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The Episode starts with Shagun running from the goons. Ishita comes there and sees Shagun and goons. Shagun jumps in the lake to get saved. Ishita looks on from far. The goons tell Ashok that Shagun disappeared, and this lake has crocodile. Ashok says I know that and asks them to find her. They leave. Ishita goes near the lake and calls out Shagun. A crocodile slides in the water from the shore. Shagun is inside the waters. Ishita gets shocked seeing crocodile and shouts. She asks Shagun to come out, there is a crocodile in the water. Ishita runs to save Shagun and jumps in the lake. She gets Shagun and brings her out.

Ishita sees the crocodile getting closer and hurries. She drops Shagun to the shore. The crocodile bites Ishita’s leg and pulls her. Ishita and Shagun scream. Ishita

asks Shagun to go. Shagun asks her to give her hand. Shagun shouts for help and runs to call someone. Few men pass by. Shagun asks them to save Ishita and takes them along to the lake. The men see Ishita being pulled by the crocodile and go to rescue her. They beat the crocodile by spades. Shagun worries. The men bring Ishita out. Shagun cries and holds Ishita. She asks them to call ambulance fast and cries.

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Shagun to face Raman’s rage again in YHM

Raman and Romi come to that medical store. Raman asks about that call. The doctors treat wounded Ishita. The doctor asks nurse to arrange blood. Romi says its confirmed that Ishita came here. Raman says why did she buy medicines, I feel she is in problem, try calling her, I will see. The men talk about the woman who jumped in lake to save other woman. Raman asks what happened. The man tells him that a woman was shouting for help, her friend jumped in river to save her from the crocodile and got wounded. Raman asks what did that woman wear. The man describes and Raman tells Romi that it can be Ishita. He asks where are they now. The man says they went to nearby hospital, don’t know that woman will survive or not. Romi says it can be Bhabhi. Raman worries.

Shagun wants to see Ishita. The doctor says we will take her to OT, she will be fine, sign on some forms. The nurse asks her to sign and submit forms. Raman and Romi come there and ask about the woman attacked by crocodile. They rush to check in emergency ward. Shagun sees Raman and Romi and gets shocked. She hides.

The ward boy stops Raman and asks whom is he finding. Raman asks about the crocodile attack victim. The ward boy sends them to emergency ward. Raman and Romi leave. Shagun cries seeing Ishita. She goes out. Raman hears Shagun. Shagun says I will inform her family, take Ishita for operation. She cries. Raman gets super shocked seeing her and gets teary eyed.

Shagun signs the form. Raman holds Shagun and she turns. She gets shocked seeing him. He asks about his baby, is it fine. She says yes. He fumes and slaps her. They cry. She says listen to me, I have to see Ishita. He asks about his baby, Ishita’s baby is alive. She says yes. He asks is she saying truth, what was the need to do all this. She says Ishita and I… He says this baby was Ishita’s last hope, she is fighting for her life to save your life, before I lose my temper, come with me. He holds her hand and takes her.

Shagun asks Raman to listen. Bhalla family get shocked seeing Shagun. Ashok is glad after Sarika gives him this news. He asks where is Ishita. Sarika says Ishita is in OT. Ashok says Ishita was fighting with me, I won in three out of four chances.

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  1. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will
    show that Raman brings
    both Ishita and Shagun
    together in Bhalla house.
    Raman is completely
    broken down and burst
    out on Ishita for betraying
    his and his family
    members doing ghost
    drama since 3 months.
    Shagun and Ishita try to
    explain Raman that he did
    this for saving from
    Ashok but Raman tells
    her that Ashok can never
    hurt him.
    Raman blames Ishita for
    uniting with Shagun and
    play with their emotions.
    Raman takes alcohol
    bottle and closes himself
    in the rom.
    Ishita knocks Raman to
    open the door but he does
    not open it and then Romi
    breaks the door.
    Romi and Ishita get
    shocked seeing Raman’s
    unconscious condition
    and rushes to the
    Will this bitter truth
    separate Raman and

  2. yeh raman pagal ho gaya hai .agar ishitha aur shagun yeh sab nahi karthe toh raman ko woh ashok maar detha .aur agar raman kehtha hai ki ashok usse hurt nahi kar saktha hai toh woh ghar mein baitha khabri kya manjeera bajaatha ,adi ya ruhi ko maar ke indirectly raman ko maar dethi toh tab raman kya kartha ashok ko jail bhejtha khud marthaa aur kya kartha .

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