Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita angrily looking at the burnt saree. Sarika comes there and gets teary eyed. Ishita catches her and asks her to be away from Ishita, else she will burn her first. Sarika screams and leaves from there. Simmi asks Ruhi and the girls to sit for Kanya pujan. Amma says I forgot to get something and goes. The bhajan plays. Ishita comes there and asks them to stop it. She holds her head and screams. She says her head is aching. Ruhi cries seeing her. Everyone get shocked.

Ruhi says Ishi Maa… Ishita says who Ishi Maa, I m Shagun, and throws the things. The diya blows off. Ishita breaks the things. She asks them did they forget her, she has come to stay here forever. She says you all are in my house, get lost, or shall I beat and kick you all out. Mrs. Bhalla

cries. The power also goes and they all cry seeing Ishita.

Ishita says lovely mummy ji, you are standing in Shagun Bhalla’s house, will you go out or shall I kick you out. Mrs. Bhalla says you are not well Ishita, go to room and rest. Ishita says you did not like me ever, your sympathy and love are for Ishita. She taunts Simmi and hurts Sarika. Amma and Vandu hear the strange noises from Bhalla house. Amma says this is Ishu’s voice, we will see. They go inside and see Ishita ruining the things. Amma calls out Ishu.

Amma gets some small plants and Lord small idol inside it. Ishita sees it and screams. Ishita moves back. Amma asks her to tell what happened to her and goes to her. She asks her to come to her. Ishita asks her to move it away from her, else she will not leave her. She forwards hand to beat her and falls back. Amma sees the idol. Raman, Bala and Romi come home and see Ishita and the home. Amma tells Raman that Ishita is scared of Mata idol, this is not my Ishita, this ido0l will make Ishita free from the spirit. She says some mantras and throws the leaves on Ishita.

Raman, Bala and Romi hold Ishita, and take her to the room. Amma cries. Ishita pushes back Raman, Bala and Romi in the room and frees herself. She says I told you all to be away from me, see what I do to Ishita now, if you come close, I will kill Ishita, and breaks a glass. Raman asks her to stop it. She shouts at them to go. Romi gets a rope. They tie her with the rope. They calm her. Raman says Ishita and cries seeing her……………. Yeh hai mohabbatein………….plays…….. She screams. They all get sad seeing her.

Bala asks Raman to come with them, she will be fine. Abhishek applies wax to his hands and is hurt. Mihika comes and says he looks different. He says nothing, and thinks she did not even notice, even if he dies, she will not know. She sees his hand and asks did he do waxing. He says yes, you like such men. She says no way. He says Mihir told me, he gave me this advice. She says I will see Mihir and goes annoyed. He says why did I do all this then, if she does not like this.

Amma says she will call pandit. Vandu says this does not happen. Mrs. Bhalla says we shall take Ishita to free her from spirit. Raman comes and says there is no spirit. He says she is in shock, Amma you are educated, how can you believe this, she is my wife. Amma says I have seen her, my Ishu can’t talk like this, its Shagun. Raman says Shagun has died. Amma says Shagun will kill my Ishu. Raman says we met doctor, she said Ishita has stress, she is in shock of Shagun’s death, trust me, nothing will happen. He says its already known in society now, I don’t want any more issue.

Raman goes to Ishita. She says Raman and cries. He goes to feed her food. She holds his hand angrily in spirit state, and says I don’t want food, I want you….. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. What rubbish they are showing… if they want to telecast it 7 days in a week they can start some family show but not this crap like atma ghost possession etc …family serial turned to aahat.,chi, rubbish.
    Go to hell makers

  2. Rianaa

    Uss shagun ki atma ki aisi ki taisi…bhaaaaar meh jai uski atma..but divyanka’s acting was tremendous..whatever…this horror track is horrible abb yeh bardash ke bahaar ho raha hai..jaldi hamara old yhm wapas lao wanna hamari atma iss bekar track banale wale ko daraigi……?????????????????????????

  3. jhanvi

    Epi was really scary…..!!!!! Nd precap is also scary….

    Ruhi was looking damn pretty… Jst Alike ishu…..

    Divyanka is awesome…!!!! Sarika is doing Good… Actually all d members doing Good….

  4. Wawo really horrified episode but ye Raman ne kuch sahi na Kare ki kasam kahi hai kya us
    Ko pata niii cal raha k ishu me shagun k atma hai

  5. V P

    The episode was very scary …..I don’t understand why showing all these to scare people . Totally unwanted ….a beautiful unique story …. Is turned to an horror one ….. Viewers want Ishra to be together …… Divyanka acted tremendously , Ramans emotions so genuine and each and everyone acted so well ….please prolong this …. Raman and Ishithas beautiful life journey is what audience want to see …. Shaghun never allowed Ishra to live peacefully before her death and now after her death too troubling them …. Very sad ….. Ruhi and Adi seeing their Ishima totally upset …. Knowing Ishitha she will leave them and go for the Bhallas safety which is very sad . Please make sure Raman and both Bhallas and Iyers bring back our Ishitha to the old one ….. We want old Yhm

  6. nimrit

    aare raman ko kyu characterless bana rahe ho. ..pehle shagun. ..then ishita & then after leap disha. ….bewakoof makers agar raman ishita true lovers hai toh wo kisi aur se kaise pyar Kar sakte hai. ..Both will have 3..3 lovers. …….hahaha hahaha hahaha. ……bina dimag wale makers & wo ekta inse upar. …kab kya koi bharosa nahi. ..

  7. jhanvi

    Guys have Patience….!!!! This track is going on since only 1 week… So it’s not too much dragging.. Nd I think writers will dfntly end this track before next Sunday..

    YHM is a show in which they nvr drag one track soooo much… There is soo many shows always drag a track soo much nd irritates d viewers SNS , SSK , DABH, nd Yeh Rista.. , BT.. In YHM they end d track within 2 weeks….ya some times they drag BT not too much dragging like all dis show… So I don’t think they will drag this track like others…

    So chill guys…have patience …soon they will end this nd we will get our old ishu back….

  8. vasantha

    how can we watch this yhm with children. so pl bring nice serial which we can watch with kids. pl EKTA madam do what ever youlike and better this show can be aired after 11.30 pm so that nobody will watch your dirty serial

  9. jhanvi

    Raman was crying for ishu sweet….!!!! He took my heart once again…. Love u Raman…. Love u ishra nd YHM….

  10. Ria

    1- why does ishta and raman have to separate

    2- why all this sprit…. shagun could ve act double role

    3- plz let MIHIKA and ABHISHEK be together

  11. Subho

    Please don’t prolong this track. Raman and Ishita are a very endearing couple. Please don’t separate them. YHM will lose a lot of fans if they are separated.

  12. Priya

    I know ekta does not support spirit drama. It is just for the trp.At the end of these drama they show ishita is suffering from split personality disorder but i can’t understand one thing why she is showing so much drama like ishita is affraid of god, mantras etc because at the end we all know that it has been show that she is suffering from split personality disorder

  13. Priya

    I know ekta does not support spirit drama. It is just for the trp.At the end of these drama they show ishita is suffering from split personality disorder but i can’t understand one thing why she is showing so much drama like ishita is affraid of god, mantras etc

  14. pooja

    stop this all bullshit story twisting if u dont get what to show next.u r spoiling one more serial of urs.

  15. Really iam not going 2 watch dis show…..i thnk SNS is better than YHM bcz in SNS atleast dey dont marry a person 2 or 3 tyms….and this serial is most dragging serial in the WORLD.. like shagun drama .i just hte dis…..A whoevr like show are really mad……and in this dey ill not end propely…it ill confusion like riya and bala ka secreat param subbu mani etc ka gayab ho jana…really i wasted ma evrydys 30 mins4 dis bakwass etc show

    • is really ekta his giving rgt mssges by shwing horror drama nd marryinga person more dan 2 tymss….guys plz dont watch dis den she ill understand

  16. Roselyn Dada

    Enough of this scary episodes.the horror episodes are too much.As Ekta kapoor forgotten that children are also watching it.please find solution to this.welldone Rahan and ishita,thumbs up to all yei mohabbatein Cast And crews.From Nigeria

  17. diya

    jhanvi u r a true fan of this show . i totally agree wid u . i also think they vil end this track soon. cause sm days ago i saw some pics of karan , divz nd anita. ruhaanika was also there. those came straight frm the sets nd were recent but one thing is anita was dressd up like the changed shagun. the saree divz was wrng a saree which as also new. i dnt know wts really going on.but am enjoying it nd most of the credit goes to divz fr that .she is doing an wonderful job nd so as the other star cast specially karan in today’s episode . i feel there will be no seperation nd leap. evrything will get alright. love this show 2 much.

  18. john

    the production team supports superstition,in which world are they living stupid morons.please put some sense in the serial or just end it.i would rate the show 2 out of is not worth for tv.

  19. Cham

    Divyanka Tripathi is doing her best and it is superb!!! But I too feel that this track is enough now but somehow it is interesting.
    Why Raman is not believing that Shagun’s spirit has entered into Ishitha’s body?Because of that, the track will become long,any way the news about upcoming tracks says that this track will over on next sunday.
    Waiting for Ishra sweet and lovely moments..
    From SL

  20. They are spoiling a beautiful story by talking about spirit and things like that. It is so unrealistic. This shows that the writer and director have very poor imagination. It is high time they end the story.

  21. Darshika

    good going….. Although this is bad,sad situation, raman is with ishita…..! So happy to see them together and they will solve this together. Not only happy situation but also they are together in sad situations. I enjoy this. Scary and emotional epi. Love it.

    And balha family deserve this. Coz they should get responsibility for 3 (or 4) deaths……. (shagun with baby, subbu’s wife and baby )
    from SL

  22. vidhya

    hey guys. dont you know ekta kapoor is famous for loads of polygamy in all her serials. shagun ishita disha. once they cant imagine any good twist with disha’s role, again a new female lead will be introduced. EKTA KO KYA SAMJHA HAI. she is not from a country that believes in lord shri rama chandra. she has dropped in from a land where every man and every woman has at least three life partners, that too simultaneously…..

  23. jeba

    ishita acting is veryyyyyyyy cute I love you somuch ishita& raman.Raman acting is also cute.tamilla solanum na romba nalla eruku intha episode.this episode is really superb!!! . but pls end the ghost track.

  24. Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    starring Divyanka Tripathi and Karan
    Patel is not leaving a single stone
    unturned with it’s Suspense Filled
    Ghost Drama.
    Ruhi will invite neighbors and her
    friends for Pooja.Ishita will decide to
    attend the pooja for ruhi.
    But as viewers know, it was after all
    Shagun. She would not leave Raman
    and Ishita easily. Shagun’s evil spirit
    entered Ishita’s body and started
    creating new problems in the lead
    couple’s lives.
    Ishita aka Shagun’s spirit will create
    havoc in the Bhalla Family during
    Pooja.Raman and Bala will tie ishita
    with ropes in her room.
    Raman feels bad seeing ishita in such
    a state.
    In the upcoming episodes,Raman will
    tell the family that ishita is not
    possessed by any spirit.Instead she
    is suffering from stress due to
    shagun’s suicide.
    He goes to take food for ishita from
    kitchen.In the mean while,Sarika goes
    to Raman and tells him not to go near
    to ishita as she can harm him.Raman
    gets angry and shouts on her saying
    ishita is his wife not a murderer.
    However, Romi apologizes Raman in
    behalf of his wife Sarika.Raman goes
    to his room to feed ishita.But Shagun
    throws the food saying she want him.
    Raman also tries to tie a thread on
    ishita’s hand but she will not allow
    Will Raman able to solve the mystery
    behind Ishita’s behavior?
    Keep reading for more updates.

  25. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohababtein will
    show that Shagun’s spirit
    creates tantrum at Bhalla
    house through Ishita’s
    Romi and Bala do not get
    any way in Raman’s
    absence and tied Ishita
    with bed.
    Raman returns to home
    and is heartbroken to see
    Ishita’s condition.
    Raman brings a holy
    thread and tries to tie it
    on Ishita’s hand.
    But Shagun’s spirit
    pushes Raman forcibly
    and she also throws food
    that Raman brought for
    Shagun’s spirit torture
    Ishita’s body and Ishita
    asks Raman to save her.
    Raman is helpless seeing
    how Shagun’s spirit is
    torturing Ishita.
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

  26. Soniya

    Either in death OR alive, Shagun is a curse for Ishita’s life. I hate Shagun both in person and as a ghost. Good that Ishita is acting as possessed by Shagun, OMG if it is shagun it would be even more scary. (with shagun’s eerie voice and ghostly wicked look)

    If Ishita is suffering from Split Personality Disorder, then who burnt the saree? How she got the bleeding hands (at the time of packing shagun’s things)? Why she got red marks when Ruhi tied the Matha Rani chunri.

    Looks like shagun doesn’t want to leave YHM easily. Please Amma, bring a pandit or two and chased away that evil Shagun completely from YHM. Let IshRaRuAdi live peacefully

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