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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhi coming to Ishita and Pihu. She suggests Pihu to call Ishita as Ishi Maa. Pihu says Ishi Maa. Ishita happily cries. Pihu says it’s a great name, thanks Ruhi, I will call aunty as Ishi Maa from today. Shagun looks on angrily. Ishita cries and hugs Pihu. Pihu asks are you happy as I called you Ishi Maa. Ishita says you made this name sound so good, thanks. She sees Shagun. Pihu asks Shagun shall I call aunty as Ishi Maa. Shagun says ofcourse. Ishita thanks Shagun, and they plan to have fun. Shagun thinks Ruhi is my daughter and favoring Ishita, I will not let Ishita win.

Ishita asks Raman what did Shagun say. He says she said she will think. She says its good, she did not refuse, I will talk to Mani, its evening, will you leave now. He says I have to ask Anil

about that woman. She says Anil did not say anything when Shagun and I went, we took her sister Priyanka, shall we ask her, maybe she can say. He says your inner spy did not die yet.

Adi goes to Iyer’s house and gets surprised seeing Aaliya. She says you made me take cooking classes by Amma. He says yes, I came to have filter coffee made by Amma. She says I will make for you. He asks can you. She says yes. Mihir calls Adi and says I did your work, listen carefully, to impress girls….. Adi says wait and goes away. Mihir asks him to remember, you have to be gentleman and courteous. Adi says wait, I will note down. Mihir says you have to know about the girl, what do they like, choice of movies, perfume, little things, fav things, be humble and sweet, girls get impressed by this, whatever happens, say sorry. Adi says wow, your tips are so useful, I can’t believe you know so much about girls. Mihir asks who is that girl. Adi says no one, I will say when I find one, I took tips for future, so that I know. Mihir says fine, prepare yourself. Adi thanks him. Mihir ends call and says so much of hardwork…..

Pihu tells Ruhi that Ishi Maa taught maths to her in simple way. Ruhi says yes, her maths is strong, she used to teach me. Pihu asks do you know her. Ruhi says I used to stay here in childhood, and Ishi Maa used to teach me. She thinks its right time to tell Pihu. She shows pics and explains her about surrogacy. Shagun comes there and gets shocked. She asks what are they talking. Pihu asks do you know about surrogacy. Shagun says don’t know what school teaches you guys, come we will go and have icecream.

Shagun takes them out. Ruhi sees the same nursing home where Pihu was born. They have icecream. Pihu asks Ruhi will she have another scoop. Ruhi says no thanks. She asks Shagun about the nursing home where Manoj works, Pihu was born here. Shagun gets worried and says maybe. Ruhi thinks to tell Pihu. She starts acting of stomach pain and says we should go to hospital. Shagun asks why, we will go home. Pihu says we will take you, mumma hurry up. They take Ruhi to hospital. Ruhi worries seeing injection and says I have light pain. Nurse says you said you have much ache. Ruhi says no, I m feeling better. Shagun thinks I won’t let this happen. Ruhi asks for Pihu.

Shagun says she is waiting outside, whats going on in your mind, I know you have no stomach ache and got Pihu here purposely, why. Ruhi says I want to say truth to Pihu that Ishi maa is her real mum, you are her surrogate mum, Pihu has right to know, I feel we all should together tell her, you also want Ishi Maa to get this love, Pihu has right to know who is her real mum. Shagun asks whats the need, is this necessary, we can tell later. Ruhi says calm down, I will explain Pihu, I was also a kid when Papa had to marry Ishi Maa, and then I loved Ishi Maa, Pihu will also understand. Shagun says its not easy. Ruhi says don’t take tension, we should say this for Ishita’s sake. Pihu comes and asks Ruhi are you fine. Ruhi says yes. Nurse asks Shagun to fill form at reception. Shagun thinks does Ruhi have stomach ache or is she acting.

Priyanka asks Raman and Ishita to leave. They ask Priyanka to help them, they were shocked to know Anil did kidnapping, but he can’t do this, we know he is following someone’s order, who is that person, tell us, we can help Anil. Priyanka says I don’t know anything. Raman says maybe any clue, he has to talk to someone or meet. Ishita says if he behaved strange. Priyanka says yes, Anil used to come home late and stay silent. She gets a call and cries for Anil. Ishita asks what happened. Priyanka says now, my brother will never trouble you, he committed suicide in jail, he is dead. Raman and Ishita get shocked. Priyanka asks them to just leave.

Shagun says Ruhi can’t say this truth to Pihu, if Pihu goes to Ishita after knowing truth, then, no I can’t let this happen, Pihu is my daughter, Ishita already snatched a lot from me, I have to stop Ruhi, one person can stop Ruhi, Ishita…. Raman talks to Mihir and says yes, we got to know, I came to talk to Priyanka, Anil used to work for us, help Priyanka. He asks Ishita to come. She says I m getting a bad feeling, this did not happen right with Anil. Shagun calls Ishita and says I came to have icecream with Ruhi and Pihu, Ruhi got unwell, we came to Mukherjee hospital, come fast. Ishita says we are coming. She tells Raman about Ruhi and they rush. Shagun says now Ishita will stop Ruhi. Nurse says patient is not in room. Ruhi takes Pihu to Neo natal care room. Shagun sees them and gets worried. Pihu smiles seeing small babies. Ruhi says you were also like this, cute. Shagun waits for Ishita.

Ishita tells Ruhi that you had trust issues, even Pihu can have trust issues. Ruhi says Pihu should know you are her real mum. Shagun hears them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Where is sarika & her adopted baby??

    1. Dont know !!!!!!

    2. Dnt knw abt sarika…her adopted baby rohith is with his real mother pallavi

  2. Itni choti se bachi ko surrogacy ka matlub samjhaya jaraha hai n isse pehle ruhi ko jun wo choti thi baanj ka matlub samjhaya jaraha tha…i dnt think its gud fr a child to knw all diz at diz age….n sub shagun ko negative hone per bhala bura bol rahe hai but acha hone ke baad usse mila hi kya pihu ko bhi cheen liya jaraha hai usse i agree she left ruhi so ruhi fully belong to ishita but piu ko to usne itne pyaar se paala hai plzz usku to uske paas rehne do she doesnt deserve ruhi adi n raman but she truly deserves pihu…jub wo chod kr gyi thi ruhi ko she got her punishment n so does ishita has to get watever d reason might b she did not think once bot pihu bfr cmtng suicide on d other hand shagun sacrificed her luv manoj fr pihu she repented her past mistake of leaving ruhi wen she needed her d most so dnt u all think shagun deserves pihu atleast….pihu ko to kabhi bhi bata sakte hai bot ishita bng her real mon let her grow up atleast to understnd diz complicated relations….raman alwayz takes decisions in haste still he gets evrythng at d end be it ishita ruhi adi n evn he got back shagun for whom he used to mourn once….so he is d luckiest one of all

    1. Hey simzain shagun doesnt love pihu she is just using pihu to stay in bhalla house. Ishita commited sucide because she was confused , she thought that she killed ruhi so she commited sucide.

    2. Hi Simzain … 7 years with Pihu and she deserves to get Pihu … Thats the only reason Ishitha is keeping distance . But here back again to gain something Shaghun is using Pihu .Using children for gaining something is wrong … If you really love some one that persons happiness is important . Here Shaghun fails Ishitha wins … She sacrifices anything for others happiness …. butas you said … surrogacy to explain to Pihu is not required …Ruhi doesnt want Pihu to go thru the trauma which she had gone thru when Shaghun left her ….

    3. I totally agree with you Simzain..

    4. I disagree with you Simzain. Yes Raman was mourning for Ishita and Rudi. Raman still love Ishita alot. Raman didn’t want to take Shagun back in his life because of her cheated with Ashok. I think that Raman was searching for Ishita where he had thrown Ishu and hid her in the jungle but failed to find her. Raman had realize his harsh word to Ishita and separate Ruhi from her and did not understand her love for Ruhi and family that she had commited sucide. Raman can’t live without Ishita. Pihu need mother who can give love that would be Ishita not Shagun. Shagun only want Raman. Shagun should marry Manoj in court but had labor pain during 7 month. As we don’t know why Ishita had to sacafice her life for Ruhi not Pihu. Shagun is the one of the trouble maker because when Raman was with Nidhi, Shagun inform Raman that baby is born and bring Ishita come to hospital to see her. Nidhi came to know that Ishu is alive but Raman get bit less irked by Shagun and hoping not to let Nidhi know that Ishita is alive. Nidhi find out that she shot Shanya that is Ishita. Nidhi kiddnapped Pihu and ask Ishita for exchange to get Ruhi. Nidhi take Ruhi and fled alive and change their id. Ishita can’t live without Ruhi but Raman can’t live wothout both Ruhi and Ishita. Ruhi is right to inform Pihu who is her mother. Shagun have no right to steal Pihu from Ishita. Ishita did not steal Ruhi from Shagun because Shagun have no time for Ruhi and went for party and spa when Ruhi need Shagun. Ishita is different from Shagun because Ishita always put children first and protect children than her own life. Raman doesn’t want to lose Ishita again. Raman want to marry Ishita but she got kidnapped by per Shagun plan with Raman’s laywer Anil. Shagun will use Pihu to go against Ishita and Pihu will yell at Ishita for Shagun and order to leave Bhalla house and go back to Australia. Ishita will announce that Raman will have to marry Shagun with heavily pain in her heart. Raman will find out that Shagun is behind Ishita kidnapped then Raman will expose Shagun. Raman and his children will stop Ishita leaving India.

  3. Yesterday yhm episode better but i can’t seen shagun negative role

  4. nyc but still need improvement

  5. Hi ppl I guess u guys all from India n understands Hindi but I don’t that’s y I read d written update but I love to watch d serial on line as I live in Aussy I watch it later …… Yeah that Karen Patel s off to London with his wife so upcoming episodes will b boring ..good day mates!!!

    1. Hi Hanna Me Too. I don’t know the language too. I too read the updates. What they say in the serial I don’t know a word of it. I am not Indian either. this is my first Indian Serial. I really like it Cos it was very unusual. Shagun getting negative etc. & all the evil people winning. But now i am having second thoughts with all the hatred Anger Revenge is too much. Why Can’t they make it a Family drama like the first part. after the leap is terrible. there is no finish , Sarika, vanished the death of lawyer is a mystery etc. very confusing. Poor Ishu after all the sacrifice even Raman hated her. So i have lost interest a little hope they will bring back the story to the original, The story has lost its charm. Something is not right or missing..

  6. HELLO EVERYONE Adu monique vp rithu shivani shona mino pihu susan super girl salley sindhu siddhi az naaz anjali manaas swara lekha khushi bhagya bhgi aruna & my friend Hi Guys & very good morning to all

  7. HI monique how are you dear how is your health & how is your south Africa IN my state tamil nadu rainy season 4 days se barsst horahi hain S.A. MEIN CLIMATE KAISA HAIN MERI TARAF SE TUMARE FRIENDS AND YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS KO HI HELLO BOLNA..

    1. Monique_D

      Hey Jaz
      I’m fine,health wise its OK i guess flue season and i suffer from sinusitis and High blood pressure so i have constant headaches but I’m alive though. well its its winter this side….its a bit cold this side and rainy.I will surely convey your message over to them.

  8. Hey Adu didn’t u like shaugun dress up her blouses and her hairstyles. Adu I think ektha ko NA Aliya ko kuch dangke kapde dena chahiye kya yaar itne chota dress phen thi hain humesha full jeans nahi penthi half jeans hi penthi show na Adu sare bade chote log dekthe hain infant khabi kha b meri beti b dekhthi hain

    1. U r righy jaz… Shagun’s wardrobe is awesome… Bt aaliyas is lil awkward.. She is lil fat in short dresses she dnt luk cool… Anitha alwayz wear nice collection of dresses in yhm…ramans dressing aftt leap is disgustng.. Karan patel had become muscular hunk aftr leap bt he must wear dress as per his character

  9. I am for this site after 4 months after the leap.And I watched YHM after 4 months.This is now totally a crap.They made Ishita a shameless woman to get back in the family.I didn’t say that the character of Ishita shameless before as she was a example for the women.Makers must take the full responsibility for this.Actually we loved to see Ishra couple then.And they lived 3 years together. But they made Ishita live 7 years with Mani.We told that only 1 or 2 years are enough for the leap.So that could be a good situation.But after it it was a crap.Personally I loved to see them both cuddle with each other, and I had a good night sleep.We were thinking about the day Ishita holding a baby on her arms with the warmth of Raman.But now can’t make it turn and we can turn it back if they made the whole scene a dream sequence of Ishita after she felt unconscious after the attempt of suiciding.Go to hell you makers for messing our old,absolutely unique yeh hai mohabbatein.and finally according to you if this is mohabbatein,you are absolutely crazy.

    1. Randunu totally agree with you … from surrogancy track that uniqueness has gone …cvs brainless I will say … playing with our emotions

    2. Ur Are 100% Correct. i hate this part after the leap. i used to wait for the next episode as it was such a great show. but after the surrogacy , Leap now it is crap. things are happening that don’t happen in real life. first part was connected to day to day life. now all the wicked win the good thrown aside. as it is happening in the world now a days. actually wicked should perish & good must prevail. no go this show. rubbish rubbish,

    3. Me too agree with u dear
      Aftr the leap they totally ruined the serial. Till ishu got preg the serial was worth watchng. Aftr that they shiwed that bus drama nd that crocodile drma nd all nonsense thngs. Then surrogacy track. What was the need of all that. Instead they must had shown ishu raman livung happily with their babies nd their family fun time. The leap had tuined evrythng. Sad that ishu nvr get a chance to see the childhood of any of her babies. Nt evn pihu. They brought the leap to make serial unique bt it ruined evrythg. 7 yrs is such a long tym. In pihus lyf shagun is imp bcose all these 7 yrs she took well care of her evn if it was for her benefit. Bt ishu was nt there for her. So she nw stands in the same position of shagun while she left infant ruhi. Obviously pihu will choose shagun for ishu. The senseless writers had spoiled the entire show. Its nt worth watchng nw.

      1. Same feelings Khushi cvs spoiled to the core

  10. oh please! Atleast yhm is far better than crap kumkum bhagya its such a pathetic show on tv.

    1. YHM has become a crap and dragging is going on. SNS, YRKKH, KKB, DABH all dragging. Nonsense things are shown. I dont know why people still watching these.

    2. True anjali if we watch kb we wil say yhm is bettr. Its tym to ahut that crap serial. Juz wastng the talent of such blesses actors

      All daily soaps are showing unrealistic thngs that make us crazy. Marriage is shown as a gudde guddi ka khel. Like marry someone divorce on baseless reasons aftr that marry other one. Then again divorce. Such baseless thngs. Presenting such bad interpretations before society. Nt a single serial is worth watchng.

  11. Amrita

    I liked the Adi-Aliya . Waiting to see their scenes more often.

    1. Amrita

      I liked the Adi-Aliya scenes.

  12. f**k u ekta for such a idiotic story line

  13. Change the title to shagun ki tadapti jawaani……….

  14. Ishitha is a very brave lady and she will gain her family members

  15. Ishitha is a very brave lady and she will gain her family members

  16. Hi JAZ Monique VP Rithu AZ Naaz Shona Shreya Sindhu Siddhi Shivani Mino Radhika Sakshi Lekha Aruna SARITHA And ALL The Members of The GROUP.

    JAZ AHLIYA KE PAAS Paise NAHI HAI Shayad issliye Shorts KO Aur Short Karderi.
    I Think in Future EPISODES MARIA SHARAPOVA Ke Tarah Aur Chota KARTI Shayed.
    Aur Choti Bachion PAR Bahot BHURA Asar Padega is Get up ka.

    Good Afternoon

  17. EK Din Ahyegi JAZ
    Jab SHAGUN APNI BODY KI POORI Ramayan Mahabharat Dikhayegi
    Pakka Dekhogi Tum
    Aur Neeche Daalti Jaari Kapde.
    ALLAH Jaane KAHAN PE Ahke Rukhegi KI.

  18. hey guys a very good evening to all.episode was good .only ishruhpihu part.precap was ok.

  19. Some fun filled moments is going to add in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein after having lost of Ruhi, Ishita’s kidnapping drama.
    ACP Abhishek returns as he was sent to the rehab center because of his drinking habits but he has now returned.
    Ishita goes police station with Simmi over some legal issue where they get happy seeing ACP Abhsihek fit and fine.
    ACP Abhishek welcome Ishita and SImmi while gives them good news about getting married with a Bhopal girl Divya and Ishita congratulates him for their married life.

  20. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Shagun is angry seeing Ruhi makes Pihu convince calling Ishita as Ishima.
    Shagun stops Ruhi to tell Pihu truth as Ishita is her mother and Shagun then decide to tell everyone about what importance of her in Pihu’s life seeing her closer to Ishita.
    Shagun leaves Bhalla house and Pihu suffers with in high fever missing Shagun.
    Pihu believes Shagun is her best mother and obeys her all words but Shgaun’s disappearance makes her in trouble.
    Entire Bhalla family is tensed seeing Pihu’s condition and Pihu refuses to eat anything without seeing Shagun mama.
    Ishita manages to feed Pihu food and makes her sleep but Pihu mummers of Shagun mumma please come.
    Shagun uses Pihu keeping Raman and Ishita away.
    Ishita feels bad seeing Pihu’s condition and thinks that Shagun left Pihu because she wants Ishita and Pihu’s reunion.
    Ishita is unaware about Shagun’s evil face and requests Shagun to return Bhalla house because Pihu wants her Shagun mumma and not IShima.
    Shagun will now use Pihu keeping Ishita away from Raman.
    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  21. hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha parvathi anakha siddhi az Monique d aparna Natasha priya bhagi mansi Sarita sara prisha simran unique angel shreya mansi tansuri shivani lavanya sachie mino jaz aditya jeni super girl Shona priyaroli aparna nimrit ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas)riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam naina az and all yhm friends.
    Shagun is becoming worst everyday.

  22. Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman ( Karan Patel) and Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi ) life.
    Ruhi has accepted Ishita and Ruhi is also trying her level best to reveal about Ishita being her real mother.
    Ruhi tires to get Ishita and Pihu close by telling her about Lord Krishna’s childhood stories about the way he had two mothers.
    Ruhi insists Pihu to call Ishita as Ishimaa henceforth as it sounds cool.
    Shagun fumes seeing Pihu’s growing closeness towards Ishita.
    Hence Shagun decides to take revenge from Pihu and to leave Pihu on purpose as she cannot live without her Shagun Maa being sensitive.
    Pihu falls sick and Ishita gets edgy noticing Pihu’s illness.

  23. Salley145

    hi anyone here?
    yhm rocks

  24. So tired of themy dragging the storyline. They could at least tell Pihu that Ruhi is her real sister. Ridiculous.

  25. Shagun is making this really bad.. But I feel so sorry for her?? if she had a chance to be with Manoj… She lost that chance tooo…

  26. Ektha!!!! Can’t you leave shagun in positive side????? Plzzzz!!! Don’t let that be…

  27. Interesting, the story YHM now seems to take a positive turn with Ruhi trying to tell Puhi the truth that Ishi Maa is her real mum. I read the whole episode, and what delights me is Ruhi’s attempt to explain about surrogacy. This will definitely make Ruhi more curious to know Ishita’s reality. Thanks for the written update of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

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