Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th March 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rumi calling Pappu for dancers. Pappu says they will come soon, the girls take time, they will reach in 30 mins. Rumi asks whats her name, how will I identify them. The man says she is Pinky and talk to her sweetly. Rumi says let her come. Trisha arrives in the Holi party. Raman asks Mihir where is Trisha. Mihir says I m waiting for her, let me call her and ask. Rumi looks at Trisha and thinks its Pinky. He meets her and says you came so late. She says do you know me. He says yes, I was waiting for me, come everyone are waiting for you. Rumi calls Mihika and says the girl came. Mihika says make her ready, all the dancers are ready. Rumi takes Trisha to the make up room. She asks why did you bring me here. He says I m from organizing committee, go and change

and get ready.

She says I m not a dancer. Rumi says Pappu was right, she is a drama queen. She says are you mad, have you lost it. He says you don’t know me, do as I say, go and get ready. He locks her inside. Adi arrives in the Holi event and says its good mum is here, I will apply her color. A boy says Papa….. Raman says Adi and turns to see someone else. The man talks to his son and asks him to color the girls. The man says I m waiting for him to grow, its the best feeling. Raman says yes, I know. He sees Adi coming and dhol plays………….

Raman says I will come in two minutes. Adi says everyone’s faces are colored, how will I see mum. Shagun sees Adi and says I will get him. Ashok stops her. Shagun says now what. Ashok says let Raman meet him. Shagun asks are you sure. He says yes, when Adi hurts Raman, I feel happy, he hates Raman, its beautiful. Raman shows Adi to Mihir and says I brought come colors and its in my car, please bring it. Raman stops Adi and says happy holi son. Adi says oh, you are also here. Mihir brings the colors and asks how are you, happy holi and belated happy birthday, good to see you. Raman tells Adi that when he was small, he was mad about colors. He says I brought this colors for you.

Adi says I m not a kid. Raman says for me, you will always be a kid. Adi says where is your new wife. Raman says you don’t like her, so she did not come, for me you and Ruhi are my life and no one else matters. Shagun waves Adi. Adi says excuse me, my mum….. Raman stops him and says take the gift which I brought for you. Adi takes it and says thanks. Adi hugs Shagun. Shagun says happy holi and colors him. Adi runs and plays holi with her. Ashok tells Raman that he won’t win Adi. Adi calls Ashok dad and asks him to come. Ashok says my son is calling me, its fun to play with children. Raman gets angry.

Amma and Mrs. Bhalla are together. Mrs. Bhalla says stop this bad music, I m having head ache. Amma says fine, I will stop it. Amma says shall we play chess. Mrs. Bhalla says now she will fracture my mind, I don’t know chess, its not a game, it looks like two mad people sit and stare. Amma says fine, your mind is hyper, I will tell you Ramayan verses. Mrs. Bhalla says what else is in this bag. Amma says I brought many things. Mrs. Bhalla says Lord is in my hearts, so I don’t need to hear it, I have seen Ramayan on Tv, I want to sleep now. Amma says fine, take rest, I will play relaxing music for you. Mrs. Bhalla says I got stuck, she is taking revenge as I have gifted the casserole.

Ishita, Simmi, Parmeet, Vandu, Shravan and Ruhi come in the Holi event. Vandu says Mihika did good arrangements, I wish Bala came. Ishita thinks where is Raman. Simmi and Vandu argue like always. Simmi applies color to Vandu and she screams saying are you mad. Both of them fall. Simmi says you don’t know how to have fun, you are such a big bore. Vandu says how dare you. Simmi challenges her. Vandu agrees. Mihika asks Rumi about the dancers. Rumi says the dancer was not agreeing. Mihika says I will bring her. Vandu and Simmi drink thandai and get drunk by the bhaang effect. Vandudrinks 5 glasses and Simmi 8. Vandu drinks another one. Simmi drinks by the jug directly. Parmeet comes and tells Vandu its 6th, not 7. Parmeet says have one by my hand. Vandu says no. He makes her drink. They have a laugh.

Mihir waits for Trisha. He gets Trisha’s call and says what. Rumi comes to know that the dancers could not come. Rumi says then whom have I locked in green room. Mihika opens the green room and Trisha scolds her. She says I don’t know that tall guy. She says I m not a dancer. Mihir comes and says Trisha. She sees him and hugs him. Mihika looks at them.

Mihir looks at Mihika and says sorry to Trisha and asks are you alright. She says if this was London, I would have sent these people to jail. Mihika says I m sorry from his side, I think he got confused. Mihika leaves. Mihir says come, lets go and enjoy this evening. Adi talks to Shagun. Shagun asks what was Raman saying you. Adi says I asked her about Ishita and he said she is only for Ruhi and he does not love her, I don’t care. Ashok says look there, she is Raman’s new wife, Raman says she is not here but see she is there with Ruhi, your step mum. Adi says he lied to me again and gets angry.

Ishita stops Adi from drinking Bhaang and asks where are your parents. Adi says back off, you are not my parent. Ishita says did his parents not teach him manners.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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