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The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita spending night at the hotel room. He says I will call dad or Mihir, but can’t call. The food and mechanic comes. The mechanic says I will check car and asks for keys. Raman says are you really mechanic, seeing his clothes. Leave the keys, I will come. The man asks for tip and Raman gives him. Ishita says lets have food now, I will wash hands. There is no water in tap and some in bucket. Raman helps her in making her wash her hands. Dil kahin rukta nahi………………..plays…………They sit to have food. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………..plays…………. Raman says I m really sorry, I thought to take you to five star spa and brought you here. She says its ok, this experience we won’t get again, what adventures, we will have so many stories to

tell them.

She serves him food and asks him to have it. He says you are amazing, as you adjust to any situation. He says after having food, I will go to mechanic to get the car repaired, will you be comfortable. She says yes, lock the door while going. He says fine, don’t drink water here. I will get mineral water while coming. She does not like the food. Mihir falls running after Mihika, as he is drunk. She scolds him and says you are so embarrassing. She says you said we will spend time together and you were drinking with Romi, liar, I m going to have icecream with Ruhi and Shravan. She leaves.

Raman brings water and asks where is the light, is Ishita sleeping. She says don’t open the light, be careful. She says please Raman, no light. He asks why are you covering your face, move it. She says no, and hides her face. He says show it, what happened, She gets all red marks on her face and says its allergy. He laughs and asks why eyes closed. She says I m looking horrible. He says that’s since childhood, I should close my eyes seeing you. She asks why, are you nit afraid. He says no, its fine. She tells about mushroom allergy. He says take anti allergy in morning. She says there is no care and concern.

He says I m really concerned and care, but for myself. So I m going away from you. Cover yourself. She says how rude and insensitive. Mrs. and Mr. Bhalla get into a room which was kept for Raman and Ishita. She asks whats all this. He says lets have a drink. She asks whats this mood, I told you I have a fast, you brought me here, to do all this. He is drunk and looks around. He says I did not do this, I think we came in Raman’s room, as I had his keys too. She says its limit, why you drink so much if you can’t control. He says sorry, lets go to our room. She says don’t come to me. He says listen to me and goes after her.

Raman brings anti allergy paste for her as he himself made it and asks her to apply it. She says thanks and sorry. She is annoyed and scratches. He says leave some difference between monkey and humans. He applies it. She says sorry. He says its not your fault that you have allergy. She says as I spoiled your plan. He says no, family and we are enjoying. She says no, Mihika told me you wanted to take me alone and I included everyone to ruin your plan. He says nothing like that, it does not matter. He applies paste to her face and neck. She cries happily. Saath saath rehna hai……………. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………..plays……….. Raman says you look Rajnikanth and laughs. He says see your face, wait I will show you. He shows her in phone and she laughs. He says south new superstar, hero and heroine both, you. She says close the lights. He goes to wash his hands. She smiles and lies to rest on the bed. She switches off the lights and sits on the chair to sleep. Mr. Bhalla gets drinks for him and Mrs. Bhalla. He says now fast is over, have it. She says no, I don’t want to talk to you. He insists and she sleeps. He drinks both.

Mihir and Mihika are still not talking, she is annoyed. Mihir says its hard to explain girls. He sleeps. Raman wakes up as his hand moves and he gets disturbed and sees Ishita sleeping. He covers her and goes back to the chair to take support and sleep. Its morning, Ishita sees her face in the mirror and smiles seeing its fine. She says that ointment was so perfect, it left no marks, great Ravan Kumar, but why did he not come till now. He brings tea and sees her face so fine. He says what happened, its impossible, look at yourself. She says I have seen. He says it worked, you are shining for the first time. She smiles and asks really. He says yes, what are you showing teeth, I m praising myself as I made the ointment by my magical hands.

She says sometimes I feel to talk to you with love and respect, and you do something that you become Ravan Kumar again. He says I m waiting out, pack up and come soon. She makes a face to beat him and smiles.

All women are annoyed with the men. Appa asks Mr. Bhalla how will we make up to them. He gets an idea to serves coffee to Amma. Amma thinks have wine, I won’t stop you. Bala tries to talk to Vandu. Vansu thinks no need, whats the work with me. Bala thinks Shravan trapped me. Mihika gives the idlis which Mihir brought, and gives to kids. Mihika thinks he was drunk and now trying to make it up. Mihika and Mihir fight. Amma scolds Mihir. Mrs. Bhalla defends Mihir. Amma says does it look for good house boys to drink. They start arguing. They scold their husbands too. The kids watch this and Raman and Ishita come. Raman stops them and says enough. Ishita says everyone is fighting, but why is Simmi alone like this.

Raman and Ishita have a taunting joking arguments.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wooooow Raman turf Raven Kumar…. Or taunts….. Or way of showing love……omg its fabulous

  2. Bakwas.

  3. Wow… So nice…!!!

  4. aww some lovely couple aren’t they?

    love the way they have little arguments

  5. romance and love is missing between raman and ishita. the outing could have been picturized romantically but the writers and the directors lack imagination and the scenes r not appealing. they r wasting karan and divyanka’s chemistry.

  6. i liked it.

  7. the episode was superb love emotions cutenes care concern every thing was there and ishras room was decorated beautifuly

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