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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman and Ruhi meet the doctor and asking about Adi. Ruhi says Adi has come for second session, did he tell you anything. Doctor says yes, maybe he has seen something, he left from there, I tried to talk to him, I think we need to give him some time. Raman says we came to same point, sorry to disturb you. Ruhi says I have seen CCTV camera in your cabin, you record all sessions right, can we see Adi’s session footage. Doctor says fine, sit, I will get that. Abhishek and Ishita ask Adi what is the truth.

Adi says I was drunk and I was angry. Abhishek asks is this joke, you told this before, tell us what happened in the park, did you leave Aaliya and run away. Did you not think of Aaliya, she was in pain, where did you run from there. Raman and Ruhi see

the video of session. Adi says I don’t remember. Ishita says he did not do crime, put me in crime. Adi says no, I did this. She asks him to swear on her and say he did this. Adi says no, I don’t believe this. She keeps his hand on her head and says if you lie, you will see my dead face. Adi says no. Ishita says what no, I want an answer. Adi says I will say truth. Raman says he is trying to say, he said someone’s name, Aaliya, Mihir…. there is something. Adi asks Ishita do have courage to hear this. Raman understands by Adi’s lip movement and thinks Ruhaan….. Adi says Ruhaan…. Ishita gets shocked.

Raman thinks Adi is taking Ruhaan’s name, how is this possible and looks at Ruhi. Ruhi asks Papa did you understand anything. Raman says doctor sorry to trouble you, and leaves with Ruhi. Ishita says you said Ruhaan. Abhishek says it means Ruhi attacked on Aaliya. Adi says I have seen Ruhaan in hypnotherapy session. Ishita says I m shocked, my children can’t do this, think again.

Adi says Ruhaan did this, I m saying what I have seen, I m sure Ruhi can’t do this, Ruhi is not Aaliya’s enemy, I m sure its someone else who has worn Ruhaan’s clothes, I confessed crime because if any eye witness says Ruhaan’s name, Ruhi would have got stuck, so I took blame on me, Ruhi has already suffered a lot. She hugs him and cries. Abhishek says if you are saying you have seen Ruhaan, Ruhi is culprit. Adi says no, if I can take blame on me, culprit will think he got free and we can catch him. Abhishek agrees. Ishita says if anyone took Ruhaan’s name, who can be such person, who wants Ruhi to go to jail. Raman and Ruhi come there. Ruhi asks why will I go jail, what did I do.

Ananya hugs Amma and thanks her. Amma pacifies her and says your mum loves you a lot, I know you are bit hurt that Simmi did not welcome you well, everyone was busy, but you know matter is serious here, everyone loves you, your mumma loves you the most. Ananya says I know, sometimes I feel bad, I heard what mumma said, I know mumma needs someone in her life, she is alone and can’t share her worries for me, I wish there was someone in her life with whom she can share worries. Amma hugs her and cries. Amma thinks it would be good if I could share this with Ishu, but she is in problems.

Adi tells Ruhi that you did not do this, someone in Ruhaan’s clothes have done this. Ruhi cries and shouts I did not do anything, why are you saying this. Raman says listen to Adi. Adi hugs her and says we know you did not do this. Raman and Ishita console Ruhi and hug her, showing their belief. Ishita says my two children can’t do this. Raman asks Ruhi where was she that day, think of it. Ruhi tells her that she went with Simmi to an event of underprivileged children, I have sung song and gave gifts too, I have photos of that day, see Simmi is with me. She shows pics. Raman says thank God you have pics. Abhishek says it means Adi said right, his vision is not clear, someone has worn Ruhaan’s clothes. Raman and Abhishek ask Adi to think well. Adi tells them what he has seen, he was going to Aaliya and someone attacked on Aaliya, I was trying to go to her, I have seen the attacker is running, attacker has run away. Abhishek asks him how does that attacker look.

Adi says she was wearing Ruhaan’s clothes and similar wig, it was not fit to her and she was adjusting it again and again. Raman asks anything else. Adi says when I was following her, I felt its Ruhaan, I have seen she was taller than Ruhi, she was wearing heels. Ruhi says I never wear heels. Raman says my children did not do this. Abhishek says I will find that imposter, you take Adi home. They all get glad and hug. Yeh hai mohabbatein…..plays……

Mrs. Bhalla and Amma welcome Adi and Ruhi home. Mrs. Bhalla does their a aarti and thanks Mata Rani. Amma says I will visit temple, I had mannat for you two. Ishita asks Adi and Ruhi to take rest. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita how did she get arrested like this. Mihika says we know you did this for Adi, you could have told me. Raman says we can talk later, everyone shall sleep. He goes. Ruhi asks Ishita to go to Raman, he looks disturbed. Ishita goes to Raman and asks are you annoyed with me. He asks why. She says I m very sorry, I did not ask you and got myself arrested, I was sure Adi did not do this and I had to make him say truth. He says you love him a lot, I should be sorry, you love me and my children so much, they are your children, you always keep such relation, maybe I will learn too. They hug.

Mr. Bhalla says newsreporters don’t print right news. Ruhi says same thing happened with me, we all know I can’t attack Aaliya, but who can do this. Mrs. Bhalla says it can be either Niddhi or Shagun. Mihika says it can’t be Niddhi, Bala called me and told that day he has seen Niddhi boarding Jaipur flight, he wanted to give message to Ishita, it means Niddhi was not in city. Simmi says and Ashok can’t look Ruhaan, it means… Raman says Shagun…. They all get shocked.

Ruhi tells Shagun that Adi is proved innocent, it was setup against me, I m sure you have done this. Shagun slaps her and asks her to just shut up.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Omg, this shagun now stooping down to such low things. Acid attack??? Shameful for the writers to show woman attacking another woman in greed, who ever it may be.

    1. True Dhananjay … agree with you …

    2. A.K

      I dont think that Shagun did this

    3. So true… portraying a woman like that is horrible. No woman would want to hurt another woman like that… this serial is getting worse day by day and is promoting all criminal activities like acid attack, kidnapping and murder… I can’t believe such nonsense is still going on in star plus. If the creators can’t think of a different track it’s better they just end this crap

  2. Woow After a long time watched some family time & A positive approach. hope they will carry this story from now on. are we getting our old YHM back or more negative stuff. high time Ashok, Niddhi & Shagun are put behind bars. they can’t get away doing all the wrong & making the good innocent kids suffer. I don’t know what Mani is up to but at the moment i don’t like the way he acts so rude & abusive. From what a Gentleman he was. but the Cv’s messed his character too, We have to wait & see whether the Old YHM will be back or it is the same negative story. after ages i watched this episode. thank God Writer ‘s block has gone i suppose.
    Hi VP, Sindhu, Monique, Rithu, Jaz, Az, Siddhi, Ardtiya Shivani , Bhagya & All the YHM fans. Hope u guys had a great weekend. & Good luck for the new week Ahead.. Luv & God Bless.

    1. Hi Mino past 4 episodes was positive only … though no convincing . Its becoming boring with repetetions … From Manis shoes we can justify … to some extent … but when he knew Adi is innocent , coming to apologise to Raman and Ishitha ..Raman himself had a doubt on Adi , instead of slapping Mani … Raman cud have understand the situation and expressed sorry for all these mishappenings … it would have been good … Cvs really messing up with dialogues .. Ruhi is grown to be a strong and kind girl … but what about her education ? And cvs really confused with character Shaghun … she only bailed out Nidhi … must not have planned for acid throwing … but her hand is vety much in it .. cvs can bring back old yhm … if they want to … Hi to all

  3. Hello fizz appy, shreya, vp, parichari, danny, kiran, rithushree, mino, diya and all the yhm fans good morning to all of you

    1. Hi are you ? Good morning to you too.

      1. I am ok and you? I think you are important commenter of this group indeed (rithushree) because you gives very exciting news about yhm at ragular basis to all yhm fans and i appreciate you about that

    2. Hola Magic!

      1. Hola means? O i get it you mean hello am good mam and you?

      2. Yes Magic. I am doing fine.

    3. hi Magic. hws u . how ws ur sunday???

      1. Oh fizz appy am ok and you? My sunday, but sunday is not mine oh i get it you mean what have you done on sunday. Little bit work on my study and what did you do?

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      3. Its ok fizz appy bhagwan is formost in our life bu will you not ask me about fizz? Or you know about that already!

  4. I missed the episode.episode was good and even precap was good.
    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya az sindhu Natasha sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz mansi ananthi prisha simran bhagya Monique d aparna unique angel jaz jeni super girl Shona aditya disha juhi Luna mino Sarita sara prisha Aisha siddhi and all yhm friends.

  5. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Raman and Ishita prove to ACP Abhishek about their kids Adi and Ruhi are innocence in Aaliya’s acid case.

    Adi and Ruhi also give some clue which proves them innocence.

    Bhalla family welcomes Adi and Ruhi and Mrs Bhalla thank Ishita for making everything fine in the house once again.
    Ishita to expose Nidhi (Pavitra Punia)

    Apart from this, the real culprit who threw acid on Aaliya is none other than Nidhi who wore Ruhaan’s cloths to trap Ruhi.

    Raman and Ishita get mission to catch Nidhi red handed winning Mani’s trust back.

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  6. .
    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Ishita catches Nidhi red handed and bursts out at knowing she was the one who threw acid on Aaliya.

    Ishita slaps Nidhi again and again calling her a very bad woman who does not know dignity of a woman.

    Nidhi tells Ishita that she will be soon free then Ishita slaps Nidhi again and warns Inspector about Nidhi should not get free.

    Raman also does not stop Ishita as her anger was right and Ishita tells that if Nidhi will come in front of her again then she will kill her.
    Raman (Karan Patel) throws Mani out

    Apart from this, Mani comes to apologizes Raman but Raman slaps Mani and throw him out for not believing at him while Ishita is shocked seeing Raman anger for Mani.

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  7. Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) life.

    As per the ongoing storyline, Adi confess his crime and Ishita gets shocked to learn that Adi is hiding something.

    Hence Ishita takes Abhishek’s help to uncover the truth by getting herself arrested too with a hidden plan.

    Soon in the upcoming series, Adi will reveal the truth before Ishita where she will get all the more shocked and she will again deny the fact.

    Ruhi will also get shocked to learn about the same and will suspect Nidhi in acid attack case.

    But smart Nidhi will befool Raman and Ishita escaping the blame on her.

    Let’s see how Raman and Ishita will save their children from Nidhi’s evil clutches.

  8. The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some high intensity melodrama.

    It was earlier seen that Nidhi (Pavitra Punia) was the real culprit behind the acid attack on Aaliya (Krishna Mukherjee).

    Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) will get furious with Nidhi and will slap her again and again for trying to harm her loved ones.

    On the other hand Mani will realise his mistake and will go to Bhalla house to apologise to Raman.

    However Raman (Karan Patel) will humiliate him and throw him out of his house for not trusting them in times of need.

    It would be interesting to see what will happen next in the show.

    Let’s wait and watch what happens next in the show.

  9. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  10. In the upcoming episode, the show to witness high voltage drama as Ishita-Raman proof Nidhi culprit.

    Abhishek arrests Nidhi and she warns Ishita-Raman that she will return back to take revenge from them.

    Nidhi decides to get out of this jail so then she asks Shagun and Ashok to help her and take her out from this jail.
    Nidhi warns Ishita that she will return to take revenge

    On the other hand Bhalla family is happy as everything has become fine and Ruhi-Aditya are saved from Aliya acid attack case.

    Mani feels guilty and decides to apologize Ishita for his mistake.

    It will be interesting to see whether Shagun and Ashok will help Nidhi or not.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.

  11. In the upcoming episode, the show to witness high voltage drama as Nidhi has been proved as the real culprit behind acid attack on Aliya.

    So Aliya informs Mani about it and says that she knew Aditya can never do this with me but you blame him for the crime he never did.

    Mani feels guilty and thinks that he has done a very big mistake by blaming Aditya for the crime he never did.
    Shagun to stop Mani from apologizing Raman-Ishita

    Mani decides to apologize Raman, Ishita and Aditya, Shagun sees all this and gets angry.

    Shagun thinks that if Mani will apologizes again everything will get sorted and her efforts to create rift amid Ishita-Mani will go in vain.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.

  12. Khushiarvind

    I thnk the righter got a blow frm one of the yhm fans or he might have hit his head badly… Suddenly he said bye bye to negativity… Bringing out the positive sides….cant trust them may be some worst twist in store of us…
    Nobody will like a show in which negativity prevail for long tym.. Its tym for director nd writers to keep it etched in their minds..

    1. Hi. Khushi, ur right I said the same thing the writer’s block has gone off. But that also for how long I wonder. High time the ‘ Bhalla’s had some Happiness , free from all rubisshy accusations they have not done & now have to be the Pay back time for Niddhi, Shagun, Ashok & Mani for giving false evidence that Ishu was not a good mum.. He has forgotten how Ishu looked after Arliya,Then he joined Raman’s Partner to take revenge etc. Anyway knowing Ishu she will forgive him. Hope the story line go positive from now on give us the old YHM back

  13. Khushiarvind

    I thnk the writer got a blow frm one of the yhm fans or he might have hit his head badly… Suddenly he said bye bye to negativity… Bringing out the positive sides….cant trust them may be some worst twist in store of us…
    Nobody will like a show in which negativity prevail for long tym.. Its tym for director nd writers to keep it etched in their minds..

  14. Khushiarvind

    Nice to see adi nd ishitha trusting ruhi… Adi ruhi ishu nd raman bond too gud..
    By whats the use of proving nidhi as culprit.. She will be again shown as cleverly escaping frm the clutches of law
    Someone shld first give a tight slap to ashok for creating troubles for bhallas..somebody shld break his leg
    With this inident if shagun is turning positive gud for her

  15. Very cute episode today…Liked it a lot…But who threw acid on Aliya??

    1. Nidhi had threw acid on Aylia in Ruhaan avtar and want to blame on Ruhi.
      Ruhi proof that she was at the event with Simmi and shows the photo.
      Adi had prove his innocent with Ishita support.
      Ishita is the only one lady who fight for children’s justice and truth.
      Raman know that Ishita loves children and him and will keep her trust.

      1. but niddi was in the airport right…thats wat is given in the previous comments

      2. No, Nidhi made faked ticket to make other people believe her. You know that Nidhi is the one who have Ruhaan outfit that dress on Ruhi. Nidhi keep all of Ruhaan clothes and wigs. Ruhi took some. Ruhi wore takkies. Nidhi always wear heels so she use Ruhaan avtar with heels and attack on Aylia. Nidhi had lied and Shagun was at home this time and not wearing very often because she stay home to look after Pihu. Don’t worry Valpa you will get to read more further who is the real cuplrit. Ishita and Raman collect information about Nidhi and get her arrested.

        Please read Rithshree update.

  16. kya drama laga rkha hai acid atack ka :/ useless topic add krke 2 mahine kharab kr diye viewers k :/ writers agr tumhare pass ku6 b nhi ha na show me dikhane ko to pls happy note me ye serial ka the end kr do ku is bful show ko,ku hate krne par mazboor krte ja rhe ho din-ba -din. >:(

  17. Hw can b nidhi b culprit it ws said that she ws in airport on the dy f attack

  18. Nidhi threw acid on alia aditya bhalla (future name) and shagun what have she done in month longer acid attack case

  19. Reply parichary. They are yet to show Nidhi as culprit.. Reply valpa. As of yesterday episode the cops have believed that Adi and Ruhi are innocent. The bhallas suspect Shagun as the person behind aliya attack. As per the the latest spoilers and the video in YouTube. In the upcoming episodes it shows the attack on aliya was done by Nidhi.

    1. Oh godness Raghu!!!!

      If you know about what is happening then you can reply to Valpa that what you saw in utube. 😛

      Anyway I had reply to Valpa and you can make clear with Valpa.

      Ruhi blame and scolding Shagun but Shagun slap Ruhi and say shut up. How can Shagun slap Ruhi without defending herself. Ruhi know that Shagun helped Nidhi and Ashok and to ruin Adi life. Ruhi loves Ishita very much more than Shagun. Shagunget jealous that Ruhi want Raman and Ishita to be together but want Pihu to break family btwn Raman and Ishita but goes in vain because Raman still loves Ishita. Shagun want to revenge on Ishita. Shagun want to show others that she is ideal mother, wife and daughter-in-law to Bhalla but goes in vain. Bhalla family loves Ishita unconditional. Shagun get jealous. Ruhi want to get Pihu closer to Ishu but Shagun give Pihu wrongful information about Ishu. That is why Raman slap Pihu for her bad behaviour so that Shagun get Nidhi and Ashok help to get Pihu fake birth certificate.

      Pihu will get to know about Shagun evil plan will will leave Shagun and goes to Ishita.

  20. Hello I am new can I join u people …..
    Actually I heard in rexent updates that niddhi did this but I don’t know exactly

  21. I also feel at last the story writers are going in the right track. If the spoilers are true about Raman humiliating Mani then the story in right direction because Mani would feel guilty that because of him Ishitha and Raman lost their daughter. To gain their trust back he would try to become the bridge between pihu and Raman-ishitha

    1. As you know the reason why Raman slap Mani because Mani took gun and aim on his son Adi head but save by Abhi. Mani then slap Adi many time infront of Raman and Ramanget fumed. So then Adi had proven to be innocent and Mani feel guilty for hurting Ishita and beating Adi without proved and ignore Ishita and Aylia telling about Adi innocent. Mani deserved to be slapped from Raman for Adi. Ishita knew that Raman will not control his anger because Mani believed in Shagun lied. And also lied to court that Raman and Ishita are bad parent but does not remember who raised Aylia for 7 years and called her unfit mother.

      Raman did right to humiliate Mani for breaking the trust and goes against Bhalla and Ishita for Shagun. Mani and Ishita are no longer friends but remain as business partner. Aylia still want Ishita as her amma not Shagun. Shagun will be happy that Bhalla is no longer friend with Mani. Mani will decided to announced all the media the truth and judge will get to know the truth about Bhalla reputation and business.

  22. Reply Vp. About your comment Why should Raman forgive Mani. Did Mani believe Ishitha and Raman. Yes Raman had doubts on Adi but he also trusted Ishitha. But what did Mani do. He Thgt Ishitha had brainwashed aliya. He also went to court and supported Shagun to get pihu custody. If Mani had not supported Shagun, Shagun might not have custody of pihu. Mani also knows pihu does not know who her biological mom is. Raman is just human he is hurt by Mani actions

  23. i saw on you tube that ishita will win shagun will fail
    pihu will now about shagun reality
    i am not sure plzz search on youtbe
    topic next story of yeh hai mohabbtein search plzzzzzzzzzzzz on this topic

  24. The bhallas are a bunch of idiots- the biggest being Raman. He’s just like a wild animal in the leash… and these people call themselves educated and are businessmen and dentists and stuff.
    The iyers are so much better…

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