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The Episode starts with Raman stopping everyone from fighting. Simmi thinks about Parmeet and their romance. She gets sad and thinks he is not here becasue of Ishita. Raman asks them not to fight for him and Ishita’s sake. Ishita asks Simmi what happened. She answers rudely and leaves. Everyone settles down. The women and men are still arguing. Everyone leave. Raman and Ishita are left on the table. Raman laughs and he asks her why is she laughing. She asks him the same. He says I understood women are happiness and pain for men. Parmeet sees Simmi’s message and replies he is missing her too. He sees Shagun’s DP. He comes to Ashok and says congrats for the 5 carat ring, so its engagement done. He shows him Shagun’s DP. He says you are a saint, giving her 5 carat ring after what all she

did with you.

Ashok says diamonds are girl’s best friends. Shagun forgot but the way she trated me I did not forget, this ring is to control her. Shagun lied to me, I m taking care of her and her son since 6 years, I lost so money and she trusts Raman, I will break her trust now, this ring is just for show, see what happens next. Parmeet thinks he is a clever man and going to explode, lets see. Ishita sits beside Raman and defends women, as men are their problem. He says let me think how to divert their mind from fighting. She says couple cooking contest poster and says great idea. She shows him the poster.

He reads that the winner will go to Europe. She says we will make them busy in this. He says no, they will harm each other. She says not everyone is like you. She says it will be great. Everyone is happy thinking about Europe trip and excited. Ishita and Raman talk that they are very happy, but what are we making. She says nothing. He says we have to, as Ruhi challenges Shravan. Taunting and firing starts. He says we will see. Everyone get ready for the competition. The manager asks Simmi to call her husband and take part. She gets annoyed and says my husband is not there. He says sorry. Romi asks him to go somewhere else and anyone from our family will win.

Romi tries to cheer her mood, but she is annoyed, saying my life has become a joke, I have a husband, but everyone taunts me.She leaves. Ishita hears this and asks Romi about it. He says nothing. Ishita says all the best Amma and starts. The manager welcomes all the couples and says its not so easy, you will be given 20 mins, we will give you ingredient to make the dish, but the big rule is to make by two hands, your one hand will be tied and both partners have to use one hand each and support each other. The couple’s one right and one left hands are tied.

Raman asks Ishita not to fight. The timer starts. Everyone start cooking. Mihir and Mihika are still fighting. Ruhi asks Raman and Ishita to win. Dil kahin rukta nahi…………….plays…………….Raman sees her being closer to him as she smiles. Romi gets a call from Sarika and smiles. He talks to her. Sarika says my scooty is not running and mechanic is not reachable. He says you find someone to park your bike and give you lift daily. She says great idea. He laughs and says I will send mechanic number. He smiles thinking Sarika cook in the contest. Music plays…………. Itni pyaari nai lagi aaj tak haaye re…………….plays………….. He sees her everywhere and is finally in love. Sarika looks beautiful. Romi waves hi and gets tensed as the other woman looks at him angrily by his waving.

The winner is announced, Raman and Ishita. Everyone hug them. Ishita looks for Simmi. Raman says did you notice, your fights are gone. Ishita comes to Simmi’s room and sees her crying. Simmi asks why did she come now. Ishita says the contest was good, many people were enjoying, you looked upset, what happened. Simmi says no need to show this fake worry, this is because of you, I m alone even when I have a husband, you can’t understand this. She says when I see them happy, I feel I m a widow. You made me a widow. Simmi scolds her and says you can’t understand how it feels to be alone like this, everyone is enjoying with husband and I m all alone, just brought me in picnic and made me sit at a corner, like giving me punishment, all this because of you.

Ishita cries. Simmi says its enough now, I won’t listen to anyone now. Parmeet is my husband and this is the truth, I will do what my heart wants.Simmi leaves. Ishita says Simmi’s anger is justified, she is really alone, I have to talk to Raman.

Ishita talks to Raman and says I m worried for Simmi. He asks why, what happened. She tells Simmi is much worried and she did not enjoy, I met her today, she is not fine, she told me so much, she is frustrated, its alright if she brought it on me, but she can do anything wrong, I m afraid, she can go against fanily, will you talk to her. She says Raman and sees he slept and did not hear anything. She says he might be very tired today and says I have to do something for her, don’t know if she does anything…..

Raman says he will talk to Simmi. Ishita says she is not at home, I think she went to meet Parmeet. He says what. She says calm down, she is not a young girl, if you talk to her in anger, it will have opposite impact.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Lol i m luvin d new couple’s chemistry…i just hope raman starts acting normal wid romi so dat romi doesnt become d next negative character…it was not that bad…but simmi honestly needs some brains…!

  2. Enjoyed only romi part.. rest was tp!

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