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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashok getting some lady downstairs. Ishita and Abhishek look on. Ashok says she is my GF. The lady acts and says he is the one who got hit by my car, I m sorry. Abhishek says I have seen Niddhi, not her. Ashok says if you want money, you can have it, you are drunk, what did you see. The lady lies. Ishita says sorry, and leaves. She argues with Abhishek and says that lady is not Niddhi. He says I have really seen Niddhi.

She says you were police office before, now you are a drunkard. She leaves. Abhishek drinks and says I will make you believe, she was Niddhi. Niddhi looks on and thanks the lady. She calls Ruhi and say they left, its good you informed me and we called another girl. Ruhi says you did not answer my call before, luckily then you answered. Niddhi thanks

her and says I don’t want anyone to know we are alive, I m sure now that you are on my side. Ruhi says I m on your side, you saved me and raised me, I m alive because of you. Niddhi asks her to delete number from her phone, no one should know about our talk. She ends call.

Appa talks to secretary. Ruhi goes there to talk about Ishita. She sees Appa and recalls her childhood. She says I recently shifted to Prateek’s flat, I share flat with Ishita, I came to explain, Ishita’s friend came yesterday, he was drunk and created issue, I can’t stay there, I was scared. This is not a safe thing, this woman should not stay here, how can that man come there. The lady says I also heard that drunkard, guard tried to stop him, but he did not listen. Ruhi says Ishita allowed him to come inside flat, its not safe for me, I don’t think I should stay here. Appa says I think you are mistaken, I m Ishita’s Papa, we will talk to Ishita and know about that man, we should not be judgmental so soon. Mrs. Patel says Mr. Iyer is right, I know Ishita well. Another lady says I don’t know her, I heard she left 7 years ago, if she is back, she could have stayed with her inlaws or parents. Ruhi thinks this way Ishita and Raman will be away. Appa worries.

Raman talks on phone about raw materials. Mihir comes and says I have to give some info, don’t lose temper. He tells Raman that my lawyer friend said Ishita is applying for Pihu’s custody. Pihu hears them. Raman asks by what right is she asking for Pihu, I will kill her, Pihu is my life, get the best lawyer. Mihir says don’t worry, I will get lawyer. Raman says I hate you Ishita.. Pihu cries and says why is that aunty after me, no I will not leave Papa and mumma.

Amma goes to meet Ruhi, and says I m Mrs. Iyer, I stay in this building, you complaint against Ishita, society decided that they will not let Ishita stay here. Ruhi says that’s great news, I can stay with peace. Amma says I came to request you, Ishita is not like that, she is responsible and will not harm anyone. Ruhi asks her to talk to secretary. Amma says Ishita is my daughter, she came after many years, she will leave if you do this, she can’t harm anyone, believe me, I will hold your feet. Ruhi stops her calling her Patti/Nani.

Amma says you called me grandma, please take complaint back for my sake. Ruhi agrees. Amma thanks her and says even I have a granddaughter, of your age, her name was also Ruhi, now she is no more. She asks why are your hair so dry, does your mum not apply oil, hair are so thick and long, but dry, stay here, I will just come. She goes. Ruhi cries and says why am I getting weak emotionally, how could I say no to Patti, she was crying, I could have made Ishita helpless to leave, but I m not like her, I can’t hurt my loved ones.

Mihir talks to lawyer and says this case is imp for us, we will come and meet. Raman comes and says I will kill Ishita, so this was her plan to come here and snatch Pihu. Mihir asks him to relax, I m going office now. He leaves. Secretary meets Raman and says society decided to make Ishita leave. Raman says I told you before, anyways thanks. He sees Ishita coming and blocks her way. She says let me go, I have to go home.

He says you can’t stay here, I have right to decide, if you have intention to take my daughter, don’t think of Pihu’s custody. She asks what, don’t make stories. He says I know your thinking. Amma applies oil to Ruhi and says even Ruhi has similar long hair, she disliked applying oil, I used to apply oil to her hair by making her busy in talk. They hear Raman shouting. Raman says we all are worried because of you. Ishita asks him not to take stress. He says I know your true color. She asks him to sit, he has backpain. He says society decided and asked you to leave.

Appa comes and asks Raman why are you after ishita, she will stay here. Raman says she can’t stay here, secretary told me that others have threat because of her, its society’s decision, will she pack her bags or I throw it out. Pihu looks on. Amma comes and says Ishita won’t go. Raman says that girl feels threat by her, so Ishita will leave. Amma says no, come here Ruhi, tell him you took complaint back. Ruhi looks at Raman and Ishita. Raman says whats not possible, did they scare or threaten you, don’t be afraid, I m with you. Amma says its nothing like that. Raman asks her to say truth, did she take complain back by her wish. She nods.

Police comes there. They all look on. Mr. Bhalla asks who called police. Adi says I called police. Raman asks Adi whats all this. Adi says you are torturing my mum. Raman asks do you know the result. Adi asks inspector to see his anger, please arrest him, he treats him mum badly. Inspector asks Raman to come with them to police station, and asks Adi to come there with his mum. Ishita worries. Pihu cries. Neelu asks her to come. Pihu asks where are they taking Papa. Neelu says he will come, you come with me. Raman is taken in the police jeep. Adi takes Ishita with him. Ruhi gets worried……

Ruhi lifts Pihu and tries to get an auto. Raman says Ishita can act and take my son on her side, but if she takes Pihu’s custody, I will not leave her. Romi asks Ashok how did Pihu get unwell. Ashok says my GF told me, if Pihu dies….. Romi shouts Ashok.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nonsense serial n story

  2. I don’t know what’s wrong with this ravan Kumar he is using such harsh words for ishu like manhoos banj bad news I will kill u n blaah blaah OK ruhi don’t know the truth but Raman what had happened to him he knew it was his plan to exchange ruhi I hate Raman ( not kp ) n ishu she still like Raman don’t take stress your back is paining bull shit his back just go to hell his attitude I want to kill him n ishu ablanari some times its damp irritating how can someone be so patient I don’t know Raman ko apnay parents she Bhi bat karni ati nii us ko surf sharab pins at a hai ya mar bit karna pehlay romi ko Marta tha n now adi

    1. hey siddhi .I totally agree with your comment .

  3. I don’t think Ishita should get pithy custody because Shagun cares for her like a mother and Ishita has been away for all these years. Also Pihu should not reunite Ishita and Raman as Shagun will get really hurt that she raised Pihu all these years and because Ishita is her real mom Pihu will love her more it’s the opposite on Ruhr story

  4. Well sorry Aliham but are you not aware that Shagun left Ruhi when she was a baby to live with her lover Ashok..and it was Ishita who cared for Ruhi and Adi..for many years and saved them from fire while Shagun ran away.It was Shagun choice to stay and raise Pihu as Ishita had done alot for her children and it was pay back time.please no sympathy for Shagun.Ravan Raman needs to be locked up and a tight slap..what a diarhria verbal woman should be called Manoos Bangh this is the limit..lowest of the low.Ravan Raman was also phyically abusing his OWN brother and now his OWN son..Is this all allowed in India..Stop This abuse of Raman…his character is loosing its charm.

  5. I don’t think ishita will get the custody of pihu. firstly she left her when was just 2 days old, secondly she was not in touch with pihu. more over shagun, raman and now dis ruhi will brain wash pihu against ishita.
    I think ishita should move on. and go back to Australia live a happy independent successful dentist’s life. rather then putting efforts to unite both the families.bcoz she is only getting hatred frm the people whom she love the most.
    and after knowing the spoiler.(pihu will say ishita to stay away frm her , and pihu will call shagun as her mom, ). its better4 ishita to go away frm every once life and live a respect full life rather than living in the society where raman live. Then only Raman as well as ruhi will realized the value of ishita .

    1. very true mMehak … Ishitha will not even want the custody of Pihu … its Balas and Manis idea … very wrong … she should move on her to Australia … not marry Mani … independent life …cvs have succeeded in making us Ishra unity …

  6. is too bad story. i hate tis one ..makers have dont sens.abt this story ..realy very bad creatoin

  7. Readers, brace yourselves for some
    shocking twists coming up on ‘Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein’ (Star Plus)!
    All hell breaks lose with Pihu
    (Ruhanika Dhawan ) going missing on
    the show! The track begins with Pihu
    consuming wrong medicines, which
    are already expired, which leads her
    in bad state with high fever.
    Ruhi finds Pihu in a bad condition and
    takes her to the hospital. On the other
    hand, Raman ( Karan Patel ) and Ishita
    (Divyanka Tripathi) too, rush to the
    hospital after knowing about Pihu’s
    Now begins the actual drama!
    Pihu will suddenly go missing from
    the hospital and Raman will start
    blaming Ishita for the same. He will
    ask her to stay away from Pihu,
    reminding her that she is Shagun’s
    (Anita Hassanandani ) daughter and not
    hers. Both will indulge in a heated
    argument and then Ishita will go
    searching Pihu and will finally find
    her. However, Ishita will be left teary
    eyed as Raman will snatch Pihu from
    Ishita and give her to Shagun.
    Raman’s bitter words and rude
    behaviour towards Ishita, will leave
    her in despair.
    Are you guys looking forward to the
    upcoming track? Do share your views

  8. Plz go and vote for
    the YHM cast
    and make them win in the Gold
    Here is the link :-

  9. Upcoming Scene :-
    Ruhi gets Pihu
    to the hospital while Adi gets
    Raman arrested. In the police
    station Raman gets a call about
    Pihu being in the hospital. They…

  10. Raman taunts Ishita.
    Ishita asks him to
    shut up. They indulge in a heated
    argument. Raman and Ishita try to
    lower each other and the reason is
    Pihu. Raman is angry at Ishita as
    goes missing. Ishita asks Raman to
    shut up. It all happens when Pihu
    missing in the hospital for
    and Raman loses his cool seeing
    Ishita there and blames her as Pihu
    missing. Ishita tells Raman that she
    has equal right on Pihu and she
    remain her mum all her life. Ishita
    finds Pihu and takes her to Raman.
    Raman hugs her happily and
    emotionally. Mani gets angry at
    Raman and fights with him also.
    intervenes and stops their fight.
    will unite her parents once she gets
    know about her real mum. Iyer and
    Bhallas are still at loggerheads.

  11. Ruhi to Save Pihu in
    Yeh Hai Mohabatein…

  12. I am new here .don’t feel bad look at ishita she is good hearted and selfless person and raman look at him he is so arrogant he don’t deserve ishita instead of getting engrossed in.this things ishita australia with aliya and aliya who really cares for her.shagun is selfish woman how can she forget she is alive bcoz of ishita ,except adi all are selfish.

  13. sorry for offense .I am not regular.viewer.or commentor just read glimpse

  14. raman deserves shagun only

  15. The issue here is cvs are making Shaghun lead role … and to bring that twist all these drama … but truly yhm is not worth watching … Adi is not able to convince his papa and he knows he is madly in love with Ishitha …Shaghun is waiting for a chance ….As character Ishitha doesnt deserve to be hatred by kids … Ruhi should try to find out the truth …Pihu was also liking Ishitha ….that also turns now … if showed her as defferent there would have been again an uniqueness … this repetition … hating to the core … may be Raman will marry Shaghun , shaghun will come back to the true colours and may be then Raavan kumar will realize … I cant stand Shaghun at all good or bad …what moral this serial is teaching … no value in marrige and culture

  16. Hate this new track

  17. Hi everyone I want to tell u that ruhi didn’t told pihu that ishu will take her away pihu has heard it from ishu that she can claim pihus custody I have seen video in which rubi was trying to convince pihu that no one will take her away n she has heard some thing wrong

  18. Shagun has changed and is betraying
    Ishita. The reason is Raman and
    Ishita’s mohabbatein. She is insecure
    and thinks Ishita might take Pihu back
    with her. She thinks to do anything to
    keep Pihu with her. She is trying to
    separate Ishita and Pihu. Someone
    said to Pihu that Ishita will take her
    away from there, Pihu gets scared.
    Shagun hugs her and pacifies her.
    Ruhi is happy seeing Ishita in distress.
    Ruhi sees Raman, Shagun and Pihu
    altogether, and understands
    everything, but she will not help Ishita
    as she believes Ishita came for Pihu
    and not for her.

  19. Raman taunts Ishita. Raman has made
    Ishita cry, by making her stay away
    from Pihu. He tells bitter words to her.
    Raman has snatched a daughter from
    Ishita. Raman tells Ishita to stay away
    from Pihu and tells her that Shagun is
    Pihu’s mother, she has all rights on
    Pihu. Ruhi has saved Pihu and did a
    sister’s duty, but Pihu gets missing
    from the hospital. Raman panics and
    starts blaming Romi for it. Ishita asks
    him to shut up. They indulge in a
    heated argument. Raman and Ishita try
    to lower each other and the reason is
    Pihu. Ishita tells Raman that she has
    equal right on Pihu and she will
    remain her mum all her life. Ishita
    finds Pihu and takes her to Raman.
    Raman hugs her happily and
    emotionally. Mani gets angry at
    Raman and fights with him. Mani
    supports Ishita and defends her. Ishita
    intervenes to stop their fight. Pihu will
    unite her parents once she gets to
    know entire truth. Iyer and Bhallas are
    still at loggerheads. Pihu will soon get
    to know that Ishita is her real mother.
    Will Pihu stand against Ruhi’s bad
    intentions? Keep reading.

  20. Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein has kept the viewers
    hooked on to it with new twists
    emerging in each passing episode
    in Raman ( Karan Patel ) and
    Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi) life.
    As per the recent series of Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein, Raman orders Ishita
    to leave their society and declares
    her threat to the society.
    Both Bhalla family and Iyyer family
    requests Raman to stop his
    On the other side, angry Adi gets
    police along with him and requests
    them to arrest Raman on domestic
    violence charges.
    In the upcoming episode Pihu will
    meet with an accident and Ruhi
    will admit her to the hospital.
    Ashok will happily inform Romi
    (Aly Goni) about Pihu’s accident
    and will try to instigate him
    against Ishita and Pihu.
    Stay tuned for more updates.

  21. Thw serial is just a piece of scrap and nothing.Everyone is crossing their limits even ishu.I dont understand how can ishu tolerate all this nonsense.Shagun never tolererated this nonsense so nobody even raman did not dare to say her a single word.Raman is crossing his limits of anger,Ruhi is also crossing her limits.I want that a twist shoould come in which it should be shown that nidhi told ishita that if she will not do the exchange she will kill both ruhi and the new born child[pihu].Then ruhi should apologize to ishita.meanwhile,raman[whose character is just a stone]will help romi [like romi has met some accident planned by ashok and raman donates his blood for him(their blood can belong to a rare blood group)] and they both unite.After that ishra should unite along with rudi and pihu.Shagun can live in that house as well and finally the bhallas and the iyers unite.
    Anyways the serial is losing its charm and specially raman’s and ruhi’s character is getting worst.
    hoping that the readers may change the plot.Do comment if u like my plot.

  22. sorry I meant’the writers’ not’ the readers'[last line]

  23. Guys what was shown in SBS nd ol
    Plz update…

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