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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Subbu saying who will doubt on me, plane crash was not fake. Sujata says Ishita is very smart and you have to be careful, its hard to hide truth from her. Mrs. Bhalla shows some necklaces and jewelry to Simmi, and asks her to try some new hairstyle. Simmi says this won’t look in second marriage. Mrs. Bhalla says life will be getting a new start, no need to have boundaries. Simmi says what will people think, I m a kid’s mum and doing all this. Mrs. Bhalla says so what, don’t you have heart, even I m a mum, look at me. Rinki says Ishita is calling her and sends her. Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi to call Subbu, he called her. Rinki says she will make Simmi ready.

Ishita asks Raman to bring her suitcase down, Raj and Simran will come any moments. Raman says this is my

room. She holds the ladder and he gets up to get the suitcase. Ruhi comes and asks for her dress. Ishita asks her to get Neelu. She leaves the ladder and he falls on her. She says you don’t have balance. He asks is she fine. She says yes, are you hurt. He says if anything happened to you then.. She asks what. He shows concern. Dil kahin rukta nahi……………..plays……………… They have an eyelock. Ruhi calls her and she leaves.

Its morning, Raman makes Adi ready and talks on phone. Adi says Raman has to dance well today and asks did he do rehearsals. Raman says he never rehearses. Adi goes. Raj comes and sees Raman. Raman asks him to get ready. Raj says all rooms are busy. Raman holds him and Raj tries to get away. Raman says even he is troubled by Ishita, she gets ready for long time. He asks him to get ready here, whats the problem. Simran comes and says leave him, and takes Raj. Raman says they are very eager for suhaag raat.

Mrs. Bhalla says kids are looking good and asks them to stand at gate and do tilak to Subbu. Ruhi says she will do tilak. Mr. Bhalla asks Romi to work and not be lazy. Romi says no work happens without me. Ishita asks Rinki to fiz gajra in Simmi’s hair and asks Mrs. Bhalla to check Subbu’s ring. She bumps into Raman and he smiles. He takes her to side. Raj and Simran come. Mihir asks about Raman. Raj asks why. Mihir says its personal, how to say you. Simran says see Mihir is so eager to meet him. Raj says don’t worry, Raman will dance with Ishita and I will get Mihir away from him.

Ishita asks Raman why did she get her to room. He shows mirror and asks whats this mark on the shoulder. She says your watch. He asks her to cover it. She says I did not notice. Mrs. Bhalla comes and he laughs. Ishita asks how do I look. Mrs. Bhalla says very pretty and asks her to come and see the jewelry. Raman teases her and she says I know you care for my respect more than me. He says I just care for tonight. She asks him to come and leaves. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays…………

Ashok and Shagun are on the way. He asks is she ready. She says yes, everything is ready, I hope Adi agrees. Ashok says he will agree. She says I love my kids, Ruhi and Adi are imp. He asks her to save this drama for Adi, he knows she is doing this for revenge. She says drive fast, its already so late. The function starts and Mihir comes to Raman. He says he has imp work. Raj and Simran look on. Mihir and Raman act weird and go together. Simran says Raman does not have any shame, how are they doing this openly. Raj says I have seen them being alone.

Simran says poor Ishita, they are like that type, I will tell her that they are doing behind her back. He says its sensitive matter. Subbu comes with his family. Ruhi does his tilak and Bhallas welcome him. Subbu says I need to talk to Simmi. Raman says at this time… Subbu says yes, its something imp and Raman asks Rinki to take him to Simmi’s room. Ishita makes Simmi ready and teases her. Rinki brings Subbu and says he has to talk something in private. Ishita asks him to come and leaves from the room.

Subbu compliments Simmi and says he has to talk to her. He says after engagement, he has to immediately leave for London for Laxmi’s case. He says victim’s families did case on airlines, and court called us for the hearing, I hope you understand. She says ofcourse, I think you must go. Raj and Simran tell Ishita about Raman and Mihir. Raman and Mihir say are they mad. Ishita says its nothing like that. Raj says Romi said you were kissing him and you both go to corners. Raman says I was going to kiss Ishita and was practicing with Romi. He catches Romi and says you spoiled my name.

Raj says I thought this happens in big cities like Delhi. Romi says I did not do anything. Raman says say the truth. Romi runs. Ishita says even you will be beaten up now Raj. Shagun asks Ashok to go, she will convince Adi and bring him, this time she will snatch her kids from Ishita, the game is over. Raman asks Subbu to seek Tandon’s help if he needs, he stays in London. Rinki says Simmi has special surprise for Subbu. Mihir welcomes everyone. Subbu sits with Ananya. Mihir says tonight is retro night and Simmi has picked this song, and welcomes Simmi on the stage.

Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi dance on the song Kajra mohabbat wala………….. Everyone smile. Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi fall laughing. The waiter asks Adi to come along and says your mum is waiting for him outside. Adi says mum here and gets thinking.

Romi and Mihika and Raman and Ishita dance on retro songs.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hey aag scene mein toh Adi ruhi phase the na. ..iss mein toh sirf Adi hi tha. ….

    1. Wo promo tha… Telecast bhi nahi hua…..& Yanha to Shagun bhi nahi Aadi Ishita ka pyar & Shagun ka asli chehra kaise samjega….& Aadi Night Suit me tha to Aadi Shagun ke saath naji gaya…..& koi problem nahi hui to IshRa ghar kyo aa gaye…….

  2. Hayyy ishra ka choto sa romantic scene hoga. …
    ….par Adi ishita ko aag se kon nikale ga. ..raman hi bacha ye ga. ……

    1. I think Ishita akele hi nikalegi….

  3. Ye toh Adi kitchen mein tha tab aag lagi. ..means. ….fire wala scene jis mein Adi ruhi the. .woh ye scene nahin hai. ….aur shagun Adi ruhi ko leke jaigi tab koi accident hosakta hai. ..

    1. But tickets usi raat ki thi….to Aadi Shagun ke saath kyo nahi gaya.

      1. ACP ne kuch kiya hoga. .jis ki wajhe se woh janahin payi hoo. …..

  4. Hey prayu maine pada 56th part. …

    1. Commment kiya…….& dekha…uss me Abhi Simmi ka plan tha…….

      1. Haan dekha. …

      2. My 1st love ka 18 part update hogayahai ..pade. ..

      3. Haa maine MSG kiya tumhe…..

      4. Ok check karti hoon. .abhi Nahin dekha

  5. Aaj hi fire scene aaye ga shayad

  6. Hey sbb mein dikhaya kya. …

  7. Oh……………Aadi Ghar me nahi hai……..& Shagun Rih Di ko le gai…..& DivAn keh rahe hai…….. ki bada twist hoga…audiance & Bhalla house hill jayega……& yeh bhi kaha reporter ne ki Gopi ki bhi maut dekha rahe hai……to Ishita jal to nahi jayegi….uss ka face to nahi badal jayega……….

  8. OMG……pls….koi bakwaas twist mat lana………..Reporter yeh bhi keh raahe the ……Ishita Fanaa ho gai………No…..aisa nahi ho sakta………….IshRa HM suite me the but Ghar se call aya ki bachche nahi hai…iss liye IshRa unhe Dhundh ne nikle…& Shagun ke paas ek bottle thi..shayad us ne RuhDi ko nind ki davai pilai…..

  9. Sbb segment. .
    hayyy ishra romantic scene k beech phone aayaga ki Adi ruhi kho gaye hai. …aur ishita Adi ko bachane aati hai. …
    …Reporter ne kaha ki ishita ko kuch hojaye ga. ….
    aur divan ….. ne bhi kaha ki kuch dhamakedar sequence hone wala hai …jis se sab log shocked hojaye ge. …kya hone wala hai. ….nahin yaar ishita ko kuch nahin hona chahiye. ……
    ….mujhe tension horahi hai. …jo bhi Ho IshRa aalag nahin hone chahiye. .

  10. Are ishra scene dekh kar happy thi parjaise hi kahishita ko khojaye ga. ..mera happy face sad hogaya. …???

  11. Yaar…..kyaa hoga aage…..muje to tensionho raha hai….kahi Ishita ko to kuch nahi hoga………

  12. hey guys sbb mein jo bhi hua ho.ishitha ko kuch nahi hona chahiye. aur ishitha ko kuch nahi hoga.

  13. yeh sab issi week aayega zaroor.ishitha ko kuch nahi hoga . raman bhi hai na .aur woh kisi bhi tarah bach jaayegi.

  14. aree ishitha ko kuch nahi hoga .haa aag ki wajah se behoosh ho sakthi hai jaise pehle shagun hui thi hotel mein .aur kisi na kisi toh fire brigade ko bulaaya hoga right aur agar reporters hai toh ishitha bucch hi jaayegi. buss daraaane ke liye.jab ishruh airport mein the tab raman ko phone aaya tha ki ek lady aur bacchi ki accident ho gayi tab raman kitnaa darr gaya tha.

  15. hey guys raman jail jaayega .yeh news india mein bhi nahi aaya.aur kisi bhi website pe nahi hai maine dekha hai .so i think its all fake.

    1. Rithushreee…wo spoiler India Forum ka hai…..FB par link thinmaine khud dekha……& India Forum stories ke liye hai…to kisi Writter ne Story ke badle Spoiler naam de diya…remenber pehle Raman ka accident & memmory lose wala spoiler aaya tha…wese yeh bhi rumour hai……

  16. Balaji Telelfims Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    is entertaining the audience with it’s
    interesting drama filled with a lot of
    As we have seen Simmi’s
    engagement ceremony begins and
    subbu informs her that he has to leave
    for america for court case
    hearing.Simmi and Toshiji perform a
    dance together.
    In the coming episodes ,we will see
    that Raman and Ishita perform on a
    romantic dance number.They will be
    followed by romi and mihika who will
    perform on a helen’s song.
    Shagun will be on her plans to escape
    with the kids before the ceremony
    completes,She talks with adi and tells
    him to bring ruhi with him.Somehow
    she take both with her.
    When ishita finds out that kids are
    missing,she gets worried and informs
    raman.Suddenly,A person sent by
    Ashok informs raman that kids got
    kidnapped,so that they don’t doubt
    shagun.But Mihika and ishita will get
    a clue that kids are with shagun.
    Ruhi will be asking for ishima,to make
    her quite shagun goes to make hot
    chocolate,where she gets a phone call
    from ishita. Shagun leaves the gas
    knob on and rushes to ishita from
    entering the house.There will be a
    tremor felt.
    According to TellyExpress,With the
    trmor,ruhi gets scared and adi
    decides to make her calm and goes to
    make hot chocolate.Without knowing
    the gas is leaking, Adi will lit the
    match stick and soon there will be a
    blast which makes adi hurt.
    Here Shagun and Ishita are down and
    as the blast happens they will turn
    back ,Shagun will say “shit the
    children “ while seeing this Ishita will
    run up and Shagun will go to call the
    fire brigade .
    Ishita will run up and she will see
    Ruhi scared Ishita will move Ruhi
    away and she will then open the
    kitchen’s door and will see Adi has
    bruised himself and his shirt has torn
    and as well as fainted.
    Ishita will go and will pick up Adi ,she
    will bring him out and will close the
    door, Ishita will gets the kids down
    and soon earthquake takes place , she
    will manage to throw Adi and Ruhi out
    after knowing about the earthquake.
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  17. High voltage drama awaits the
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    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein …..
    As per the current track, Ashok plans
    for Shagun’s trip to Australia.Ashok
    tells Shagun that he will accompany
    her for moral support. Simran tells Raj
    that Raman and his wife have not
    consummated their relationship.Sujata
    asks Subbu to be careful while dealing
    with Ishita as it is difficult to hide the
    truth from her. Meanwhile, Mrs. Bhalla
    asks Simmi to try some new
    Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Ishita
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    Here Ashok and Shagun will hire a
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    Shagun for this but Ishita will find
    some clue about the kids whereas
    Shagun will get the kids to Mihir’s
    house or some guest house. In the
    house Ruhi will starts getting paranoid
    saying where is my mom ( mumma
    kaha hai). Henceforth, To keep Ruhi
    quite Shagun will go to make hot
    chocolate for her.
    Shagun will go to the kitchen and will
    switch the gas knob just then she will
    get a call from Ishita . Shagun will get
    paranoid and will stop her down only
    and will go to meet her without
    realizing that gas knob is still on. She
    will leave the house and will come
    down and soon a tremor will be felt.
    With the tremor the pillar will fall
    down and entry into the building will
    get little difficult and here because of
    this tremor Ruhi will get scared and
    Adi will tell her “don’t worry Ruhi I am
    getting your chocolate shake.
    Adi will go to kitchen where the knob
    is on (which nobody know) he will pick
    the match stick and will light the gas.
    Soon in the exterior of the building (on
    the 6th floor) blast take place , Here
    Shagun and Ishita are down and as the
    blast happens they will turn back
    ,Shagun will say “shit the children “
    while seeing this Ishita will run up and
    Shagun will go to call the fire brigade
    Ishita will run up and she will see
    Ruhi scared ( she has closed the
    kitchen door), Ishita will move Ruhi
    away and she will then open the
    kitchen’s door and will see Adi has
    bruised himself and his shirt has torn
    and as well as fainted.
    Ishita will go and will pick up Adi ,she
    will bring him out and will close the
    door, Ishita will gets the kids down
    and soon earthquake takes place , she
    will manage to throw Adi and Ruhi out
    after knowing about the earthquake,
    Raman will also come over there and
    will see Ishita lying under the building
    and everyone will assume that Ishita
    is probably dead but after few minutes
    Ishita will show some movement by
    putting her hand down.
    Meanwhile Shagun will see Ishita,
    Raman, Adi and Ruhi are together and
    sees them as a family and then Adi
    will come near Shagun and will tell
    her that “you used me again and see
    what happened” and then will say you
    are really not a mother and this is
    where Shagun exits….
    Details On Shagun’s exit coming

  18. hey guys good news .ishitha zinda hai .aur shagun ka exit bhi hoga.

    1. Yeeee dil khush hogaya. .yaar. .

  19. Its good raman UNCLE is going to jail….

    1. its good ANSHI aaji mar jayegi bahut jald

      1. Oh so u r waiting for ma death… Im not going to leave u so soon. .. Y ur always behind me…… Ohhhh so im very famous …….
        NO CLAPS PLZZZ..

      2. your’e not famous but your’e a b*t*h blo*dy b*t*h tum jab tak yhm ke peeche nai chodungi mein tab tak tumhari peeche nahi chodunga mein tumhara bura din keliye intizaar kar raha hu i will get peace after your death aameen allah lejav aise gandhi dimaak logon ko

  20. kamini anshi phir se aagayi

    1. plz dnt abuse any1.. evry1 hav r8 2 cmnt i also love yhm … plz ignore dem… i complained 2 tu admin… dey ll take action on abuse comments plzz big fan plzz stop dis.. its my reqst.. if u respect yhm dnt cmnt lyk dis.. ignore dem

  21. This serial has male chauvinism as main story line. Outside it looks like a beautiful romantic serial but its male domination of story writer is seen clearly if seen properly !!!! stupid storyline

  22. i dnt tink its male domination… ishu,mika r having equal importance with raman,mihir

  23. Rkb gree I am saying about storyline not d characters! I started seeing tamil version of YHM, where I could see some male dominated scenes. In Older epis of YHM when ishita and raman got married also won custody case. Thn ashok lies to raman that ruhi is his child and all!
    Believing that stupid statement he behaves rudely wit ruhi. So here comes d domination part
    When ishita can accept ruhi as her daughter y cant raman think in that way?? So raman will love only if it his child?? actually its not raman’s mistake its tat blo*dy writer’s cheap thought??

    1. hmm agreed… tamil version.. kalyaanam mudal kaadal varai… r8 😎 …

    2. But in tamil both the leads acting s nt upto the mark which makes t even more annoying..

  24. hai gd evening to all…

    1. GE 😀

  25. yes I didn’t mean to hurt d fans of yhm . I just told my opinion! Chemistry btwn d lead, drama, emotion is not enough for d serial. They should have some message to public in this point not only YHM, all serials fail very badly 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. watching a serial r movie… is just for relaxation….don’t expect more from the maker’s…

      1. This is the reason our society sucks like this!! Enough of relaxation now its time to get up!! U people may tat Im very judgmental but truth never change. This movies and serials impact human’s mind a lotttt k. If rajnikanth smokes in a movie there are thousands teens who follows them. That’s y dey write a cautionary note at start of a movie! its now time to change

  26. priya ….what’s u age….

    1. i agreed with u gopu… s movies nd serials r 4 relaxation… it depends on viewers few grab moral few grab bad… so i dnt blame movies/serials…

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