Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mani saying I always believed in your decisions and supported you, thinking nothing is imp to you than her happiness, you did not do right today. Shagun says you should have taken advice, you realized you have ruined Aaliya’s life. Ruhi asks what are you saying, Ishimaa did right, she is just protecting Aaliya, Adi has hidden it, being a girl, I understand Ishita is right, Aaliya should know everything. Shagun argues with Mr. Bhalla and Appa. Appa says Aaliya is Ishita’s daughter a lot, none could have taken care of your children like Ishita, she can do anything for their happiness.

Shagun says yes, we have seen it. Mr. Bhalla says Mani and Raman, go and try to talk to Aaliya. Mani asks Aaliya to open the door. Aaliya opens the door. Mihika asks Adi to come

fast, Aaliya came out of the room. Aaliya says I decided I can’t marry Adi. They all get shocked. Adi says please don’t do this, talk to me. Raman asks Aaliya not to decide in hurry. Aaliya says please, don’t force this marriage on me, Appa take me from here. Mani says fine, come. Roshni says forgive Adi, its not his mistake.

Shagun says its all your mistake, why did you not tell truth knowing they are marrying. Ishita says she did what Adi said, she did not wish this marriage to break. Shagun says that it broke. Ishita says Roshni has gone through a lot, she did not wish to ruin Aaliya’s life. Shagun says you don’t worry for Adi and Aaliya, you worry for Roshni. Ishita says Roshni is a woman, wrong happened with her, I wanted Aaliya to know whom is she marrying, Adi lied to her, its wrong to lie and get a girl married to someone, it was imp for Aaliya to know truth, now if they have true love, they will accept each other, Adi will win her heart, this trust will… Raman says enough, if you talk of trust more, one more relation will break in this house, its my house, not Mahila Mukti Mandal, enough now. He takes Adi and says Adi and Aaliya, you are adults, you don’t need us to decide, go and talk, Aaliya give a chance to Adi, and you try to understand Aaliya, don’t worry I m with you, anyone can open a shop of values outside this house. He sends them.

Adi recalls moments with Aaliya. Ae dil hai mushkil….plays….. He says Aaliya, I almost lost you before, I did not wish to lose you again. Dadi prays for them. Bala says we should go and attend guests. Adi says forgive me Aaliya, I love you a lot, if I don’t get you, see what I do. She asks are you threatening me, just stop it. She says you did mistake and talking of punishing yourself to make me bad in front of everyone, this won’t happen, they requested me to give you a chance, you have no right on me. He says it means you don’t want to marry me and holds her.

She says leave me, you are hurting me. He says you are hurting me. She says its too late now, nothing is left now, I don’t know how many lies you said, I don’t trust you. He says I was forced, you don’t know… She says you don’t trust me, you did not tell me, I asked you, I was joking, I did not know you are hiding such a big thing that you are married, you broke my trust, it can never join now. He holds her and says you don’t want to marry me. She says I don’t want to marry. She throws her dupatta. It falls on chandelier. She gets away. He shouts Aaliya and falls. She shouts Adi. Everyone is outside.

Adi’s hand bleeds. Aaliya holds him and cries. She asks what did you do, how did you get hurt, are you mad. He says lamp fell by your chunri, are you fine. She says you got much hurt. She gets first aid and calls him mad. He says how does it matter to you if anything happened to me. She stops him from saying. She says I can’t love without you, I love you. He looks at her and smiles. He says I m ready to get wounded many times for you, forgive me, scold me, beat me, please don’t go away. She says I won’t go, I will be with you always. She hugs him. Aye dil hai mushkil….plays….

Mani and Raman ask them to stop door. Raman says I think we should break the door. They see the door opening. Aaliya and Adi hold hands and come out. Everyone smile. Aaliya asks them to call pandit for pheras. Ishita says I m so sorry, I did not wish to give sorrow, I did this for Aaliya, but Adi I have a request, promise you will never lie to Aaliya. Adi says I promise, I will never hide anything. Ishita says wish you a happy married life. Raman asks them to come. Shagun says I will freshen up Aaliya and come. Ishita thinks to confirm about paper work with judge to avoid complications.

Ishita calls Baweja and asks about Adi’s annulment. He says its done, don’t worry. She asks when will we get the papers. He says you did not see time, I m judge, not your personal matter, come to office tomorrow. Ashok says it will be fun, their happiness won’t stay for long.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Asammi

    For the first time, I agree with Raman its home and family, not a Mahila Mandal. Ishita before thinking about another woman think about your son’s happiness.

  2. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi guys finally nice episode adi aliya is made for each other .ishitha is always correct .but don’t know marriage happens or not .
    hi guys rithu VP Amma jaz adhitya disha Mino mounique magic sindhu siddhi shreya isuri HP MP and all yhm frds

  3. Hi Rithu, VP, Bhagya, Khushi, Priyamvedha, Shivani, Magic, Mino,Susan and all YHM fans….

    Wow!! today’s episode was a twist. I thought it was all over with Adi and Aliya. I am holding my breath for tomorrow. I really really hope the wedding will take place. Alls well that ends well. I really wish cvs had read all the lamentations of the fans and decide to change the story line to fans liking. True love could not separate them. Once Adi was hurt, Aliya shows her concern. She still loves Adi deep down. At least one good happened. Everyone knows the truth including Aliya so Adi is free from guilt. He does not need to burden himself with this lie. Hope tomorrow’s episode will also be a positive one.

  4. Hi VP mam, Sindhu , Khushi, Shivani, Shreya and aIl the yhm fans…. Shreya, how are you? Long time no see.

    I am not happy with Adi and Aliya’s marriage as Ashok burnt the annulment papers of Adi and Roshni. It might lead to another problem for them. Ashok has some other master plan to defame IshRa. I am still angry with Adi… Mani will not accept Adi and Aliya’s marriage. Ruhi gave a good answer to Shagun. Shagun is too much…. What about Adi? Is he not her son too? I love Ishita a lot… She has done good. And Raman too… Thank God IshRa didn’t fight again. DT regaining her beauty look like before 7 year leap. Is AG really leaving the show?

  5. Hi friends. I’m new one. I’m watching this drama since 4 years. I hope that Adi would many Aalia

  6. Don’t worry friends .. tomorrow marriage will happen and media comes to Bhalla house next day… Now adis and Aliya lives destroyed… Unless that judge changes his mind and reveal the truth… This show is just dragging… I am fed up of this marriage drama..

  7. Hi Sindhu … Bhagya Priyamvada … it was a positive twist ! Thanks to Cvs … but Ishitha will understand annulment is not happened … she may stop the marriage and from there things will change . Its always good if Ishitha leaves Raman nd go . Its just like she is an instrument for them to play .. Always being insulted and blamed . Just see today Adi Ali cleared and moving forward without guilty . Most important in life is not to feel guilty . Here Ishitha is done a good job . Now Ashok and judge hands together … Judges reaction is only becoz of Ramans actions . If he had listened to him cooly things cud have turn better . Shaghun is said to be NGO … look at how she trating Roshini .Assami its true first we have to wipe our familys probkem then to take care of others . But Roshini is Adis wife ! Give respect to a woman ! Raman did a good job by sending Adi Alia to discuss but insulting Ishitha was wrong . I really wanted Ishitha to get out of his life . No respect no love to Ishitha

  8. azuka nkwonta

    Wow this is so wonderful for the first time I am loving Adi and aaliyah’s relation more than ishita and Raman relationship. Although I know that the annulment paper has been burnt but this scene of reunion between Adi and aaliyah has proved that they are meant for each other so roshni should go and sit by the side.
    One thing I don’t like about ishita is her over smartness. When others are going back to the wedding ishita is busy looking for annulment paper instead of joining others for the wedding. Ishita is behaving like someone who wants Adi and roshni’s marriage to stand instead of Adi and aaliyah’s marriage to happen. My only happiness is that no matter what happens aaliyah will stand with Adi.
    Ashok burning annulment papers does not matter they can get another judge to annul Adi’s first marriage.
    Ruhi will always support ishita I know that from the beginning but when it comes to ruhi’s issues ruhi will disagree with her. Raman said the best thing today that family,home and son comes first before a random woman.

  9. azuka nkwonta

    I don’t know whom ishita is fighting for all the things she said and all the lectures she gave today I was not able to understand them. I kept wondering what she was saying and whom she is fighting for or who she is fighting against. Her long lectures are so clumsy that you begin to lose their meaning.

  10. Hi all
    I haven’t replied in quite a while was really despondant with the show story. Ok Aliya aid marriage added some fireworks. And please for “Gods sake” change Shagun’s dialogue..all she knows is either for Gods sake or what’s your problem. Such an ego head.
    I am glad Raman didn’t go overboard and out of control like he normally does with Ishita.
    Fitting reply from Ruhi to Shagun’s.

    Please cvs bring the little nok jokes back that was visible for a little while between Ishita and

    1. Or “Isheeeta what the hell is wrong with you!” oooooh I just cannot digest this Shagun character.

  11. azuka nkwonta

    Is it the same hand that was bleeding that aaliyahh is holding when they came out of the room? How did ishita got the judge’s number when she does not know the judge before? They should stop showing us small kids drama because we are not fools.

  12. True Azuka the cv s have made Ishita’s character real Jaguars mata that she is becoming annoying even tho I am a great fan of Dt .

    Her character has been spoilt to a point of no return…actually the SPA 2017 proved that the cvs ruined YHM…they only got 2 awards compared to walking away with most last year

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