Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amma saying I will go and ask for sugar. Aaliya and Ruhi stop her. Pihu comes to call Ruhi. Aaliya and Amma ask Ruhi to go school along Pihu. Amma says Ishita’s phone is not reachable. Ishita comes. Amma asks how are you, did Ashok trouble you. Ishita says I m in hurry, I want Mani’s house keys, Aaliya you gave me singing song but she does not remember anything, I can get anything she remembers. Aaliya says I will come along. Ishita says no, you be here, Ashok is already troubling. Raman tells Mrs. Bhalla that a parcel will come for Ishita’s name, but Shagun should receive it, there is no time to explain.

Ashok hears him and thinks to do something. Guard stops Ishita from entering Mani’s building. She says I m going to Mani’s house. He says police sealed

the house. She says I m his family member. He says you are murderer’s husband. She asks him not to say all this and better let me go, its little work, I have come to take something for his wife. The guard asks for some money. She asks are you asking bribe. He says I won’t let you go without money. She thinks to win his trust and take help. She pays him money. He says fine, pay money later, I can help you more.

He says I can make anyone dance, good days have come in my life, I will use this. She goes. Ashok comes to Shagun and gives breakfast. He asks her not to worry for anything, whatever you have seen, you would be troubled. He says Raman is paying for Ishita’s car insurance, maybe he will lose everything and not give you alimony when your divorce happens. She says why will Raman pay her insurance, you can try and find out Raman’s bank statement to clearly know whats happening. He agrees and thinks to play a game.

Ishita comes to Mani’s house and cries recalling him. She says I feel so bad for you. Ashok shows Raman’s bank statement and says he paid for Ishita’s car insurance. Shagun says when did Raman get so successful to pay so much, I m getting headache, you go now. Ishita thinks what to take from Mani’s house. Raman talks to her on phone. She says I came to Mani’s house to make Shagun remember something. He says she does not remember Mani, find something shocking that reminds her everything. She says I m trying to find, there are some bangles, what can be close to her heart, her mangalsutra. He says maybe she can remember by it. She gets the mangalsutra and says I hope this does our work, what about that courier. He says don’t worry, it will reach home.

Ruhi asks why did Ishita go to Mani’s house, police said none can go there. Aaliya and Amma ask her to relax. Ruhi calls Ishita. Ishita sees guard talking to someone and asking for more money. She sees the man giving money to watchman. She asks watchman who was that man who gave you money. The guard lies that man was paying loan, are you a policeman to ask me. She says I can prove my husband innocent, help me. He says I told you to give me money and get info, else go. She says I don’t have cash now, I will get it from ATM, you tell me info then. He agrees.

Neelu comes to Shagun and says this is Ishita’s packet, Kiran has sent it. She keeps it and goes. Shagun thinks of Ashok’s words. She checks the parcel. Neelu looks on and goes to tell Mrs. Bhalla. Shagun says its Ashok’s financial papers, he just has 20000rs, how is this possible, he kept his house mortgaged, he is bankrupt. She gets tensed and says how can Ashok go poor, I can’t leave Raman, what will be my financial security. Ishita comes home and sees the guard’s place messed. She gets shocked and says what happened here, that guard, I could have reached truth only through him. Shagun says Raman is still my husband, he still loves me, I know what to do to get him.

Ishita shows Shagun’s mangalsutra and says when Mani gave it to her, she was very happy, this was very close to her heart, she will get some memories back. Ashok says you insisted me to get something authentic for you, so I got a mangalsutra to propose you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Riana

    Its totally sick….That gentleman watchman…he was just soo…??…It would be better if they showed ashok bank balance contains not 20000 but 20 rupees…it would sound more funny !…?????????…Ishita was looking beautiful today…??…Precap is okay okay

    1. Nivika

      Hahaha. …20000 rupees…soo funny….??????????

  2. Hope ishita get a clue of mani death fast, these ashok should be thrown out of bhalla house.

  3. Shagun killed mani coz riya is mani daughter

  4. Siddharth

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus’s popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein soon going to add some naagin drama in Raman and Ishita’s life.

    As per the track, Shagun’s memory loss has separate Raman and Ishita but Ishita enters in Bhalla house just to keep Ashok away from Shagun.

    Ishita tries hard to bring Shagun’s memory so that she would prove Raman innocence in Mani’s murder case.

    However, soon one more problem take place in Bhalla house when Shagun get bitten by a snake.

    Entire Bhalla family gets panic seeing Shagun’s condition and seeks help from Ishita.

    Ishita tells everyone that they will have to remove poison from Shagun’s body but they get no solution.

    Ishita sucks poison from Shagun’s body

    Raman scolds Ishita when she tries to suck poison but Isita does it to save Shagun and gets successful.

    Due to poison effect, Ishita gets unconscious and gains Shagun’s sympathy.

    How snake enters in Bhalla house?

    Stay tuned for further exciting

  5. Siddharth

    Hi YHM fans Rithushree VP HP shreya Shetty bhaghya dia and others.
    I am from SNS forum as you all know SNS ended last Sunday I used to watch 2 serials SNS and YHM bcoz of shortage of time I was not making much comments. But now I wl comment regularly here and my other friends wl also comment ?.
    We had friendly Sunshine group in SNS page wch consists 20members . Our group is against abusive commentators and negative commentators.
    So I am requesting all YHM page positive commentators to join our SUNSHINE ???.
    But plz note only YHM fans and positive commentators can join our Sunshine group not abusive commentators.

    1. Nivika

      ☝☝☝☝☝☝Can ï joïñ ?

      1. Riana

        Yah u can defintely join us dear …welcome ??

      2. Siddharth

        Ya snehal welcome to sunshine group?

      3. M joining too 😀

    2. M joining too 😀

    3. Siddharth

      Dia and ayra welcome to Sunshine group?

  6. The upcoming episode of Star plus popular show ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ will show some major drama.

    The ongoing episode is revolving around Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) hardcore struggle to bring Shagun’s (Anita Hasnandani) memory back.

    Ashok blackmail’s Ishita

    It will be seen that Ishita confronts Ashok where Ashok threatens Ishita.

    Moreover he reveals her that he will not let Shagun’s memory to come back and Raman will have to go jail.

    Ishita challenges Ashok to save Raman at any cost. Ishita and Bala decide to find Ashok’s secret.

    Will Bala able to find Ashok’s truth?

    Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates, gossips and further coming spoilers

  7. Hi friends… Now dragging to cover kps holidays… But nice episode…day by day suspense is irritating… Yesterday I thought Shagun is faking her memory but after watching today’s episode I felt Shagun is not faking… Ashok got bankrupt great…now Shagun wants Raman… I am sure Ashok killed Mani for money… Now Shagun will try to seduce Raman and keep ishu away from Raman… But pihu won’t let that happen… Ishita herself collect proof to save Raman… Also later if Shagun drama continue s pihu torture Shagun like anything… Remember how pihu torture d ishu initially…this track is becoming interesting… But sad is ishra can’t be together… But this track is focused on ishra and pihu… They may show ishu and pihu bond… remember last time it was little Ruhi … Now pihus turn to know real face of Shagun and torture her…

  8. Hi all I am forced to comment today seeing Shaghun ! I was under impression to give more space for AH Cvs have twisted this serial . Request to PH and CVs please dont degrade AH like this . What are they showing … really very cheap seeing Shaghun . She is staying in Ramans house and expects her boyfriend too can stay with her where as Raman cant mingle with Ishitha . Boyfriend explaing Ramans interest to Ishitha . Bank statements availability and all really sooo cheap . Now memory loss Shaghun wants Raman … How many men in her life … sooo many people are watching this serial for Ishra and children too are watching . Apart for seeing Dt so slim and beautiful … nothing else to watch .Finally somehow Ishitha will get a clue … Hi Sidharth … welcome to this site ! SNS was one of the worst serial I think … I watch only Yhm … but as I switch on the tv for Yhm .., used to get a glimpse of SNS …

  9. Charu prakash

    You are right about giving more space to Shagun’s character vp ma’am.She is one of the central characters.Yhm revolves around her.I don’t think AH is degraded here.She is doing justice to her character wonderfully well.Coming to Shagun, she is not doing anything secretly.She is confident enough to admit her relationship.She is still married to Raman.That is what she is told.Here she decides to give her marriage another chance.That is her choice.We have no right to judge her.To an extent AH is right.Shagun is real.Not a typical ,conventional central character.Anyway a lesson to those girls who don’t see the importance of being independent.Not every girl is blessed with emotional or financial security.I don’t want to see this as a typical sautan drama.Let’s see how the mystery is unraveled .

  10. azuka nkwonta

    There is no need to hate shagun’s character because no shagun no ishita. Without shagun what ishita have today she would not have had them. Now shagun is back in the bhallas house after she must have gone ishita will either gain or lose something. There is no ishita without shagun. Shagun is not the one that kept Ashok in bhallas house. Ashok was the one that said that he will stay there because his house is under renovation and he actually forced Raman to accept him and then lied to shagun about his house. According to the story line now shagun and Raman are not yet divorced so if shagun wants Raman back she is still legally his wife.
    Even in this memory loss story ishita wants to free Raman she needs shagun. Shagun is the life blood of ishita. Like I said before shagun is the hero of yhm.

  11. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  12. Charu prakash

    Yes!Shagun and Raman are not yet divorced so if shagun wants Raman back….Tera kya hoga Ishita!!!Ishita is gonna get trapped in her own lies.Don’t worry!Cv’s will come in rescue with special effects like bomb drama,Crocodile drama you can have a poisonous snake drama.They will surely keep her larger than life image intact with special effects.

    1. Hi Charu … shaghun is in memory loss . Truly she is divorced and if Raman doesnt want Shaghun ? I am not into what will happen to Ishitha … if no Raman .. she will not go behind another man for sure ! She is a dentist .. professionally independent !

  13. Hi Charu and Azuka … understand and fully accepting your comments . Yes PH may come with unbelievable twists … Yes to Shaghun she has not divorced Raman according to the story line . And for Ishitha .. its not 12 years before .. she is trying to cure Shaghun to get the truth . But Shaghun is faking .. for sure ! If shaghuns role is a lesson for non independent people … I would rather not prefer or follow her cheap moves . Serials are to give good message either positive way or negative way . To Shaghun changing one man to other is like changing sarees . Just see how she fell flat for Vidhyut in Adelade … Where Mani is her husband . She did hand over Pihu to Ishra and was ready to leave Mani .She wants luxury , Fame .. nothing else … a confused character ! I blame Ishitha to convince Mani to marry Shaghun . Mani as a loyal friend agreed to it … he even thot of Ishithas happiness ..Totally wrong of Ishitha … There are many things which Ishitha is also wrong ! Peace is better than battles in life . If Ishitha cud be selective in her battle of life rather being so righteous what she is doing always .. it can be digestable . But her moves are for good results whoever it be .

    1. I totally agree with your comment VP.

      1. Thank you Rithu !

    2. azuka nkwonta

      Shagun was a house wife when she married Raman. To be an independent woman or dependent woman is a matter of choice. You have said this before and it looks like you are condemning women who are dependent. After so many years shagun has finally found a security for herself by having an NGO organization but you also forgot that it is a work. You always think that ishita is better than shagun because she is a dentist but you also forgot that shagun owns an NGO. Shagun also know that a woman should work when she encouraged aaliyah to work but aaliyah wanted to be a house wife. For me I think you don’t respect women who don’t work, you are very judgemental on this area.
      Shagun has improved over the years but this twist I don’t know if it will affect her NGO organization.

  14. Ishita sings song to revive Shagun’s lost memory

    Later Ishita feels that there is something fishy as she is trying a lot to bring her memory back but Shagun does not recalls anything neither she gets any flashes of the past.

    Ishita also notices something which is very weird and makes her realize that maybe Shagun is doing fake memory loss drama.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.

  15. Further the trouble is here that Shagun has lost her memory and it’s only her who knows real culprit of murder.

    Further it is also believed that Shagun is faking all her memory loss drama just to stay in Bhalla house to take revenge.

    How Raman and Ishita will solve this puzzle?

    It would be interesting to see what will happen next in the show.

    Stay tuned here for more exciting updates and upcoming twist in the show.

  16. Charu prakash

    You are totally mistaken Vp ma’am.I’m not urging young girls to be like Shagun.I was just warning them.Shagun is always at the receiving end of all insults.And about marriage with Mani,Ishita herself preferred Subbu over Mani.Shagun was forced to marry.Ishita’s manipulations was obvious then.Priorities for both women are different.For Shagun it’s financial security.Can’t totally blame her for that taking into consideration her upbringing

  17. azuka nkwonta

    Vp madam, it is nobody’s fault that ishita connected herself with shagun, she has the right to reject to be connected with shagun but ishita is a woman on a mission. After being rejected by subbu and knowing her condition as a woman that she is sterile she met ruhi and had that opportunity that she thought was gone forever which is to be a mother.ishita should have walked away from Raman and ruhi but she decided to walk in, ever since then she has connected her life to shagun. Shagun is not on her real world now, she still has memory loss whatever she will do now is not considered until she comes out of her mental state, ishita and Raman are not helpful they are just behaving stupidly. You might choose to say that she is faking it but according to the story we have now she is on a memory loss problem.

  18. Charu prakash

    You are right Azuka.Shagun’s resurrection was
    commendable.That revelation of her owning the ngo was really a surprise.During that phase of life she was content too.But in the present scenario she is helpless.She is dependent.And I am not judgemental at this

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