Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita seeing her mobile to keep alarm for Ruhi’s school. She cries missing Ruhi. Raman hugs her and says Ruhi is not with us, she will be with us soon, trust me, I will get her soon. He asks her not to cry, and says Ruhi promise. He asks her to sleep and she should get well soon, when Ruhi comes, she has to receive her. He makes her sleep. Ashok and Suraj talk about Raman and Shagun who snatched Ruhi from her. Suraj asks him about Mihika and her baby. Ashok says leave it, its her baby. Suraj says you will be the father in world’s eyes. Ashok says why should I raise his child. Suraj asks him to get it aborted, but taking her to doctor, fool her and make the doctor do your work, then do anything you wish, kick her out, do what you want. Its morning, Ishita tries calling

Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to have food. Ishita says don’t know Shagun will take her to class, Shagun is not taking the call, I will go and see her. Mrs. Bhalla says have food and go. Ishita says I will come back and have food, and asks about Adi. Mrs. Bhalla says he went for football camp with Raman.

The coach praises Adi and Raman says he is sensitive. The coach says I observed, when he plays football, he forgets everything, he will feel good when he goes for this match, he will be happy. Raman asks him to call if there is anything. He says he will take care of Adi, I need to care for Ruhi. Ishita and Simmi come to school and ask guard to see if Ruhi came to school or not. Ishita says I m sure Shagun is careless and would have not got her. Shagun and Ruhi come there. Ruhi looks sad. Ishita says she got late. Shagun argues and asks why does she showoff always, she went in taekwondo class. Shagun asks her for a kiss. Ruhi kisses her and leaves. Shagun asks Ishita to leave Ruhi, she does not want you to come after her, she will forget you, I m her mum and you are her stepmum.

She says step mum is always a stepmum, Ruhi always tells me about her classes, so get away. She leaves. Ishita cries and thinks Ruhi will never get away from me. Simmi comes home and tells everything to Raman, saying Ishita’s heart broke, she can get more unwell. Raman says I will talk to Ishita. Ishita tries to get up and Raman asks is she mad, what is she doing. She cries and says she is not able to do anything.

She says she is not able to forget Ruhi, she always worries for her, she thinks of her all the time. He says its matter of few days. She says no, if the kids is sad, the mum thinks how is the kid, but here the matter is she is so happy without me, she does not need me anymore. He consoles her. She says I was living for her. He thinks Simmi was right, I need to do anything, I can’t see Ishita like this. Shagun says Ruhi made me tired, I need a drink. Mihir comes and says he came to take her. She asks what happened suddenly. He reminds her reality. She says you kicked me out, I don’t need your help.

He says I m sure, but see the monthly bill of this house, 75000rs. He says mum supported you after college, then Raman and then Ashok, now who will support you, Raman will not give you money now, how will you afford it, live in reality, don’t come on road again, if you think you can work on your skills, we both know you won’t do, so get the support offer from me, I will pack your bag. Shagun sees the hotel bill. Mihir tells Raman that Shagun agreed after some drama, she came home and Ruhi is with us, Rinki will be with Ruhi and she is safe with us. Raman says yes, Shagun is very careless, she focuses to trouble me. Mihir says don’t worry, take care of Ishita.

Its morning, Ishita sees Ruhi’s pics and cries. Raman comes to her and looks for something. She asks what is he finding, shall I help you. He says I m finding your smile. She smiles. He says there it is. She asks will Ruhi miss me. He says yes. She asks why does not she forgive me. He says when I was small, I used to fight with dad, I did not talk to him for weeks and used to think will he miss me or not, and wish that he talks to me. He wipes her tears and says this happens with every child. She says I wish this happens.

Shravan and Vandu come arguing. Vandu says she and baby does not like the Chinese. Raman asks him not to argue till baby comes. Vandu asks Raman to take him for Chinese. Shravan says Ishita will also come with us. Raman says her leg is hurt. Shravan says please. Raman says she will beat both of us. Vandu scolds him. Ishita says she will come. Vandu says I will make him ready. Raman asks her is she sure. She asks why does he not act convincingly. He says he will change her clothes. She asks what. He says I will change mine, you yours. She says yes, my leg is hurt, not hands. He says I was just taking a chance and smiles.

Mihir gets Ruhi and Shagun to the Chinese hotel and tells her likes. Ruhi asks how does he know what she likes. He says he knows by magic. Ruhi recalls Ishita and gets sad. Shagun asks about order. Mihir says we ordered, you can order anything. Shagun says you are eating neatly, good girl. Ruhi says Ishi Maa taught me. Ishita says we used to come here with Ruhi and talks about her. Raman serves her. Ishita says I wonder will we come again like that. Shravan asks her to start. She says Raman has put much. Shravan asks her to share with Raman, as its bad manners to waste food. Raman says he is right. She says she understands their plannings.

Shravan asks her to make Raman have food. She asks him to have it, and he gets Ashok’s call. Ashok asks is he not coming in meeting. Raman asks which meeting, I did not get any mail. Ashok asks him to come soon. Raman says I m with family for lunch. Ashok asks where. Raman says the place. Ashok says we will keep meeting there. Ishita asks Raman to go. He says its 10min work, and asks Shravan to take care. He goes. Shravan says he will go to loo, he is big boy, he will go and come. She says she will wait.

He sees Ruhi and calls her. Ruhi gets glad to meet him and hugs him. Shravan asks when did she come, and he asks her to come to his table. Ruhi asks did Vandu come. He says no, Ishita, see her. Shagun gets angry. Ruhi gets sad seeing Ishita.

Ishita cries. Ruhi says she won’t go to greet Ishita and Shagun asks him not to force her. The client shows Ashok and Raman, that he wants an innocent face like that girl, her name is Ruhi. Raman is stunned.

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  1. Ruhi aaj bhi Ishita ko yaad karti hai…..wo bas IshRa se naaraj hai…….jo har bachche haq hai ki wo parents se naaraj ho…….

  2. A hearty congratulations to yhm team n IshRaRuh for completing. ..400. ..episodes. ……..
    aaise hi happy..beautiful .IshRaRuh. ..journey chalte rahe
    ..aur hum iss beautiful journey ka. ..hissa bane rahe. ….♡♡♡♡♡♡♡….

  3. Yaar Shagun ko thodi to mehnat karne do……Mihir apne sath le gaya……but chalo achcha hai……Ruhi kam se kam apne chachu & Buaa ke saath to rahegi……..

  4. Are waah raman good sahi jarahe ho. ……aaise hi Ishu ko happy rakho..
    ….ruhi k wapas aane ka first step par jo gaya hai. …ruhi jo mihir k paas hai. …….
    ….ab sab happy happy hoga. …

  5. Aaj to realy special Episode ho gaya…….kitne sare IshRa scenes…….itne dino baad aaj Dil khush kar diya…..bas ek Ruhi saqth hoti to jyada maja aata…..

  6. Hey Mizun ……kal 1st Exam hai na…….whish you All The Best…..& Don’t feel nervous …….your Allah & my Loard Ganesha….always be with you……..Best of luck Dear……

  7. Hey Kal semi final hai na…mere class me sab boys baate kar rahe the ki final match Newziland & Austrelia ke bich fix hai to India kal haar jayega……yeh sattebaji hoti hai usme fix hua hai….deal hui hai……I hope yeh sach na ho…….WorldCup to India hi jitega…….

  8. urmi

    todays epi was great……..
    Loved it…….
    Ruhi is also safe……
    Ishita will feel secure about her now,,,,,,
    yhm is comng on its track……
    Waiting ruhi to come to her
    ishimaa soon…

  9. Tum bin jiya jaa kaise…tum bin jiya jaa kaise….
    Yeh dil keh raha hai……
    Ishita feeling 4 ruhi sweeet baby…..
    [email protected]@rhi@….is always rockssss…..on yhm screen….!%!

  10. urmi

    hey mizun 2morrow your exam..
    na so best of luck for that……
    thik se likhna and good marks
    All the bst

  11. Aaj ke 1st IshRa scene ke liye…….

    Ruhi Re…..Ruhi Re……..
    Tere Bina Main Kaise Jiyu……
    Aaja Re …….Paas Re…….
    Yunhi Tadpana Tu Mujko……
    Yaa Phir ……Aisa Kar…….
    Ke Dharti Me Mila De Mujko……
    Ruhi Re…..Ruhi Re……..
    Tere Bina Main Kaise Jiyu……
    Aaja Re …….Paas Re…….
    Yunhi Tadpana Tu Mujko

  12. AAA


  13. Inayah Thanks…….& You are always welcome……but now we are very busy….so 4th ke baad& Mizun 9th ke baad hi jyada baat kar payenge…….

  14. uh kav ruhi ishra ke pas jeye gi..ruhi k liye sad hoti hu…poor girl..shagun ne uski to bas jina haram kar diya..hate u shagun

  15. wow after long time they show our sweet hai naa when raman cares ishu a lot.waise shavu aur raman ka scene tho achi thi.and feeling sad bhi when ever ishu cry for ruhi.koi baath nayi ruhi is naras with ishu and nt hating.that good.waise hamara ruhi will never forget her ishimaa.

  16. Hiii. .prayosha. .palak. .priyaroli. .angel. .anandraaz. ..urmi. …Samiha. ..gopu. ..enaya. …bhagi. …..sab kaise ho. …

  17. Are yaar kal india semi final hai. .par main nahin dekh sakti. ……mera. .aur Indian team dono ka kal important exam. .hai. ………In shaa Allah. ..kal bhi india hi jeete ga. …….
    sorry priyaroli kal main score nahin bol paungi. …..

  18. bhagi

    hiiiiiii prayosha priyaroli mizun anandraz samiha and angel and all kise ho sab kash ruhi jaldi hi ishu ke pass vaapas aa jaye…………mizun all the very best for ur xams and kal tuje samskrit hai na………….

  19. arey yaar mizun dont need sry yaar.koi baath nayi i will get score form titter yaar.and ha kal only we will win.and we wont give it back.go go india.teek bye mizun achi se padna.all best for ur exams of luck.

  20. arey wow mihir by the way u talk to so called sis was really nice.lo kuch tho acha hua.ruhi can stay with bua and chachu.and shagun cant poisne ruhi.thank god.ab plz ishimaa aur ruhi ko jal se jal mila tho naa yaar.

  21. wait i have a doubt ki spoiler said adi and ishu scene will good per here tho they nt even showing adi and ishu together.and ofcourse ab mikha she is busy in iknmp.tho wt going bhi hua bus ishraruh and adi ko saath saath dikha thi naa.

  22. Mizun best of luck…don’t worry tumara paper bahut acha jayega. …tension ko dimaag se nikal do…aur ek sum relax ho ke paper dena…bahut acha jayega…

  23. anu

    today’s episode was on track… hmmm gud to c this.. neither a draggy one nor a fasty… hoping for ruhi to be back soon

  24. urmi

    hi,,priyaroli and angel……
    How r u guyz………..
    I was studying ……so aa nehi payi……….

  25. urmi

    raman and ishitas part was the
    best in 2days epi…………..
    It has covered all the boringness
    of past………..
    Just loved it a lot…….
    Hope 2 see a lot of such ishra
    scenes in future too…………

  26. urmi

    yeah priyaroli I m totally fyn nw…
    medicine bhi le liya hain………….
    so dont wrry fr me…………..

  27. alisha sinha

    Wat wud hv happened if Ishita cud say in d court dat aadi needs family.. Shagun cant take care f a child,. Doctor sed not to make aadi sad.. Dey want ruhi bt hv no choice., n ask judge to gv custody f both? Y adding drama to stretch d show? So gud show n u guys r making me hate it.. Don feel to watch.,

  28. urmi

    Aaj sab busy hai……..
    So kal milte hai,,,,,,,,
    bye,,,,,,gud nyt nd swt dreams
    to all ishra fans……………

  29. kuch nahi ho raha hai .jab adi hai toh sirf ruhi ruhi aur jab ruhi hai toh sirf adi adi .aur 1 week se sab ke ankhon se buss aansu hi aa rahe hai.hope ki sab kuch theek ho jaldi aur yeh ansu bhi rukh jaaye.

  30. Its celebration time for the entire unit
    of Balaji Telefilms’ popular show Ye
    Hai Mohabbatein (Star Plus) as the
    show completes 400 successful
    episodes today.
    The show which highlights the unique
    bond of a mother and a daughter is
    currently going through the most
    emotional phase in terms of its
    storyline where Ruhi (Ruhanika
    Dhawan) is with Shagun ( Anita
    Hassanandani) thus making the
    audience hooked to the show. Having
    a pillar of a good star cast and
    storyline, the show is winning hearts
    of the audience across the globe and
    tonight, the show will successfully
    complete its 400 episodes.
    When we contacted Divyanka
    (Divyanka Tripathi), she said, “The
    journey has been enriching. I have
    grown with YHM. I have given
    beautiful inputs in Ishita’s life and
    Ishita has taught me a lot as well. We
    both are different people learning from
    each other. The love of my fans has
    been overwhelming in last few
    months. In true sense, they have been
    my support system. I hope the love
    continues for long.”
    We also buzzed actor Karan Patel but
    he remained unavailable to comment.
    TellyBuzz wishes the entire team of
    Ye Hai Mohabbatein a hearty
    congratulation and wishes them all
    the best for their forthcoming

    • urmi

      I m fyn………
      Just fever nd cold hua
      tha……aur main medicne
      lena bhol jati hoon…………
      isliye sab yaad dela rahe

  31. jdoaNceCofne

    Angel urmi u all r f**king rats b*t*h hopless idiot mad stupid morons u all r more than this

  32. hi guys.good mrg.have a cute day.all the best mizun for first exams.and all the best all who ever has exams.and all the best of luck india.only we will win.go go india.

  33. fathima yumna

    i am from srilanka.i am new to can i watch the yesterday episode.pls can any one tell me

  34. bhagi

    hiiiiii guys am sry mi kal bhi coment nahi kar paya actually yesterday i got a big shock……plz guys pray for my closest frnd SRI …….i lost him yesterday i am spell shocked that he is no more………..i really miss him…..R.I.P SRI LOVE u and miss u ra…….

  35. bhagi

    yah urmi bt i dont know how to console my self………..i missing him every where every sec………he is one of my bestieee i cant imagine my life without him

  36. bhagi

    mizun all the best hi samiha mi bilkul bhi thik nahi hu……..bahut bahut bahut jyada sad hu… day for me

  37. bhagi

    urmi it was a sudden death with in few minutes accident at present am unable to accept that he is no more……i am feeling that he is still alive kash ye sach ho ki mera dosth abhi bhi iss duniya me hai…..par vo tho kabhi vapaas nahi apayega

  38. urmi

    feeling srry for u more thn fr ur
    I wish,,,,,,,,,ki zindegi me kisiko
    apne dost ko khuna na pare…….
    I will nvr be able to feel ur
    bt I can undrstnd that hw
    painful it can be…..
    Main apne frind se 1 din baat
    nehi karti to mujhe nind nehi
    likin tumne to use hamesha
    ke liye kho di hain…….

  39. urmi

    Mizun tumhara exam 3 baje hain
    na so all the best once again………
    Darna maat thik se likna……….
    Aur humara Allah to hai help
    karna ke liya…….

  40. urmi

    yeah,,,,of course…….
    Why not………..
    Waise bhi mujhe friendship
    karne me bohot maja ata hai…….

  41. urmi

    frindship ki hai to
    tumhare bare me kuch janna
    chahti hoon……………….
    Tell me something about u…….

  42. urmi

    wow,,,,yhm is in 3rd positn in
    Hope in coming days yhm 2nd
    or 1st positin pe aa jaye…….

  43. SBS- Shagun Ruhi ko Ad Shooting ke liye le kar jati hai……..Ruhi ek dam Barbie Dall lag rahi thi……Raman Shagun ko daantata hai…& mana bhi karta hai…..but Ashok bich me aa jata hai…….& Ruhi ko Ramsn uthata hai….dono saath me khush the…..Ruhi uss se achchi tarah baat kar rahi thi………

    Hey but 1 thing……..ab shayad Shagun ko pata chal jayega na ki Raman ka new boss Ashok hai….to wo yeh baat family me sab ko bata degi shayad…….

  44. Is it the end of the road for your
    favourite vamp on TV? Read on to
    find out!
    Star Plus’s show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein is popular not only for
    Raman ( Karan Patel ) and Ishita’s
    (Divyanka Tripathi) love story but also
    for the vicious schemes added to the
    plot by Shagun, played by Anita
    Hassanandnai. The actress is one of
    the most popular vamps on TV today
    and has become a household name as
    the evil Shagun who is out to destroy
    Raman and Ishita’s life.
    We hear the actress has been roped in
    for Big Magic’s comedy show Bal
    Gopal Kare Dhamal. So does that
    mean the actress is leaving YHM?
    Well, not at all folks! The actress is
    very much a part of the series and will
    be seen as Sasha Kapoor, a Bollywood
    actress who will fulfill Gopal’s
    ultimate birthday wish. An interesting
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  45. Dekha ……..maine kal hi bola tha…..India harega……..sab ke sab cheaters hai…..pehle se hi yeh decided tha ki Final match Newziland & Austrelia ke bich hoga………sab ke sab paiso ke liye bike hue hai……….yeh news paper me bhi aaya tha……

  46. bhagi

    am tooooo sad……mahi ne apna best diya agar kisi ek top order batsmen usko support kardiya ho tha tho jaroor india jeeth gayi hothi……..par kya kare koi bhi unka saath nahi diya

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