Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarika forgiving Romi. They dance on the song Dil mera……. Everyone dance and smile. Raman sits murmuring. Ishita comes. He asks how can she behave normal after so much. She gives him the ointment. He says you are not saying anything, why so, how can man understand his wife. She says no need to understand. He says he will recall what happened last night. She asks her to ask Neelu to get lemon water for her, she wishes to have something sour. He says what, women eat sour when…. You know, sit.

He says it means anyone coming and shows baby. She says there is nothing such, anyone can have sour things. He asks her to have kerela juice and goes. She says he is cute, if I fight, he argues, when I did not say anything, he is feeling guilty. Yeh hai mohabbatein………..plays…………..

Its morning, Mrs. Bhalla and everyone are doing arrangements. Sarika come and Mrs. Bhalla stops her, saying she can’t come inside. Romi asks what happened to mum. Mrs. Bhalla starts laughing and says she fooled all of them, its Sarika and Romi’s marriage tomorrow, you can come here as bahu. Sarika smiles. Romi asks what are you saying. Vandu says Sarika will come at our house and we will do all rituals. Mrs. Bhalla says she will send Ishita there.

Ishita says work is sorted and does rituals with Romi, while Vandu does rituals with Sarika. Mrs. Bhalla asks them not to meet till marriage. Romi and Sarika takes elders blessings. Mrs. Bhalla asks them to come in Mata Ki Chowki in evening. She asks Vandu to take Sarika inside. She asks Raman to take Ishita to doctor and not forget it. Raman says we will go. Mrs. Bhalla says I m sure Lord will make everything fine. Ishita says yes.

Manoj comes home. Shagun asks him to have breakfast. She says you must be tired, what happened, and asks about Ishita’s reports. He stops taking the first bite and says now I understand you are doing all this for Ishita, no need to do drama, I don’t take bribe for my patients, you are oversmart manipulative types. She says I was just being nice, think and talk. He says sorry. She says its just about Ishita. He says I promise I will do whatever is possible and holds her hand. She smiles. He says we will have breakfast. Raman and Ishita are going to meet doctor. They have a nokjhok and leave. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays………..

Raman and Ishita meet Manoj. Raman says what a small world. Manoj says yes. Raman asks about problem. Manoj says its solved as of now. He tells about the reports and he has full hope that Ishita can get pregnant, give her some time and try for natural pregnancy, I will do her uterus test too, and asks her to meet the nurse. Raman says I will come. Ishita says no, you will faint to see, stay here. Manoj asks Raman to relax, be positive, so she will be positive. Raman requests him to do best for Ishita, as she is a good mum, people taunted her as she could not become mum, she deserves this chance.

Manoj tells him that Ishita has many wishes, Ruhi told me that Ishita is good mum. Raman says Ruhi is my daughter, where did you meet her. The nurse comes and asks Manoj and he goes. Shagun calls Manoj and asks about Ishita. Manoj tells about Raman and Ishita coming there, even Raman is tensed like you, come and meet him, I was telling him about you. She asks him not to tell them, as they are her life’s closed chapter, they won’t like me interfering, Ishita will share it with me when she is comfortable. He says fine, and ends call. He says why is Ruhi excited for their baby, what relation they have. She hopes Ishita’s reports come positive. Ishita and Raman come home and tell Mrs. Bhalla about tests done and hope to get good reports.

The family keeps Mata Ki Chowki and the function is shown.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will
    show that entire Bhalla
    family is super excited
    for Romi’s (Ally Goni)
    Ishita is happy as her
    brother in law Romi is
    finally getting married
    and she performs the
    rituals before wedding.
    Raman is also happy for
    his brother Romi and
    makes him wear shehra.
    Both Raman and Romi
    perform bhangra dance
    and entire family
    members join them.
    Raman praises Ishita
    seeing her beauty in
    green – mahroom attire
    and dances with her.
    It says that television
    wedding cannot be
    completed without any
    Ishita gets a phone call
    during dance and goes
    inside talking to the
    Phone calls bring tension
    for Ishita and she gets in
    dilemma about how she
    inform about it to family
    members in such happy

  2. Aaj ka BEST scene ..
    Jab ishita raman se kehti hai ki usse kuch khatta khana hai tab raman ki khushi aur excitement dekh kar dil khush hogaya. :-*..ya toh hum bhi chahte hai. ….ki ishita ka own baby ho. .uss ishita k tantrums dekhna hai. …
    bas ye makers surrogate mother track na leke aaye. ..

  3. Bhalla family get grooving and
    dancing as they take Romi’s baraat to
    marry Sarika. Romi and Sarika’s
    marriage gets underway with all the
    rituals and soon gets completed. On
    other hand, Ishita and Raman share
    romantic moments after he takes her
    to a side and with the intentions to
    have a lovely and romantic

  4. ‪#‎Upcoming‬
    Ishita receives the call from the doctor and the doctor says that Ishita cannot become a mother, she can’t conceive! Ishita becomes very sad and in Romika’s marriage she tries to hide her tears from everyone but Raman notices this and tries to make her mood lighter by romancing with her but Ishita gives him some excuse and leaves from there!
    But I am very disappointed with this track! I know they introduce surrogacy track after this which is hated by all the yhm viewers. I still don’t understand why the CVs are always trying to create conflicts in ‪#‎IshRaFamily‬! At first they said she have 10% chances to become a mother then after that it became 5% chances and finally now, she can’t even become a mother! I don’t find any logic in this! CVs plzzz use ur brains! It would be better if they boycott yhm than making Shagun the surrogate mother of ‪#‎IshRaBaby‬! Mujhe bahut gussa aaraha hai!

  5. Shagun ishita k liye. .itna sonch rahi hai. .achcha of laga dekh kar. …..

    Nice precap. ..hope sab thik ho kal k episode ka intezar hai. ..

  6. Laga tha ye bakwas surrogacy track news fake hogi. ..par jab se sbb dekha. Ye toh surrogacy track ki traf jaraha hai. ..mujhe makers par bahut gussa aaraha hai. …..yaar bakwas track lane ki koi zarorat nahin hai. .Ruhdi kafi hai ishra k liye.
    Phir bhi ek hope haiki ye track na leke aaye makers. ……….

  7. # MyFirst # SoloDiningOut post work out. Didn’t expect a self date dinner to be such a good experience # nandhini

    ANITA INSTA UPDATE !!! Sleepy hot # sangy and super hot # kp# Rashita

    # DivyankaInstaUpdate I can’t stop laughing after seeing this pic! # DivyanKaran and # DiVek friendship is too unique! When she said #SpecialPermissionFromKP , I was like ….. # DivAn are too cute and unique! Just love them # Sriya

  8. The current track of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein shows the Bhalla family enjoying Romi and Sarika’s Sangeet function where the ladies are annoyed with the men for coming late for the function.

    In the upcoming episodes it will be seen that the Bhalla family will organize a Mata Ki Chowki in their house for Romi and Mihir’s good future.

    Raman (Karan Patel ) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) will be seen happily celebrating the Mata Ki Chowki but Ishita will also get emotional.

    Raman and Ishita want a baby but due to Ishita’s medical condition they cannot conceive a child. Raman and Ishita will be seen praying to God for a child. Let’s wait and see whether Ishita’s wish to have a baby gets completed.

  9. why do the makers want to show ishitha to taunted by the world as baanch .i dont understand who is the main lead of the show.ishitha or shagun because now shagun has turned positive and she is given more importance. shagun was agaim surrogacy and came to delhi on a misaion to stop surrogacy racket and how can she agree to do it.its really so confusing .i dont know what the makers are upto.hope to have something good and interesting rather than this.

  10. jab ye surrogacy track hi lana hai tho phir ye log ishu me chances ka drama kyom kiya bakwaas log………sab ko pehle se hi patha hai ki ishu maa nahi ban sakthi tho phir ithna drama karne ki kyA jaroorat thi……shagun ko heroin banane me ithna intrst kyom hai in logom ko she is happy with her character na agar anitha ithni best frnd hai tho usko pehle hi heroin ka chance dena chahiye aab ithni sari logom ka feelings ko hurt karne ki kya jaroorath thi…….hating this track agar ese hi tracks & twists introduce kiya na tho vo din door nahi hai ki saari fans ye kahenge ki we hate yhm……

    • Hey bhagi. Ur absolutely right. …sab ko hopes de kar aaisa kaise karsakte hai. .makers pagal hogaye hai. …jo bhi Ho hume ye bakwas drama nahin chahiye. .

  11. akhir bhagvaan bhi ache logom ko saath acha hi karthe hai par ye makers bhi na patha nahi kyom ishu ko hamesha rone vali heroin banana chahthe hai…..

  12. ishra is alrady having children ruhi and adi if ishitha should not conceive her own
    preganancy there is no need for surrogacy that also shagun. shagun may be positive it
    is good to see but she was very cruel once in ishitha life according to the writter good people always live with help of who gave more troubled their life

  13. Darshika

    nice and emotional episod……. Oh god, how many hops were there……! But makers are going to destroy that all adding surrogate track…..
    And I saw pics in fb, After getting a phone call, ishita is crying a lot with big big pain. Then surrogate track will start……!
    Compleatly BULLSHIT………! ! !
    But sometime I feel that there will be some different thing than surrogate mother. I don’t know what…… But there may have more thing…….
    And I hope that this will not happen…..
    From Sri Lanka.

  14. patha nahi kya soch ke ekta maam ne aise backwaaz makers ko hire kiya.pehle itnaa sab dikhaathe hai lekin itnaa sab kuch karne aur dikhaane ka koi matlab nahi rehtha. aur yeh sab dikhaanw ki zaroorath hi kya thi jab surrogacy hi hona tha.

  15. agar surrogacy ko dikhaaya toh yhm ka trp jo fifth aaya tha pichli baar toh iss baar shayad trp hi naseeb na ho.rubbish nonsense tracks.bematlab ki kayi episodes dikha rahe the.

  16. In the upcoming episodes, viewers will get to see Raman and Ishita visiting the hospital for Ishita’s test in hopes of getting some good news. They will also arrange a Maata ki Chowki to pray so that soon they get to hear some good news. It is rumored that this track will be aturning point in the show as once again Raman’s past is going to collide into his present and future. Will Raman and Ishita’ prayers be answered? To know keep watching Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

  17. Anita Hassanandani
    aka Shagun has
    got immense popularity for her
    negative role in her show, Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein. However, recently
    role got an image makeover and
    she is
    no more the evil damsel in the telly
    soap. Shagun has now changed her
    name to Ruhi Arora and is working
    an NGO.
    In an exclusive chat with a leading
    daily, Anita revealed that she is
    excited about her show’s success.
    She says, “Honestly I never
    the response would be so huge. It
    is a
    small show which started at 11 pm
    slot. I liked the plot and said yes
    for it
    but the kind of response and love
    people have given to our character
    was unexpected.”
    Anita is also glad that her character
    loved and hated at the same time.
    she also adds that though she has
    turned into a good person now, but
    might not for continue for long.
    the time being she has realised her
    mistake and staying away from
    Raman and Ishita but it may not
    continue for long. The nature of her
    character is such that it can twist
    anytime. If someone instigates her
    again then Shagun’s character can
    take a negative turn,” says the telly
    actress. (ALSO READ: Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein: Shagun to surrogate
    Ishita and Raman’s child!)
    Buzz is that Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    take a leap soon. But, Anita
    that there are no such plans since
    story is going in the right direction.
    Additionally, she also confessed that
    she is not quitting the show any

  18. patha nahi itnaa hopes
    kyu rakh rahe hai sab jab
    surrogacy hi honi hai aur surrogacy
    ke liye first of all woh sab itnaa
    nahi dikhaana chahiye tha.lekin show mein toh sab itnaa hopes lagake bhaithe hai ki agar yeh news patha chala toh sab do theen din sirf royenge.

  19. In the upcoming
    episodes of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein,
    viewers will get to see to Shagun
    coming forward to be surrogate
    mother of Raman and Ishita’s kid.
    But the twist in tale will be later
    Shagun refusing to give the baby to
    Raman and Ishita as she feels Ishita
    always snatches her kids from her.
    Nothing is yet confirmed on the
    track but we will inform you as
    soon as it is confirmed.

  20. why do the makers always want to bring such stories that is not acceptable to the veiwers.whats the benefit of showing all those and thinking that they are satisfying the fans which all will lead to surrogacy. first the leap was troubling and now surrogacy news.

  21. yeh sab drama hi nahi hai .sab backwaaz hai . i dont know who ,whether it is ekta maam or that mskers who wanted to again again bring shagun in ishra ‘s life and give her prominence.

  22. yeh surrogacy track bahut ghatia aur behuda mazak hai.jiss showmdin ishitha main ho kar usse sab ke liye inspiration bann na chahiye wahi usko poori duniya ke saamne zaleel karwaa rahe hai show mein .i dont understand why cant she be happy.ab saari duniya usse bhaanch ,aaya ,step mother ,governer etc.kehke taunt karegi.ab yeh sab bhi dekhna baaki hai yhm mein.

  23. ab toh lagtha hai surrogacy confirmed hai.kahi ruhi aur adi shagun ki taraf inclined na ho aur raman bhi shayad .agar shagun ne surrogacy ke liye ha diya ho.

  24. romi ki shaadi hi ek aisi shaadi hai jisme koi tamaasha na hua ho.aur romi ke shaadi mein uske badi behen nahi hai simmi.aur mrs.iyer aur mihika ki amma aur bala ki amma bhi nahi aaye.

  25. Ria

    plzzzz…yaar don’t spoil the show by bringing surrogacy track..all r expecting ishra’s baby frm ishita’s womb nt frm others let it b shagun or any other one..

  26. patha nahi balaji telefilms ke writers kyu apne hi kayi saare serials ke liye likhthe hai.yhm ke writers kkb aur matah bhi likhthe hai. yhm ke acche chalthe track ka continuity tod diya aur yhm ke trp ke saath saath yhm mein aise ghatia tracks laakar yhm ka satyanaash banaane jaa rahe hai.

  27. the makers of yhm lacks brain to think interesting and good ,mysterious, meaningful ,inspirational and worth watching and entertaining tracks rather than these all rubbish.

  28. Sumathi Arumugam

    Pls stop surrogacy racket, let ishita to have a natural pregnancy. Whats point of her doing prays for MAATA RANI. Show to the world that GOD is great. Sumathi from Malaysia

  29. priya

    Pls no Surrogacy….miracles do happen in real life…..please do not propagate or glamourise a sensitive topic like surrogacy…..

  30. Mihir

    If Ishita cannot conceive fine, let her be like how she is now… she’s used to taunting… but the surrogate track means more humiliation to Ishita which is hard to accept (specially for us ishita’s fans)

    I hate Shagun whether she’s positive or negative… Let her marry or keep Dr. Manoj and be happy in her own way

  31. V P

    No surrogacy please. .,,,,, Shaghun having troubled Raman and Ishitha , how can one think of such track , but some how my mind says there will be a twist like that but at the end Ishitha only deliver the baby . No more taunting to Ishitha , she suffered a lot and we can’t see it any more . Last two episodes Ishitha looks stunning and doesn’t look very fat . Long sleeves making her fat . Again and again no surrogacy please . Makers please understand the whole world is watching this serial and please make us happy

  32. SN

    No Surrogacy track PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE You can make another serial where your shagun can play the mail role not in YHM….

    We like YHM just because of Ishita & Ruhi for sure…

    All the twists that was shown over the past 9-10 months (with the entrance of shagun & adi to Bhalla’s house) were so irritating and no relevant to the original story. But the worst would be this surrogacy track for sure

  33. Roselyn Dada

    Can the writer and the production house kindly remove the issue; of this surrogate mother at least there must be moment of joy in ones life .For once let Ishita have her own baby. Let her exprience motherhood. Are we saying that prayer are no longer answered .pls dont destroy this show .The viewers are not limited to India alone have learnt alot from the show.From Nigeria in Africa.

  34. in sbb ishitha is sad and romika’s ring finding ceremony is going and sarika wins . late raman and ruhi gets to know that ishitha cannot conceive.then raman and ruhi cry.ruhi prays to God and cries.ramab speaks even to manoj.

  35. Ishita’s baby drama is
    going on where Manoj
    who is doctor of Ishita
    assures her by saying
    that she has chances to
    become mother.
    Raman also supports
    Ishita as everything gets
    fine soon.
    Getting family and
    Raman’s supports, Ishita
    also develop some hope
    of becoming mother.
    Ishita and Raman give
    test for the pregnancy
    process and after
    checking a lot doctor
    inform Ishita that she
    cannot conceive the child
    due to some internal
    Ishita’s happiness gets
    fade hearing this Shagun
    comes to become
    surrogate mother of
    Ishta’s baby.
    Everything will go nice
    way to see Shagun is
    changed and they will
    develop truth on Shagun
    knowing she was the one
    who saves Ishita from
    Furthermore, Shagun will
    soon leave her good
    behavior and take evil
    avatar of Raman and
    Shagun will tell Ishita
    that she will give her
    baby only after getting
    Ruhi and Aditya back.

  36. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’s Ishita,
    played by Divyanka Tripathi, is
    getting treated to get pregnant.
    Raman, Karan Patel , and the rest of
    the Bhalla family are supporting
    Ishita. The latest reports say she
    can have a baby but the latest
    spoilers say she will eventually opt
    for surrogacy.
    Ishita, who has been called a
    barren until now on the show is
    seen trying to get pregnant in the
    latest track. With pressure from
    Ruhi and the rest of the family,
    Ishita started getting treated to get
    pregnant with Raman’s child. The
    latest reports of her tests convey
    that she can have a baby.
    Latest spoilers on Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein say Ishita will realise
    she can not have a child in the
    upcoming episodes and will be
    suggested to opt for a surrogate
    mother. And the person who will
    be Ishita and Raman’s surrogate
    mother for their child will be
    Shagun (Anita Hassanandani ).
    Shagun, who has come clean after
    she realised her mistakes is now a
    positive person with aims ethics.
    And she will be the one who will
    carry Raman and Ishita’s child for
    them. Ishita would have become
    the mother of both children of
    Shagun – Ruhi and Aditya and this
    time it will be Shagun’s turn to be
    the one to save the day.
    Here are the snapshots of the Yeh
    Hai Mohabbatein’ s latest episode..

  37. The latest update on the track has left
    us in shock!
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is currently
    showcasing a beautiful wedding track,
    that of Romi and Sarika’s and the
    entire Bhalla household is in
    celebratory mode with singing and
    dancing and laughing. But amidst all
    the celebration there also the matter of
    Ishita’s pregnancy. So Raman and
    Ishita are trying to have a baby but
    since Ishita could not conceive, they
    had given it up. But when the doctor,
    he said that there is still hope and he
    needs to conduct a few more tests.
    Obviously, the two were super excited
    on hearing the news. However, the
    latest we hear is that the reports will
    not be Ishita’s favour.
    The doctor will inform them that
    though, there is no fertility issue,
    Ishita’s body is not strong enough to
    carry the baby. The distressed couple
    will finally opt for surrogacy. Now the
    biggest twist is yet to come…
    So we know that Shagun has been
    keeping track of Ishita’s medical
    condition through Dr Manoj with
    Raman and Ishita‘s knowledge. Now
    that the lady has changed for the
    better, she’s genuinely concerned
    about the two and feels bad about the
    fact that Ishita cannot get pregnant.
    When she finds out the two are
    considering surrogacy, she offers to
    become their child’s surrogate
    mother. Surprised, aren’t you? We
    know she’s given up her evil ways but
    never did we imagine Shagun to go to
    this level to help her once enemies.
    Well, let’s see how it works out with
    the three this time around.

  38. Divyanka Tripathi compartió un
    enlace .
    hace 2 horas ·
    # DivyankaTripathi : I am open to
    working with Ssharad but there will be
    no personal relationship – The Indian

    • V P

      True YHM will fall down if the drama goes in surrogacy by Shaghun and later she doesn’t give the child to Ishitha . What are the makers trying to prove . Shaghun should have a baby . After doing all painful to her own kids .ishitha having baby itself to have her enjoy the pregnancy and motherhood . After having her own baby to see step mother changing her attitude towards Ruhi and Adi . And leading the story into such a line is much wanted by viewers . We will stop watching . Can’t see Ishitha is taunted more….very sad move. … What’s this otherwise there will be no role for Shaghun ? We don’t care ….

  39. Rishi

    Crap; why only shagun again.. Is she the only women in the world……….Ishitha has 2 sisters.. why cant they offer help

  40. chithra

    I really stop watching YEH. Because we want not watching this type of series.
    (WHAT’S THE HELL ) Always getting “Ishra” sadness news.Also ruhi, she is crying.
    Why can’t get another women in hiring.
    YEHDirector’s…..please………..!Changes this script.
    Really I stopped watch,nothing changed in series.
    Please get our ideas……………………………

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