Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Divya going on stage to stop Raman. She tries to explain and stops Raman from going to Ishita, Divya takes Raman down the stage. Raman says let me go to Ishita, I m getting chance to dance with Ishita. Divya says no, look at your stage. Raman checks and says how did this happen. Divya says leave from here. Adi goes to Aaliya and throws juice on her saree. She calls him mad and goes. He goes after her. The caterer guy stops Adi and scolds him for throwing juice at Aaliya, did you come to work or do this. Adi says sorry, I will not make mistake, I will go. The man says no, stand here, don’t make loss for me.

Adi says I came here to work, work first, I will go. The man asks can’t you understand no. Adi says let me do my work, I m waiter, not your Bandi. Romi

looks on. Adi argues. Romi asks Adi to be quiet. He apologizes to the man. The man says handle him and goes. Romi asks Adi what are you doing. Adi says I have to meet Aaliya. Romi asks are you mad. Adi says yes, I m madly in love. He goes. Romi says this lover will get me beaten up. Mrs. Bhalla makes Shagun sit and stops Romi asking for juice glass. Romi turns away and passes juice glass. She asks him to go and see guests. He thanks Lord he got saved and thinks where is Raman.

Raman sees the fruits in plate and picks an orange. He thinks to use orange instead padding. Mihika introduces Vandu’s relative to Shagun. She says she has come to bless you. The lady blesses Shagun. She says I prayed for you a lot as you are becoming mother in this age. Ishita says Shagun and Mani are becoming parents now so this baby is special. The lady says seven fruits should be there, its six here. She calls Mihika and says puja should have seven fruits. Mihika says I kept seven fruits, I think someone picked it. The lady says its prasad for Shagun, when you kept puja, you should make it fine. Ishita says its not big thing, any kid would have taken it. Niddhi says no, I have seen Gulabo taking the orange. Ishita asks Gulabo? The lady says call her, Punjabis do not understand our customs. Raman thinks how to do this. Ishita comes and sees Raman with the orange in hand. She takes it and asks what’s this, you took orange from prasad plate, you should have taken anything else if you were hungry. Raman says I was hungry. Mihika, Shagun and Mrs. Bhalla scold Gulabo. Ishita feels bad. Mihika says we will go, Shagun make sure that you eat all these fruits.

Niddhi taunts Gulabo and goes. Raman thinks to get any orange. Aaliya says I can’t handle Adi, he got mad. Adi comes to her and holds her. She asks him to leave her. He says you promised, if I come home, you will give me kiss. She says leave me, you got mad. She pushes him. He runs after her. She says go from here, else I will shout. He says fine, shout and call anyone. He says I promise, I won’t do anything, its about Ishita. He catches her and they fall on the bed. Ae dil hai mushkil….plays……….. They have an eyelock.

Ishita asks about Gulabo. Ruhi says don’t know about Gulabo and Aaliya. Ishita says Aaliya went to clean her saree, juice fell over her, she would be in her room. Ruhi goes. Raman and Romi collide. Raman scolds him as Gulabo. Romi says Bhai, I know you are looking hot, but not too much that I get on you. Raman says Romi what are you doing here, are you mad. Romi says Adi had to come here. Raman asks what, is Adi here. Romi says relax, Adi does not know about Gulabo, he came here for Aaliya and I had to become waiter also. Raman says for Madrasans, my family member is changing disguise. Romi says it happens in love, what happened, did Gulabo got leave. Raman says no, look at here. Romi asks where did it go, shall I arrange oranges. Raman says I have stolen one orange, and everyone scolded me, we will think something else.

Ishita says Shagun is glowing. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, I also had glow on face, Mr. Bhalla used to call me moon. Niddhi thinks Ishita’s happiness will get ruined. Ishita says Mani is very happy, I did not see him so happy before, Shagun have food, fruits are light. Shagun says I want to have sweets. Mihika says I forgot to say, I made Paisam for you. Niddhi goes after her.

Raman and Romi to find something. Romi asks why did you dance as lover seeing Ishita. Raman shows few things and asks will this work. Romi gets a ball and says this is perfect. Raman fixes it. Divya comes and says its not perfect, are you guys mad. Raman asks where were you, I was finding you. Divya says you were dancing on stage. Raman says Romi found this solution. Divya says no, its not right, remove it, look something natural. Romi says we can have tomato. Raman says I will look vegetable market. Divya gets a cloth and fixes it to Raman.

Pihu comes and asks what’s happening. Raman, Romi and Divya worry. Ruhi comes to Aaliya’s room and sees Adi. Adi asks how did you come here. Ruhi asks how did you come here in this look. Adi says Aaliya came to me, I mean I came to meet Aaliya, there was no option, nothing happened, I mean Aaliya fell down. Aaliya says yes saree. Adi says yes, she stumbled. Ruhi laughs and says relax, I knew you love each other a lot, Adi look at yourself once. Aaliya says don’t tell this to Ishita. Ruhi says don’t worry, its our secret, carry on. Ruhi goes. Adi apologizes to Aaliya and says I will go, I will get the kiss. Aaliya says leave from here. He goes.

Niddhi goes to Mihika and asks her to go and be with family, I will get Paisam. Mihika says no, I will manage. Niddhi says Mani gave me holiday today, Shagun and Mani did favors on me, they gave me roof to stay, let me work, I will feel I did something for them. Mihika says how sweet, when this warms up, put this in bowl and get it. She goes.

Niddhi says they are so emotional, my work got easy. Raman asks Pihu to go in function. Pihu says no, I m angry with Gulabo, you did not dance with me, everyone forgot me, I came to my room to sleep, who is this aunty and waiter uncle, I will tell Ishita. Raman holds her and says listen to me. Pihu shouts you all are bad, leave me and runs. Raman calls her out as Papa’s princess. He removes the hair wig. Pihu gets shocked seeing Raman.

Pihu says Papa and hugs Raman. Pihu and Raman cry. Raman says you are Papa’s strong princess, Papa came here for you. Niddhi adds poison in the sweets.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Tvfan1

    I guess you can’t remember me?

    There are so many less comments, I guess the track is too boring..

    But as the part of the yhm family I thought of commenting

    1) some Ppl don’t like adi and aliya..may I ask why??!!

    2) this niddhi track is too boring.. And gulabo is :-S

    3) Missing old yhm!!

    Okay…I do hope that cvs mend this track soon!!

    1. I don’t have any problem with Adi and Aylia relationship.

      Nidhi tracke are getting me boring everyday for wanting Raman but she can’t have her own life to move on and forget them. Gulabo is not the problem so that it is better for him to be around Ishu and girls and protect them.

      I love both yhm but some are not happy of Ishra separation for Shagun and Nidhi. Shagun should be positive and stop revenge for Pihu. Pihu hate Shagun so much and knowing that Shagun did wrong and love Ishu because she learn Ishu love and value and even discipiline them. Poonima hurt Pihu badly but Ishu warn Poonima.

      Ishu did not understand Raman’s pain to be separated from her and girls as much he loves her very much. Ishu should stop being so stubborn and get back to Bhalla house. As I read update that Nidhi will enter Bhalla house that shock Raman and Ishu so that Nidhi want Raman and Ishu to divorce. Ishu want divorce from Raman and Raman and whole family get shattered because Nidhi won this time and so is Shagun.

      Pihu will be angry on Shagun and blame on her and Mani for breaking her parent relationship and marriage. Mani tried to explain to whole family about his aunty life endanger in Nidhi clutch so that he did this. Ishu will be angry on Mani and will break friendship with Mani and Aylia hate Mani for Ishu. Mani will be all alone and ask Raman for help. Raman speak to Ishu to make her understand but goes in vain as which make Ishu much angry on Raman for lied and dressed up as Gulabo. Romi tell Ishu everything that Ishu did not know the reason and get shocking in her life. Ishu will be moving out of the country and staying somewhere which girls don’t want Ishu leaving and so is Adi. Raman will be heartbroken and will be force to ask Ishu for forgiven.

  2. adi and aaliya are nice. i even like this gulabo track very much.. reminds me of chachi 420. but niddhi is like always so idiotic and typical saas-bahu villian types.. and ya missing old yhm and it shall come soon. be positive guys.

  3. Hi Tvfan1. Cannot speak for others but I am not a fan of Adi and Aliya. I have always watched YHM for IshRa. What happens to IshRa. Are they trying to replace their lovely romantic scenes with these of Adi and Aliya. They will never have the same impact on viewers. Current track boring. I just cannot stand Niddhi. No Ishra moments. Script writers always finds a way around the romance as they are now doing with Gulabo. How weird is it to see Gulabo trying to come close to Ishita. Don’t want Ishita and Gulabo. I want Ishra. And it Mani is thinking he is protecting his family by having Niddhi living there. How absurd. At the end of the day she is going to try and kill everyone around him. Stupid.

  4. Its getting childish. No substance with all this disguises. Please change story line. Non intelligent. You will lose viewers. Ishita left home no real reason, I understand that she doesnt feel appreciated but now story has moved from Bhallas house to Manis.

  5. Once again plz dont pair Ad n al. I rather have her with mihir n age dosnt matter wen it comes 2 luv. She was 1st in luv wid mihir n the fing viewers were unhappy with the pairing n The queen pair her with poor Adi, 4 real writes not all viewers want that so plz change the stupid pair god i had enough of ad n al

    1. Mihir don’t want to have relationship with Aylia because he still love with his deseased wife Rinki (Raman little sister). Mihir don’t want to move on to start his new life. Adi and Aylia realised their mistake for wanting to break the engagement but family want Adi and Aylia to get marry so this is not your problem that you dislike Adi and Aylia relationship. If you want Ishra relationship then why not Adiya? Shagun is the only problematic who want to separate Ishra and now Adiya. Can’t you understand what Shagun does and now Nidhi is back to separate Ishra agan. Ruhi and Pihu and Adi want Ishra to be together so It is not real life. It is just the making of the programme which people loves to watch but are unhappy that Nidhi and Shagun will jaoin hand to separate Ishra so that Shagun can get Raman but Raman will not let them to break the marriage betwn him and Ishu because he loves his wife (Ishita) very deeply. Ruhi and Pihu loves Ishu and so is Adi. Adi don’t want Ishu to stay with Shagun as more of all is that he know that Shagun will never change.

      Shagun will get miscarriage and she will blame on Ishu but Ishita did not to wrong. But Mani had told Shagun that he will get accomodation for Trisha (aka Nidhi) but Shagun tell Mani no but Shagun is an idiot woman for letting stanger woman in Mani’s house. Romi overheard Nidhi threaten Mani and wonder what this woman is saying. Romi will informed Raman about it and Raman will warn Ishu about Nidhi being around. Gulabo (aka Raman) will be there to protect his ladylove and his 2 princess (Ruhi and Pihu).

  6. I like adi and aliya . They look good but look like of adi despratness somthing happen before marraige and thay not endup togather .
    Watch this serial for ishita now adi ,aliya story I like .


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