Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi recalling how Ishita used to show their stars and make them sleep. FB shows a sweet moment between Ishita and kids. They watch stars and she tells them that she will make Raman name the stars on Adi and Ruhi. The kids laugh and sleep. Adi takes Ruhi on terrace. Bala tells Vandu that Ishu was so good that everyone is missing her, kids miss her and Raman loves her a lot, I can imagine what Raman is going through, I will wish Lord to take me first, if you die before me, I can’t live. Vandu worries. He asks do you want to share anything, tell me.

She takes out the wine bottles from the cupboard and shows Bala that its all empty. She says sorry Bala, if I don’ t drink this, I can’t live, I get peace drinking this, I m addicted to this, please help me, I

have to take care of Amma and Appa. She cries. Bala cries seeing her. He says sorry, I should have realized this myself, why did you not tell me, don’t worry, I m with you, everything will be fine. She says I m sorry and hugs him. They cry.

Adi and Ruhi see the stars. They cry missing Ishita. Adi consoles Ruhi and asks her to sleep.

Romi comes to office and sees Raman working. He asks what are you doing at this time. Raman says I m working, whats the problem. Romi says Ruhi and Adi need you, mummy is calling me, Ishita is not found yet. Raman says family can take care of kids, my business needs me. Romi says leave work on me, I will handle, go home. Raman gets rude and insults Romi. He asks Romi do you want to use my bad time and take over company. Romi asks why did he get Niddhi in company. Raman says I don’t need to answer you, first identify person and then ask me, you are a fool, you got someone as wife and then played band of the family, first manage your life and then come to manage my business. He leaves. Romi says what happened to Raman, why is he behaving so.

Shagun comes to meet Abhishek at police station. Dubey tells Abhishek that we did not find Ishita. Abhishek tells Shagun that our dept reputation is at stake, I don’t want this pressure. She says relax, I did not come to ask you anything, I got food for you, you always supported me and Ishita, I know you will support me even this time. He says sorry. She asks him not to say sorry, I came to help you. I got Romi’s call, he is worried, he said something is wrong, Raman is doing meetings back to back and did not go home. Abhishek says maybe he is not out of shock and want to keep himself busy. She says I also felt this, but Romi said something, I was shocked. Romi is managing work well, but Raman is accusing Romi that Romi is cheating and trying to take over company, whats wrong with him, Raman has fired Pathak and hired Niddhi. Abhishek says but she is criminal lawyer. Shagun says exactly, she is investing in Raman’s company, my instinct says there is something wrong. Abhishek gets thinking.

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Its morning, Raman comes downstairs and sees Ishita’s pic with garlands. Everyone sit silent. Abhishek comes there and says I had come to talk to Raman about Ishita, what happened that day. Raman says I told everything in DGP office. Abhishek says is there anything you forgot to tell us. Niddhi says there is no need to say anything. She walks in. Raman smiles seeing her.

Shagun thinks Romi was right, but why is Raman giving her importance. Niddhi says Raman will not answer you Abhishek, I know police will fail and put blame on Raman, ask him anything via me, I m his official lawyer. Abhishek says fine, I will meet Raman in official way. Raman says fine, I will be happy to help. Abhishek leaves.

Niddhi asks Raman to be careful, as Ishita’s body is not found. Raman says you are here, so no stress. The driver brings her bags. Raman thanks him. He tells everyone that Niddhi will stay with them for few days. They all get shocked. He asks Simmi to share her room with Niddhi, as Sarika is staying in guest room.

Niddhi says I know you all will feel strange, but I have to be with Raman, for legal reasons, as police will bother Raman, he has seen Ishita jumping down the cliff. Raman taunts Romi for being useless and leaves with Niddhi. Shagun says what happened to Raman. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman has turned mad, he has no courage to face truth, he did not see Ishita’s pic, he did not meet kids, do something Mr. Bhalla. She cries. Simmi hugs her. Mr. Bhalla worries.

Its night, Niddhi opens eyes and sees Simmi and Ananya sleeping. She goes to Raman and hugs him. Raman smiles and says I was waiting for you. They drink. Niddhi says I can’t believe we are together here. He says very soon, we will be together in same room. Mrs. Bhalla cries seeing the kids sleeping in their room, and kisses Ruhi. She goes out and stops hearing Raman’s voice. She goes to see him and gets shocked seeing him drinking and laughing, being with Niddhi.

Raman says you should be happy that Niddhi saved me and my business. Mrs. Bhalla says I know Ishita meant to you a lot, this woman should not be with you in this room. Raman stops Mrs. Bhalla and gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. worst episode . worstest precap .

  2. hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna
    natasha sowmy and all yhm friends.

  3. Its gettibg boring now!!!!!!

  4. guys i didnt c yesterday’s episode….its written dat saarika ws crying and told ruhi dat ishitha is no more is it genuine cn any1 who saw da epi in tv tell mee plss??????????

    1. When amma and simmi came to Iyer’s home they were sad ruhi ran to them and asked abt ishu but they didn’t reply juSt then sari ka enters shedding crocodile tears she was just pretending to cry and being sad that ishu committed suicide

    2. it looked genuine without any intentions… I think she will turn good in next episodes..

      1. i too felt Rithu

  5. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will
    show that advocate Nidhi
    does not leave single
    chance to impress
    Mrs Bhalla cook food but
    she goes anywhere for
    some work and Nidhi
    comes there.
    Nidhi wears apron and
    pretends of cooking food
    in front of Raman.
    Raman comes to the
    house and surprisingly
    asks her that if she
    cooked all food and Nidhi
    says yes.
    Nidhi tells him that Mrs
    Bhahlla is not well so she
    cooked food because she
    loves his family a lot.
    Raman is happy seeing
    Nidhi is doing all this for
    his family.
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

  6. Amazing episode

  7. good………. going

  8. Cool KP you are rocking… Hope Ishra to be back soonnnn

  9. Oh my goodness….. I did not watch yesterday’s and today’s episode. I only read the updates. Of course from now on, I know it is going to get worse but I will watch tomorrow’s episode though because of Ruhi. Either it will be tomorrow’s episode or Sunday where she will file a legal notice to Raman in disagreeing of Raman marrying NIddhi. I suppose now Divyanka can take a break and maybe prepare for her wedding arrangements. I only am puzzled with one thing. How did the rope get loose that Ishita manage to escape from the gallows. The wire mesh was also cut off for her. It can’t be so good that everything has been miraculously arranged for her. There must be someone who has helped in her escape besides just Raman alone. She falling from the cliff and getting escaped is not possible. Of course we all know she didn’t die so there must be someone down to get her when she fell off. Raman has to bring her to a safe place so Ishita would have known that is is Raman’s plan. I don’t understand why the spoiler says that she takes another Avatar and revenges Raman for marrying Niddhi. One can truly see that Raman is only faking it and that is why he was not even there at her pooja knowing very well that she is alive. He also can’t afford to see the children because he would get weak and might just tell the truth. Only in YHM, you will see people get resurrected. Shagun got resurrected and next Ishita will also get resurrected. Remember they had pictures of Rinki with garland and Shagun with garland during the ghost drama and now picture of Ishita with garland. Not sure whether the leap will come, if leap comes what will happen to Ruhi. They have to show her grown up right. Will some characters change? It is wait to be seen. The only thing I detest the most is Raman marrying NIddhi. She kidnaps the children and threatens Raman to marry her. If she is still so powerful and get her way, then how is he going to get the video clip to prove Ishita’s innocent. He already chickens out when she threatens him with kidnapping her kids. Is he going to marry for real? Oh no…. the entire story is now getting so convoluted and disgusting. I absolutely abhor this Niddhi. She really looks so ugly and what a wicked smile. I think if we talk about villian Ashok and Suraj have some style and Sarika is also a pretty villanious but Niddhi oh horrible woman. Raman who was always in the goody shoes now suddenly became the villian. Some how I think he spends more time at work is to also avoid spending too much time with Niddhi. Since he is acting, he does not want to be in her company too much by being too close to her. So he has to be busy at work so not a lot of chance to be with her too much. Whatever I am saying I think I am only consoling myself that Ishra will rejoin soon. Oh these episodes are being craps…… At least I will be happy watching Ruhi. Maybe they should bring Mihika back and at least show us Romi and Mihika being together. Something better to watch.

  10. Reshma u r studying in govt wmns clg tvpm!!!!!! even I’m studying there 1st ba Hindi. What a surprise!!!!!

    1. Reshma Pradeep

      OMG!!!!!Its Really surprising yaar……..

  11. Too many changes and such a shity drama

  12. Hey guys i am shruti
    How r u all
    I hope u dnt mind me joining u as am a big yhm fan

    1. Reshma Pradeep

      Of Course, WELCOME yaar………

  13. I think writters are getting Inspired by other shows like sns and kkb.. ….. . .. ……………. to get trp,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, atleast there serial theme they should keep in mind.,,,,,,,,, I’m sure they r gonna drag this for another 2 month

  14. where is my ishuuuuuuuu I can’t watch yhm without her. pls show her fasttttttttttt……..

  15. Bulshit with raman n niddhi

  16. Ishu can’t die… I think a great secret is hidden behind all this drama

  17. Welcome Shruti

  18. I hope all this is ramans plans or he really needs to go to a mental hospital
    And pleeeeeeeease end this damn? track and give our old ?yhm back and show us a happy and a cute ending I’m begging ????

  19. Adi’s fb with his Ishimaa n Ruhi Was the best part of this episode. Ruhi n Adi are missing their ishimaa. Raman is behaving weird actually he don’t to keep a single stone unturned to save Ishita he is doing so Nidhi can believe him completely. Plz writers show where Ishita is this show is nothing without Ishita. It must be difficult for Raman to control his anger n be loving n polite to Nidhi n rude towards his family, to avoid such situations he is keeping himself busy. Raman completely bilieve his family that’s why he is avoiding Adi n Ruhi.plz writers end this track soon n re unite Ish Ra because YHM means Raman Ishita Adi aur Tuhi ki mohabbatain.

  20. Can’t watch yhm with out DT. Boring…bring back Dr

  21. Superb superb superb superb superb superb superb superb superb superb ep……

  22. I want Ishita back. Hate nidhi with Raman. Raman should be punished what he is doing. He can’t given Ishitas position to someone else. Not good going.

  23. ITS ALLLLL A PLAN’!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don’t worry

  24. hello every one in d house

  25. plan or not plan this is too much …. playing with the emotions of the viewers . without Divyanka yhm is nothing . really feel sorry for the kids …. their acting is superb …..and shaghun trying to be a Devi is another thing …. what she had been earlier and now consoling every one …. cant accept . totally bullshit , rubbish …. what all things we are going to watch … and Acp looks really sick with his hair style ….

  26. Who wants to watch YHM without Ishitha???bullshit…

  27. hey guys good afternoon.

  28. Balaji Teleflims Yeh Hai
    Mohababbtein engaging the viewers
    with it’s suspense filled track.The
    show gave a shocker to the viewers
    when Raman(Karan Patel) pushed
    his lovely wife Ishita(Divyanka
    Tripathi) off the cliff.
    As we have Already informed , Nidhi
    becomes official lawyer of Raman
    and he brings her to Bhalla
    house. Raman losing his cool on
    Ruhi (Ruhanika Dhawan) who will be
    aghast to know that her father is
    divorcing her beloved Ishima. She
    will say that she won’t call him Papa
    ever after. Raman will be very angry
    and Shagun (Anita Hassanandani)
    will try to calm him down by saying
    that Ruhi is just a kid.
    In the coming episodes, Nidhi plays
    her another trick to impress Raman.
    Toshiji cooks food for everyone and
    Nidhi who finds that Raman is just
    about to come in a minute. She goes
    to kitchen and tells Toshiji that she
    will handle everything and sends her
    When Raman enters She fakes and
    tells him that she cooked everything
    only for him. Raman will get
    impressed by her (Hope he finds that
    Toshiji cooked everything by tasting
    The Whole DRAMA will be witnessed
    by Amma and Toshiji ,they both fume
    on Nidhi’s antics and decide to
    teach her a lesson. Amma gives an
    idea to Toshiji to drink loaded and
    spoil Nidhi’s party. It will be
    interesting to watch how the ladies
    plan to irritate Nidhi Chabra.
    Well,We like to give a warning to
    Nidhi to stay away from Amma and
    Toshiji, Because they both are
    experts in harassing and had
    experience with Shagun and Sarika.
    What will be Raman’s next plan? Will
    Raman and Nidhi marry? Stay tuned
    for more updates.

  29. we want ishitha back soon in the show. can anyone tell whether leap will happen or not in yhm ?

  30. OMG just saw ishu’s new look. At 1st I couldn’t even understand that it was ishu. she was so beautiful. But too short hair.

    1. Reshma Pradeep

      I also see that…………Its Totally different look from our Ishu……..But I don’t like the hairs……..

  31. the story is like Khoon Bhari Maang. But with one difference. Raman is being blackmailed with videos by the criminal later who herself turned into a criminal.

  32. Shraddha Sharma

    The show is getting bore and worst day by day…
    I know Raman is helping Ishita and trying to prove Niddhi wrong but this track is getting more and more bore and worst… or manoj bhi gyab hai, sarika ko ab bhi akal nhi aayi hai and uss lady ka kya hua jiske husband ke murder k charge me ishita jail gyi thi; usne bhi sach nhi btaya and much more is going.. this track was not required, unnessary addition.. writers are making show trp to go low low and low


  34. Hey m shruti hello every1

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