Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita asking Raman to come and apologize to Romi. He refuses. Ishita signs Adi. Adi goes and gets the rope. Ishita asks Simmi to hold Raman’s hands. Ishita ties his hands. Raman asks are you mad, free my hands. She says I won’t. He asks Mihir and others. Ishita asks everyone not to free Raman, its about her daughter. She takes Raman. Shagun looks on. Mrs. Bhalla prays that her family unites, Ishita succeeds this time, what if Raman refuses then… Ruhi comes and says I heard some sound, what happened, I think it was Raman. Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita forcibly took Raman for a walk. Ruhi says her habit to force people did not go. Mrs. Bhalla says she goes that for good. Ruhi goes. Simmi says Ishita does a lot for us. Mrs. Bhalla says she is my tigress. Shagun says everyone

just sees Ishita, why did I not do that, I should also do something.

Raman is on the way and asks why shall I apologize, I lost Ruhi because of him. Mihika asks him not to blame Romi. Shagun tells Pihu that she will help in her project, she has better idea too, someone else will work with you. Pihu asks Adi? Shagun says no, come with me. She takes Pihu to Ruhi and says Ruhi can do this for this, she is like your elder sister, go inside, knock the door, I m sure she will help you. Pihu goes to Ruhi. Shagun says I will show family that I m also trying to get Ruhi close to family. Ishita asks Raman to come out of the car. Ruhi helps Pihu in project. Pihu says mumma told me you are talented and I should take her help, thanks. She shows the project to Shagun. Shagun says its amazing, show it to Mrs. Bhalla, tell her Ruhi helped you.

Shagun says now everyone will notice Ruhi and Pihu are bonding because of you. Ruhi hears her. Shagun sees her and asks shall I make milkshake for you, I m making for Pihu now. Ruhi gets angry and says you have habit to get kids in between your game, how can you be behind others in this game, you did not think about Pihu, I will be leaving after few days, I know how it feels when any loved one leaves you. She cries and says you want bitterness between me and Pihu, don’t do this, I was trapped between you and Ishita, don’t trap Pihu. She goes. Shagun cries and says I did not mean this, why does everyone misunderstand me, everyone appreciate whatever Ishita does, I was also doing good, this is not fair.

Amma makes a beautiful Rangoli. She tells Appa that Ishita will get Romi back, we will go to temple and pray for happiness, get ready. He goes. She wishes everything gets fine and rushes to see the milk on stove. Mrs. Bhalla walks over the Rangoli and spoils it. Amma shouts on her, and laughs seeing Ruhi. Amma says you are so clever, you saw I missed something and did mistake, I will make it again. Mrs. Bhalla says sorry, I was running… Amma says its fine, we both will make it together, I will teach you come. The both make rangoli. Ruhi smiles seeing them. Simmi asks Ruhi what are you doing here. Mrs. Bhalla says I did not know you are here, come and learn to make Rangoli. Simmi asks Mrs. Bhalla and Amma to go and have tea, I will complete this.

Mihika gets Ishita and Raman to meet Romi. Raman refuses to go ahead, and Romi too refuses to meet Raman. Mihika takes Romi to Raman. Ishita asks Raman does he want to say anything to Romi. Raman says no, this won’t work on me. Romi asks Mihika did she bring him to see this, I don’t have time. Raman says big people don’t have time.

Adi thanks Ruhi for uniting family and says I m very happy, I want to get something for you. Ruhi says I know this is just to show me, they did not change from heart. Adi asks him why is he negative. She asks what, where is Romi then. He says Ishi Maa went to get Romi, she will surely get him. She says see there, your Ishi Maa has come, you said Romi is going to come, where is he, come and see here. Adi sees Ishita from window. Ruhi says your Ishi Maa is not Lord, such trust is not good. Ruhi goes to check at the door, and gets shocked seeing Romi back. Ishita smiles.

Adi and everyone get glad seeing Romi. Romi hugs Ruhi. Ruhi gets tearful eyes. Romi says I will be there where my Ruhi stays, I missed Ruhi a lot, I have come here and will stay with you and everyone, get ready, we will go out and do everything like your childhood days, I missed mummy ji’s parathas a lot. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, I did arrangements, Ishita called me. Ishita asks Ruhi to be happy now, family complete, Romi has come. Ruhi goes to her room. Mrs. Bhalla does Romi and Mihika’s aarti. Raman with an annoyed face goes to his room. Mrs. Bhalla hugs Romi.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita how did this miracle happen. Ishita says a glass of bitter gourd juice is very powerful. Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi ask bitter gourd juice? Ishita tries convincing Raman. Raman says sorry. Romi says I did not hear anything. Raman says I just said. Ishita asks Raman to say again. Romi asks Raman to say again. Raman says that is said after mistake, that starts with S. Romi says leave it, you can’t say, wait. Ishita asks Raman to manage. Romi gets bitter gourd juice. He asks Raman to have this or say sorry, I know Raman dislikes this juice, and reminds Raman how mummy used to run behind Raman, Raman used to lie and make Romi finish half of the juice, anyways leave it, I know you won’t say sorry. Raman says you did such things. Romi says its fine, I will come without sorry, I will do a favor on Raman Bhalla. FB ends. Mrs. Bhalla says I m happy. Romi says don’t be happy, I just came for Ruhi, I will go after judge’s decision.

Ishita asks Mrs. Bhalla not to get sad, we will stop Romi as we are stopping Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to stay with them always.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Az

    Hi everyone! Nice episode. Loved how ruhi gave back to shagun. Serves her right. She always does things to show people and get credit. And always using kids for her selfish motives.
    And Romi also started “Ruhi ke liye”…LOL
    Waiting for tomorrow’s episode, wanna know what will be ishita’s response for Mrs. Bhalla’s request to stay back.

  2. Sanju

    Nyc episodeeee…shagun toh kabhi nai sudregi..ruhi said right abt her..acha hua shagun ku.hate u shagun..hope really ishu wont go australia….

  3. shivani

    Hi everyone…rithu vp mino sindhu siddhi jaz aditya prisha summi and all other YHM fans….
    episode was nice….great ishu….you are really a tigress….only ishita can handle raman….
    And ruhi also…well done….our old ruhi is back…

  4. Sindhu

    Hi Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino, Jaz, Shona and all other YHM fans. I hope everyone is doing good. Today’s episode was just ok.The only part that was funny is when Raman says sorry to Romi. His ego is in the way that he even finds it difficult to say Sorry. As for Shagun, her jealousy is at her peak now. Why is she competing with Ishita? Ishita is sensible and she knows what to be done. She never uses anyone to try to settle problems. I like the way Ruhi says to Shagun that she always uses kids to get what she wants. Poor Pihu!! Shagun used Pihu to try to get for herself a good name. So Shagun does not like Pihu but Pihu is her trump card to stay at Bhallas. How can she use this little girl to her advantage? I find Shagun really disgusting. She never changes. She has become the chameleon as she is changing her colours according to the circumstances.

    I wonder why in the precap Ishita had a shocked expression when Toshi told her to stay with them forever and return to Australia? The house is also ishita’s. She is the bahu so why should she look shocked. Oh I hope the cvs will let Raman tell Ishita not to leave him and stay with him. I hope he begs Ishita not to leave him. The writers for goodness sake please reunite Ishra quickly. Audiences are waning and they are also getting tired to see that Ishra is still separated for too long. They are losing the chemistry even though writers include bedroom scenes or the rope tying scenes, they are only for two minutes and then we see the distant between Ishra. The should also focus on Pihu and Ishita getting closer.

  5. pyarika

    If ravan kumar doesnt want his madrasan back to his life not for ruhi’s sake,why should ishu stay with him.she should correct her mistake by giving ruhi back to raman and leave to australia .then raman should go himself begging ishu for him.not for anybody,only for him….he should love ishu the most..not pihu or ruhi or adi,because they are with him today only because of his lady love ishu.i think no ishita there is no living raman at all.raman pls show some love to your madrasan,pls give her the first place in your heart and life.she gave you everything she had,life,and her everything…

  6. Kimberly

    Romi should not live with Bhalla family . They are disgusting people who seem like mental patients unlike Romi who is sensible .

    • Saima

      y the hell u r interfering here we don’t want ur negative comments here plzzzzzz try to understand this small thing v r not saying we don’t want u here v r just saying plz don’t post negative comments plz???????????

    • shreya shetty

      I just hate u and ur negative comments over the bhalla and iyer families.didnt I tell u to stop doing so and I suggest u go and join with nidhi and ashok gang to whip with a hunter on ruhi???????HELLLLLL NO KIMBERLY U R THE HELLISH PERSON THAT I VR GOT HERE IN THIS SITER.PLEASE FOR GOD SAKE GET OUT FROM HERE OR I LL REPORT U GOT THAT.IMMATURE KIMBERLY BRAINLESS.JUST GOOO AND PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  7. shreya shetty

    its nice to see romi ruhi and the entire bhalla family back together thanks to ishitas wonderful ideas and plans she had thought of reuniting each and every person of the two that romi is back,ruhi too will realize her rudeness attitude that she had inflicted over the two families and also confident that she ll leave nidhi and stay with ishita and raman forever.i hope to see this in the next episode that will come tomorrow.yes I absolutely agree with u shivani ishita is a real tigress whos only able to manage raman well not shagun and ruhi as well

  8. Kimberly

    Shagun is trying really hard to make her place in Bhalla family . Well cant blame her , she has also sacrificed so much for Pihu just like Niddhi did for Ruhi . Shagun knows that how Ishita is and she will snatch Shagun’s place . But Shagun should take Pihu and leave that disgusting family .

      • Kimberly

        Soniya , Niddhi sacrificed her career and her identity to make Ruhaan a rockstar . Do you think that Ruhaan became a superstar without Niddhi’s support ? Niddhi didnt even got married just for Ruhaan’s sake .

    • Madhu

      Don’t try to get attention from others. Ok I ‘ll ask u one question can u point out what are good characters that you seen inside and shagun. Pls tel us v r eagerly waiting to know your point of view.

      • Kimberly

        U r asking me good trait of Shagun . So listen , Shagun raised Pihu for 7 years who is actually a child of Raman and Ishita . Ishita selfishly ran away to Australia and had a live in relationship with Mani despite being married with Raman . It was Shagun who raised Pihu and she didnt asked Raman for anything in return . She stayed in the Bhalla house without having any relationship with the family . Have you got that !!!

  9. Saima

    I think Shagun is feeling insecure I know what she did today was wrong but she don’t want to go far from Pihu she gave her 7 years to Pihu left Manoj and now when Pihu’s real mom came she will feel insecure anyone will obviously feel that her real mom will take away Pihu
    I am not against ishita Raman like Kimberly but I am also not happy how they r trying to spoil shagun’s character
    And hi everyone

  10. disha

    Only one glass bitter gourd juice break raman’s ego that part was very funny .ruhi do first time right thing shagun ki jo kaha sahi kaha

    • SL

      Hey Kimberly I think the only reason nidhi sacrificed ruhi’s identity and made a rockstar to make money.

  11. Reshma


    |Registered Member

    Ashok tries to molest Ruhi, Raman-Ishita irked
    The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some high intensity melodrama.
    It was earlier seen that Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) will enter the Bhalla house and starts staying with her entire family for the sake of Pihu.
    However Ashok will not like to see Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) happy in their life and hence will try to create problems for them.
    If rumours are to be believed Ashok will get drunk and tries to molest Ruhi.
    Raman and Ishita will save their daughter from Ashok.
    Raman will lose his temper and starts beating up Ashok badly.
    Will Ruhi’s heart change after this dramatic situation or not?
    Let’s wait and watch what happens next in the show.

  12. rithushree

    shagun phir se apni asliyath pe aa gayi aur kab ki aa chuki hai .kyu cheap games khel rahi hai aur pihu ko usme milaa rahi hai . ek tarif ke liye itnaa sab kuch kar rahi hai aur ishitha ruhi ke liye jab sab kuch kar rahi hai bina tarif ke intentions se yeh shagun ek tarif ke liye kya kya kar rahi hai.

    • simran

      hi …… Rithushree i am big fan of yhm and u i am new here but always read ur comment i want become ur friend plz

    • simran

      hi….. Rithu shree i am great fan of yhm and ur i am new on this but i always read ur comment i want ur frnd plz

    • Neethu

      Don’t you remember that when ishita and amir chadsda track and then amar wife took her son who was romi adopted son in court and then niidhi came to take case cruel amar wife

  13. Harish

    Is ruhi mad cant she se that her family is dying to get her back though see insults them isnt she doing the same thing what adi did .she has an example but as said history repeats itself show has nothing new to show anymore

  14. Saritha

    Hai rithu,shivani,sindu and all yhm fans.iam very fine wt about u (R& S).SORRY rithu and shivani i don’t gave reply yesterday.That’s nice both of u also from south india.From which state??

  15. Saritha

    Episode was so so.i don’t understand precap. Plz anyone tell me.and KIMBERLY i wan’t to ask ua question. R u like to watch yhm or not? Plz answer me becoz of ur comments i can’t understand it.

    • Kimberly

      Yes I like to watch YHM . Why will I watch the show and comment in this site if I dont like it ?

  16. Mino

    Hi VP, Sindhu Shaivani Rithu & all the YHM Family…. I am Sorry i can’t mention all the names as Our Rithu is the expert in that. But When i say all everyone here. i have not seen the episodes yet as i am having the flu. I just read all ur comments it is good as watching the show.. u guys are amazing. i too feel Ishu should should get Raman to come behind her as she is the one to make the first move every time.when that happens Raman has no respect for Ishu he should go begging for her forgiveness. that will serve him right. still his ego has not gone with all this happenings.. Shagun was a fake from the start . she was only thinking of her self.all the time.. i hope they won’t make shagun negative as i am sick of all the revenge hatred etc. this was a family drama.
    High time Mrs B & Mrs I behaved themselves without fighting like cats & dogs. they are so uncouth no manners just go at each other at a drop of a hat. no wonder Raman has a ego problem his mum is the same.
    Hi everyone from our YHM Family. Pls pls Don’t comment on this sick Kimberly.. u can see how her mind operate . sj=he is a sicko. after everyone saying all these to her she is shameless like an empty vessel she goes on. can’t u see she is mental. so i beg u all keep ur blood pressure & urselves calm.. Love u all

  17. Saritha

    Hai KAJAL!Romi don’t have son rohit is pallavi’s son adopted by ishra and romi.sarika gave rohit tn pallavi. She make deal with pallavi if she gave wrong statement that his husband murdered by ishita then i will give rohit to u.After leap i don’t know becoz sarika character is not there.

  18. shreya shetty

    can I join please,anyone??????even I too hate that wretched Kimberly here in this site and also love yeh hai mohabbatein among u all.even I too want ruhi to get back to the family after the judges please can I post my opinions??????

  19. Kimberly

    How can Romi forgive a disgusting person like Raman ? What Raman did to Romi was really bad .

    • StAr

      You live where? In negativity?
      How is it?
      Dark i guess….
      And what do you do for a living?
      Critics people.. use inappropriate language.. yes?
      So your rewards?
      Well… there is only pity for you..

  20. saurav

    Divyanka’s marriage is on 8th so she will b on leave for 4-5 days.. I think in cmng days they will show that Ruhi is ready to stay here n after dat Ishita will leave for Australia..n in between those leave days of divyanka track will focus on Raman n Ruhi they will miss Ishita n will try to bring Ishita back.. Its jst my imagination..

  21. Saritha

    Of course shreya you are also one member of yhm fan family.Heartly welcome from all yhm fans

  22. Rafida

    For Ishita its really like tough I think. To stay with Bhalla family again on the other hand shagun mani aliya and all the rest of the people like them won’t let Ishita stay and teunite with Raman and Bhallac family again. They will 7 years have passed the dituation is not the same as before . Ishita wants to stay as it is her family still . But I guess some people don’t want Raman and Ishita’s hapoiness . They have become very vety selfish that they just can’t think of anyone else except them . Really How Pathetic ! Why tgey fon’t want to everyone knows. I guess its time for them to lrave their selfishness and reunite Ishita and Raman They can not be able to have happines ever again in their life !!! I curse them !!!!!!!!! They may go to hell. Nrver agsin I think they will reform and the truth is that actually they never reformed. They were not dependent on them right . But now after 7 years they are fully dependent and not just depent they are habituated and I guess they do not want get rid of this habit . So I think Yeh hai mohabbetein should go off air now . It has become very boring now . It hasn’t have any interesting story now . So what do you all guys think about this ? Huh? You people find it boring or not ? Anyways I think we should talk a little about the serial which is going off air Tamannaand Dehleez . And I don’t think it really should have gone off air . If Yeh hai mohabbetein had gone off air instead of Dehleez . Does anyone watches Bhabi ji ghar par hai here ? So will Ek hasina thi be back with a season 2 ? I am really really really really really really eagerly waiting for it . What will be its plot story summary ? No one knows . Why why is everything like that ? Every serial here is full of twists . Anyways why cannot Ek hasina thi be back ? I just do not get it . Why .? I ask you why ? Yeh hai mohabbetein is a good serial but I did not like that track of I mean the leap track . . Shagun is a b*t*h . My heart says still today Ek hasina thi will be back .Why it happens ? Why it happrns ?????? I can not just take it anymore . I just can’t ……

    • Khushi

      Hi rafida
      The serial is gettng boring bt stillbwe watches it bcose we luv it. Hope they will bring some changes to this boring track. Abt ek haseensa. I used to lyk that. It was a nice serial. Hope they will come up with season 2 .

  23. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans.i read up that both ruhi en ishita go missing. So maybe when dt goes for her wedding that will happen

  24. savitha

    Wow Kimberly I think u used to do everything upside down like ulta waala starting from ur comments I think so u walk upside down n everything ulta ulta

  25. savitha

    Everyday I used to read updates but I can’t stop myself from commenting after seeing ylrebmikylrebmik msg ohhh that ulta waala Kimberly s msg. What say guys I think she doesn’t suffer from any illness or something just doing such things so that we respond to her she thinks that she is showing her ulta uniqueness whatever

  26. Khushi

    Todays episode was somewhat ok. Ruhi is sayng right they r doing jus adjustments to keep ruhi with them. Fake drama. Once ruhi decides to stay back they will start their old cat m mouse fight again. Raman is really disgusting. Egotic man. Itz juz the mattr of a hug. Romi really wants to patch up. Bt ramans rude behaviour is refraining him frm doing so. Ishitha nd mihika is pleading lyk anythng nd he is nt at all ready to subside his ego. In todays episode i lykd ruhi taking gud class of shagun. I thnk she is turning neg. if it lyk that she will be havng a tough tym. Old shagun is bck. Nw as divyanka is leaving fir her marriage some twist will be shown to cover up her absence. I read that ruhi will demand raman that she needs bhalla hse in her name. I guess once itz done as per ashok nd nidhis instigation she might throw ishitha out. Aghast ishitha may be kidnapd by ashok. Ruhi latr starts repenting nd with family will try to locate her. These r my assumptions. Enjoyd all ur comments. Wanna be one among you. Hope u will accept me.

  27. Kv

    Hey friends,I think shravu and Ruhi cannot become a pair…B’coz For Ruhi, sharvu is his mom’s sisters son..They are like bro’s and sisters…

  28. Prisha

    Hi Shivani,rithushree,Sindhu,Super girl,shona,Shreya,Mino and other YHM fans, today’s episode was ok, I was glad seeing Raman making amends to Romi, I’m still feeling a little negativity towards Shagun because I think she might partner up with Niddhi and Ashok. Ruhi is starting to change a little bit though, that’s good. How come VP, Bhagya and Pari didn’t comment today? It feels a little incomplete without them in our little IshRa group, don’t you think? And Kimberly please I request you, have some common sense about the characters your talking about,it seems like you don’t have a good vision and trust me, if you start to show a little positivity, other people will start to agree with you, am I right guys?

    • shreya shetty

      yeah ur absolutely ri8 prisha.that Kimberly lacks a lot of common sense even before saying something negative against them.i agree with u prisha and all the other yhm fans

  29. Prisha

    Hi Shivani,rithushree,Sindhu,Super girl,shona,Shreya,Mino and other YHM fans, today’s episode was ok, I was glad seeing Raman making amends to Romi, I’m still feeling a little negativity towards Shagun because I think she might partner up with Niddhi and Ashok. How come VP, Bhagya and Pari didn’t comment today? It feels a little incomplete without them in our little IshRa group, don’t you think? And Kimberly please I request you, have some common sense about the characters your talking about,it seems like you don’t have a good vision and trust me, if you start to show a little positivity, other people will start to agree with you, am I right guys?

  30. unique angel

    Hey all omg ritushree uh r still here I thought after d leap all left yhm evn I left but current track is amazing …. m very glad ur still here ritushree

  31. Shona

    Hai jaz adi rithu sindhu vp super girl mino shivani prisha and all other yhm fanzzz.. hope u all are fne..
    Miss u jaz n adi

    Todays episode ws ok..the way mrs bhalla and amma tried to cntrl deir fight ws nice.. raman and romi’s part ws good.. i thnk romi is mch bettr dan raman in case f angr n all n le ye bhi hogaya…romi bhi ‘sirf ruhi ke liye’ drama shuru kar diya.. ab ek dam poora hogayii.. ruhi n pihu bond is awesome…want to see pihu n ishu bond!! I likd it wen ruhi slammed bck on shagun..her own mum.. well done ruhi did a right thng.. also i likd it wen ruhi smiled seeing mrs bhalla n amma togthr..adi and ruhi bond is also goodd…ishita bck to her tigress avatar.. precap ok.. waitng fr tomorrow!! Good night all

  32. Ishrakalove

    Does mrs bhalla smoke weed? How can she ask ishita to stay what about Shagun I don’t kno but I think dat people from the bhallas family have mental problems I am a fan of Ishra but I don’t think is a good idea for ishita and Shagun to stay together under one roof I just want this sef ruhi ke le drama to get over its becoming irritating and boring if the writers don’t give ishu self respect then I don’t know what they are thinking is mrs bhalla asking her to stay as what ?? Raman wife or their problem solver or Raman second woman somebody puts some sense to this writers the episode today had nothing special the only part I loved was when ruhi put Shagun to her place as for Ravan kumar and the other they are just plain dull or stupid if I was ishu I would book my ticket in advance

  33. summi

    How Ruhaan n Shravan can have affair as both are boys plz correct your self she is Ruhi. One more thing both are too young for affair.

  34. summi

    Hello Saima its nice to see my name in your greeting list. I like your name its so cute n meaning is related to this holy month of Ramzan. Saima means fasting girl.

  35. Zee

    Its gud to see tht ishita is trying to unite the family! All wants ruhis custody with raman and ishita.
    Why cant raman act tactfully and produce the video of nidhi killing shanaya (ishita) frw yrs back. That was the main plot raman had planned to trap nidhi.and thts how nidhi came into picture.
    Raman can show the video to the judge and claim ruhis custody as nidhi is a murdere and nimrit a gambler according to australian police.
    Thus ruhi is safer with her parents at bhalla house! When will this turn take place dont know…

  36. Myra

    In YHM I wish Ishitha should unite Ruhi with family nd shld go back to Australia & Whole Family specially Raman & Ruhi should Miss Ishitha badly nd try her to bring back.
    Please dont make shagun again as a villian there r more villians out there Ashok-Nidhi 😀 Claiming Pihu is undrstdble but Why Raman?? Itz she only who left him for Ashok.
    Why cant they show that Pihu has two mothers
    I adored Ruhi as a small girl who had a more sense than others nd who used to support Ishitha when everyone was against her.Now what happened to u Ruhi?U are behaving like Raman.

    I feel all characters except Adi(only he thinks sensibly)are overflown by emotions.
    Raman angry headed man who alwys hides pain behind his anger nd hurts own loved ones.
    Ishitha Its ok u left 7 years back even u r a human.How much u sacrifice for this Bhallas nd not like shagun who claims she sacrificed a lot.
    Shagun u know Raman loves Ishitha.I can undrstd ur insecurities towards pihu this is what the difference betwn u nd Ishita she never felt insecured.
    plz dnt b a vamp.
    Bhallas nd Iyyers oh god how much u quarrel

    And Nidhi r u nuts??? Dont u have heart.I know u killed ur heart when ur dad commited sucide nd u lost ur family due to Ramans Proposal.I know how it feels when Engagement breaks(Even my engagement broke)
    But It doesnt mean that on the name of injustice u do injustice with Bhallas nd torturing our little Ruhi.Plz erase hatred from ur heart.
    nd abt Ashok no comments 😀

    plz make Ruhi nd ishimas bonding once again nd this time vry strong.And unite Ishitha with Raman nd family as before. nd make Pihu accept Ishitha as her as mom nd she shld make shagun realize in her cute way that she loves both Ishitha nd shagun.

  37. rithushree

    hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna
    natasha sowmy naaz meghana
    darshi sam tansuri shivani lavanya
    sachie mino jaz shona aditya jeni
    super girl bhagya sara prisha saritha simran unique angel and all yhm

  38. rithushree

    Ruhi’s custody drama
    will bring more tough
    times for Raman and
    Ishita in Yeh Hai
    Entire Bhalla and Iyyer
    family are united just to
    get Ruhi back and Romi-
    Raman also behaves
    nicely in front of Ruhi.
    They invite Ruhi on
    dinner where they try to
    prove her that everything
    is sort out between them.
    Ishita and Raman give a
    legal paper to Ruhi where
    they named property on
    But Ruhi gets angry on
    them for trying to throw
    her from property but
    making her sign on these
    Raman is shocked paper
    is changed and tries to
    make Ruhi understand
    that it is not real paper.
    Ruhi insults Raman and
    Ishita for betraying her
    and leaves the house in
    Apart from this, Ashok
    and Nidhi brainwash
    Ruhi’s mind by asking
    her to Raman about
    making Bhalla house her
    Ruhi demands Raman of
    Bhalla house and take his
    sign on some legal
    What will Ishita do now to
    free Ruhi from Nidhi’s
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

  39. Kimberly

    I dont understand why people consider Ruhaan and Shravan as siblings . Niddhi is legal guardian of Ruhaan and Niddhi has no relation with Iyer family . Then how can they be cousins . Please use some sense u all .

    • Mino

      Hey U. Why are u behaving like & Fool & An Idiot. U jolly well know the story Or you don’t but pls mind the feelings of others.. Are U like this annoying people intentionally in ur day to day life I pity who ever u live with. Surely have some consideration for others . we can see now u don’t have a heart as u keep on annoying everyone here. at least in ur life have some love for others… U are one stubborn He r She.. Cos the way u go about is very disgusting.. Anyway very sorry to hurt ur feeling May God Make u a better person before long… or else u will ruin ur own life as well as all the others round u. if u want to behave like the way ur feel free to but not in this site. pls.

    • rithushree

      niddhi is not legal guardian of ruhi or ruhaan .ishitha had got permanent custody of ruhi or ruhaan seven years back and niddhi kidnapped ruhi and tortured her for seven years and transformed her from a girl to boy .she does not love ruhi .she is using ruhi to take her revenge from raman and ruhi considers ishitha as her mother not niddhi as her mother and even though ruhi is angry with her parents she never called niddhi as her mother .she calls niddhi as mam and no one calls their own kidnapper as mother.

    • shreya shetty

      I had no choice but instead reported against u that u ve been troubling all of us by driving us bongos with ur dirty comments.m sorry but I am forced to do so Kimberly so that next time u ll be aware of what will happen if u comment bad against ishita and raman and also calling ruhi as ruhaan!!!!!I want some peace from u and so does everyone in this site got that.

  40. Kimberly

    I dont understand why people consider Ruhaan and Shravan as siblings . Niddhi is legal guardian of Ruhaan and Niddhi has no relation with Iyer family . Then how can they be cousins . Please have some sense u all .

    • Appy

      ISHITA IS LEGAL GAURIDAN OF RUHI. and ishita is sister of vandu, and sharavan is son of vandu in this way, they are causin or say brother and sister.

      • shreya shetty

        correct u ve said go and give a class to that dirty minded Kimberly whos acting like hellish here in this website.appy s words are good said

      • shreya shetty

        u don’t start ur nonsense sTAr got it.i know its u many profiles do u have huh??????who told u to tell me not to say anything

  41. anjali

    Okay. We shall wait and see who will become the legal guardian of ruhi. Time sorts all your misunderstanding

  42. simran

    @ kimberly r u crack of ur mind how can we make ruhaan and shravana pair they r brother and sister nd ruhaan is a ruhi

    • shreya shetty

      noooo u r a b****.how dare u even insult ishita huh?????if u don’t like her then just please get out from this site and never tell anything against the serial before even thinking understood MADAM BAD TEHREEM!!!!

  43. Leatitia

    How stupid can a person be Kimberley I’m also from SA but it doesn’t mean I’m stupid. Can a person be so superficial. If u don’t understand the serial why these comments. The episode was good, but the producers must stop all these negativities nd the serial isn’t it about Ishita nd Raman why so many negative people?

  44. rithushree

    Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein has kept the viewers
    hooked on to it with new twists
    emerging in each passing episode
    in Raman ( Karan Patel ) and
    Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi) life.
    Raman and Ishita are trying their
    level best in wining Ruhi’s heart
    out but Ruhi sticks to her decision
    as her Bhalla family is not united.
    Ishita will get successful in uniting
    Raman and Romi after apologizing
    drama and unite the whole Bhalla
    Everything will get into control and
    soon Bhalla family will get
    shattered on hearing about Ishita
    and Ruhi’s missing news.
    Raman will get distressed on
    hearing about Ruhi and Ishita’s
    missing news and will try his level
    best to search Ruhi and Ishita but
    all his efforts will go in vain.
    Let’s wait and watch to see if
    Raman finds out Ruhi and Ishita or
    it brings more hurdles in Bhalla

  45. rithushree

    Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein has kept the viewers
    hooked on to it with new twists
    emerging in each passing episode
    in Raman ( Karan Patel ) and
    Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi) life.
    Raman and Ishita are trying their
    level best in wining Ruhi’s heart
    out but Ruhi sticks to her decision
    as her Bhalla family is not united.
    Ishita has been successful in
    uniting both Bhalla and Iyyer
    family for Ruhi’s sake.
    On the other side, even Raman and
    Romi have apologized to each
    other and united for the sake of
    Nidhi gets irked seeing the entire
    Bhalla family united and tires her
    evil trick to create crack in their
    Nidhi changes some property
    papers where it states that Ruhi is
    thrown out of Bhalla property and
    she needs to sign for the same.
    Hence Ruhi demands Bhalla house
    on her name.
    Stay tuned for more updates.

  46. rithushree

    Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein has kept the viewers
    hooked on to it with new twists
    emerging in each passing episode
    in Raman ( Karan Patel ) and
    Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi) life.
    Ishita successfully unites both
    Bhalla family and Iyyer family
    followed by Raman and Romi.
    Ishita forcefully ties Raman’s hand
    and takes him to Romi’s place to
    make him apologize in front of
    However Romi tortures Raman by
    making him drink bitter guard juice
    but all gets well at the end and
    Romi returns to Bhalla house.
    Raman notifies Ruhi as caretaker
    of Bhalla family but to his shock
    Ruhi shouts back at Raman stating
    that he is removing her of Bhalla
    property as Nidhi exchanged the
    legal papers by her smart trick.
    Hence Romi consoles Raman
    supporting Raman and tires to talk
    to Ruhi.
    Stay tuned for more updates.

  47. rithushree

    The upcoming episode
    will show that -Ishita is
    trying to unite Bhalla
    family to get back her
    daughter Ruhi.
    Ishita has finally united
    Raman and Romi and
    also has warned Bhalla’s
    and Iyer’s to unite back.
    All are ready to do
    anything to get back their
    Ruhi, Ishita arranges a
    family dinner with
    Bhalla’s and Iyer’s.
    Everyone tried their best
    to show Ruhi that they are
    together and are now a
    happy family like she
    Raman tries to surprise
    Ruhi and plans to give
    her trust papers
    mentioning her as
    guardian of the trust.
    While when Ruhi sees the
    papers all goes opposite
    and Ruhi bursts out in
    anger as it mentions that
    Ruhi will have no right on
    Bhalla’s property.
    Ruhi blames Raman for
    trying to befool her and to
    throw her out of their life,
    Raman is shocked seeing
    changed papers.
    Stay tuned for more
    exciting updates of the
    upcoming episodes.

  48. rithushree

    The upcoming episode
    will show that Raman has
    joined hands with Romi
    and apologized to him.
    Ishita has forced Raman
    to do so to unite back
    Bhalla family to make it a
    happy family as Ruhi
    Romi is ready to help
    Raman for Ruhi’s sake
    and cones to Bhalla
    Raman gifts a legal
    papers to Ruhi
    mentioning her as care
    taker of Bhalla families
    While the papers gets
    replaced and Ruhi gets
    angry seeing changed
    papers mentioning Ruhi
    not related to Bhalla’s
    Raman is shattered but
    Romi consoles him, Romi
    turns as true brother for
    Raman and supports him.
    Stay tuned for more
    exciting updates of the
    upcoming episodes.

  49. rithushree

    The upcoming episode
    will show that Ishita tried
    hard to unite Raman and
    Romi, both agres to be
    Raman and Romi
    pretends to be together
    just for Ruhi’s sake as
    she wants to see a happy
    Raman and Romi
    pretends to be good and
    loving brothers infront of
    Ruhi but actually hates
    each other.
    Ashok and Nidhi plans to
    take off their good masks
    and instigate them
    against each other.
    Ashok played his trick
    and comes to meet Romi
    for some business
    matters, Ashok turns
    Ashok intiates fight amid
    Raman and Romi, thus
    both ends up fighting
    fiercely with each other.
    Stay tuned for more
    exciting updates of the
    upcoming episodes.

  50. Monique_D


    |Registered Member

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Ashok calls Romi to meet him.
    Romi goes to meet Ashok and Raman watches them together and misunderstands Romi as he changed the legal papers.
    Raman and Romi beat each other while Ashok enjoy their fights.
    Adi stops their fight and tells them that if Ruhi sees them like this then they will never get Ruhi back.
    Apart from this, Raman gets sleep on couch near to Ishita staring her beauty.
    He gets some sprain in his neck and Ishita asks him let her check about what the problem.
    Raman and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) romance on bed
    Raman folds hands and asks Ishita not help him otherwise he will be in more pain.
    Simmi comes there and is surprise seeing both of them in same bed.
    Raman clears Simmi that nothing is like between him and Ishita.
    Ishita and Simmi laugh seeing Raman while Raman pretends of being angry.

  51. Swastika

    Is Kimberley ko goli maro. She is a disgusting character . She didnot know the meaning of brother and sister. Kimberley is a attention seeker

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.