Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman shouting on Iyers and telling them that Ruhi is leaving, because of you all. He says sorry Amma, your culture is not suitable for me and this society. She apologizes. He says nothing can happen by your sorry, I request you all to be away, if you can’t help, then atleast don’t create trouble. He leaves. Mrs. Bhalla says I m feeling guilty, why did I argue. Simmi asks her to calm down. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma come out of their respective flats. They go out and get electricity bills from watchman. They ask about Raman. He says Raman went after the judge’s car.

Pihu talks to Shagun and tells her about Ishita attending the PTM, I was confused too, when teacher told me about Raman and Ishita. Shagun says I was busy and could not come, go and change. She gets

angry that Raman took Ishita to school, he should have atleast informed me, this is really mean. Neelu asks what to cook in lunch. Shagun asks her to ask Ishita.

Raman and Ishita apologize to judge and ask her to trust them for the last time. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma come there with Simmi and Shravan. Shravan tells judge that the fight happened because of me. He tells everything what happened, and how the fight between Iyers and Bhallas started, no one did that intentionally, let Ruhi stay here, I request, I m sorry. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma also apologize. They promise to change themselves, they will be together. Ishita happily cries.

Mrs. Bhalla says you can ask everyone how we stay, we are good friends. Judge says stop, I don’t want any promise now, just take care of Ruhi, give her good atmosphere, keep her with love, you just have 21-22 days, get serious, I was not giving Ruhi to anyone, I came there on surprise visit to alert you, thanks Nimrit for informing me. Niddhi says this is unfair, you know the chaos at their house. Judge asks will you tell me my work now, please leave. Niddhi goes. Judge asks them to leave, Ruhi will be with you till next hearing. Mrs. Bhalla thanks him. Judge asks Shravan not to harm himself in anger and be careful during play. She asks Raman and Ishita to take care of Ruhi. Raman and Ishita thank her.

Niddhi tells Ashok what happened at judge’s chamber, maybe Raman bribed her, do something, you use your influence. Raman and Ishita look on. Raman and Ashok get into an argument, and taunt each other. Ashok taunts him on his two wives and daughter, leaving him. He calls Raman arrogant and unlucky man. Raman gets angry. Ishita calms Raman and scolds Ashok. She says Raman has his two wives and children standing with him, I m sure Ruhi will come back, Ashok…. you have no wife and children, you have this fraud woman with you, no honest person can stand by you. Ashok says shut up. Raman asks Ashok to get lost.

Raman and Ishita come home, and tell everyone that they invited judge for surprise check, we have to be alert now. Raman asks what did they say there, its about Ruhi’s life. Mrs. Bhalla says we became innocent like a kid, every person forgives kids. Raman asks them to write a book on spoiling things, its serious. Ishita says we have to stay united for few days. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma promise that they won’t fight. Ishita goes to tell Ruhi. She sees Adi and Pihu’s pic, and smiles. Ruhi comes and says Pihu is not here. Ishita says I came to call you, Iyers and Bhallas are making food together, will you help.

Shagun argues with Raman for going with Ishita, she is staying in your room, did I say anything, I know you stay with her all day, did I question you, I told you about going to Pihu’s school, you should have called me. He says I called you, your phone was off, its not my fault. Simmi comes and asks Raman not to shout. He goes. Simmi says this house has many fights.

Amma opens the fridge and sees chicken. She makes faces and shuts her nose. She takes the bowl and gives to Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to add curd too, I will teach you how to make chicken gravy, you add potato instead chicken in your home. Ishita smiles seeing this. Ruhi asks do you think I don’t know, why is this dinner organized, just to show me, you can’t see main problem, all the loose ends, weaknesses……….. She goes.

Adi sees Ishita in the compound and asks what are you doing here. She says I m not getting sleep, why did you come, to meet someone? He says no and recalls Aaliya. He asks did anyone tell you. She says no, you can tell me if there is something. He says I have no time. She says your eyes are saying something, tell me, there is something fishy. He says don’t tease me, if there is anything, I will tell you first. She shares her confusion, Ruhi said there is some loose end in our home, I don’t understand what was she saying. Mihika says maybe I know, I think Ruhi was saying about Romi, how will family complete without him. Ishita and Adi agree and think to get Romi back home. Ishita asks Mihika to help them. Mihika agrees.

Mihika and Ishita try to convince Romi to come back home. Romi says you know I was kicked out from that house, when it was not my fault. Ishita asks him to think of Ruhi, Bhalla family needs you. He says no one thinks of me, I can’t bear anything now. Adi tells Romi that he missed him a lot, come back home. Romi apologizes and asks them not to force him. Mihika says fine, don’t force Romi, but I will not stay here, I m going there, I m bahu of that house and have some responsibilities. Romi says fine, you go, I won’t go till Raman does not come here and apologize to me. He goes. Ishita worries. Mihir asks Raman to write an apology mail. Raman says I won’t, let that deal go, I don’t care, I won’t say sorry, that’s it. Ishita, Mihika and Adi come home. Ishita asks Raman to say sorry. He asks her not to interfere in business matter. She says its about Ruhi, apologize to Romi and get him back home. He refuses. She thinks you have to apologize Raman, I will make you do this for Ruhi.

Ishita ties Raman’s hands, and says you have to go and apologize. He asks are you mad, open my hands. She asks them not to free Raman, its about my daughter.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. shivani

    Hi everyone…….rithu vp mini sindhu siddhi jaz aditya…
    I saw some comments here supporting shagun that she sacrificed 7 years for pihu and she raised puhu with lots of love when ishita left her ..and she is doing all these drama because of her insecurity…thats true..but i think there’s some faults in writers side also ….they very well portrayed shaguns insecurity…but they did injustice to ishita…they showed that ishu is happy with mani and aliya post leap….actually its ishita who beard lot of pain and still in suffer….she lived all these years in a guilt that ruhi died because of her…she forced to move away from her own 2-days old daughter….and raman,whom she loved and trusted the most, put all the blame on her and asked her to leave from his life…but they not showed her pain in a proper way…

    And shagun…she never loved anyone sincerely….if she really loved raman and ruhi, she hadn’t left them for ashok…she also left adi , her own son,when the building got fire(ishita saved him)…then she appeared with manoj….everyone belives that she left manoj for pihu….but as VP said shagun left manoj for her selfish motives…i totally agree with you, VP…. if shaguns love for manoj was sincere, she never think to marry raman….look at ishita, she was away from raman for 7 years….and she is not sure that raman will accept her again…but she never thinks of another man in her life….thats true love……

    i don’t think shaguns love for pihu is real…the woman who left her own children can never love someone’s child…so i dont find any reason to support shagun devi….

  2. Cham

    I would like to recommend another name for this serial.
    “Sif Ruhi keliya”- ‘just for Ruhi’s sake’
    What do you think?

  3. Sindhu

    Hi Rithu, Shivani, Vp, MIno. Shona, Jaz and many YHM fans, I just have this to say for today’s episode. First Ruhi should get slapped for not trying to accept at least other members in the family and next Shagun should get the most slapped. She is becoming a nuisance in today’s episode. What is there to raise her voice so loudly at Raman? Shagun is behaving like a spoilt brat. Frankly I feel like kicking her, Her ugly side is coming out. What is wrong in Raman bringing Ishita? After all Ishita is her biological mum. Ishita never stopped Shagun before the leap whenever Shagun comes to visit Ruhi. Why can’t Shagun just be happy that Ishita went? Where is her unselfishness? I know some of you really feel sorry for Shagun as she stands to lose everything at Bhalla if Raman accepts Ishita. But Ishita is also going to lose everything at Bhalla house, Raman, Pihu, Adi and Ruhi if Ruhi comes back and stays and Raman tells Ishita to leave. It will only be human if Shagun shows her good heart although she knows she is going to lose everything. Everyone will respect Shagun but now no one can respect her. Look at Ishita trying her best to bring Shagun’s biological daughter back to Bhalla house and what is Shagun doing, trying to plot against Ishita and turning Pihu to her side and getting jealous and insecure. Please kill Shagun off or I wish Raman tells Shagun that he never intended to marry her at all in a first place.

    • Az

      I agree with you sindhu. Shagun is coming across as extremely selfish. And what’s that special love she’s showering on pihu. Why just pihu…why not Adi or ruhi. Adi is her first child and has been raised by her. But she gets insecure only when it comes to pihu as she knows she can manipulate a small child against ishita, but not grown up Adi. We never see that affection from her side for adi and ruhi. Coz pihu is her ticket into raman’s life.

  4. pari miss

    i dunno why but i think ruhi should go to shagun and pihu-adi should go to to ishra! pihu-adi have ishita’s values. but that ruhi she has nidhi’s brain and shagun’s blood and the arrogant raman’s blood.
    plz tell me if u agree and tell me if u don’t

  5. Sanju

    Superb episode….todays episode was really gud and it was sooo funny…iyer and toshi’s part was nyc..shagun is soo mean yaar…wt’s her prob wen raman goes with ishu..n it was shagun’s mistake she didnt lift the call.n she is also nt married to shagun.then y is she behaving like tht…i think nw shagun will take ashok’s help to ruin ishra…precap was superbbbb..ishu kidnaps raman is looking damn cute in tht yellow blue saree…
    I wish ruhi n ishu reunite soooon cant see them like tht..

  6. Shona

    I dunt see nythng new in dis track..!! Gettng bored by most..
    Still the reunion f mrs bhalla and amma seemed good.
    Nw thngs bck to d old track.. ishitas nok jhok.. her ways to solve problmzz.. hats off ekta.. all her bahus are brilliant at solvng prblmzz.. waitng fr adi n aaliya’s lovestory..
    Shagun!!! Disgustng!!!
    Mmm waitng fr upcmng episodes

  7. abhishek

    No one is supporting shagun i agree shagun is a bad mother and left her kids when her kids wanted her most but it is not fair to seprate shagun and pihu for ishita for only one reason that ishita is pihu real mom if that is the reason then ishitha should give back ruhi custody to shagun because shagun is ruhi real mom i agree shagun cant match upto ishitha love for her kids shagun used her kids for her own benefits but now she is changed but there should be some support for shagun in her life

    • vp

      Abhishek … Shaghun is not changed st all . Ishitha doesnt want to seperate Shaghun and Pihu … Shaghun is very selfish , doesnt know the meaning of love … Her bond with Pihu also is not that great …

    • Khushi

      U r right abhishek. They r doing injustice to shaguns character by turning her neg. she spend 7 yrs for pihu who is mt evn her own child bt ishithas baby. She hav all the rights to live a beautifyl life. I feel pihu shld live with shagun nd ruhi nd adi with ishtha. Ishitha shld leave raman as he dont deserve her. He is a senseless arrogant man. Evn if she comr back he wil still insult her for each nd evry silly mattr in his ego. She wil suffer in sortng evry ego clashes bet he nd his family

  8. Shona

    Hai jaz adi rithu sindhu jeni vp bhagi super girl and all otr yhm fanzz..
    Adi jaz jeni thnx fr ur concern n love.. im perfctly fine now..
    Missed you alll..
    Hope all are fine…
    I agree with u sindhuu.. shagun is nt sincere..

    • Shona

      Hai mino… im sry i msd u out.. n ofcourse only rithu can rembr all d membrs names.. n also i welcom all d newones..

      • Mino

        Oh it is ok Shona I understand .. Only Rithu is the expert in remembering all the names.. i hv got the flu so didn’t come to comment..thanks for remembering me dear..

  9. Az

    Episode was good. But hated shagun. N hated that dialog of ishita…raman ki dono biwiya…what are they trying to portray with this. Shagun is so mean! When Raman didn’t marry her in last years thinking ishita to be dead….why should he marry her now when ishita has come back. And the way she fought with Raman today…disgusting!

    • vp

      True AZ .. I too hated the dialogue of Ishitha ….. cvs to be blamed .., what is she meant by saying that ? felt very cheap ..

    • Khushi

      U r right . Kya bakwaas hai. Hw can man hav 2 wives . R they supportng polygamy. This is viewd by quite many of thr families. They shl portrait in such a way that it doesnt hav any neg effect on the society. It start as an awesome story with much luv bet families nd cating abt relations. Aft leap evrythng get spoiled. Nw we can see hw a mother leave a few mnths ild child for 7 yrs, hw a man insult women, do errors nd put all blame on others, shout on ithers for evry silly mattr, hw to manipulate women nd children for selfish motives, nd villians lyk ashok will always win name nd fame in society. Too many misleadings. Feel lyk its nt the same shiw anymore

  10. Saritha

    Hai rithu,sindu,shivani,sweety,jaz,sara and all yhm fans.yes rithu iam from SOUTH INDIA.Thank u rithu for welcoming me and Sorry i did’nt give reply to u yesterday.I Missed today episode but i read it i think .tommorow episode rocks.

  11. nish singh

    Hi Everyone, today’s episode had some good moments. At least storyline is moving forward.
    Kimberley my dear, I truly think that you need the mental alyssum. Your language is horrible and you try very hard to instigate us. But sadly your opinion does not matter on this site.

  12. Devika

    raman &Ishitha are married they were not divorced iis not matter that 7 yrs separation makes the marriage null & void
    it’s Raman who wants to stand by law to honor Shagun who can demand why he went with his wife and who held their daughter as the security
    still Raman never let her down
    Ishitha always suffers
    for us Raman doesn’t deserve Ishitha who is sacrificing her life for a dirty man & a selfish family real bad story

  13. Kimberly

    Raman showed that he doesnt love Ruhaan . He cant even say sorry to Romi for Ruhaan because of his ego . What care will he take of Ruhaan, disgusting person he is . Only Niddhi can take care of Ruhaan .

    • shreya shetty


      • vp

        Shreya shetty … I know we cant resist replying to Kimberley ..,… but …leave it …I too will tell ignore and sometimes … forced to give her back

      • Kimberly

        I am seeing ur nonsensical comments for sometime . So just listen to me , Ruhi changed her name to Ruhaan and now her name is Ruhaan . And she doesnt love Raman and Ishita . She loves Niddhi and is faithful towards her . If she hated Niddhi then she would had leaved her but she didnt .

  14. Kimberly

    Adi Kiss to Aliya was so cute . But I want to see lip kiss between them . And i also want romantic scenes between Shravan and Ruhaan . Please Cvs show their love story instead of old age love story of Raman and Ishita .

    • Liyana

      I agree with you on adi and aliyas love story. Definitely should continue! But what on earth do you mean by Ruhaan and shravans story. They are cousins!!!
      And don’t u get that it isn’t ruhaan it’s RUHI

      • Kimberly

        Liyana , Ruhaan and Shravan are not cousins because legally Ruhaan is daughter of Niddhi who has no relation with Iyer family .

    • shreya shetty

      ehehehehehehehe.we ll c in the next episode KIMBERLY BACHU.stay tuned and watch got it.u think I am nonsense well hers a thing.U R NONSENSE TO ALL OF US!!!!!.I JUST HATE U A LOT LITERALLY

  15. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    raman and ishitha are not divorced ishitha is stil the wife of raman what is the problem of shagun .ishu is pihu’s real mom if she is attending the meeting what is wrong in that realy i can’t understand

    • shreya shetty

      thanks for clearing out all of our doubts.even I basically hated shagun at the beginning and even now also because she feels very insecure on seeing raman and ishita being together for the sake of getting ruhi back to the family.but she doesn’t understand that they re only staying temporarily

    • Khushi

      Cant blame shagun bcose she loves pihu vry much lyk ishu luvs ruhi. Shagun is insecure that as ishitha is bck she will lose bhalla family nd pihu. Writers shld do somethng fair with shagun. She shld get a lyf partner. Nd poor mihir too. Cant say that ishitha did right by leaving pihu for 7 yrs. tat action cant be justified. Leaving one daughter for another. Instead she shld hav take pihu with her nd live in her mothers hse or some where else. For taking care of injured mani she can do that frm india too. Or atleast she shld be in touch with her own mother. Hw much she shld hav worried thnkng that her daughter is no more. What was the need to be hidden all these yrs. nd when she is bck evryone is showering luv on her nd neglecting shgun who take care of pihu all these yrs. any wayz cvs will always do such disgusting things to test our patience. Too much tension in the air. Once cheerful witty family is nw a mess

  16. rithushree

    yeh Raman apne aap ko kya samajhtha hai . pagal aadmi kahika . bada aaya .amma ke saath kaise baath karne ki tameeez nahi hai . what is he saying that iyer peoples culture in not suitable for this society then what is his culture . cvs have made a blunder and a big disaster of his character . he is even looking horrible after leap .

    • vp

      very true Rithu … the way he shouted at Iyers is v wrong … how low he can go and spell out ..

    • Khushi

      This is his regular drama. I wondet these 7 yrs when ishitha was nt around whom he was blaming for his silly mistakes. By seeing ramans behaviout i doubt he hates ishitha romi iyers more than the villians ashok nd nidhi. He dnt hav anythng to say to nidhi bt dnt leave a chance to blame ishu nd romi. Nd cvs again ruining shaguns role by portraying her grey shaded again. No feelings for her own daughter ruhi.

  17. eera

    I just want Ishita should leave this all now,,, she should not forgive Raman nor she should marry mani she should live happily with her family happily

    • shreya shetty

      kartika why do u hate ishita huh??????u too r one of kimberlys supporters aren’t u right????then just go away from this serial if u don’t like the way how ishita managed to taunt that corrupt ashok.

  18. rithushree

    hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sindhu priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna natasha sowmy naaz meghana darshi sam tansuri shivani lavanya sachie mino jaz shona aditya jeni super girl bhagya and all yhm friends.

  19. vp

    Hi all … comparing to yesterdays episode today was little better …. one thing I strongly tell … Raman is telling Ruhi Ruhi … its only becoz he knows if Ruhi is there , his madrasan will be with him … Whatever he said and shout out are senseless ans Ishitha should leave him decently handing over … Ruhi … Raman will have a nervous break down … As a person I hate fighting … I am highly positive person … cant tolerate bad words … even stupid … so bhallas and iyers unnecessary fights is no more charming here … yes it was in the begining … Punjab verses Madras … Iyers should think their daughters are married to Bhallas … approach calmly … though i fully support Mrs Iyer for shouting at Shaghun . court scene was goid … judge is really very fond of Raman and Ishitha and believed they will get Ruhi … but the way Ishitha talked about two wives trust on Raman … not required . Ashok is very true … how can ex and current wife stay in the same house …If you look at Raman … characterless the cvs has made ..As shivani said Ishitha is suffering the most …She has accepted and moved on life .. thats the way it should be … lots of sorrows around as , if we sit and weep … back again we are the sufferers … I love her character though its degraded a lot for Shaghun … Shaghun has no place in the family now … all are behind Ruhi … and being Ruhis mother she has no say on that … she scares if Ruhi is back … Ishitha is back to Raman … Shaghun supporters … one question … she is not concerned about Adi and Ruhi .. Pihu is an instrument to win Raman … Pihu is Ramans weakness only becoz he was living those 7 years seeing Ishitha in Pihu .Sindhu … Raman will keep her in her place … what right she has to shout at Raman ? First I was not liking Raman asking sorry to Romi but as I heard Romi , he is right .. Raman threw him out of the house … but I am very angry with Romi to take Ashoks help and Mihika to support him . Look at the way Ishitha is tieing Ramans hand and shouting .. Raavan kumar really enjoying it and Mrs Bhallas face to be seen … very proud of Ishitha that moment … And Adi and Ishitha lovely it was … mother and son .. it should be like this …I realiy enjoyed that scene … children should not hide anything from their parents … mother will be their best friend always … lastly I hope our Romi will come back to Bhallas he is the strenghth to his Ishitha bhabi but Shaghun will have to run away from the house …

    • Az

      You said it all right vp. Everyone is concerned about shagun’s future. I’m sure that even if ishra unite, shagun won’t be thrown out. Ishita is kind enough to take care of shagun. She has done it in past too when shagun was a vamp. Ishita won’t snatch peehu either. The only thing is shagun won’t get raman. And moreover raman doesn’t love shagun and shagun knows it too. Still she wants to marry him…that’s utter selfishness. But what if ishita loses raman to her. What is she left with? So raman being with shagun means destroying everyone’s lives…raman, shagun, ishita, ruhi, adi, peehu.

  20. savitha

    Wow Kimberly u just want others attention by giving such comments great talent of u what say frnds we just have to support (ignore) her

  21. savitha

    I just like this Kimberly for her talent in grabbing others attention by giving such comments great talent of u we have to support (ignore) her

  22. Kimberly

    Ishita needs mental checkup . What is she trying to do by tieing Raman with a rope ? What is she ? A Superwoman ?

  23. Kimberly

    These Bhallas and Iyers are great actors . Perfect in showing fake love to each other . But in reality they hate each other like hell .

  24. Kimberly

    Why Ishita is calling Niddhi a frawd woman ? Niddhi is a great human being with a bad past . She had done so much for Ruhaan even though she has no blood relation with Ruhaan .

  25. Siyuu

    Go tu hell shagun.. Yu dnt luv any1 sincierly till nw.. D luv showing tu pihu z also her selfishness..
    If she hv sincier luv to her children, dat she showed now fr Ruhi’s sake.. bt unfortunately she didnt do anything n any wish fr dat ..

    Wot a woman she ?

  26. Kimberly

    Its hurting how Ishita said to Ashok that he doesnt dave a family . Its insulting to people who dont have a family . I am hurt because I have also no family .

    • jivisha

      now I understand why are you commenting like this
      because you don’t know what is family and family values
      sorry but you cannot understand this serial .never

  27. summi

    I totally agree with Shivani n Sindhu . Today i agree Kimberly too that Raman doesn’t love Ruhaan . Yes Raman n Ishita doesn’t love Ruhaan because they love Ruhi their loving daughter. I think even Ruhi don’t love to live like Ruhaan. Ishita is again in Jhansi Ki Rani avatar n I like that v much.

  28. summi

    Hello Rithu , VP, Shivani, Sindhu , Jaz, n all YHM friends.
    Shagun is not even worthy to comment on her she can’t understand the situation to react totally useless personality. I always believe that women who associated with NGOS or any organizations are not good mothers because they do this to avoid their household responsibility’s, I am not talking about job oriented women as mostly do job or business to support their families. Sorry if I hurt someone. There is a famous saying in my language that” pehley ghar ku Chirag lagana baad mai masjid ku” it means first everyone should complete their houses hold responsibilities they can think about others. Shagun always prefer to be out leaving Pihu with others even if she is in home only because of her selfish motive.

  29. vaidehi

    Kimberly feeling sympathetic for u as u don’t have any family moreover u think nidhi as a great woman it is completely justified on your part because in indian families where love is the essence how much we fight we are one we may express or not but we love our family kids are treated wid love not made to work day and night not change one’s identity ruhi wasn’t even taught in schools not beaten wid hunters but don’t feel sad on not having family god is wid everyone he knew u are strong enough to handle urself hence he did that

  30. shivani

    Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Mihika struggle to do patch up between Romi (Aly Goni) and Raman (Karan Patel) in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Ishita brings Raman to Romi’s house tying his hands.

    Raman does not ready to go to place so Ishita makes him sacred injecting to him.

    Raman unwillingly comes to Romi’s house where he starts his tantrums over saying sorry which makes Ishita frustrate.

    Romi scolds Mihika for wasting his time bringing here as Raman will never accept his fault.

    Ishita scolds Raman for acting pricy and asks if he cannot say sorry for her daughter sake.

    Raman is an attitude and not ready to say sorry to Romi clearly and Romi give shim bitter melon juice to him which will help him to say sorry.

    Raman finally says sorry to Romi

    Raman takes the glass but feels weird smell and then says sorry to Romi.

    Ishita and Mihika hug to each other as now Raman and Romi unite.

  31. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans.sorry for replying late.yesterday episode was better.i think shugun should be written off completely en ishrarupiadi shud unite.track is dragging.

    • shreya shetty

      rithushree can I please join to this group please???????I too love ishita and raman and yhm sooo please???

  32. Ishrakalove

    Is it just me or has any body notice that ev n thou carouse kumar is rude he listens to each and every ishita’ advice as his wife even in their present situation I feel like he is kinda scared to loose her again that is why he keeps creating dat barrier by being rude in today’s episode after a long while he finally called mrs iyer Amma he wants his family and even when the teacher asked about Pihu he was hurt when ishita said Massi he felt her pain. I don’t know about the other but we all know he cares less abou what Shagun thinks or want but each and every detail about ishu he takes to heart. He is just hoping and wishing dat ishu says I love and don’t wanna go and ishu is waiting for Raman to make the first step trust me I understand what Shagun is going tru I just hate her means how dare she ask Raman why ishu is staying in their bedroom like she has a right I hope she hasn’t forgotten they are still married.sometimes Shagun and Raman can be irritating although Raman deserve every bit of the torture he is going through as for Ashok I didn’t feel
    He said anything think wrong to Raman he just told home the truth. Well dats my own point of view

  33. Kimberly

    Siddhi, Ruhaan and Shravan are not small kids . They are teenagers . So they can date , have affair and also have s*x .

    • shreya shetty

      stop your unwohreous thinking dare you even talk such rubbish here at this site about ***.do u even know what your e saying.they re kids and also cousin siblings.its just for showing not really got that 100 percent Kimberly s*xual propogander.U OPEN THAT DIRTY TOPIC ABOUT IT ONE MORE TIME THEN I AM SURELY GOING TO REPORT U TO THE AUTHORITIES OF THIS SHOW UNDERSTOOD.NOW GET LOST

    • shreya shetty

      sorry for all those nasty comments that ive replied over u but can u pleeeease tell us ur problem Kimberly????whats troubling u that maked u hate this serial a lot

  34. Lotika

    I have a millions dollars question where is Simmi’s daughter Ananaya for how long she will stay her grandparents ‘s home n one more thing can someone do something about this Kimberly I don’t live in India so I don’t know where to complaint n for Kimberly PLEASE I HAVE A HUMBLE REQUEST STOP USING BAD N CHEAP WORDS FOR ISHITA THIS WAY You Are SHOWING Your TRUE COLORS by posting these cheap comments you are proving that you are also like Shagun n Ashok in real life you can’t see anything good you always find negative things to say I’m not sorry if I hurt your feelings because you already hurt lots of yhm ‘ fans feelings so you deserve it because you will get what you will give to others n I’m sorry if I hurt other people’s feelings

  35. Fathima Rameeza Rafeek

    Hi, YHM fans. Episode is nice. We saw Ruhi talking to Ishita about the loose ends and weaknesses in the family and Ishita, Adi and Mihika thinks that the family is incomplete without Romi and they try to patchup the dispute between the two brothers. Is the family complete when Romi comes to Bhalla family. What do you all think will be Ruhi’s next move. Don’t your all think that if Pihu gets to know who her real mother is then only the family will be completed. For Ruhi’s sake who will tell her about this? Will Shagun allow it? What will be Raman’s and Ishima’s position? Someone pls think about it in this point of view and answer me whether I am correct or not.

    • shivani

      Hi…Fathima you are will be incomplete even after romis return…..central pillow of that family is ishita and she is absent in their family picture…becose pihu considers shagun as her mumma…if ruhis intentions are good,she will try to unite ishita and pihu…

      • vp

        What shivani said is what I too have to say on this Fathima … .. first to save Ruhi from Nidhis hands ..,Ruhi is very fond of Pihu and Ruhi will take care of the rest .

  36. kamtchi

    It ‘ s not part of our way of life.l just said what I felt .no offence.l m sry if it hurts u.

  37. Srr

    How can they show that a daughter dislikes her mother.She is the person who loves her mother very much…and they are spoiling the children who are seeing this…Mother is our best friend in our life…and they are showing she hates her mother.It is not good.i like this show before but from when they are showing she hates her mother.from that time i am disliking this…….I an very sooooooooooorry if I hurt anybody of them…SOOOOO SORRY..i Know I hurted many of te fans ….BUT SOOOOO SOOOOORRY…..

  38. Shona

    I m to complain against Kimberly to tu grp. It has crossed all d limitz mr./ms.Kimberly!!! Itz beeen to much.. i understd u are a kind f really bad.. shravan n ruhi are kids.. how cn u thnk lik dis.!!! U hv crossed alll d limits!!!!!!! Get lost.. watevr mental prblm u hv i dunt care.. no diseases cn get dis mch xcuseee!!!

  39. rithushree

    The upcoming episode
    will show that Ishita
    wants to unite back her
    family and wants Raman-
    Rmi to unite back.
    Ishita tries to convince
    Raman to patch up with
    Romi and say sorry to
    him, but angry Raman ia
    not ready for it.
    Ishita thus takes tigress
    avatar to make Raman
    patch up with Romi and
    thus ties Raman with
    Ishita forces herself over
    Raman to make him say
    sorry to Romi and takes
    her to Romi’s home.
    Ishita threatens Raman by
    giving injection and takes
    him to Romi, Raman tries
    to say sorry but
    Raman creates funny
    moments while saying
    sorry, while Romi adds to
    it and asks Raman to
    drink Karela juice.
    Romi takes Raman’s test
    by asking him to drink
    Karela juice, Raman-
    Romi will finally unite.
    Stay tuned for more
    exciting updates of the
    upcoming episodes.

  40. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will
    show that Ishita plans
    surprise party for Ruhi
    where she invites Ruhi
    sending a letter as her
    dadi and pati cook food
    together for her.
    Simmi praises Ishita for
    having such beautiful
    plans and thanks her for
    making everything settle
    in house.
    Shagun gets insecure
    hearing their
    conversation and decides
    to impress family
    members to keep her
    place safe in Bhalla
    Shagun makes fake call
    for Pihu in front of Ishita
    and Simmi where she
    tells Pihu to come as se
    will cook brownie for her.
    Ishita and Simmi go from
    there but Adi gets angry
    seeing Shagun’s fake
    Adi tells Shagun that it is
    difference between her
    and Ishima where she
    uses her fake love to get
    attraction while Ishita
    uses her real love
    making everything
    Shagun gets upset by
    Adi’s lecture but she is
    not ready to leave Pihu as
    Pihu is her master key to
    let her stay in house.
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

  41. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will
    show that Ishita brings
    Raman to Romi’s house
    tying his hands.
    Raman does not ready to
    go to place so Ishita
    makes him sacred
    injecting to him.
    Raman unwillingly comes
    to Romi’s house where he
    starts his tantrums over
    saying sorry which
    makes Ishita frustrate.
    Romi scolds Mihika for
    wasting his time bringing
    here as Raman will never
    accept his fault.
    Ishita scolds Raman for
    acting pricy and asks if
    he cannot say sorry for
    her daughter sake.
    Raman is an attitude and
    not ready to say sorry to
    Romi clearly and Romi
    give shim bitter melon
    juice to him which will
    help him to say sorry.
    Raman takes the glass
    but feels weird smell and
    then says sorry to Romi.
    Ishita and Mihika hug to
    each other as now Raman
    and Romi unite.
    Will Ishita gets
    successful bringing Ruhi
    to back just like she
    brought Romi?
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

  42. rithushree

    Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein has kept the viewers
    hooked on to it with new twists
    emerging in each passing episode
    in Raman ( Karan Patel ) and
    Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi) life.
    Raman and Ishita are trying their
    level best in wining Ruhi’s heart
    out but Ruhi sticks to her decision
    as her Bhalla family is not united.
    Ishita will get successful in uniting
    Raman and Romi after apologizing
    drama and unite the whole Bhalla
    Everything will get into control and
    soon Bhalla family will get
    shattered on hearing about Ishita
    and Ruhi’s missing news.
    Raman will get distressed on
    hearing about Ruhi and Ishita’s
    missing news and will try his level
    best to search Ruhi and Ishita but
    all his efforts will go in vain.
    Let’s wait and watch to see if
    Raman finds out Ruhi and Ishita or
    it brings more hurdles in Bhalla

  43. rithushree

    Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein has kept the viewers
    hooked on to it with new twists
    emerging in each passing episode
    in Raman ( Karan Patel ) and
    Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi) life.
    Raman and Ishita are trying their
    level best in wining Ruhi’s heart
    out but Ruhi sticks to her decision
    as her Bhalla family is not united.
    Adi, Ishita and Mihika request
    Romi to return to Bhalla house but
    Romi insists Raman to apologize in
    front of him as Raman has always
    insulted Romi.
    Raman disagrees to apologize and
    hence Ishita gets rope and ties
    Raman’s hand warns everyone to
    stay out of it.
    Ishita carries Raman to Romi’s
    house and make him apologize to
    Major showdown will take place
    amid both bother Raman and Romi.
    It will be interesting to wait and

  44. Lisa


    |Registered Member

    Guys I have complained about Kimberly in tu team and I also said that plz don’t post any comment that is wrong and contains dirty words

    • Shona

      Good job dea lisa.. i tooo did d same.. i too complained to tu team.. they will take d necessary step from now onwards..
      Kimberly is too much..

    • shreya shetty

      thanks lisa for ur help in complaining against that dirty kimberely here at this site.we all can ignore her comments if she does

  45. Shona

    Good afternoon to all…
    Where is adi and jaz.. ?
    Hey rithu hw r u..
    Thanx fr d updates dea

  46. Prisha

    Hi rithushree,Shona,shivani and other YHM fans, today’s episode kinda made some confusion and Shagun has been taking it too far, Kimberly I don’t think you have any common sense about the characters in this show,can you please think before you say something! I think Adi has started to like Aaliya as he was looking forward to meet her, I hope we get to see this Vivaan character.

  47. m&b

    pls stop giving Kimberly any attention as I think she is just trying to make others go nuts with her comments.pls let’s all ignore her

  48. Leena

    Thanks rithusree for new updates … Hye guys … Its good u guys complained Kimberly … This person is too much … Its ok with likes or dislikes of character but using slang language … I m big fan of yhm … No matter wtevr happens ishra are the best …

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.