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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman apologizing to Chadda and saying Ishita had misunderstanding. Chadda says its okay, there are many such husbands, if I ask Ishita the same, she would have felt bad too, its better to think before saying. Ishita apologizes and says I did not mean to hurt you. She says sorry Pallavi, forget everything, you guys are imp, Rohit’s case is imp, please explain Chadda to take our case back. Pallavi says if Amar has forgiven you, its fine with me. Chadda says its fine, I will fight Rohit’s case. Ishita thanks him.

Vandu says I want to meet that student and his parents. Bala refuses, and Appa says I think Vandu should go there, see the news, his parents decided to file case on Vandu and college. He says when his dad spoke to me, they looked supportive, Vandu

should meet them once. Bala asks Vandu are you sure. Vandu says I have meet them to tell what happened that day, and apologize personally. Ishita talks on phone and is angry. Neelu gives her some file related to Rohit. Ishita takes the file and thanks Neelu. She checks the file and hopes Rohit’s adoption gets sorted out soon. She sees Rohit’s mother’s sign. She says this name Pragati, and recalls Chadda’s words. She recalls Shagun’s words about Pragati and Pallavi’s words how she writes even with left hand. She checks the receipt of the courier Pallavi received. She sees Pallavi’s sign and says this is weird, I did not realize Rohit’s mother’s name is Pragati, P is identical in both signs, it means Pallavi is Rohit’s mum. She recalls Pallavi and says she was connective with Rohit in the party, such a big thing, what to do, I can’t call Raman, he won’t understand. She calls Shagun.

Shagun says I have to tell you something imp. Ishita says I have to say. Shagun says I will say first, Pallavi is Pragati, she has a son too. Ishita says I know her son, Rohit, Pallavi is Pragati. Shagun says I think we should tell Raman. Ishita says no, once Rohit’s adoption gets sorted, we have to not tell this to anyone.

Ruhi tells Vandu that Shravan is brave. Vandu asks what did he do. Shravan stops her. Vandu says tell me Ruhi. Ruhi says kids were bullying Shravan saying you did bad with your student, Shravan was beaten the kids and Adi stopped him. Vandu says its bad to fight. Ruhi says then Shravan went to that kid and apologizes, so I felt proud. Vandu talks to Shravan. He says I m big boy, I can face this. Vandu hugs them.

Bala and Vandu come to meet the student and his parents at the hospital. Vandu asks how is he. The lady scolds Vandu and says its 6 days, my son did not get conscious, your dad also came here, I will take you to court. Bala says no use to talk Vandu. The lady says go, I will get you punished. Vandu cries and Bala takes her. The man says its our son’s mistake too. The lady says shut up, I know whats there is blood reports, we got divorced and my son is bearing poverty being with you, do what you want, shut your mouth in this matter, I will get justice by getting best lawyer for him.

Raman thanks Chadda and says we will come. He tells Ishita that finally, we will be free of Sarika, we will get Rohit’s custody, credit goes to you, you made things fine. Ishita says but Rohit’s real mum. He says it does not make any difference now and goes…

Sarika tells Neelu to check Rohit as I m going out. Neelu says I m also going market. Sarika says fine, he is sleeping now, check him later. She thinks she can’t spend money going by auto, she has to spend in manicure, she can take Ishita’s car. She goes. Mrs. Bhalla looks on and says we have to teach her a lesson. She informs this to Mihika. Mihika says now see what happens with Sarika.

The student’s mother goes to meet the lawyer Niddhi Chabbra. She talks to the minister and thanks him for getting her appointment with Niddhi, who did not lose any case till now, and hopes she makes them win their case too. Niddhi walks in her cabin.

The lady is given 5 mins to talk to Niddhi. The lady meets Niddhi and says my son tried to give up his life because of that principal, I want you to get Vandita punished, say something please. Niddhi is busy checking dresses online on her tab and says your son was caught stealing papers and you want me get his principal punished, you are saying what everyone knows, I will tell you something now. Your son takes drugs, his blood reports would have showed it, he had taken drugs that day and jumped being tensed, it was not his principal’s mistake, you were in London that time. The lady asks how do you know all this. Niddhi says I heard your name and understood why you came here, I believe in being ahead. The lady asks will you not take my case. Niddhi says I did not say this, you have to trust me or leave. The lady says I trust you. Niddhi asks her to make her payment at reception, you know I don’t lose any case. The lady asks her fees. Niddhi says 3 crores, you decide about your son. She asks her do you like blue or red color. The lady says blue. Niddhi books the dress. The lady leaves. Niddhi says I wanted to know her taste, which is not good, she has to pay fees as she has no option, just I can save her son, as I never lose.

Ishita asks Pallavi to come. She says Rohit is in hospital, I know he is your son. Pallavi requests Ishita not to tell this to Amar, that she is Rohit’s mum. She moves the curtains and gets shocked seeing Chadda.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Feeling irritated. Ruhi will kidnap n ishita will ho to jail in upcoming guyz itz confirmed bcz I saw the video n guyz I hope there will be 20 yeare leqp in YHM. cant control ma feelings feeling irritated. Plz no leap we want our only ISHRA SCENES PLZ.WE DONT LEAP PLZ OLZPLZ

  2. Ohhh. No.are you sure fathi. It can’t be. No more. We want only our old ishararuadi. Plz don’t separate them. Episode is ok. Precap is OK. Waiting for next update.

    1. Ya sure i saw in FB page

    2. Ya sure i saw in FB page but about leap also thy have told tht 20 years leap but

  3. guys sit down if you are standing because am going to give big news

    in upcoming episodes chadda will beat his wife as he came to know rohit is pallavi son pallavi will call ishita for help chadda about to kill his wife by knife when ishita will come and try to snatch it from him then suddenly

    ishita will kill chadda by mistake on the other hand ruhi would be in big trouble because a horrible terrorist will tie a bomb with her ishita and abhishek will come to help ruhi palavi will also get arrested for this murder

    shocked na

  4. Star Plus popular show ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ has always managed to hold the pulse of the viewers by introducing new characters and twists in the show again and again.As we have seen,Ishita and Raman invite Chadda and his wife for lunch.Ishita asks pallavito speak out why she is suffering from Violence from her husband.On seeing Chadda, Pallavi changes the plot and accuses ishita for putting Wrong allegations on her husband.She also asks Chadda not to fight Rohit’s case. With all these Drama,Raman will be upset on ishita.In the Coming episodes,There will be a DOUBLE TROUBLE for Raman and Ishita.Ishita fixes all the clues and finds out that Rohit is none other than Pallavi’s son.We will see Ishita confronting Pallavi and asking for her blood stating rohit’s health condition. But Pallavirefuses to be his mother.Actually Rohit is illegitimate child of Pallavi and she delivers the baby when amar is in London for Business Trip.On the other hand,Ruhi will become a Human BOMB. Isn’t that Scaring…According to a source,”While escaping from Police, A terrorist enters School and ties a bombto a child and it is none other than Ruhi. Ishita along with ACP Abhishek reaches the place but gets shocked to see her Sweetheart in Danger.The terrorist warns them to stay away otherwise he will kill Ruhi.”If sources are to be believed, ishita will save ruhifrom the terrorist.Wondering why we stated Double trouble for ishita. READ ONMr.Amar Chadda will come to know the truth of Rohit being pallavi’s son. He beats pallavi vigorously and she calls ishita for help. In the process of saving Pallavi, Ishita accidentally kills Mr.Chadda.OMG So much drama in the coming episodes.Will Ishita able to save Ruhi ? Visit us again for more updates.

  5. Leap that also of 20year lol ekta ..e u sure….

  6. Rubbish… Shut yhm

  7. But i dono whthr itz true or not but i saw a msg

  8. Oh no….. This means Ishita will go to jail and Niddhi will demand for marriage to Raman. The story is going to utterly ridiculous…… Why is it always Ishita? This is really preposterous. Now the comment I just read mentioned about the leap… Is this all necessary? Why can’t they just bring the storyline in a different line? By bringing in new characters is not going to really make the fanbase happy as story becomes convoluted and Ishra becomes more distant. Why can’t they develop Romi and Mihika parts if they need some story rather than trying to find ways to separate the main protagonists Raman and Ishita? Don’t the writers and producers realise if people don’t see them together, they will not really watch YHM. Each time the two leads who are the two leads who are the most popular are the ones writers will eventually try to spilt. I don’t know why they have to do this. Why use poor Ruhi in terrorist bomb? Poor children are used as a target.

  9. Omg so much drama in the up coming episodes. Is it true that ishita accidentally kill Mr. chadda. then what about ashok????

  10. Good Epi
    Waiting 4 nxt updates. …

  11. This is too bad. Why writers can’t do a good things to ishararuadi. Why they always try to do bad things???? ????

  12. Talking about bomb sequence ektaa is doing exactly right she showing what is happening in our neighboring country but don’t want murder sequence

  13. now dis story is getting too irritating…y ishita arrest drama??ok fine..she s busy wid her mrrg and all…bt no need to change the story like dis…vry bad..

  14. episode was ok .precap was also ok.anyways hey guys .what! 20 years leap .then i am not gonna watch it .now itself without any leap ishra look old and ishitha is fat then after 20 years they will be literally looking too old and nobody will such a yhm and i think ekta is copying sns .

  15. OMG..20 yrs leap,it’s too much..

  16. Oh I don’t want to watch this. I think may be proceed from ther. they are thinking of Ruhi’s education & wants Ruhi Out of the Picture by tying the time bomb. who knows.?? then they will as usual let Ishitha have a baby just like Ruhi & proceed with the story from there All this is my imagination playing havoc. normally this type of story ends like that. Then again who knows ?? I am rather sick of this revenge theory . i am not Indian . but most of their movies are all murder, violence hero & the heroine has to go through a lot with thugs etc.
    Sorry to say i thought this story line was very different & very unique. but turns out it is the same. no wonder India has so much rape etc. when they show all this young people thisk this is life in the day to day living.
    but we can only say agree or disagree. but the producers go & do it the way they want thinking they can get attention for the movie or drama with all the bad things. hard luck we have to forget about YHM. So good Luck to YHM

  17. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    Irritating only……. Ishita’s over reacting. Why does she interfere others’ lives. If she want to help pallavi, she can complain to police or some NGO……. Now I’m fed up.
    Ya….. Ishita kills chadda accidently. Conformed. Totally nonsense.
    Anyway, I have a massage for sri lankan fans. Divyanka,karan,ruhanika and anita will come to Sri lanka., 13th of february @ 6.00pm CR&FC ground,colombo. And the event is “Adaraya” love in concert…… Do visit yhm lovers……
    From SL

  18. No guys….i dont think that there will be 20yrs leap as they are showing ruhi now as an8 yr old girl.So after 20yrs she will be 28……I dont think they will do like that..Ekta kapoor already faced a fall in trp for meri ashiqui
    when ishveer seperation occured.So will she takes a risk again???

  19. Sp now he knows n he Is Not rohit father n now ishita will be blame for palavi beating

  20. Waiting eagerly for ROMIHIKA scenes, their track is the only interesting aspect of this show that is keeping me hooked. So I really hope to see more development in their relation.

  21. Nice episode.

  22. if this happend i dont think. at least DT will continue as she will be around 50…and after 20years leap they will show ishra love story or adis love story……i m sure fake news….. when Raman married saguan he was such a champuu types then why that laywer will go to marry him that time…..Kuch bhi ….if leap happends it will become 2nd pavitar rishta ….ishita will always cry like archna

  23. very irritating story line why does ishita to interfere in pallavi’s life if ishita may be killed chadda for save pallavi means this is a accidental case only not intentional murder for this case why a big lawyer like receiving 3crore for a case ordinary lawyer is enough why they are introducting new actors why cant they give more story line to the old actors like mihir,manoj,mihika etc bcos they are wonderful actors
    What is the use of neel pathak as a lawyer in this story he cannot handle a case single every time he need a better lawyer to handle case like acp this neel lawyer also waste one where is subbu’s mother in law sujatha why cannot she help in this murder case for ishita why the new entry so many questions
    I just gave star plus connection from last year so nearly 300 episoded i watched in hotstar near 450 episodes of this serial is a good one after that day by day irritating one ekta did not give
    attention for fans emotion

    1. True Parvathi …. I was also watching old episodes. …. Reached till 350 …. Actually from Shaghuns surrogancy … All went wrong …. Story line completely spoiled to show Shaghun positive . Now the writers are stuck how to proceed so introducing new new characters …. Ishithas character is not changing. From beginning she integers …. Whatever happens the strength of love of Ishra to solve anything to be shown ….. Not to marry the lawyer … All bullshit …. Really conveying wrong messages to the audience ….I wonder how Karan and Divyanka accepts to act … Plus really Ishitha looks v fat but on engagement photos and other off line looks thin also … And really overacting as if she lost her confidence after engagement …. Beginning and all each expression was awesome… It’s my feeling ..I love Divyanka and watching this serial only becoz she is acting

  24. i was a silent reader till now.But I want to tell this to writers.I hope all these problems will be solved.Plzz give some happy time to IshRa.

  25. Error. Intefer. Not integer

  26. well,, I don’t understand this show now…
    its like bullshit..:(
    why so many new characters in yeh hein mohhabattein and no more ruhi scenes shown. this full serial is based on a mother daughter relation and now its like something else….
    please change the script makers


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