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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Niddhi leaves from the place. Abhishek sees the car number and thinks she was Niddhi, I have to tell this to her. Ishita gets surprised seeing Mihir and smiles. She asks moustache? How are you Mihir? Mihir nods and smiles. Aaliya asks do you know him, I met him downstairs and came to show switch box. Mihir goes to check the fuse box. He says lights will come in 2 mins, this wire is gone, let me check. Power goes. Aaliya says great. He says I have solution for this, I will fix it. He calls Adi. Bala says Raman, I have to talk, we used to be relatives and good friends, whatever happened in past few years, I can’t know your suffering, Ishu is back, can’t you think Ishita was not at fault.

Raman says its my mistake, when I think, I get angry, did she look back,

I thought she died, did she come to see our state, the problem is whomever I loved left me, Shagun left and then Ishita. Bala says how can you compare them, Shagun left you thinking you are not suitable for her, and Ishita left you as she felt she is not suitable for you, how can you say this, you can’t blame her for everything, I know Shagun has changed now. Ishita would be broken and felt guilty for your problems, our male ego does not let us differentiate between right and wrong, I beg you to understand Ishita once, else it will be too late.

Raman says I m marrying Shagun, some people got alive after death, get her if she is alive till marriage. He goes. Bali says I wish Ruhi was alive, she would have united Raman and Ishita. Ruhi asks Aaliya whom did you get, my entire house power is gone, who is that electrician…. Adi says excuse me, he is not my electrician, he is my Mamu. Ruhi looks at Adi. She then sees Mihir and gets glad. Adi scolds Ruhi. Mihir says its okay Adi, I m so sorry, actually fuse blew off and power went, just give me 2 mins, I will make it fine. Adi gives the fuse to Mihir. Mihir fixes fuse and light comes. Ruhi thanks him. Ashok meets Niddhi.

Niddhi says I don’t know who came infront of my car, that man got little injured. He asks her not to worry. She says its not safe if anyone sees me, if Raman was here then…. He asks her not to overreact. They leave for his home.

Ishita asks Ruhi to come for dinner. Ruhi refuses to have dinner. Ishita takes food for Ruhi. Ruhi asks Ishita not to become her mummy, I won’t eat, leave me alone. Ishita feeds the food by her hands. Ruhi looks at her. Ishita asks her to chew the food, you get irritated when you stay hungry, my daughter could not bear hunger, start eating. Dil se dil ka rishta….plays……………. Ishita says curd rice is my fav, my daughter used to demand for curd rice. She asks is this food made well, I m out of practice, I did not make food and feed anyone since long, but for feeding practice is not needed. Ruhi recalls the moments with Ishita.

Ishita says I will just come and goes to check at the door. Abhishek comes there and says Ishita ji, Niddhi is alive. Ishita asks what…. Niddhi? Is she alive? Ruhi hears this and gets shocked. Abhishek says she has hit me by her car. Ishita asks are you sure you saw her face. He says how can I forget her, she is alive. Ishita says if Niddhi is alive, then Ruhi can be alive too. Abhishek says yes, maybe. Ishita cries and says I have to tell this to Raman, he will go mad by happiness, thanks. She goes. Ruhi worries that Ishita will tell Papa, how did Abhishek see Niddhi, I have to do something, I have to inform Niddhi.

Ruhi calls Niddhi. Ishita goes to Bhalla house. She calls out Raman. Raman opens the door and scolds her for troubling. She says I came to say something. He says I hate your face. Mr. Bhalla says hear her once. Raman says I m worried since you came back, I don’t want to hear anything, get lost. She says its imp. He says you are dead for me, I don’t talk to ghosts. She says you will regret if you don’t hear me out. He says I have habit to regret. He goes. She says he won’t change, he never listens to anyone.

Bala tells Vandu that I spoke to Raman, he is mad and does not want to listen, I requested him to think of Ishu, he did not agree, he is moving on with Shagun, does Ishu have any support. Vandu says they are separated since nearly 7 years, legally he can think to marry someone. Bala says I know, but I think Ishita should get Pihu’s custody, we should file custody case. Vandu says Shagun raised Pihu, I want Raman and Shagun to get married. Bala says its about Pihu and Ishu, can’t Ishita live with Pihu, no one can snatch her right, if Raman and Shagun get married, Ishu will never get Pihu. She agrees and asks what can you do. He says I think we should file Pihu’s custody case, I know who can help us, I m going to meet him. She asks him to say who is he.

Ishita sprinkles water on Abhishek and asks why did you drink so much. Abhishek says I have to lessen my pain, Ruhi left because of me, that’s why I drink. Ishita asks him did he see Niddhi’s car number. He says yes, I have my friend in police, we will know car’s owner and get Niddhi. She takes Abhishek. Ruhi worries.

Bala meets Mani and says you know Ishu is so selfless, Raman is moving on with Shagun, Ishita will not think for herself, we have to do something for her. Mani says I agree with you, I can do anything for her happiness, but what can we do. He says if Ishu gets Pihu’s custody, she will get emotional support, you have stayed with Ishu for 7 years, you can testify about her. Mani says I will contact a lawyer. Bala thanks him.

Ishita goes to Ashok’s house. Ashok says Ishita Bhalla, but you were dead, but you are still beautiful after 7 years, come, my house door is always open for you, you are always welcome. Ishita calls out Abhishek. Ashok looks on and says great, Abhishek has also come. She says even you did not change in 7 years, you are still cheap. She walks in. He asks her what is she doing here with this drunkard, where is Raman, what happened to this ex ACP. Ishita says Abhishek wants to ask you something, be careful and answer him right. Abhishek says a car has hit me, I got to know it was your car, it was Niddhi driving, I have seen her, will you tell me where is she. Ashok asks who Niddhi, yes my car had an accident, you can take money. Abhishek says I can’t be wrong, she was Niddhi, call her. Ashok goes upstairs and gets some lady. Ishita looks on.

Raman asks Ishita to leave from this building. Appa asks Raman why is he after Ishita. Raman says society’s secretary told this, just get out of this society. Ruhi smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Guys I’m starting to hate this serial ….

    1. Me tooo.

  2. Raman is a monster he do not deserve ishita…..he should deserve niddhi….shitttt

    1. absolutely

  3. sandhir ishra ishveer mehbeer fan

    Love you karan Patel…… tuje soch ta hun mai shaam aur subaah uss se jyaada tuje aur chahun tho kya….. love you raman Kumar bhalla……

  4. sandhir ishra ishveer mehbeer fan

    Yeh kya Baath huiyeee sab Raman ko dosh Kyun kar rahi hain yaar…… usse koyieeee tho samjho….. sab ko uska cheekeyn aur gussa saafff dikhta hai par uss gusse ki piche chupa hua mohabbat nahi dikhta kya……. mana ki Raman ishitha pe gussa hai isska yeh matlab nahi hai ki woh ishu se pyaar nahi karta hai….. karan Patel you are amazing and keep doing……..

    1. Lekin ghoosa zyada ho Rahaa hai. Unkal baht bolne ka tarika galat hai. Bachon aur buzurgon ka rahas nahi karta

  5. Again raman and ishita will fight over pihu’s custody… the same story is repeating as it happened in the starting of the yhm but this is very very very worst.. I hope this serial just ends… it is very frustrating to watch now…!! :3 -_-

  6. raman sabse bda chutiya hai isse ghatiya lead character maine apni lyf me nai dekha hai

  7. Bad idea by Bala … how can they expect Pihu to live with Ishita …. She didn’t even cared about her and left for 7years …

  8. Please change the track… is terrible to watch ishra separate ……..and their stupid fights…..and Raman insulting ishitha on her motherhood……why r they changing a good series into worst?????

  9. I wish pihu and adi will reunite ishra as fast as possible……..

  10. How can bala and vandu think of to file a pihu custody case they now how much raman love pihu ishitha didnt ask for pihu custody and for this alao raman will blame ishitha and he will start hating more this bala is creating problem for ishitha the story is repaeating same before raman fought with shagun for ruhi custody now raman will fight with ishita for pihu custody ishita should not agree for pihu custody

  11. Please change the track… It is so frustrating to see Raman’s behaviour… How could he speak such ill words of Ishita… He is so rude. .. Ruhi is also terrible…. There is no mistake on Ishita…. It is all because of Raman….

  12. Upcoming ruhi wants to meet pihu pihu is scared of ishu pihu says to ruhi k haar wali anti us ko me jae gi pihu says to ishu to go back as loves her mumma n papa

  13. Is ishu leaving from this society? It’s very nice story. But why aren’t they unite each other?

  14. Raman is damn terrible…..I don’t know what the hell he thinks of himself…..I can’t understand his anger towards ishitha…it wrong on her part as she did not return…but for that how can he show his anger to everyone…he is disrespectful towards his own parents and siblings…and I think this bala should look after his own family first how stupid of him to think that ishu sholuld have pihu custody….and as far as ruhi is considered..she is right on her part because she has undergone lot of sufferings without doing any mistake she was separated from her family and has got no love..but pls change this raman character..he is irritating

  15. But why is Raman shouting always? Aren’t they unite each other? Why Raman hates ishita? I love this teledrama.

  16. seriously Guys.. this serial should be named YEH HAI NAFRATEIN …. crap they are showing nowadays… if they dont know how to take the story forward they can better end it na.. and y are they always throwing such bakwas twists.. this Ashok and Niddhi always are left scott free… y cant these dumb CVs show them suffering for the sins committed by them

  17. hey guys good afternoon to all.

  18. Both Raman n Ruhi are frustrating… There is no mistake on Ishita… Raman used to hurt Shagun by using Ishita.. Now he is hurting Ishita by marrying Shagun… He forgot all the good deeds of Ishita… Voh kaise yeh sabh kar sakthe hain???

  19. ab mughe lgta hai ki writters ke khurapatti dimag mai aaliya aur mihir ka pair bnane ka idea chl ra hoga kyunki mihika tho gyi ab……….

  20. Just end the serial if ishra don’t unite such a damn boring serial

  21. A best and super teledrama. I love it.

  22. I like ishru than ishra ruhi is change now and her role negative character I don’t like this show

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