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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita consoling Ruhi. Ruhi says why is this happening with me. Ishita says you have to face the reality, you can’t run away, you did not do wrong, we have to catch culprit, you have to help us. Ruhi asks how will we catch him, I don’t know how did this happen, when, where and why. Ishita says that’s why we need your help, watch the video and find out the place, till you give clue to police, none can do anything, I know its tough, you have to do this.

Ishita gives her phone. Ruhi checks video and cries. She leaves phone. Ishita says please watch it, tell me which place is this. Ruhi cries. Ishita gives her water and asks her to relax. She makes Ruhi watch video. Ruhi cries. Ishita asks what do you want, that person should be caught or not, you have to

do this for us, your respect is our respect, that person is wrong, he should get punished, shall we leave him, you have to help us. Ruhi checks the video and says Ishi Maa, its shot in Australia. Raman asks what, that video is made in Australia, hotel room, its my mistake to leave her alone. Ishita says no, not hotel room. He asks where the. She says its Shagun and Mani’s service apartment, Mani took that for Shagun and Pihu, Ruhi’s clothes were spoiled and she went there to have bath. He says Shagun would not know, one thing is sure, culprit is in Delhi and calling Ruhi to meet, I will talk to commissioner and not leave him. He goes. Ishita thinks to try once and meet Shagun.

Aaliya collides with Adi. She says now everything will happen bad by seeing his face. She says I came to meet Dadu, not you. He asks did you get to know. She says yes, some people in Bhallas care for me and informed me. He argues and asks why did you complaint to Shagun. She says I don’t understand, I will meet Dadu and leave. He asks her not to meet Dadu/Mr. Bhalla and go, I don’t want him to be upset. She asks who are you to stop me. Romi and Mihika come and stop him. Mihika asks Aaliya to come. Romi asks why are you saying between them, you like to interfere, let them solve their matter. Mihika says no, I m standing with truth, you Bhalla men are same, always stopping us, I can take her to Amma atleast. She takes Aaliya.

Adi asks Romi to see their attitude, why did Aaliya do backb*t*hing to Shagun about me. Shagun is on call and says I have to talk about my divorce. Ishita comes there. Shagun sees Ishita and gets angry on her. She asks Ishita to go. Ishita says I need to talk to you please, if its Ruhi, will you not talk. Shagun asks what happened to Ruhi, this is your plan right, you know about me and Mani’s problems, how did Ruhi need me, you used Vidyut against me, why should I trust you.

Ishita says why will I play games using Ruhi. Shagun says you did that in Australia. Ishita says I came for Ruhi, our daughter, I can’t never use her, Ruhi’s MMS is made in bathroom, while she was having a bath. Shagun gets shocked, and asks what, come in.

Amma asks Mrs. Bhalla about asking Simmi about Gaurav, Simmi refused, what was the meaning, it was Simmi’s heart has confusion. Mrs. Bhalla asks what do you mean, she is busy with work and Ananya. Amma says if she gets anyone, she will not be busy, she is alone so she stays busy. Mrs. Bhalla says I understand, I want someone to be there in her life. Amma says we have to do something for Simmi, there is everything ready on internet, there are matrimonial websites. Mrs. Bhalla says if Simmi knows, she may get angry. Amma says don’t tell anyone, we will find guy then we will see, I will get Bala’s laptop.

Shagun gets shocked seeing the MMS. Ishita says Ruhi said its made in your apartment. Shagun says its bathroom in that apartment where I was staying, but there was no one, just a housekeeper, she was a lady, what would be Ruhi going through. Ishita says she is much worried. Shagun asks did you complaint in police. Ishita says yes, we complaint in cyber cell also, did anyone come to meet Ruhi there. Shagun says that house was safe. Ishita asks who came there, did housekeeper call anyone. Shagun says I remember when Ruhi came, Pihu was excited and juice fell on Ruhi’s clothes. FB shows Ruhi telling Shagun that juice fell on her clothes, I have to go for meeting.

Shagun asks her to take shower and tell Lina if she wants anything. FB ends. Shagun says I had to leave to meet someone, heater was not working, so I called heater repair mechanic, I gave keys to house keeper, Ruhi was alone at home, when I returned, house keeper said heater mechanic came and repaired it. Ishita says it means that heater repair guy is the one, how to need his number. Shagun says I will call Lina. She calls and leaves a voicemail for Lina, asking her to get in touch with her urgently. Ishita asks is she Indian lady, I hope she will help, I will inform Raman.

Raman is in cyber cell and talks to inspector. Inspector says we can catch the culprit here, maybe he is following Ruhi and came here, he is sharp, we could not his IP location, it means he is keeping an eye on Ruhi. Raman says find him, I will not leave him. Suhail comes and says you should not leave him, he did bad thing. Inspector says police will help you. He asks Raman to sign on papers.

Suhail asks Raman to talk to friend who helped in Nisha’s case. Raman says yes, I think I should inform Abhishek. He gets a call and says I have to leave. Mr. Bhalla talks to Mihika and Aaliya. He says you will be shocked knowing Bhalla family history Aaliya. Mihika asks Aaliya to ask him. Aaliya asks whats his opinion on Bhalla men. He praises his family men, and their histories. Mihika and Aaliya smile. Mr. Bhalla says they were successful, but used to drink a lot, I m glad Aaliya showed interest in our family. Aaliya goes with Mihika.

Lawyer Suraj comes to meet Shagun. Shagun worries. He says you called me early. Ishita asks what is the matter. He says Shagun called me to talk about her divorce. Ishita gets shocked.

Inspector asks Raman to tell Ruhi to talk to blackmailer and they will trace call. Raman tells the same to Ruhi. Ruhi answers the call. Blackmailer says I know you all went to cyber cell and complaint against me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think suhail is the the way super fast update????

    1. Tvfan1

      Yes..he is apparently NIDDHIS brother

  2. Nice episode…and thanks for the fast update

  3. Hy priya, zaiba ,magic ,Marin ,shreya, tia, rithu, VP, madhu, sindhu, Khushiarvind, Susan , TV Fam, Bhagya, and all the yhm fans. How u all dng?

    BTW priya in which grade r u skuling n what’s ur Skul. I too live in Galle kaluwella.

    And Zaiba nyc to meet u too girly. Our house locates near the dehiwala zoo. Wau??

    When talking about the show it seems CVS r dragging the show too much….. Earlier ISHRA were dying to get Pihu BT nw there is no ishra-pihu scenes or shagun-pihu scenes. Guys can u remember palavi?? Wt hppnd to that custody case??? And the wrinky’s murder case?? Nw a days Ashok too disappeared. I think soon he’ll return as Bhalla family is going through difficulties…….. Really cv’s r fools to disappear characters when they wanted to and suddenly some characters get in to the show. Howfunny. 😛

    1. Mama labana awurudde O/L.. I live in Galle , wakwella road

      1. Oh great priya. Thn oya sangamittian knk da

      2. Yes Ahs.. I am a sangamittian.. Are you a sangamittian??

      3. No priya um a southlander

    2. Hi ahs. It was really nice chatting with you hope I get to see u.I stay near malay restaurant in hill street. And actually this time for the holidays I went to Galle kaluwella in an house but I don’t know exactly where coz am not familiar with the area but yeah my mom is frm Galle kaluwella and she spent her childhood there so there were a list of houses to visit but many people there have come and settled down in Colombo

    3. Ahs mang ahanna may hitiye oya ge nama ahs da? 😉

      1. Apith Galle kaluwella rent ekta inne. I too wish to see you soon. I stay near da zoo. Actually um ahsana

    4. Oh ok that’s not very far from our home my grandmother’s house is also close to that place so I pass that way everytime I go there. Ohhhhhh…. Pretty name 🙂

      1. Tnx zaiba. 🙂 🙂

    5. Ur most welcome ahs. :-). Oya Southland’s wela da igannagatte. Magey punchi ge pasalath Southland’s thamay. Et mage amma igannagatte convent wela

  4. Hi Ahs, Tvfan, zaiba, riya, tia, magic, shivani, rithu, saba, mino, shreya, marin, parichary, madhu, priyanvadha, hrisita, Sindhu, ridika, vp, bhagya, priya, kushi, ishan, mystrey, Tanaya, tia, susan, Natasha and all yhm fans..

    Episode is terrible. CVs will drag this scene more longer. . When will these problems end. Why are shra trusting suhail so much? Hope shagun and ishitha would be able to find the truth. Why don’t they try to find the culprit by tracking the phone number.? It’s the easiest and possible way..
    Hi Riya where are you??
    Hi ahs, tvfan, zaiba, i’m doing O/L s next year.

    1. Hi Priya. Am doing great how are you doing? I wish u best of luck for your o/l and I know you will pass it

      1. I am also fine Zaiba… Thank you so much

    2. Ur most welcome 🙂

  5. Tvfan1

    Hello,namasthe,ayubowan,Salam yhm fans.
    Glad this Shagun is helping.. What’s happening to adi and’s too much dragging for no reason.. Anyway I would rate this episode 7/10 how about you?

  6. Tvfan1

    Hy zaiba,priya and ahs..kohomada oya kattiyata. Me dawaswala iskole holiday Hinda gedarata wela boring ane..oya kattiya Moko karrane? Planning any trips?

    1. I went on a trip to trinco n polonnaruwa. Um done wid my Al’s this year

      1. Tvfan1

        Janauary 2nd week results ne? Dan nam good luck kiyala Wadak naa.wish u all the best Akki. Mama kara wechcha podi girl. Nxt year grade 9

      2. Hello who are you? And in which language are you talking bhai where is shivani vp magic rithu

    2. Trips gihin iwarai mamanam. School nathuwa palui. Eth patan gaththama balan inne holidays enakan..???

      1. Apith Skul kale holiday wenakan balance htiya BT Dan mm Skul eka godak miss krnawa.
        TV fan oya thama batting kellek ne.

    3. Hi tvfan. Mang hodin oyata kohomada? Ow ane me dawaswala harima boring. Ow mang holiday start wala Galle welata giya. Oyat one Galle wela da?

      1. Yea zaiba mn Galle inne

      2. Tvfan1

        ow ane..mama inne kandy..oya next year 10 da?

    4. Tvfan oya Colombo wela da inne? Mama Colombo wela thamay inne.

  7. Hi Rithu, VP, Mino, Shivani,Magic, marin, Madhu, Bhagya, Priya, Priyamvadha, Ridika, Khushi, Riya, Ahs, Susan, Zaiba, jay, Monique, Parichary, Kiran, Sherya and many many YHM fans.

    Hi Khushi, it was nice to read your comments yesterday after a long time.

    Hi Sherya, sorry didn’t mean not to mentione your name but I thought you said you were away with studies and would not come for awhile. It was nice you came back with your comments.

    Zaiba, I meant to ask you. Are you a student? If so, what standard are you in ?

    1. Hi sindhu. Yes I am a student well I’m in ninth grade

      1. Tvfan1

        Oya next year 10 da?

      2. Naa tvfan mang next year nine ane. Mang podi ne. Eh kiyanne ogollo ta wadaa podi

      3. Tvfan1

        No zaiba ur the same age as me!! Mamath nxt year 9!!

      4. Attada am so glad. Oya Colombo wala da inne?

  8. Suhail is really a double headed snake. He really can pretend to be such a nice guy and won over everyone’s heart. Thank goodness Romi does not buy him easily. He is so heartless. How can he do this to Ruhi? First Niddhi tortured her so much and now Suhail uses emotional blackmail. Poor Ruhi…. Apart from this I have nothing else to comment about today’s episode.

    Both Adi and Aliya do not have the habit to sit down and clarify any misunderstanding. Both of them are always jumping into wrong conclusions. Glad that at least Shagun is helpful in this MMS case and tried to help Ruhi out.

    1. Tvfan1

      you are so right sindhu!

  9. Hi everyone I was a silent reader. But now can l join u guys

    1. Yes sure sparkle

    2. Ankitha

      Sure welcome to the yhm family. And we are glad that you have opened up to speak to us. Again a hearty welcome to you

    3. Tvfan1

      Yea sure

    4. You can surely join us..Welcome..

    5. Sure sparkle. I’m sure u will enjoy it here it’s really nice even am enjoying

  10. No one except suhail can know all the things raman does. suhail just acts a heroic and hails everytime bhallas have some problem. thats impossible except the fact that he himself is the mastermind behind all this

  11. Hi all?…
    And a special hi to Priya?, sorry?I couldn’t reply you as I thought I was too late to do so. Time⌚zone of london is 5 hours+30 mins later than in India. I have read all comments everyday as a silent reader.

    Now I hate Ruhi so much, it seems like she trusts Raman more than Sohail. It is alright to date someone still just tell your parents about and I am sure they will know who is trustworthy. Here in London girls start dating at 10 and hang around with boyfriend and stuff.

    CVS please change DT and KP’s wardrobe. KP looks like gangster instead of a businessman. And DT looks older than her real age. The Old DT and KP was better,DT use to wear sarees and KP business suits.

    Some people have forgotten me?… Thats sad.

    1. Hi Riya it’s ok if you reply late. I’m happy to read your comments always.

    2. Riya…

      You are wrong. Raman is Ruhi father not Sohail. Sohail is Niddi’s brother so that Sohail did not know about the Niddi’s past and don’t blame on Raman. Niddi did wrong doing to get Ishita framed of murder of the other laywer and want to separated Ishra. Niddi did not know who Raman dumped Niddi. Raman dumped Niddi to marry Shagun not Ishita. Shagun dumped Raman for Ashok when Ruhi is 5 months old. Raman was single father for five years by taking care of Ruhi. Raman did not show his affection towards his daughter Ruhi because Ruhi has Shagun’s mote. Raman loves his daughter. A stranger woman/Raman’s neighbour (Ishita) save Ruhi’s life and gave so much attention on Ruhi. Ruhi bring Ishita as part of Bhalla family that Mr Bhalla (Raman’s father) and Mr Iyer (Ishita’s father) want Raman to marry Ishita for Ruhi sake so Raman agreed to marry Ishita to win Ruhi custody. Raman and Ishita married and judge give Ruhiç custody to Ishita and Raman get happy but still hate Ishita then slowly Ishita changed Raman’s bitter life into sweet and loving life. Raman life have completely changed from hateful to lovable person.

      This will not last long for Shagun to help Ishra to save Ruhi but will join in hand with Sohail to revenge on Ishita. I came to know that Shagun will know who is Sohail. Shagun will use Sohail to get Ruhi to revenge on Ishita. Sohail will make amid between Raman & Ruhi and so is Shagun will make amid between Ishra. Shagun want to use Ruhi as her other new weapon to separate Raman and Ishita for breaking her marriage with Mani.

    3. What is going on?? Why are the cvs testing our patience? Ishra with problems! I thought suhail Is a good boy..but he is acting too goody in front of everyone. In fact I heard suhail is nidhis bro… poor ruhi…finish off this stupid mms track soon… Ishita seeking help from shagun for ruhi… this is unnecessary. Ishita should find out about suhail and expose him soon,because ishita can only do this…even Raman. Maybe this track is for the re-entry of nidhi or ashok? I hate this suhail.. even I heard he would slap ruhi to calm her down.such a stupidity. Without ishita,no yhm. I hope with the help of abhiskek, ishra would solve the case… suhail with the help of voice changer he is mimicking another voice. Killadi… The best part in yesterday’s episode was mani to divorce shaggy. I don’t think he will do that soon because cvs have another idea to pair them up again..oh god.
      Really sorry guys for hurting ishra.. I misunderstood them… shagun is the person I hate. Really sorry to priyamvadha,shreya and all fans… I hope you forgive me.

    4. I totally agree with you riya.and hi . how are you?

  12. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    yes sparkle u can surely join us

  13. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi ahs iam fine i can’t understand your language but your language is nice

    1. He he tnq Bhagya. R u a Hindu girl?? I don’t know much abt indian religions coz there r many.

  14. Ankitha

    Hi friends , i really tink suhail is behind all this . Poor Ruhi i do not know what that poor girl did that both nidhi and suhail are taking revenge from her. I hope this suhail track ends. And ruhi must get a true love after undergoing so much pain in her life.

  15. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    thankgod shagun is helping ishu but pls show some scene between pihu and her ishima now a days i felt the show is not related to title

    1. Yah..scenes between pihu and ishima are not there…

  16. I just read the spoiler and realized that Ishita will be kidnapped by the blackmailer on New Year’s day celebration. How many times will Ishita be kidnapped, separated from Raman and go to prison????? Can’t they come out with something else? Forever the kidnapping drama. If the blackmailer kidnaps Ruhi, it makes some sense but kidnap Ishita has no logic. Then again we have to understand that Ishita is on her honeymoon so they need to show her being kidnapped. Now this kidnap drama is going to go on for awhile untile she returns from her honeymoon. I am not sure whether this spoiler will be true but if it comes true it will be boring.

    1. No..not again…kidnapping track only for ishu? Suhail or shagun is behind this.

  17. What is going on?? Why are the cvs testing our patience? Ishra with problems! I thought suhail Is a good boy..but he is acting too goody in front of everyone. In fact I heard suhail is nidhis bro… poor ruhi…finish off this stupid mms track soon… Ishita seeking help from shagun for ruhi… this is unnecessary. Ishita should find out about suhail and expose him soon,because ishita can only do this…even Raman. Maybe this track is for the re-entry of nidhi or ashok? I hate this suhail.. even I heard he would slap ruhi to calm her down.such a stupidity. Without ishita,no yhm. I hope with the help of abhiskek, ishra would solve the case… suhail with the help of voice changer he is mimicking another voice. Killadi… The best part in yesterday’s episode was mani to divorce shaggy. I don’t think he will do that soon because cvs have another idea to pair them up again..oh god. Ishita kidnapping drama…not again.
    Really sorry guys for hurting ishra.. I misunderstood them… shagun is the person I hate. Really sorry to priyamvadha,shreya and all fans.for hurting you…. I hope you forgive me.

  18. Oh no, again adi and aliya are fighting… why so much of misunderstandings between them? This Shagun , not in her own son’s side is creating fights between them… I hope adi and aliyas marriage will happen.

  19. This story is getting so boring. DT and KP are like strangers. No loving scenes. Raman is going thru hell but no comforting from Ishita.
    Riya I completely agree with you. DT and KP looked 1000 times better in old YHM.
    DT used to sport all her traditional marriage symbols and KP used to look daper in his suit.

    I don’t think anything we say will change the show, as I read somewhere that it is going to end soon.

  20. I too think dat suhail is the one

  21. Hi everyone I missed today’s eposide coz my exams but I will catch the eposide layer I have read somewhere that sohail is niddhis brother ab pata nii ye niddhi ka baji kahan say a gaya

  22. Cvs conversation: How do we avoid IshRa scene when it comes to them wishing each other happy new year. O yes lets do one thing. Get Ishita kidnapped. Great. Problem solved.

  23. Hi all yhm fans.boring episodes. Suhail is the culprit end is working with shaggy I think.take care all. Happy holidays.

  24. Hi yhm fans,Ritu,super girl,Susan,siddhi,evil,jay,reshmi,Bhagya,ankitha,has,Parichary,Prya and all yhm fans I like episode today.

    1. Oh hi saba.. After a long time. Where have you been?

      1. Hi Priya I went to holiday,I really miss all of u.i hop all of u is good.

    2. Hey Saba . how are you? I am soo glad to see your comment after a long time.

  25. Magic and Rithu were are u both?after long time I start Coment and I miss u to.we are one family and I love all of u.iam oldest in here all of u are live in my heart.

    1. Hey Saba . how are you?I am glad to see your comment after a long time.

      1. Rithu iam out but now I came schools have holidays to 2 weeks,iam a primary school teacher.

  26. Omg!!!! Can the director get back the old ishra and ruhi moments? Can the director stop creating problems between adi and aaliya? I am done with this serial. And I now hate ishra for believing in suhail so much. Why is ishita behavibg so stupid? She is very intelligent in the whole bhalla family. I hope this drama ends very soon.

  27. Hi magic priya rithu reshmi ahs and all yhm fans how r u?
    I am fine ahs thank you and I cant understand your language but I like your language.
    episode was ok I like the effort of raman and ishita for supporting ruhi

    1. I too going well tia

  28. Vp raj sughano?

    1. Oh fine Tia thank you

  29. very boring the episode was …what cvs are upto … really dragging … Ishitha and Ruhi scene very good . But Ishitha going to Shaghun … as nobody can trust Shaghun for a bit was really not required . Its very obvious cvs want Shaghuns entry . And Ishitha will come to know about the divorce and back again unnecessary will intefere in the same . understand Ishitha will be kidnapped … cvs are running short of concepts … back again the same repetition . Sohail is really getting into nerves … Feeling so sad the way story line is moving … and cvs are playing with our emotions. When I was watching yhm in star utsav , was thinking how brilliant the story was so too KP and Ishitha and Ruhi . As Raghu mentioned after 10 years things change but atleast be real …

    1. But they have only been “married” for about 2 years.

  30. Swathi21

    Hi guys can i join u?

    1. You can surely join us.welcome to this site.

  31. Swathi21

    May i know who did that mms

    1. That was done by Sohail because he is niddhi ‘s brother and they want to take revenge from bhalla .It came in a spoiler.

  32. Hey guys a very good afternoon to all.

  33. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Ruhi is very much disturbed after her MMS issue.

    Raman organizes New Party at Bhall house cheering up Ruhi and everyone joins the party.

    Sohail also comes there where he makes everyone dance Baby Ko Base Pasand and Raman dances with Ruhi and Simmi happily.

    Ruhi is tensed not seeing Ishita in party who went solve Pihu’s problems.
    Raman and Ruhi tensed not seeing Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi)

    Ruhi tells Raman that blackmailer might kidnap Ishita which makes Raman tensed.

    Meanwhile, Simmi’s boyfriend enters at Bhalla house and Mrs Bhalla is happy assuming Simmi finally gets a partner.

    Will Raman find out Ishita safe?

  34. After soo many days I am seeing many comments in this site.

  35. The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some interesting twist and turns.

    It seems that Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman (Karan Patel) throw a New Year party to help Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) overcome the trauma post her MMS scandal.

    Suhail (Gaurav Wadhwa) will also come to the party and will shake legs along with Ruhi in popular song Baby Ko Base Pasand Hai.

    However things will take a dramatic twist when Ruhi will realise that Ishita is missing from the party.

    Shockingly Soon Ruhi will realise that this might be the work of the blackmailer.

    Raman will get furious after hearing it.

    Keep watching this site for more exciting news and updates on your favourite show.

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