Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun running from the goons. Ishita comes there and sees Shagun and goons. Shagun jumps in the lake to get saved. Ishita looks on from far. The goons tell Ashok that Shagun disappeared, and this lake has crocodile. Ashok says I know that and asks them to find her. They leave. Ishita goes near the lake and calls out Shagun. A crocodile slides in the water from the shore. Shagun is inside the waters. Ishita gets shocked seeing crocodile and shouts. She asks Shagun to come out, there is a crocodile in the water. Ishita runs to save Shagun and jumps in the lake. She gets Shagun and brings her out.

Ishita sees the crocodile getting closer and hurries. She drops Shagun to the shore. The crocodile bites Ishita’s leg and pulls her. Ishita and Shagun scream. Ishita

asks Shagun to go. Shagun asks her to give her hand. Shagun shouts for help and runs to call someone. Few men pass by. Shagun asks them to save Ishita and takes them along to the lake. The men see Ishita being pulled by the crocodile and go to rescue her. They beat the crocodile by spades. Shagun worries. The men bring Ishita out. Shagun cries and holds Ishita. She asks them to call ambulance fast and cries.

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Shagun to face Raman’s rage again in YHM

Raman and Romi come to that medical store. Raman asks about that call. The doctors treat wounded Ishita. The doctor asks nurse to arrange blood. Romi says its confirmed that Ishita came here. Raman says why did she buy medicines, I feel she is in problem, try calling her, I will see. The men talk about the woman who jumped in lake to save other woman. Raman asks what happened. The man tells him that a woman was shouting for help, her friend jumped in river to save her from the crocodile and got wounded. Raman asks what did that woman wear. The man describes and Raman tells Romi that it can be Ishita. He asks where are they now. The man says they went to nearby hospital, don’t know that woman will survive or not. Romi says it can be Bhabhi. Raman worries.

Shagun wants to see Ishita. The doctor says we will take her to OT, she will be fine, sign on some forms. The nurse asks her to sign and submit forms. Raman and Romi come there and ask about the woman attacked by crocodile. They rush to check in emergency ward. Shagun sees Raman and Romi and gets shocked. She hides.

The ward boy stops Raman and asks whom is he finding. Raman asks about the crocodile attack victim. The ward boy sends them to emergency ward. Raman and Romi leave. Shagun cries seeing Ishita. She goes out. Raman hears Shagun. Shagun says I will inform her family, take Ishita for operation. She cries. Raman gets super shocked seeing her and gets teary eyed.

Shagun signs the form. Raman holds Shagun and she turns. She gets shocked seeing him. He asks about his baby, is it fine. She says yes. He fumes and slaps her. They cry. She says listen to me, I have to see Ishita. He asks about his baby, Ishita’s baby is alive. She says yes. He asks is she saying truth, what was the need to do all this. She says Ishita and I… He says this baby was Ishita’s last hope, she is fighting for her life to save your life, before I lose my temper, come with me. He holds her hand and takes her.

Shagun asks Raman to listen. Bhalla family get shocked seeing Shagun. Ashok is glad after Sarika gives him this news. He asks where is Ishita. Sarika says Ishita is in OT. Ashok says Ishita was fighting with me, I won in three out of four chances.

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  1. nivedha

    Actually now what’s wrong… Shagun and ishitha can explain the whole now na… Omg.. I can’t wait till tomorrow

  2. mp

    plz don’t make any misunderstanding bitween ishita and raman and hope ishita will be ok. Send that ashok to jail as soon as posible.

  3. Woooowowowowoowwowowo as expected Raman is loosing his temper and maybe separation takes place after dis as expected guys chaa didn’t expect dis from Raman oh no chii what’s da need to slap a pregnant woman chaa chiii toooo bad on ur part Raman ishitha will nt spare u as expected guyss

  4. Finally….. Finally raman got to know the truth …… uff a big sigh relief and today karan Patel’s acting was extraordinary ,mind blowing, just out of the world how perfectly, he delivered the expression of being in hell shock, happy to hear about his baby, anger for hiding the truth and frustrated for the health condition of ishita
    Wah re wah!!!!!! Kya acting thi yaaar actually it was hard to believe for me that he was acting it looked extremely real and true how blissfully he executed all emotions in one expression masha allah!!!!!:-) and divyanka and anitha also did wonderful job during those ghost wala episodes divyanka’s acting was extremely mass and powerful and today the same with karan with each and every shots divan are proving that they are the best.

    And am happy that this track finally came to the conclusion with super duper acting of leads but I am little scared ‘coz in sbs sbb and sbas segment anitha told that raman will be upset with both ishgun hope he will ununderstand them and will join their mission in exposing sarika and I am excited to watch more ishra scenes after a long gap “fingers crossed!!”

  5. Hii all…
    Finally truth is out…The best thing in todays epi was Kp’s acting..Shocked,happy,angry all expressions he totally nailed it….But someone pls killed that sarika m totally pissed of her…

  6. yes today karan patel acting was amazing as raman point of view his anger is correct bcos he loved that much ishita but i hope he wont get angry an ishita after he hears everything from her he also join with ishita and find out sarika’s reality
    Dear writters where is abished why shagun till not called him from the hospital phone

  7. SIndhu

    At least finally the truth is out and I think Raman has to get angry as it is only human for someone like him to get frustrated over all these. He must be thinking these two women are silly to take matter into their own hands until risking their lives. I think his anger is justified but I don’t think he would be angry with Ishita in that sense but he is only probably angry that he was not involved right from the beginning and she hid the truth doing all these drama. However, I suppose they would show a few episodes Raman being in the hospital worried for Ishita hoping his wife recovers. I am not sure whether during this point will Sarika come and brainwash him. This can be Ashok’s way of attacking Ishita. I only hope he sees that Ishita really tried to protect him, his family and their baby. Hopefully when he realizes that kind of sacrifice that she has done, no husband will be angry with his wife. Remember what the Baba ji said that I have not seen any wife go to such length to save her husband and because of that he also helped Ishita. I am very sure Raman will understand if not audience will not accept the track if Raman does not forgive her.

  8. soni

    feeling depressed…now a days no videos available to download &see…raman acting was extraordinary…no words for is acting

  9. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Shagun saves Ishita from crocodile with help of villagers.
    Shagun is shocked seeing Ishita is not responding and she admit her to the hospital. Shagun is scared as Ashok is still behind her. Raman searches Ishita and finds her in hospital. Raman is shocked seeing Shagun alive and then knowing about Ishita’s condition.
    Raman brings Shagun in front of family members and still angry on her. Raman gets broken down knowing Shagun and Ishita reality and consumes alcohol a lot. Raman is unaware about Shagun is still carrying his and Ishita’s baby in her womb.
    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

    • But rithu sree today they showed raman getting emotional after knowing that his baby is alive he even asked shagun that whether “mera bacha zinda hai” ??????

  10. Sara khan

    All those who are blaming raman for slapping. …. Just imagine his situation
    He did everything so that ishita could get a baby of her own..
    N now he found his wife has been attacked. .. He slapped in anger… Thts it

      • nivedha

        Thank u Diya.. Actually y I asked means if she wears yellow it will create prob to her
        1. First time her hand fracture in cricket match
        2. She got fainted and admitted in hospital(during navratri)
        3.earthquake in apartment
        4. Her Amma accident.. When she came to know that Raman helping shagun and she shattered
        5. Raman ishu dance.. Adi consumed wrong tablets

        In these situations she wore yellow tats y I asked for yesterday

  11. Raman today actually proved that he is a ravan Kumar!! He just selfishly asked only about his baby and doesn’t even care about the lady who carries his bacha and how easily he said that the baby was ishita’s last hope and she cannot live without the baby and I don’t remember ishita saying like that she said Ruhi and adi is enough for her and they’re her kids even she said raman is her chotu baby it was raman who was obsessed over the baby and he said he loves ishita the most then how could he forget about asking ishu’s condition even though he was in hell shock he could have asked shagun whether ishita is alright but usse tho hamesha bacha chaiye bhaki saab pahad mein jaaye….he not even concerned to Ask shagun anything he just care for his bacha not the mom of the baby and not the so called surrogate mother raman is like kuch bhi hojaye tum zinda raho ya na raho bas mujhe meri bacha chaiye matlab chaiye he is literally behaving like a kid who desperately desires for a toy

  12. nimrit

    hahaha……wt a acting yr…kp is just too good…..& ghumake lagai hai shagun ko….but so bad iss me shagun ki to koi galati nahi hai……

  13. nimrit

    hahaha……wt a acting yr…kp is just too good…..& kya ghumake lagai hai shagun ko….but so bad iss me shagun ki to koi galati nahi hai……

  14. diya

    episode was mindblowing . supperb . after sooo much dragging finally the truth . nd today karan patel totally ROCKKKDDDD!!!!!!! as an actor . those xpressions !!! uff ….. xtraordinary.. anita and divyanka also did a very good job. the plus point of this serial is the whole is filld with talented actors . espacially the leads …..

    well.. comng to raman’s reaction … well, xcpt that slap evrythng was justified.
    it is vry shockng fr him to know shagun is alive. nd the anger … is totally normal………..

    xcited fr tommorrows epi.. i hope no seperation ahead .. which am pretty sure will not hppn.. cz anita gave a byte that whn raman will get to know the truth he will hopefully understand …………… waiting for tommorrows epi .

  15. We asked the writers to bring back our old yhm and now they are bringing back the old yhm surrogacy track# heights of blunders but on this whole hungama only one thing made my day and that was karan Patel’s acting love you kp and dt and please creative people don’t create any blunders hereafter

  16. shivani

    I m surprised.after doing so much ( jumping , dancing , shot by goon , even swimming ) nothing has happened to Shagun and that chote doremon..
    Lagta hai ye chota doremon ambuja cement se baba hai. Ab Raman fir se mera bachha mera bachha.aur Shagun back in bhalla house. So disgusting..

  17. Diya

    Hi guyzz.. Rithu, jhanvi, Diya, darshika, siddhi, nimrit, faya, fathi, parvathy, sabrin etc…

    Mind blowing episode..hats off..after months of dragging finally truth is out.. Raman just nailed it..wat a performance..

    All the emotions together..hell shocked knowing shagun is bounds for happiness as his baby is still alive..angry..and those who say that Raman slapped her was not good just think from his side?? Should he say thank you or wat ??

    Waiting for next episode..

  18. Karthika

    I want to see sarika condition once ishitha comes to know about sarika z the one who z helping ashok……

  19. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    Hi guys…… Epi was nice. But I’m not too happy. KP is a brilliant actor. He proved it today again. DT and anita also did a great job.
    That slap is fine. But when he saw shagun, first he ask about baby. He forgot ishita and her situation for a moment. How selfish…… He didn’t ask anything about ishita. They’ll start again ‘my baby, my baby’ drama.
    According to the spoiler, shagun is back to the bhalla house. I think this is true spoiler. Coz anita has posted the pics in bhalla house with amma(ishita’s mom),and raman.
    Highly disappointed now. Coz this track isn’t end soon. Too much dragging. Next surrogacy……..
    Remember CVs, TRP of yhm only 2.4……..!!!!! It means, ppl are fed up with this hell now…….!!!!!
    From SL

  20. She came, she saw and she
    The year 2015 truly belonged to this
    beautiful lady!
    We are talking about the charming
    beauty Divyanka Tripathi aka Ishita of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.
    Her performance in the show is
    incomparable; and the love she
    receives from her fans is unmatched.
    And thus it came as no surprise to the
    world when she was announced as the
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    Also her chemistry with Karan Patel
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    Taking home two awards, Divyanka
    was surely in the seventh heaven.
    Talking on the same she shared, “We
    TV actors work really hard. The
    biggest motivation for mostly all the
    actors is the recognition and
    appreciation for their talent.”
    Overwhelmed with the title, she added,
    “I am thankful to Indian Telly Awards
    that they recognized me as the most
    impactful personality of the year. For
    me, it’s a memorable adieu to the
    eventful year 2015.”
    Well done, Divyanka. Sky is the limit
    for you.
    Don’t miss to watch the 14th Indian
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    December) from 6.30pm.

  21. Jhanvi

    Nice epi..KP is amazing.. That slap scene was amazing… But again surrogacy.. I m also disappointed guys… I can’t tolerate Shagun again in bhalla house ..she can stay with Mrs Iyer or mihir…. Y in bhalla house.. Nd may be she can again turn ngtv ( coz Anita said in her interview that Shagun can turn ngtv again )….so I m lil scared…

    Nd yes who r saying that Raman slapped Shagun was wrong.. His reaction was normal guys ..his anger is genuine..
    But yes I m disappointed he asked bout d baby not ishita.. But y r we blaming Raman. Writers r too fool to show this.. Sometimes they show Raman loves. A lot her.. Today they show Raman dsnt care bout her state..
    Ho much will u Ruin his character for Shagun…???
    I really don’t want to see Shagun agn bhalla house yar….. I can’t see Shagun is papmperd by Raman Nd all…..

  22. Jhanvi

    Shivani ……chota doremon ….!!!! Nice name

    But y people r behind this baby… ??? It’s not his/her fault that he/she is in shagun’s womb.. I also hate surrogacy but not that baby…!!!!

  23. diya

    shagun will go to bhaala house only ,, but after wtchng tmrrws epi one thning is clear that rkb only loves ishita anf=d his baby . he has nothng in his mind fr shagun

  24. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will
    show that Raman brings
    both Ishita and Shagun
    together in Bhalla house.
    Raman is completely
    broken down and burst
    out on Ishita for betraying
    his and his family
    members doing ghost
    drama since 3 months.
    Shagun and Ishita try to
    explain Raman that he did
    this for saving from
    Ashok but Raman tells
    her that Ashok can never
    hurt him.
    Raman blames Ishita for
    uniting with Shagun and
    play with their emotions.
    Raman takes alcohol
    bottle and closes himself
    in the rom.
    Ishita knocks Raman to
    open the door but he does
    not open it and then Romi
    breaks the door.
    Romi and Ishita get
    shocked seeing Raman’s
    unconscious condition
    and rushes to the
    Will this bitter truth
    separate Raman and

  25. yeh raman pagal ho gaya hai .agar ishitha aur shagun yeh sab nahi karthe toh raman ko woh ashok maar detha .aur agar raman kehtha hai ki ashok usse hurt nahi kar saktha hai toh woh ghar mein baitha khabri kya manjeera bajaatha ,adi ya ruhi ko maar ke indirectly raman ko maar dethi toh tab raman kya kartha ashok ko jail bhejtha khud marthaa aur kya kartha .

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