who support ishita knew this but they will not accept it instead they keep yelling at Raman and accusing him all the time.

  16. azuka nkwonta

    If I was neglecting ishita’s faults before I no longer do so. If you watch very well ishita has changed .

  17. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  18. Hi.
    Iam new in this site

  19. azuka nkwonta

    Ishita said that roshni is their responsibility: Roshni is not their responsibility, adi’s marriage was a forced marriage that definitely means that roshni was forced on them. In fact Raman was kind he should have returned roshni back to her mother and arrest her mother because she was one of the people who forced adi to marry roshni. Gagan should also be arrested with his men and every other person involved in this. They should prosecute those who did this because as it stands if they don’t it will look as if adi actually killed chandan, I think that is what ishita should be fighting for instead of trying to keep roshni saying that she is their responsibility. Right now they are still walking free and adi is carrying a murder accusation on him.

  20. azuka nkwonta

    For the first time I am seeing ishita not fighting for her son and not putting him first. Look at shagun though she adopted aaliyah newly but she was fighting tooth and nail to make sure that aaliyah’s day was not spoiled.

  21. anay bangalore

    if i am not wrong story line is similar to mohi serial

  22. Hi frnds,
    ishitha’s action by stopping the marriage and revealng the truth to aaliya was right nd she did a great thing facing the hatred of every one. But again she did another mistake by letting thr marriage happen without any proof in hand that adi’s first marriage is annulled. The cvs made ishitha a smrt person bt at the same time a dump one. What baseless things they r showing in this serial. Where in indian judicial system a person can apply for divorce nd granted it in a day.. what rubbish? R we fools to watch this? So pity of this brainless cvs.. showing all bakwaas nothing evm close to reality..
    Raman can nvr change.. he simply wasted our time watching the gulabo avtar.. it was juz a waste of time.. he will nvr change.. he always show his arrogance on her for such silly stupid things.. now his eyes will be wide open when he find adi behind bars for his second marriage while first is still valid.. then again he is going to raise his fingers on ishitha sayinh y didnt you check it.. every blame will go to het only..
    Abt roshni staying in bhalla hse ishitha’s reaction was the mist stupid one. Y she always behave like a jagatmatha nd invite unwanted enimities. Roshni will live with adi-aliya nd she might become jealous nd turn grey-shaded in future.. she does the most smart decesions sometimes nd in the nxt moment she will make a stupid one..
    Now again the marrige happnd. I wonder the. What was the need to the lst two eposidic drams of ishtha stopping marriage nd all that blane games. Juz to drag the story.
    What kind of ceo raman is nd what jind of doctor ishitha is if they doesnt know the basic thing that divorce cant happen in a day..
    In one way or other this gives an impression that ashok is smarter than raman.. he is nt worth to be a ceo.
    In aaliya i am gettng a glimpse of ishitha.. thay are the future raman-ishita. Adi will end up doung mistakes nd aaliya will struggle in whole life sorting out his troubles.
    In one episode ishitha wa giving lecture to adi that he shouldbe true to her. Dnt say anylies to her. But the same thing is applicable to her nd her husband too. Did they remain truthful to each other ever. Secrets nd lies form the base of their relation. No trust at all. What right she has then to give this lecture to adi..
    Omg this serial since that surrogacy track madr me to hate ishitha nd raman to core..
    What this stupid cvs had done to our fav characters.. degraded each nd every charactet in the show..

    1. Well said Khusi . Very true . All nonsense to give space for Shaghun . Alia is her daughter like … where she is not concerned of anybody . Same thoughts are going with me . From surrogancy its totally a waste . If Adi is behind the bars we have to blame Raman and Romi . Roshini staying in Ammas house too is not good . Here I feel Ishitha as NGO person than Shaghun .Cant tolerate Shaghun and her emotions . Raman has to stop insulting Ishitha in front of people . No respect for her . And one more thing … Ishithas decision is always accepted by elders as she is always fair . If it was not her stand Raman wud never win Ruhi Adis custody and his change also . His parents are watching that . She should leave him and go …

  23. I thinkit is wise of ishitha to keep Roshini at her mother’s place. Itwas very disheartening and cruel to see Raman wanted to compensate Roshini with money. After all Roshini had lost everything husband family roots and just giving money and asking her to move on was cruel and Raman was not thinking in Roshini’s angle at all and luckily Ishitha came and intervened. I was not on Roshini,’s side at all but today I felt really sorry for her.

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