Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhi trying to explain Pihu about surrogacy. Pihu says I don’t understand. Ruhi gets a book and tells Pihu that she is Ishita’s daughter, not Shagun’s, when you see these pictures, you will understand. She turns and sees Pihu with nurse. Shagun comes and asks them to come, they can’t stay here, its not allowed. Adi meets Aaliya and gives her flowers. She thanks him and asks any occasion. Adi says nothing, and asks for Mani. Aaliya calls Mani. Adi greets him and asks Mani to give him permission, he wants to take Aaliya out for watching a play and dinner. Mani and Aaliya smile. Mani asks do you want permission for this, you guys went out before too, don’t get nervous. Adi clears its not a date. Mani says ofcourse Adi, take her, ask her. Adi asks Aaliya will she

come with him. She agrees. Adi says I will safely drop Aaliya home. He thinks Mihir’s tips work. They leave. Mani smiles and says what happened to Adi, I have to ask Ishu.

Ishita asks what, how did Ruhi do this. Shagun says I don’t think Ruhi should tell this to Pihu. Ishita says I will talk to Ruhi. Raman asks Ruhi is she fine. Ruhi says better. Ishita asks Raman to go with Pihu. Ruhi says we will go together. Raman says Ishita is saying right and leaves with Pihu. Ruhi asks Ishita why did you send Pihu. Ishita says you were saying truth to Pihu that Shagun is not her mum, she is just 7 years old, will she understand, don’t you think its too early, you had trust issues, and Pihu can have that too.

Shagun hears them. Ruhi says I want Pihu to know you are her real mum, not Shagun. Ishita says your intention was not wrong, but time is not right, if you shock Pihu that her mum is not her real mum, maybe she will not believe anyone, we can’t take this risk, we have to be careful with her, its big thing that she called me Ishi Maa, we have to give her time, let her understand me, if we do mistake, the bad result is she would refuse to accept me as her mum, or she will not believe Shagun. Shagun comes and says I know Ruhi, you want to make Pihu know her real mum, we both want this, we need your help when we have to tell Pihu. Ruhi agrees and says I won’t say anything to Pihu, we will explain her when time comes. Shagun hugs her and thinks I won’t let this happen Ruhi.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu what is she making on dinner. Mihika says Romi and I are going out on dinner today. Romi gets an envelop and says just Bhalla is written on it. Mr. Bhalla says Romi, you won’t get any degree, you were weak in studies. They see Mihika’s degree. Mihika says I thought to apply for jobs, my original degree got misplaced, so I applied for duplicate copy. Romi says good, don’t apply for CEO job. They say Mihika can get any job, and joke on Romi who does not have any degree. Romi jokes and asks Mihika to get ready for dinner. They laugh.

Aaliya likes the place and says I m impressed with your choice of place. He thinks Mihir’s tips are working, I can try this on any girl. He says I m glad you likes restaurant. She asks what happened to you, you look different. He says I was getting some change. She calls everything cute. He thanks him and gets glad. He asks her how did she like the play. She says show was brilliant, I don’t like love stories, I like mature relationships. He says oh, I also like the same. She says I really want to go on such date like that couple in the play. Their talk continues. Adi thinks Aaliya is getting impressed. Romi and Mihika come to same place. Romi says Adi and Aaliya, we will join them. Mihika says no, they are children, let them be. He says they are our house’s children, come. They greet Adi and Aaliya, and join them. Adi thinks Romi made this experiment a family dinner. He asks Romi to come, we will have dinner together.

Raman tells Ishita that Ruhi is smart, she went on me. She says Pihu can’t understand all this, we have to deal sensitively. He says right, when I was telling Pihu, Ruhi stopped me, Shagun, Ruhi and you want Pihu to know. She says I could not talk to Shagun about Mani, she was shocked about Anil’s death. He asks her to first talk to Mani, if Shagun says yes and Mani has no interest, it won’t look good. She says I don’t think there will be problem, I know him since childhood, I will leave now and meet Mani.

Mani thanks Ishita for coming for dinner, food is great. She asks him to first have it. He says Aaliya is not at home, she is young and makes plan, I m not young. She asks why don’t you have plans, you should also party, you need a spice. He says you know I like to stay at home and read book, good sleep is also necessary.

She says you are not getting my point, there should be someone in your life with whom you can spend time, someone with whom you can share things, you convinced me to stay with Raman, there can’t be anyone better than him for me, you also need a companion, you can’t be alone all your life, you are so good, caring, sensitive, give a chance to someone, this is my request. He asks what happened, why are you saying this, how will I get a girl now, I m middle aged and boring man. She says maybe someone lonely like you, I know someone, who could be a perfect life partner for you, she is also caring like you, she also sacrificed her life for you, I m talking about Shagun. He gets shocked.

She asks him to think before reacting, you sacrificed life for me, talk to Shagun once, maybe she could be perfect life partner, I won’t get peace if you stay alone and unhappy, Aaliya will get married and go, I don’t want you to stay alone. He asks did you talk to Shagun about this.

Raman asks Shagun are you sure about this decision. She says yes, I can’t marry, you know Mani loved Ishita, they stayed together for 7 years and he had feelings for Ishita, you truly loved me before and I m happy with it, I don’t want to get into any relationship, I have to stay with children. He asks her to think again. She says I m sure, sorry. She goes out and says Mani, my foot….. She gets some call and asks what, fine I m coming to meet her now.

Niddhi asks Shagun to stop acting, and says I know you are behind Ishita’s kidnapping, you came to my home to offer friendship, I knew your plan, you were acting.

Update Credit to: Amena


    • Khushi

      Shagun getting a call frm someone nd she is tellng over phone that she is cuming to meet the person right away.
      It is shown that shagun going to jail to meet nidhi. Nidhi saying shagun that she knws her truth of being the culprit behind ishithas kidnapping. She had her doubts on shagun from that day itself when she came before her and acted to be in nidhis side nd taking revenge on ishitha

  1. jaz

    HELLO EVERYONE Adu monique vp rithu super girl salley susan mino az naaz megha khushi pihu lekha & HI to all members of yhm fans guys what’s up

  2. jaz

    Whr is ishra scene now days I’m missing so much & what nonsense is this blo*dy shaggy doing bhalla family se durr hone ka naam hi lerahi hain..aur ishitha ek nekk sherif insaan ke saat na insaafi karahi hain..pls cvs don’t do SO much dragging already you done it..

  3. rithushree

    Some fun filled moments is going to add in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein after having lost of Ruhi, Ishita’s kidnapping drama.
    ACP Abhishek returns as he was sent to the rehab center because of his drinking habits but he has now returned.
    Ishita goes police station with Simmi over some legal issue where they get happy seeing ACP Abhsihek fit and fine.
    ACP Abhishek welcome Ishita and SImmi while gives them good news about getting married with a Bhopal girl Divya and Ishita congratulates him for their married life.

  4. Khushi

    Hi guys,
    U see the precap. Now its sure that nidhi will cum out of jail by blackmailing shagun.
    In todays episode ishitha did right by stopping pihu. Ishu always think for her children first thats the diff bet shgun nd ishu. If truth is revealed then only worst will happen. Pihu will end up hating ishitha.
    Felt my heart out for mani. When ishitha was sayng about his mrg with shagun he was literally shocked. Poor man. He still luvs ishitha. She is nt doing right. She luvs raman nd all these 7 yrs she didnt move on forgettng raman then hw can she force mani who luvs her sincerely.
    Nd shaguns dialogue made raman agape. Indirectly she eas sayng she luv raman.
    Nw all villians will team up against ishitha. I sometimes feel vry sad for ishitha. She deserves bettr. She alwayz stands with raman nd end up gettng insulted by him. She was leading a peaceful kyf nd after marryng raman all his troubles turned to be hers. Aftr all sacrifices for his family he nvr valued her. Its evident that he luvs her bt nvr valued her nd respected her. He respect shagun who once left him for ashok more than ishitha aftr all her sacrifices. He didnt evn thnk he shld apologise to her. Always take her for granted. Raman is the most worst of a husband.she shld leave him along with her children wil cum only aftr he beg for forgiveness frm her.

    • Mino

      Khushi Ur right. I keep on saying The same thing. What is wrong with the CV”S Ekta who is a friend of Shagun from what i have heard & Raman too I think they want IShu out & Shagun in. That is why He did not even bother to say sorry to Ishu. & they should get Shagun out. what is the moral part of this show. An Innocent man was blackmailed & he died cos of her. What sort of message are this CV:S giving to the people. Some funny ideas. They must be living in another world.. So disgusting this show has turned out to be.. One moment they they will catch Shagun now they say she will Marry poor Mani who has n love for her Or the wicked onne joined to an innocent man. & they are going to get Aliya & Mihir married too Some sick mind these people have. very sorry CV;s Pls change the story.thx

  5. rithushree

    hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha parvathi anakha nimrit ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam jaz Shona aditya jaz jeni super girl Monique d aparna Natasha priya bhagi Sarita sara prisha simran unique angel priyaroli siddhi mino sachie shreya mansi tansuri shivani lavanya sachie and all yhm friends.
    ishitha should not have talked about shagun to Mani and that shagun too worst . how can she say Mani and my foot.she is becoming a witch.



    JAZ I Have Replied to Your QUESTION YHM 25/7/2016 MON
    Bismillah Farah CHESS Competition JEETNA
    JAZ Monique VP

    GOD Bless You ALL.
    Take Care

    • jaz

      Of course Adu you always in my heart dua tu banthi haina tumare liye..dear take rest & eat good’& healthy food Allah tunari tabiyat ko thik karey & god bless you and take care proper your health..I’m always with you my lovely friend Adu

    • Khushi

      Hi adi,
      Dnt worry dear… Be cool… Hav gud food… Stay healthy
      Will always pray for u…
      Take well care of ur health

    • VP

      Def Aditya I will pray … lwhat happenen to you ? vision problem ? Too personal .., thats why I was not asking …Prayers will give strength to your mind and accept anything in life …, Dont worry … I spent more time in prayers … i will keep you too in my prayers …. Just take care

  7. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Shagun is angry seeing Ruhi makes Pihu convince calling Ishita as Ishima.
    Shagun stops Ruhi to tell Pihu truth as Ishita is her mother and Shagun then decide to tell everyone about what importance of her in Pihu’s life seeing her closer to Ishita.
    Shagun leaves Bhalla house and Pihu suffers with in high fever missing Shagun.
    Pihu believes Shagun is her best mother and obeys her all words but Shgaun’s disappearance makes her in trouble.
    Entire Bhalla family is tensed seeing Pihu’s condition and Pihu refuses to eat anything without seeing Shagun mama.
    Ishita manages to feed Pihu food and makes her sleep but Pihu mummers of Shagun mumma please come.
    Shagun uses Pihu keeping Raman and Ishita away.
    Ishita feels bad seeing Pihu’s condition and thinks that Shagun left Pihu because she wants Ishita and Pihu’s reunion.
    Ishita is unaware about Shagun’s evil face and requests Shagun to return Bhalla house because Pihu wants her Shagun mumma and not IShima.
    Shagun will now use Pihu keeping Ishita away from Raman.
    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  8. rithushree

    Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman ( Karan Patel) and Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi ) life.
    Ruhi has accepted Ishita and Ruhi is also trying her level best to reveal about Ishita being her real mother.
    Ruhi tires to get Ishita and Pihu close by telling her about Lord Krishna’s childhood stories about the way he had two mothers.
    Ruhi insists Pihu to call Ishita as Ishimaa henceforth as it sounds cool.
    Shagun fumes seeing Pihu’s growing closeness towards Ishita.
    Hence Shagun decides to take revenge from Pihu and to leave Pihu on purpose as she cannot live without her Shagun Maa being sensitive.
    Pihu falls sick and Ishita gets edgy noticing Pihu’s illness.

  9. jaz

    Aur kitna niche girougi tum mahaan mahila ektha ek maali ek phool hi meri society ke liye acha hotha hain lekin tum aadat se majboor ho tum tu ek maali do phool ki story hi banathi ho kisike ghar nahi hotha ek chaht ke niche do do biwi ho lekin ektha ke show mein aysa hi hotha hain..It’s not good msg for society ..arey yaar ye aise show kyun banathi hain..sab mein do theen shadhi.affairs.patha nahi isse kya maza miltha hain aysi story banathe howe..Disgusting.and I hate her shows yhm show dedicated to only DT &RUHANIKA..I watch only for hers

  10. Khushi

    Shagun was always lyk this . Manipulating all her dear ones especially her children. Bt what hapnd to ishitha. Where that prestigious lady. I wonder if she dnt hav any self respect. Raman was sayng ruhi ke liye when he let ishitha stay in bhalla hse. Nw as ruhis matr sorted out what he will do. What if tomorrow he will allow shagun to stay in his room nd say pihu ke liye. Disgusting. Nw as a lady with dignity ishitha shld nt stay in ramans room until unless he asked for her forgivness nd confess his feelngs for her

  11. rithushree

    Ishita and Simmi go to police station and get glad seeing ACP Abhishek. Abhishek joins back in police department and is out of guilt of losing Ishita and Ruhi by his incapabilities towards his service. Abhishek will be exposing Shagun and Anil’s plannings. Abhishek is demoted to senior inspector post from ACP, and has reinstated after staying in rehab for few months. Abhishek asks Ishita to be alert, as kidnapper is not arrested till now. Ishita congratulates Abhishek for resuming duty.
    Pihu has high fever. Ishita takes care of Pihu and makes her have medicines. Bhallas were tensed as Pihu was not having food and medicines. Pihu just wanted to see Shagun. Shagun is not at home. Ishita showers her motherly love on Piihu and could not see Pihu’s ill state. She tells Lord Krishna’s story and comforts Pihu. Ruhi smiles seeing Ishita and Pihu happy. Ruhi feels guilty to insult Ishita so much. Ishita and Pihu come closer. Shagun has gone by lying that she is out of city. Abhishek informs Ishita that Shagun is in city. Ishita and Ruhi leave to find Shagun. Shagun is upto some big plan this time. Keep reading.

  12. jaz

    You blo*dy you told to mani my foot..U SO much disgusting irritating women in the world tumari kyui aukaat nahi tum mani kuch.b kehesako..sab badi character LESS ho tum jake apni sadi hoyi shakal ek baar mirror mein dekhlo..besharam gatiya aurat.

  13. Eshwar

    I never watched any Indian serial this was my first. I loved the show for there love to each other and family drama but from the last month it’s dropping my attention so boring story there nothing between the main character s ….making the show to boring…

  14. Az

    Hi jaz VP aditya mino Monique Sindhu shivani khushi shona n all yhm fans.

    Jaz even I’m irked over the same thing. There’re no ishra moments n cute bond they shared. Everything looks so fake. Even Ruhi ishita scenes lack depth. Don’t know in which direction serial is headed to.

    I read a spoiler saying that to teach pihu a lesson for calling out ishima shagun will leave bhalla house and pihu will fall sick. May be that’s to cover shagun’s absence as she’s on a holiday.

    Another spoiler said that param is all set to re enter bhalla house in Chachi 420 avatar where he’ll get the job as governess for children.

    But the point is serial is lacking appeal and losing all its charm. The unique and sweet relationships it portrayed once are nowhere to be seen. The very theme of the serial has got distorted. What say people.

    • jaz

      Yeah Az I totally agree you absolutely right Az aisa lagraha ki just time pass karraha hain sab oh kahagaya Az.. jab se ye surrogate ka track aaya hai na tabse dragging hogaya.we are losing our old yhm..ek attach nahi hai ab na ja na ye ektha kya kaghi..kitna dragging banayeghi we don’t no..

  15. Luna

    This shameless Ishita is using Ruhi as a medium to snatch Pihu from Shagun, and what is wrong with Ruhi ? How can she forget that Niddhi is her real mother ? And now she is teaching a 7 year old girl the meaning of surrogacy ? Has she gone nuts. Both Raman and Ishita have brainwashed Ruhi. Niddhi and Shagun should join hands with each other because there enemy is same that is Ishita. They both should plan to murder Ishita. The roadblock in their life will be cleared for once and for all.

    • vaidehi

      Aren’t u mistaken luna ruhu is ishitas daughter not nidhis nidhi used her and ruhus and ishitas bond tere dil se mere dil ka rishta purana hai isliye start se serial dekh ya updates padh tujhe maloom chal jayega

  16. kesh

    I lv ishra.. But I feel so sorry for shagun too… I think she deserves love but everyone hates her behavior.. I don’t like the track which is yhm run these days😖😖😖😖

  17. Avanthi

    Nooo…. Shagun!!! You ruined everything! Epi. was good. Adi-aliya part was so cuteeee!!! But the sad thing is Aliya loves mihir!! As we want adi-aliya jodi, I suggest a twist that ishu should confront alia for being in love with mihir for he is too old for aliya. Mihir should reject alia.Then she shld realise her mistake. Then aliya and adi live happily ever after!! And another thing is Shaggy shld be exposed by raman sooner! And ishu shld throw her out of the house!

  18. Sindhu

    Oh I hate Mani and Shagun to get married!! Honestly Mani deserves someone better. Oh why don’t they consider Simmi or someone new to marry Mani. The spoilers have confirmed that Shagun will marry Mani after much hesitation but with an ulterior motive. Probably Shagun is going to create problems in Bhalla family but using Mani as her trump card. There will definitely be surrogacy battle in court of Pihu. Poor child!! Will be shuttled here and there not knowing who her real mum is. Pihu will be one confused child. The family should tell Oihu who her real mum is before it gets too late. Since Pihu watches a lot of the dramas, she would be able to understand, She may not accept Ishita immediately but Ishita can win Pihu’s heart easily. I look forward to Ishra’s marriage which will take place as well.

  19. Sindhu

    Hi Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino, Shona, Prisha, Sarita, Aditya, Az, Raisa, Monique, Naaz and many many YHM fans who write in here daily. Hope everyone is doing well.

  20. Saritha

    Hai yhm fans I don’t like today episode except ADIYA (adi nd ailya) scene.Shagun says mani,my foot…… I think she deserves a slap with mani slipper.Mani is so good understandable respectable nd wt not he had all the qualities which any girl wants to be. For him a disgusting women almost against mani. No words.

  21. Vins

    Everyone will sacrifice for Ishra and balla family.. no one will get proper value.. They will use them and leave.. I don’t like shagun to turn negative again. Unnecessarily they ruined her character… y they are repeating the same old story…. getting sick of these stupid tracks…. In order to make ishita to settle in bhalla house without any guilt they r making shagun vamp again… idiots writing stupid stuff… but anyway show is a bit better than kumkum bagya… yhm is tolerable… kkb unbearable and intolerable….

    • aruna

      Same feeling firstly Mihir was married to rinky he is single. Acp Abhishek has left job and became drunker. Shagun left Manoj. Mani made Ishita realize her love for family and left her. Everyone are sacrificing for ishra even then they didn’t come closer and they are not even away. CV’s are making this serial hell don’t make shagun negative after so much not again

  22. Sravs

    I heard, shagun will go missing to make pihu realize her love… She ia not leaving a single chance to ruin ishra…

  23. Anu

    What’s this i dn’t want shagun and mani to get married, he is such a nice person that he sacrificed his love for his friends sack, but this naagin shagun she even can’t think about her own children such a selfish woman, i dn’t want this to happen.
    Hope so shaguns evil plan comes out with the help of abhi(he too lost his 7yrs feeling guilty). Param has changed the getup as lady and entered the show again. Ishu you hav to fight with 4 evils to save ur family, my support to u because i learned alot from u to take care of children who doesn’t have their own biological mom tq ishu. Now i love my children with care.

  24. SL

    I wish this 7yrs leap a dream..I can’t tolerate this show.I am sri lankan,bt i read updates.bye all yhm fans.

  25. Mino

    Hi VP, Sindhu, AZ. Rithu, Jaz, Shivani, & All The YHM Family. Hope & Pray all are keeping well. I don’t know why we waste our time Watching this drama & Burning our Blood. Cos Now it has gone beyond we want. They are going ahead with what they want all unrealistic things . Just imagine a little girl blackmailing by not eating as she wants her way. How many kids watch this at first they made Ruhi very Rude to her parents etc. calling her parents with all kids of names. Now the marriage not sacred with two women living in the same house . Husband not having any respect for his wife. u name it they have put in this drama. without any substance. the most sick one is a girl marrying a middle aged man. who is like a daughter to him. I think they don’t care anymore. the lively acting all gone no feelings they are acting for the sake of it. i think they too have got fed up. why don’t they end this pls. or pls change the concept to day to day living in a house hold. just imagine Param as a woman coming in as a nanny. Gosh i have no words . Anyway Good Luck with the show to all YHM Lovers. i am getting bored. this was my first drama & will be the last too. Too much stress. the uncommon & very nice drama is Now Gone. Sorry to hurt u guys.

    • jaz

      No mino you absolutely right..You don’t no about ektha kapoor yhm show producer she is a real vamp & she make every serial like man two women in his life & she make so called twist in her serial. So many affairs,marriages,happened only in ektha’s show’s and I hate her shows I watch so many ektha show’s all show same story

    • rithushree

      I totally agree with you mino . nowadays yhm is becoming boring and it has already lost its charm after leap.

  26. Luna

    I am sorry for my previous comment. I was just kidding with u guys, trying tactics of Kimberly, lol I was a silent reader for a long time but commenting for the first time . I am a huge fan of yhm, not liking current track of Shagun turning negative.


    Hi AHLIYA You Are Always Welcome.
    Join This GROUP.
    Ahliya Have A NICE TIME in This GROUP.

  28. shivani

    I am a mad viewer of this show… i dont know how many times i have watched each of its episodes…but from the ghost track the show is nothing but a nonsense… be frank, that ghost track was even better than current story line… atleast there was ishras love…in my opinion ,that every episode wonderfully portrayed How much Raman loves his lady love ishita ….but now there is no love.. neither btwn ISHRA nor btwn the two families…..

    all the factors which made YHM a unique family love story is absent in nowadays episodes….

    I was very disappointed with the current track….and After reading the latest spoiler its increased…. why there is no happiness in ishitas life..?… pihu to hate ishita.. Raman shagun marriage… i swear I won’t watch this show if raman marries shagun…
    I know Shagun raised pihu but still i couldn’t support her… i dont feel any sympathy for her… maybe because i love ishita very very much..

    • Mino

      You Know Shivani what kind of story is this. the Heading is ‘ THIS IS LOVE’ They should say HATE. Ur a right it was a very Unique story. I don’t watch these drama’s at all. one day one of my friends had posted a picture & I Liked Pretty DT & KP’s Faces so i searched the internet & Started watching at first i couldn’t understand at all the dialog not that i can now but The Up dates & Ur comments i gather the story line. But when we watch we can see what’s going on without the dialog. how beautiful was the story but now it has no meaning practically Zero. With Param coming as a woman is the last thing u can think of. don’t they have the same writer who wrote the first part. i read somewhere people want Twist in YHM but i know from all ur comments it is not at all. have been to Goa & Chennai on Holiday, But i don’t think the Indian Culture is so bad. I loved the people were very friendly. exp in Goa. So why are they destroying the Indian Culture??? Anyway hope i did not hurt ur feelings. Sorry if i did..

      • jaz

        Wow mino you came to Chennai when dear just 4 hours journey Chennai to my home town you like Chennai

      • m

        Yes i loved the shopping. We went to a place called Elavur & We came to a Hotel near Victoria Hotel It was a new Hotel. Some Plaza that was a few years ago. This year i came to Goa. Hoping to come to Chennai again will get in touch with u ok.. Take care dear.

  29. jaz

    I don’t no ye gatiya idea ektha ku kahase athey hain ki param ku aunty ke avtaar lana.ek middle ag saat ek t ag ladki ku.saat lana.ek hi ghar mein ek husband aur dodo biwi yo ke saat rahena.chote bacho ku daadi amma banana.khabi kehetha hain ruhi keliye pihu ke liye family ke liye friend ke liye.arey khud ke liye kab jeeyeghe.bhalla family mein kuyi kisi se such mein pyar nahi kartha. Sab ke sab fake hain..

  30. jaz

    Gd ….nyt…..guys..take care &….take proper sleep..&.. Have a sweet

  31. Jay

    The serial is getting boring. No more family love story. The chemistry between Ishita and Raman is sadly missing. Raman is always in a rush. Miss that nok jok of Ishra and I think that’s what made YHM a popular serial.
    common CV’s bring back that love and exciting YHM.


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  33. VP

    Hi all TOTALLY agree with you … Khushi Jaz … Az … Shivani and all … I used to wait for the first show at 6 pm … now a days not bothered … if not 7.30 or 9.30 or 11 … i have two channels .. Anyways … I loved character Ishitha so much … but todays episode how dare she can suggest Mani to marry Shaghun … … So bad the cvs have done ..,why match making … shaghun midfle aged eldest son 21 … why she should marry …Never liked Shaghun …Not a fan of Anitha too though she acts very well in negative roles …What a concern Raman is showing to Shaghun …Anils death …. very sad … how can she blackmail people … and Ruhi her own daughter … not a drop of love to her .Her care to Pihu is just a show … Cvs are killing us … no happy moments at all … If Adi Alia … actually good Match … simply putting Mihir there …I really think Ekta likes negative vibes … may b thats her pleasure … sick I should see

    • Az

      True VP…I also feel same. No happy vibes…only negativity. No deep n true bonds….everything looks so fake n unnatural. Essence of the show is completely lost. This leap n all wasn’t needed. And if they did… They should have at least maintained the true essence of show. Totally mishandled leap.

  34. Leila

    Now shagun will bail niddhi n the 2 of them will come together to stop ishita n raman from getting marry

  35. susan

    I got hooked on Indian soaps with Parichay. When it ended I thought wat will I do without my daily dose of Kunal and Sidhi. I thought there could be no better paring than these two. Then along came Raman and Ishita!! Oh goodness was I ever wrong. I got addicted all over again!!! Just loooove these two. But ever since the leap I cannot find Ishra. Judging by your comments we all are missing Ishra moments. I am afraid that since both the lead actors are now married the Ishra chemistry may never return.

  36. susan

    Maybe I am just a little impatient. I should remember that it took Raman 433 episodes to say I LOVE YOU. O please don’t mind me you all. Just getting a little frustrated with all this dragging. Happy days are sure to return to YHM eventually.

  37. susan

    Or will it? Getting paranoid now. You see this is what YHM does to people. Can’t live with it. Can’t live without it. Okay I heard you. I will stop blabbering now. Just trying out some ekta dragging tactics. Bye all.

    • Lekha

      Hi Susan…….i think u are just mirror image of me……It is like I found an equally unconditional lover of ishra as me who remembers every smallest detail ……am very happy as I can show my friends who used to kid me


    EK Cheez toh Iss SERIAL mai BARABAR(100%) DIKHAYE

    TELUGU mai EK Kahaavat HAI

    That’s Why OUR Elders Said







    • sharwani

      Avnu crct ga cheparu meeru Baga padalanna naasanam avvalAnna aadade karanam ….ikkada kuda Ade going😣

    • jaz

      You right Adu aurat hi khushiya lathi hain aur aurat hi barbadi b lathi hain.muje ek bath samaj mein nahi aathi jab ruhi ku shagun chodkar gayi tu sare bhalla family walo ne take care kya ruhi tu shagun nahi thi.kyun ab pihu nahi dekh sakthe ye log shagun ki kya zaroot thi pore 7 saal tak disgusting story line.& they make so many SO called twist like.bhoot drama, surrogate drama,leap drama,sabse gatiya drama award goes to surrogate mother drama..dunya mei jitne b surrogate mother o aisa hi karthi hain kya nahi karthey.first mein uske signature lethey hain I think shagun ne form mein signature nahi kiye honge..

  39. Shinning stars

    I am big fan of YHM.I am excited to read upcoming episodes on this site…..I hope u will welcome me..

  40. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show high voltage drama where Ruhi tries to truth to Pihu about her mother.
    Ruhi wants to Pihu that Ishita is her mother and not Shagun, while Shagun is irked with all this and don’t want to loose Pihu.
    Shagun is upset seeing Pihu getting more closer to Ishita and going away from her and wants to teach lesson to her.
    Shagun says to Pihu that she will leave her forever now to make her feel her importance, Shagun leaves Bhalla house.
    Pihu being sensitive gets ill seeing her mother leaving her, Ishita tries to take care of Pihu but she remembers only Shagun Maa.
    Pihu asks Ishita to bring back her Shagun Maa as she can’t live without her, Ishita very smartly takes care of Pihu.
    Ishita is also sad seeing Pihu suffering from fever and only recalling her mother Shagun.
    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  41. rithushree

    The upcoming episode will show re-entry of older characters in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Simmi’s husband Param is to return.
    Yes you heard it right, Param the evil husband of Simmi is soon going to return in Simmi and her daughter Ananya’s life.
    Param will return for his daughter Ananya and will try to enter Bhalla house but fails because of Raman and thus decides to disguise.
    Param will disguise in Chachi 420 style and will turn governess to Ananya for taking care of her and other children’s.
    Param returns in new avatar.
    Param’s entry will bring much fun moments and new conspiracies in the upcoming track of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.
    Raman and Ishita will be happy seeing kids happy with Chachi who would actually be Param.
    Let’s see when will Bhalla’s find Param’s truth and what new trouble will he bring for Bhalla family.
    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  42. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ most successfully running show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some major twist and turns.
    It seems that Shagun ( Anita Hassanandani ) will get angry with Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) for trying to disclose the truth about her surrogacy to Pihu.
    Shagun will decide to teach lesson to the entire Bhalla family and leave the house.
    However Pihu will be seen missing Shagun and falls ill.
    Pihu will stop eating food and falls ill and keeps taking Shagun’s name in her sleep.
    Ishita ( Divyanka Tripathi) will be disheartened seeing her daughter’s suffering and will request Shagun to come back to Bhalla house as Pihu cannot live without her.
    Keep watching this site for more exciting updates and news.

  43. rithushree

    this show is turning worst by worst everyday .all are looking as oldies. ruhi is behaving like aunty and very different from her age . ishitha and Raman are looking like oldies.and this shagun is looking much more younger than her age like twenties.

  44. rithushree

    Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is best known for it’s Drama filled with a lot of twists and turns in each passing episode.
    As we have seen, Raman and Ishita will decide that Mani and Shagun should get married. Shagun will initially hesitate, but will later say yes to the alliance, according to The Times of India. In fact, she will even confess to Mani that she is happy that they will be together.
    In the upcoming episodes, Shagun will tell pihu that she is going to leave her forever and will not come back to her.
    Later, Shagun tells everyone that she is going out of town for some work and pihu starts missing her.
    Pihu will get fever and everyone will get worried for her. Ishitha takes the charge and tells everyone to leave pihu’s room. Ishitha makes her busy in her words and feeds her food saying a story.
    Some she makes her sleep but pihu will be murmuring for shagun mama in sleep. Ishitha and ruhi worry seeing her.
    Later, Abhishek informs ishitha that he has seen shagun in Delhi. This news will shock ishitha and she starts her searching.
    Stay tuned for more updates.

  45. rithushree

    The upcoming episodes of Star Plus’ most successfully show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some high intensity drama.
    It was earlier seen that Adi (Abhishek Verma) will fall in love with Aliya but she will love Mihir and hence Adi’s heart will be broken.
    However if rumours are to be believed actress Swati Kapoor, who essayed the role of the cute and extremely loving Ria in the recently concluded Channel V’s Mastaangi, has been roped in opposite Abhishek Verma.
    She will be seen playing Adi’s love interest in the show post his rejection from Aliya.
    It would be interesting to see what will happen next in the show.
    Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates on your favourite show.

  46. shivani

    Whats happening in this show….params re entry…??.. i heard that param will try to kill Raman…i dont understand why everyone is after ishita and raman..?..let them be happy with their kids..pls cvs dont make param in negative role.this show has already a number of villains…infact it was ishita who helped him when he was suffering from liver cirrhosis…so pls dont harm our poor ishu… .and i want shagun out of bhalla house at any cost..
    how can she leave pihu like this..? Which clears that her love for pihu is fake..and shagun can never replace ishita…she came to bhalla house for ruhi even after so much insults from raman…she always thinks about others happiness…
    i think cvs are also conveying this message through this show…
    Never be like ishita.. be a selfish person…only such people can survive this world…


    Thank You Rithu.
    Good Afternoon n Have A NICE DAY.

    Hi JAZ Monique Rithu VP SHIVANI AZ Naaz Megha Sindhu Siddhi RAADHIKA Lekha SARITHA Sakshi Ramchin Shrawani Mino Super GIRL And ALL The Members of The GROUP.

    Thank You JAZ Shrawani for Supporting My Comment.


    Dear SHINING
    Have A NICE DAY.

  49. shivani

    The latest buzz is that Swati Kapoor is going to enter in Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbtein.

    Swati Kapoor was last seen in the Channel V show Mastaangi and now she has been roped to play a pivotal role in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein.

    Swati Kapoor enters in the scene when Adi gets heartbroken Aaliya does not love him and he goes in depression.

    Raman and Ishita take new turn seeing Adi’s love intrest

    Adi is a wedding planner and Swati Kapoor’s character bump with her during the function where she will be fall on him but Adi will be seen avoiding her as he thinks love is not become for him.

    • jaz

      Hi Guys gd afternoon to all what another love angle oh no ek se shoru ek se khatam nahi hota kya ektha ke show mein..chup chap adi aliya ki pair banane mei kya jatha iska.humesha love triangle laneki kya zaroot hain.laktha hain paisa zayada hogaya hain is raandi ektha ke paas.humesha dil thodna janthi hain.aur important they thi hain borayi ki.lagtha hain boraiyi kott kott ke bari hoyi hain uske andar.ek dang ka show nahi dhika thi.Disgusting lady


    Hi Jaz!
    Good Afternoon
    Teek Tarah SE BAHOT Kum Nikhali HAI Yeh RAANDI EKTA KAPOOR.
    4.Kasam Se
    Lekin KASAM SE SERIAL mai MAIN CHARACTERS(EK Budda Rehta Aur Heroine Young of 20s And HERO 50s,yeh Defect THI JAZ.

  51. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Romi and Mihika fight over some issue and Romi leaves in anger.
    Ashok inform Mihika about Romi is in hotel and both Ashok-Mihika reach to hotel where Romi is shocked seeing them.
    MIhika is tensed knowing Romi has booked a room in hotel and asks Romi about how he came here.
    Romi tells Mihika that he was get drunk so came here but MIhika doubts as Romi was with a girl and check his room.
    Ashok starts creating differences between Romi and Mihika proving Romi has an extra marital affairs.
    Apart from this, Pihu is ill and wants to see Shagun at any cost so Ishita asks ACP Abhishek to find Shagun.
    ACP Abhishek tracks Shagun’s location and reach to the house along with Ruhi and Ishita.
    They all get shocked seeing the house is Anil who has been arrested in charge of kidnapping Ishita.
    Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi), Abhishek (Vivek Dahiya) and Ruhi find Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) at kidnapper Anil ‘s house.
    Ishita and Abhishek asks Shagun about what she is doing here and Shagun handles situation by telling that she was came to meet Priyanka knowing about kidnapping case.
    Ishita tells Shagun that she did not think about Pihu and Shagun emotionally tries to trap Ishita by telling that she wanted to let Pihu with Ishita alone for sometimes.
    However, this time Ishita will not be seen convinced by Shagun’s answer.
    Will Ishita find Shagun was mastermind behind in Ishita’s kidnapping?
    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  52. rithushree

    The upcoming episode will show that Pihu is ill and recalls only her mother Shagun and wants to be with her.
    While Ishita tries to feed food and medicine to Pihu by her loving nature, Ishita is tensed seeing Pihu’s state.
    Ishita wants to find out Shagun and thus takes inspector Abhishek’s help to get Shagun’s location.
    Ishita and Pihu reaches the location where Abhishek has tracked Shagun and it turn out to be lawyer Anil’s house.
    Ishita is surprised to see that Shagun is present at Anil ‘s house, he is the one involved behind her kidnapping.
    Ishita doubt’s Shagun.
    Ishita asks Shagun about it and Shagun smartly makes excuse that she wants to give alone time to Ishita with Pihu.
    That’s why she tried to be away from Pihu and comes to meet Anil’s sister Priyanka to know her whereabouts.
    Ishita starts to doubt Shagun and is not convinced with Shagun’s excuse of being at Anil’s residence.
    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  53. rithushree

    Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman ( Karan Patel) and Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi ) life.
    Soon in the upcoming track, Shagun will purposely go missing.
    Shagun is irked Pihu’s growing closeness towards Ishita and calling her Ishimaa.
    Shagun decides to take revenge from poor little Pihu for calling Ishita as Ishimaa.
    Therefore Shagun informs Pihu that she is going out and leaves.
    Sensitive Pihu falls sick but Ishita takes care of Pihu in a loving way.
    However Pihu misses her Shagun mumma.
    Ishita takes Adbhishek’s help to trace Shagun’s location and find out where Shagun is.
    Will Ishita come to know about Shagun’s intentions?
    Stay tuned for more updates.

  54. rithushree

    Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman ( Karan Patel) and Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi ) life.
    As in the upcoming series, Shagun will leave Pihu and go out of Bhalla House to show her importance over Ishita.
    However due to this move of Shagun Pihu is the only one who is going to suffer.
    Sensitive Pihu falls sick and murmurs Shagun mumma’s name.
    Smart Ishita manage to take care of Pihu but get worried for her at the same time.
    Hence Ishita unites with Abhishek to trace Shagun’s location.
    On to her shock Ishita comes to know that Shagun is in Anil Nagpal’s house.
    Ishita suspect if the lady behind her kidnapping drama is Shagun.
    Stay tuned for more updates.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.