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The Episode starts with Ishita returning clothes to Vandu. Vandu asks whats the matter, did Sarika refuse to use. Ishita says nothing, she has plenty of clothes and this will go waste. Vandu asks her to have food. Ishita says she has to go clinic. Vandu insists. Bala talks to Ishita and asks why was Romi so upset, whats the matter. Ishita says I don’t know why is Raman’s siblings reacting like this. He asks her to have food. Rinki asks Mihir whats the surprise. He says he is going to US for one month, and she has to do all shopping. She asks did he get new job there.

He says not again, I m going USA to represent our new project, I m excited about it, and you don’t understand. She asks is
Raman sending you, far from company, Raman is too much. He asks are you mad, who has filled

dirt against Raman and Ishita, let me get my exposure, you will get anything. She asks is he still worship that man, after seeing everything. Raman comes there and hears them. Rinki leaves.

Mihir says I m really sorry on her behalf. Raman saks him not to worry, he knows Rinki, I don’t care what she thinks, she will understand, check this file. Raman goes. Mihir says don’t know what happened to Rinki, I will book a home to make her quiet. Vinni comes to meet Adi, and goes to Rohit. Adi and Vinni sit near the play. The baby cries a lot. Sarika comes worried and asks what happened, why is baby crying so much. She sees a rash on baby’s hand and Adi says it happened by mistake, sorry.

Raman comes and sees Sarika scolding Adi. She slaps Adi and Adi gets shocked. Vinni looks on. Raman asks Sarika whats this way. She asks did you not see what he did. Simmi takes Adi and Vinni. Sarika says a scratch came on Rohit’s hand. Raman asks will she slap Adi, and asks her to mend her ways. Romi comes and argues with Raman. Sarika cries and asks Romi not to argue, as Raman did not wish her to become a part of this house, he never liked me. Raman asks what happened to her. She asks is she lying, this is true, Raman offered me money to make me go far from Romi. Raman says situation was different that time.

Romi asks her not to cry, and Sarika and Rohit are my family, I will fight for my family if Raman is doing the same, why does everyone cry because of Raman. Raman says as no one realizes their mistake. Mr. Bhalla asks whats this matter now. Romi asks him to ask Raman. Raman says Papa… Mr. Bhalla stops him and asks him to talk well to Sarika. Raman says if Sarika is bahu, Ishita is not bahu, and I m not your son, keep peace at home, I will leave the home, I have heard a lot from everyone. Ishita can stay here, I won’t. She goes after him. Ruhi looks on and cries.

Vandu and Bala talk to Appa and ask him to talk to Raman once, he will listen to you. Appa nods. Raman packs his bag. Ishita says I will say sorry to everyone. Raman says Papa did not listen to me, what did Sarika do for us that Papa took her side, he neglected you and me, I won’t stay here, this is not my family. Adi comes crying and says he did not hurt Rohit intentionally, I will apologize to Sarika, please don’t go. Ishita says its nothing because of you, small fights happen at home, it will be fine. Adi asks will we go anywhere from here? Raman says go to your room, pack your bag, ask Ruhi to pack her bag, just go.

Ishita says if we leave home, Adi will feel guilty. Raman says let him see the truth of family, I brought him here to make him get everyone’s love, our love is enough for our kids. He says you can stay here, we will go. She cries. Raman, Ishita and kids come with bags. Everyone look on. Simmi asks Mr. Bhalla to stop Raman and cries. Mr. Bhalla says I did not ask him to leave home, he is going himself, why shall I stop him.

Sarika asks Romi to stop them, its her mistake that she slapped Adi. Romi is adamant and says I did not ask them to leave, don’t tell me. Ishita and kids cry. Raman walks ahead. Simmi stops them. Raman asks Simmi to move. Appa comes and Simmi asks him to stop Raman. Raman tells Appa that he can’t stop now. Appa stops them, and says he won’t explain or say anything, its very late, where will you go with Ishita and kids, come our home, you can shift later. Ishita says Appa is right, I agreed to you, but lets stay at Appa’s house for kids’ sake. Raman agrees and they move in Iyer house.

Neelu asks Simmi to have food. Simmi cries and refuses. Neelu asks Romi to have food, and he refuses. Neelu goes to Mr. Bhalla and he does not respond. She thinks he slept. Mr. Bhalla cries and says our house broke. Neelu says no one has eaten food, what happened to them. Ishita calls her. She talks to Neelu and asks her to give acidity medicine to Papa ji. Neelu says no one has eaten food, you come back.

Ishita says I can’t talk to Raman now, tell Simmi to make Papa ji have milk, try that everyone drinks atleast milk, if not eating food. Neelu goes. Ishita says what happened to them. Mihika takes kids and leaves. Ishita sees Raman sad and he says his laptop is not working. She puts it on charging, and asks is he missing everyone. He says why will I, who are they to me. He holds her hand and says when Shagun left me, I was broken, and I got fine as my family was with me. He shares his pain and she hugs him. She says she is always with him. yeh hai mohabbatein………plays……………

Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi about Raman and Ishita. She says she will call them. Mr. Bhalla says they are not here, they left home. She is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Balaji TeleflimsYeh Hai Mohabbateinis gearing up for a lot of twists and turns in the coming episodes.In the previous episodes of the show, we have seen that the Bhalla family is slowly parting into pieces and the fire was ignited by none other than Bhalla’s daughter Rinki.Sarika unknowingly instigated romi and against raman and ishita which led to raman leave the bhalla house.Seems like Rinki fulfilling Shagun’splace in the show,as Shagun has transformed into a good hearted person.As we have got to know that even after so muchof drama, Rinki will again poke her hubby and will try to turn him against her real brother and his wifey, Raman and Ishita, respectively.As mentioned earlier,Toshij and ishita team up to unite their family.Toshiji also demands romi to pay the expenses of the house and refuses raman as he is not living with them.Ashok is planning to spoil raman’s business on the august 15th by mixing some harmful chemicals in the juice for kids given by Raman’scompany.According to spoilers,Shagun who works for NGO kids will help raman and his company from Ashok’s clutches.And Param is going to make entry in the show with some new twists.Will Ishita and Toshiji be able to make up for all the misunderstandings?Will Ashok spoil Raman’s business?

  2. ashok ka plan flop zaroor hoga.uske saath uss sooraj aur jhakad ki bhi dhachiya udd jaayegi.

  3. bechare ishra.sab sacrifice aur apne family ke baare mein itnaa soche aur kare lekin badle mein sirf baidzaathi aur unke saath hameaha galath hi hua hai.

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    Anita has earlier done a silent
    comedy show but this will be her
    first attempt at doing stand-up
    There were rumors that Anita will
    be quitting Yeh Hai Mohabbatein but
    the actress has denied these talks
    saying that she will manage to do
    both the shows as she loves

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  6. i am happy for divyanka tripathi.because i am a huge fan of divyanka and yhm.

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  8. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein ‘s current track
    is dealing with misunderstandings in
    Bhalla family. While Ishita is trying
    her level best to sought out
    differences between Raman and his
    father, her brother-in-law Romi has
    now turned against her!
    In the last episode, we saw how
    Raman and Romi land into a scuffle
    in their own house. In fit of rage
    Raman even slapped Romi for
    insulting his bhabhi Ishita and
    decided to leave the Bhalla house.
    ALSO READ: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
    Raman And Romi Fight To Split
    Now the latest update is that
    Raman’s mom Mrs. Bhalla is back,
    from the past few episodes she was
    missing, but now the tigress is back!
    She is surprised to find out that her
    family is no more the same that she
    had left. Everyone is doubting each
    other’s intentions and has developed
    a feeling of hatred as well.
    Mr. Omprakash Bhalla explains her
    the whole story, following which she
    decides to confront Raman. An
    infuriated Mrs. Bhalla goes to the
    Iyer house and shouts for Raman. On
    seeing her mom Raman greets her
    by touching feet, but Mrs. Bhalla
    gives a tight slap to Raman.
    Watch Mrs. Bhalla slaps Raman :
    She continuously scolds Raman for
    his immature and rude behaviour
    towards his father. An angry Mrs.
    Bhalla didn’t spare Ishita as well.
    She repents on her decision of
    trusting Ishita before leaving.
    Ishita then decides to have a word
    with her mother-in-law. She
    assures Santoshi that all the drama
    in the family can be solved only if
    she agrees to help her.
    After much thought, Mrs Bhalla
    finally agrees to join hands with
    Ishita in solving all the
    misunderstandings in Bhalla house.

  9. Hello everyone……l’m new.but I read comments everyday.nowaday I’m fed up with yhm….but we can get very important thing from these track….don’t you understand? “We should not marry befor our mature age”. Look at rinki,sarika,romi. They behave like babies. Actually babies are better than them. And what’s the mr.balha’s problem? And we can get another important thing.sarika,romi,rinki they all are marry for s*x…. Yhy? They want money and s*x than successful marriage life.even they disturb another lives. Look at their childish behaviour….. Sometime I can’t believe it. They are against with their own brother and son. It’s really disgusting. Yes I know that big family has lots of problems. But why don’t they try to solve them. Always ishita must solve all the problems. Because of it,she don’t have time to think about her life. I’m very very sad about ishita and also raman. I hope that all the misunderstandings will be clear. All the best yhm…….. With love from sri lanka……(please you all use a language correctly)

  10. choti batt ka pahaad banana to koyi inse sikhe.

  11. Hello darshika

  12. hi riya…. See you all after the today updates.

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