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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman reaching the police station. Abhishek asks Raman to manage Niddhi, she is obsessed with Shanaya. Raman asks what. Abhishek says she was saying Neetu is Shanaya, explain Niddhi, Neetu was filing harassment case. Raman says no, I love Niddhi, she is not like that. Neetu asks for assurance. Raman assures her that she won’t have any problem from their side. Neetu thanks Abhishek and goes. Raman asks Niddhi to calm down and not get serious. Abhishek asks Niddhi not to do this mistake again. Raman says I promise, Niddhi come. They leave. Neetu calls Ishita and says work is done, Niddhi was red in anger, its going to be fun.

Ashok gives the dance competition form to Shanaya. Ishita sees their names written. Ashok asks Shanaya is she not happy. She says what

did you think, I will compete in dance, that too in the holi party. He says I thought you will be happy. Bhallas are coming there too, I will tear this form if you want. She stops him and says actually I liked your efforts, we will participate. He says we will win this competition. She smiles.

Mrs. Bhalla tells Niddhi that its holi, there is some puja rituals. Raman asks whats all this, its not needed. Niddhi says mummy said I m her to be bahu, let her do. Mrs. Bhalla gives shagun clothes and asks her to sit in puja with Raman. Simmi asks her to come on time. Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi send Raman with Niddhi. Mrs. Bhalla says she will worry more today, see what happens and smiles.

Later, Mrs. Bhalla talks to Simmi, Amma and Mr. Bhalla while doing arrangements. Simmi goes to Mr. Bhalla and asks for property papers. He asks what now. She says I want to see. He says I will give that property to Shagun’s baby. She asks him to check once. He says see, I kept it here. He checks file and gets shocked seeing papers gone. Simmi says papers are here, Prateek gave me these papers, and said a broker gave him, did anyone steal this. He asks what, did Sarika do this. She says maybe, I doubt on her. He says we have to inform police. She asks will we have proof, broker is not ready to say anything, if Prateek and I meet broker, maybe we can know. He says fine, I will keep an eye on Sarika.

Everyone get together for holia dahan. Shagun meets Vandu and others. Ashok comes and she gets angry. He says this anger is not good for you, I came to give you news, your heart will break, you will be shocked, I m marrying Shanaya Raichand. Shagun starts laughing. Ishita comes there and laughs. Shagun says you are marrying, its so funny. Ashok asks Ishita why is she laughing. Ishita says just like that, you said we are marrying, lets announce it, I can see Raman Bhalla there, come, we will tell him. They go to Raman. Ishita announces that Ashok and she are marrying. Raman and Romi laugh, and congratulate Ashok and Shanaya. Ashok says thanks. Ishita asks about Niddhi. Raman says she needs time to get ready.

Niddhi falls over stairs and gets sprain. Ruhi helps her. Ishita says I hope our plan works, I had to do this to control Ashok, he is idiot. She asks where are Simmi and Prateek going. Simmi gets hurt, and Prateek helps her in making slipper strap fine. Ishita and Shagun look on and smile. Simmi thanks Prateek and they leave in his car.

Ruhi makes Niddhi rest and says I will sit with you. She calls Shagun and says plan successful. Shagun says well done. The man asks Ashok to park his car well. Ishita asks him to come soon. Ashok goes and asks watchman about his car. Watchman says maybe it got tow, you can go to police station and get it back. Ashok says fine, tell the lady who came with me that I wil be back.

Mrs. Bhalla says its good chance to make Ishita and Raman do puja. Raman and Ishita do the puja. Everyone is happy. Sarika sees them doing puja and thinks to inform Niddhi. Sarika goes to Niddhi and sends Ruhi outside. Sarika tells Niddhi that everyone fooled her, this is all drama, Shanaya is doing everything what you should do, Raman and Shanaya did holi puja. Niddhi asks what and falls. Sarika asks her to come fast. Ruhi hears them and says my work is done along Papa and Ishi Maa’s.

Niddhi goes to Raman and asks about doing puja with Shanaya. Raman lies that Shanaya does not know these rituals, its for business contract and our marriage. He goes to attend call. Ishita smiles seeing Niddhi. She taunts Niddhi and says I have to help him, I did all rituals. Niddhi scolds her and calls her shameless. Ishita says I m businessman, and use opportunity right way, you are lawyer, use the chance when next date comes, till then Raman will be mine. She smiles. Niddhi fumes. Ishita leaves.

Shagun hears Niddhi tells Sarika that she has proof of Ishita’s innocence. Shagun wishes Niddhi tells about the proof. Raman talks to Ishita on phone and asks her to come on holi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode love u ru great acting

  2. I told naa… they will suspect sarika…. 😉
    I feel the track is being dragged these days… 🙁

  3. Already its holy,then what does it mean to ask ishitha come on holy..,get that chip fast ishitha send that niddhi away from the serial

  4. Nice episode but u are right reshma it is dragging

  5. Hi Rithu and all the rest of YHM fans. I love this episode. Ashok is really a cartoon character in this episode. Ishita was great in her acting. She really shows that she is not the soft bahu anymore. You can see her vengence in her when dealing with Niddhi. Ruihi is wonderful in her acting. I hope at least the producers can match Prateek and Smmi together if not there are too many single women in this serial. Subbu did not materialize so hope at least Prateek will be connected with Simmi. I also hope that Mihika is paired off with Abhishek or Romi. Why can’t the producers decide? Initially it was Abhishek and now they are vying for Romi. They could just get one of the two and pair off with Mihika. Raman is always looking cool. It will be fun to watch the holi episode. I read the comments yesterday and some said there will not be any leap. Hope it stays that way for awhile with no leap. I will be very very happy.

  6. Really nice epi holi please come

  7. Hey guys, after a long time i came back. Hi rithu and all the yhm fans. Any way. What do you think about this new promi shoot???. I mean new separation cards of ishara.

  8. Episode was good ruhi is just owesome but I don’t like her new look i think simmi will pair prateek I am really worried about the promo its shows ishraru sepertion don’t want what happened but I really don’t want ishraru sepetation I am too desperate to know what will happen don’t know what to say more but just not want ishrarudi sepetation n where is adi

    1. Sorry ishitas new look

  9. Bad news of ishra ruhi separation see trailer in YouTube

  10. Where r jhanvi faya fathi fathi ramchin n many more don’t know why they r not coming to dis site now a days

  11. The trailor shows raman seeing a picture made by ruhi the picture shows ruhi between ishita and raman. Suddenly ruhi disappears from the pic and raman tear falls on her place he turns to ishita who is also sad . Raman says to ishita that I thought you are more than a biological mother but you are sutaili . Both then walks on opposite directions.

  12. its just a publicity stunt to get trps… last time also they aired such promos… promo during ghost track( ishitha getting call from shagun, when everyone are sitting in hall, ishitha goes to lit a candle).. that was not showed as part of show.. recently Raman shooting ishitha and ishitha falling down through a glass door/window.. this is just for trps rise.. so, no need to worry much… ekta knows much about fans, so she doesn’t make ishra’s separation easily…. they might be just for few days but not moving apart and staying in another country… she doesn’t take such a drastic step I hope…

    1. thanks for your words..they reassured me

  13. Love 2day’s epi.

  14. In promo ran says mujhay laga tha sauteli mama sagi maa se zyada pyar kr sakti hai what was the meaning of this does it means Raman wants to say shagun loves ruhi more than ishita

  15. N where is this manoj vanishes

  16. So according to new promo the one who exchanges ruhi ,is not raman, but ishita !!!!!! ishita will give ruhi to nidhi for her small baby..!!!! Thats why raman calls ishu a step mother !!! ???? Oh…God i don’t understand anything…..

  17. After watching that promo , I concluded that I should just be in list of yhm fans who left the show due to ekta’s idiotic tracks bye yhm fans . Will miss you all and our gossiping about episodes .

  18. I missed the episode .episode was good .precap was ok.

  19. yeh sab kya promo hai .maine toh dekha hi nahi lekin aap logon ki baath padke .I hate the promo and I dont want to see it also .

  20. hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna
    natasha sowmy naaz meghana
    darshi sam tansuri and all yhm

  21. how many times ekta will exchange children inspire having custody?????

    if ruhi gets exchanged for the new born, then it doesn’t have meaning… how she can get exchanged while having her custody…..

    the same old story is repeating… guys do u remember when ishitha had leg injury ruhi was exchanged for Adi??????

    No new taste in the show…. old tamarind pickles is getting cooked again… Then with shagun, now with nidhi…

  22. Hi rithu and all. … hope all are doing good. …. I hope this niddhi’s track will end soon…too much dragging. …ruhi was awesome. …. are simmi and prateek going to be together? I hate sarika n nidhi…. ohhh ishu…pls expose her soon….

  23. Honestly too dragging …. I feel its becoming a cheap game to get the chip from Nidhi and prove Ishithas innocence . Dt and Kp over acting plus when they call Ashok and Nidhi babe , cant accept it . They are the lead characters and from beginning they were very matured in all their actions . why portrating them so badly , cant understand . we love them , their chemistry and their bond thru Ruhi is the story line . cant see Shaghun be given a prominent role . The child is Ishras …somehow they want shaghun to sacrifice fir her bad deeds …. but I dont know she cant deliver any impact on us . Once delivery is done Bhallas and Iyers including Ishra will tell Shaghun she can have the baby for herself for her sacrifice .and if the promo to be believed I think now it will be a game of Ruhi and Ishitha to save the surrogate child …. Ishitha played bhooth drama to save Raman and now Raman to save Ishitha and surely both Ishima and Ruhi is capable of doing that . Full dramas …. we want Ishra to live happily …. here the cvs are playing with our emotions .please understand if No Ishra no yhm …. No leap please and no seperation . we are happy to see the depth of Ishras love and do anything and everything to save each other . Raman is incomplete without Ishitha and so too Ishitha .announcing . cvs please respect our culture and rituals …. Rituals are not to take a ride ….Fans dont feel bad ….., not to hurt anyone …. as I say always I love Yhm and addicted to this . But its high time to stop all these rubbish tracks … cant imagine cvs are so brainless … Waiting to see old Ishitha though she looked better in yesterdays episodes , short sleeves suit her …. always felt she is very talk here looks short and fat … anyways hope for a nice twist … Happy Easter to all here and a very great day Rithu and all yhm fans

  24. error ….. please delete announcing …. i wanted to write Ashoks and Shaghuns marriage announcement was not required . why to play with their marriage ? and i meant always felt Dt very tall ……

  25. guys …the promo …it hurts soo much …. but always the promo is diff from the real story . i dnt know if separation will happen or not . lets c .

  26. i think they released the promo early to see the public reaction . .

  27. sorry not shaghuns shanayas

  28. Episode is good precap Is also nice.

  29. hey rithu sidhhi janhavi ramchin parvathi bhagi priyaroli…sabke names yad nahi but hii everyone….all yhm fans….

    1. Hi nimrit how r u ??

  30. i m back yar..commenting after such a loooooooooong time feeling so happyyyy……yeeeeee..

  31. actually i was busy in exams….but now i m free….but only for few days……& & & waht’s this new promo….what r u saying guys….if this is true then i will never watch yhm…..plz ekta understand the fans feelings…dont do this…itne dino bad trp high hai agar aise tracks dikhane lagi to yhm ki trp zat se low ho jaegi…sare social media pe yhm fans hangama macha dege…..plz dnt seperate ishra plz…

  32. guys fb pe pic hai ..ishita is falling on the ground ..there is so much blood on her body & raman sits near her…they said ishita is dead…..pata nahi whats going on….is ishita really dead or its their another plan….?

    1. hi nimrit .how are you? after soo many days you camr here .

  33. hey guys good afternoon.

  34. ya .even I saw some pics where ishitha was in white salwar suite and was in the bag in which chadda’s body was kept and afterwards ishitha wil be in the ground and it was written ishitha is dead .I think it is ishitha raman’s plan as they decided niddhi would attempt to kill ishitha the same way like chadda and niddhi would be arrested for the same .

  35. ya i m cmpltly fine rithu…wbu?.. exams vagera sab end hui kya…

    1. hey nimrit .my exams got over .

  36. afterall hum ek hi class me hai…

  37. Popular show “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” is all set
    to introduce some new twists to the ongoing
    track. It has been reported that the show will
    soon take a seven-year leap, after which Aditi
    Bhatia, who was last seen on “Tashan-E-Ishq,”
    would play a grown-up Ruhi.
    A new Promo is out and it is already spreading
    sadness among IshRa fans.
    As per the promo,Raman sees a drawing of Ruhi
    titled “Ruhi Ki Ishima” ,where she draws picture
    of ishima and papa holding her hand.
    Raman emotionally recalls Ruhi tying the
    Ghatbandh on his marriage with ishima and
    asking God to never separate her parents.
    Soon Raman sees another picture with ruhi
    missing in the drawing.Then he accuses Ishita
    stating that she proved that a step mom cannot
    love a child more than her real mom. Ishita feels
    hurt and leaves from the place.
    Isn’t that a heart wrenching scene ?
    We can expect this as a major TWIST which
    leads to a Leap in the coming episodes.
    As per the recent Spoilers,We can say that
    Shagun will give birth to a premature baby but
    everything will be normal. Family will get ready
    to bring the baby home.
    Soon Nidhi will realize that she can only win
    against Raman and his family, if she can get the
    baby. She will kidnap the baby and threaten to
    kill the toddler.
    May be she will ask Ruhi in exchange of the new
    born baby. Ishita will agree to this deal but she
    will make another plan to save her both kids.
    May be her plan fails which leads to Ruhi to be
    with Nidhi and She starts hating ishima Post

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