Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th March 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th March 2014 Written Update

The new girl tells Parmeet it’s him who misbehaved with her and then got her fired. Luckily other girls complained about him, and then he got fired. He promised her to give money for her mother’s treatment and he is not even giving full amount. He asks her if she wants that many or no. She keeps it. Parmeet touches her and she leaves. Parmeet talks to himself girls are very demanding. He also says he won lottery today, first day in his sasural and he made 12 lakh rupees. Life is set if you get married to a girl whose brother is rich.

Mihir talks about preparations with Raman even though he doesn’t play Holi. Raman says he did the arrangements so he’s sure everything will be fine.

Mihika is happy as the event is going fine so far. She thanks

Romi for help. Romi was about to put colors on her, but she says she’s on duty. He tells her to let him apply colors on her first. He asks if everything is okay after last night. Mihika says she doesn’t want to talk about Mihir. The event is more important to her than Mihir.

Mihir tells Raman he invited Trisha as well. Raman asks if Ashok will also come. Mihir says it’s corporate event so yes. Shagun and Adi may also come along. Raman tells Mihir he’s also coming.

Ishita and Ruhi getting ready to play Holi. Simmi waits for Parmeet. Raman comes. Ruhi screams Papa. Ishita stops her and tells her Papa doesn’t like Holi. Raman sits beside Ruhi and says Papa usually doesn’t play Holi, but she can put a tika on him. Ishita tells Ruhi to use right hand and she makes Ruhi put tika. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein plays in the background.. Raman tells his dad he is going to a Holi event. His dad tells him to take Ishita and Ruhi with him as well. Raman says it’s corporate event and he will be back in some time. Ishita says she doesn’t like to play Holi either. Ruhi tells Raman to apply oil before going otherwise colors won’t come off. Ishita and Ruhi leave. Raman’s dad asks him what’s the matter. He tells him Ashok will bring Shagun and Adi as well and he doesn’t want Adi to see him with Ishita else he will get upset.

Mihika is busy with preparations. Her boss praises her. Mihir arrives and then Raman. Mihir stops a guy from applying colors on Raman saying he has an allergy. They go inside. Raman searches for Adi. Mihir assures him Ashok will surely come with his family. Mihika sees Raman and wonders why he came alone in family event. Mihir was about to go to her, but Romi comes to her first and tells her to check the dancers’ costume. He sees Mihir and talks about him. Mihika say she doesn’t care about him and asks why Raman didn’t bring entire family. Romi says he usually doesn’t play Holi and gets surprised that Raman came here. They go to check costume. Ashok and family arrive.

Ishita brings Mrs. Bhalla in the hall. She sees bhaang and tells Ishita well done. Ishita says her mum made that and it’s Thandai with no bhang. She asks Mrs. Bhalla to try. Ishita sees Ruhi upset and goes to her. Ruhi throws the pillows and says she wants to play Holi with Raman. Mrs. Bhalla says let him come, I will pull his ears. Mrs. Iyyer comes with Shravan. She tells Ishita that Raman reached to the event and Mihika was asking her to come as well. Ruhi gets excited and she wants to go. Ishita agrees for her. She says they will go with entire family, but worries about Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Iyyer says she will take care of her. Ishita, Ruhi, and all leave. Mrs. Iyyer teases Mrs. Bhalla.

Shagun meets her friends. Ashok comes and puts colors on her. She also puts colors on him. Ashok shows Shagun Raman sitting alone. Shagun says she so knew it he would come for Adi. Ashok says seems like he didn’t play Holi. Shagun says he doesn’t play Holi because since I left him, colors are gone from his life. She goes on Raman was so crazy about her. Ashok says that was past, but now he just hates you. Shagun says you love whom you hate. She goes on saying Raman used to go crazy seeing her in a white saree. Ashok challenges her to do that today. She recalls past where Raman was praising her beauty in white colored saree during a Holi and him playing Holi with her when Ashok arrived there. She was refusing Raman for putting colors on her, but didn’t say anything to Ashok and put colors on him as well. Back to present, she goes towards Raman with colors in her hands.

She tries to apply colors on him, but Raman stops her. He says same colors, same shagun, same event, but he is changed now. He asks What kind of woman she is. When he wanted to apply colors on her, she went to another man, and today when someone else wants to put colors on her, she came to him. He asks her to look how Ashok is looking at her. He doesn’t know her true colors. He calls Ashok there and tells him to control his girlfriend. He tells Shagun, white used to suit her, but today when he sees her in white, he feels like mourning. Raman leaves. Shagun gets mad and throws away the colors. Ashok asks her what happened. He has to agree that she has a great effect on her. Shagun tells him to wait and watch. If Raman plays Holi, then it will be with her only.

Precap: Ashok tells Raman only Ruhi is for him. He has no control over Adi. Adi calls his dad. Ashok tells Raman his son is calling him and teases Raman. Raman gets angry.

Update Credit to: Nishi

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