Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Niddhi taking Abhishek’s class and blaming him for having faulty hanging rope, that Ishita got saved. Raman is on the way and thinks did anyone see him. Senior Inspector talks to Mr. Iyer and Mr. Bhalla , Romi, Bala, Abhishek and Niddhi. He says our team is everywhere, we are trying to find Ishita, sorry for whatever happened, we have to think how to find Ishita. Raman comes crying and says I know where is Ishita. He says Ishita jumped from the cliff. They all get shocked. Raman says I was broken hearing Ishita is going to be hanged, I did not come to see her, I was near jail, I got informed that she has run away, I have seen her going to jump down the cliff, before I could stop her, she jumped, I could not save her from death. Mr. Bhalla consoles him. Senior Inspector

sends Abhishek to check there. Raman thinks its good, if Vandu says she saw me there, no one will doubt on me.

Its morning, Sarika give this good news that Ishita has run away from jail to Ashok and Suraj. They have fun hearing this. Romi comes and scolds Sarika. Ashok taunts Romi about Ishita. Romi fumes and beats Ashok. Sarika asks Romi to stop Ashok. Suraj calls guards. Guards stop the fight.

Raman is on the way smiling. He holds the bouquet and blushes. He reaches Niddhi’s home. Servant opens the door and asks Raman to sit. Raman waits. He says finally, she is dead, and gives bouquet to Niddhi. Niddhi looking shimmering… smiles. Raman says I thought she got hanged, but she did not, she had to die anyway, I don’t care. She asks and we? He says we, our story just started my love. they hug. He gives a mysterious grin. He says finally, we are together, Ishita will not be in between us, its time we unite. She says I m very happy. He says me too, I did not get attracted to any girl till now, when Ishita got punished, I was happy. She says I did not know our relation will get another chance. He says I could not bear Ishita, I don’t want to talk about her now. He gets message and says investors are troubling me, I did mistake to make Ishita the owner of my company. She asks him to calm down, you did so much for our relation, I too have some duty. He smiles and says yes. He gets call again. He keeps the phone, and says now everyone will cry at home, I m fed up. She says its okay and hugs him. They smile.

Star Plus spoilers

Everyone cry for Ishita’s death. Amma cries and thinks how to tell the kids. Simmi says but we have to tell them. Sarika looks on shocked. Amma says Ishita died, we could not see her the final time. Appa says we should tell the kids that their Ishi Maa….. Ruhi and Adi are at Iyer house and wait for Ishita. Amma and Simmi come there. Ruhi asks them about Ishita. Sarika cries and tells Ruhi that Ishita is no more, she jumped down the cliff and died. Ruhi says no, this can’t happen, you go from here. Sarika leaves. Simmi says this is the truth Ruhi. Ishita gave up her life and will never come back. Ruhi says this can’t happen, you are lying. Adi and Ruhi cry.

Raman comes to office. Romi asks Raman what are you doing here, everyone is asking for you at home, go home, I will manage here, Pathak and I will manage. Raman says business is very imp for me, its my priority, I m not alone to manage. Romi says what, did we get new investors. Niddhi walks in and asks Raman shall we. Raman says ladies first and goes after her. Romi gets shocked.

Abhishek gets to know Ishita’s body is not found and asks Dubey to find Ishita’s body at any cost, I don’t care, find her out by checking all the area around jail. He gets call from Bhalla house and thinks what to tell them. Mrs. Bhalla asks about Ishita. He says I did not find her till now, I promise I will find her.

Niddhi tells the board that Ishita is not between us, Raman got POA back. Raman smiles. Niddhi says I know you are worried for investments, but I m investor of this company now, your losses will be covered, I will be legal advisor of this company. Romi and Pathak get shocked. The investors leave. Raman asks Niddhi to take charge from Pathak and thanks her. He leaves with Niddhi. Romi says what happened to Raman, everyone is mourning at home and here… Pathak says maybe he is unable to bear Ishita’s death and behaving such way. Romi hopes Raman comes out of this shock.

Abhishek asks Raman any details, if he forgot to say. Raman asks what details. Niddhi says you need to say anything. Raman tells everyone that Niddhi will be living with them in Bhalla house. The family gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. present track and episode of yhm is worst horrible utter nonsene and totally out of its genre and nonrelating to its name .its is too horrible .yhm ka trp har hafthe kam ho raha hai aur iss hafthe star plus bhi trp mein second aaya hai . accha hai , atleast apne shows ko choda toh dekhne laayak kare .

  2. aaj ka episode dekhne kya padne kya sunne laayak bhi nahi hai . raman kuch zyaada hi kar raha hai . aur woh niddhi bilkul pagal khane se bhagi hui chudail lag rahi thi .

  3. chiiiiiiiiiiii! it’s nonsense!!!!!!!!!

  4. Actually nothing left in YHM accept Ruhi n Adi. Restlessly waiting for Ishita’s reentry in the show plz don’t drag it,hope Raman will expose Nidhi soon so Ish Ra can reunite. Hope viewers will get back their old n unique YHM.

  5. it a plan of raman he wants the vidio back which niddi purposely she deleted it cause she wanted to take revenge from raman cool

  6. i have said before and i say again that raman looks an impotent dog.the production team are making the cast like buffoons

  7. my rating for this serial is 2 out of 10.

  8. i really love this serial a lot .the yhm music keeps on ringing in my head the whole day nd i eagerly wait fr the new episodes .but nowadays , it has turnd out of hell of crap . sudden change is rkb the lead the man we admire nd love so much is really unbearable .nd his scenes with nidhi is nothng less than torture . today i decided that i will not watch it .but i cldnt stop my self nd sawthe repeat telecast . while watchng raman nidhi scenes nd raman bad mouthng ishita my heart churned with anger nd pain nd ishita’s smiling face appeared before me . i also think its raman’s pln nd his heart still belongs to ishita but still this not tolerable .nd ruhi stole my heart today. her love nd desperation fr ishita is the only yhm type of thing in the episode . i really miss my old episodes .whr ishra used to be togethr , thr cutefights , ishruh scenes , funny fights betwwn amma nd toshiji , nd ruhi shravu arguments . evn during ghost trck yhm had this stuffs intact whn the ghost track ended . i was happy nd thght ishra now will b together forevr happy happy .but never knew the worst nightmare is waiting for us . ekta will separate ishra this way really nvr thght of it .
    for the past two years am watching this show without missing the episodes but now it hurt to watch this show .but its addiction . ekta kapoor why you make good shows if u hv to ruin them so cruelly . we yhm fans have voiced our opinions nd hatrd fr separation this kind of tracks through electronic media but u still dnt seem to care . i know its ur serial .but more than that its our serial . yhm is nothing without ISHRA episode was enough to make me understand that . just bcz of bad tracks i dnt want this show to go off air .nd i want it like balikavadhu . but it doesnt mean u continue showing us these types of tracks nd keep hampering our trp . see , thr is always a room for improvement .please !! i beg u ..plz bring our old yhm back . it was the best show on starplus . if u make it like wt it was before i am sure it will beat SNS nd top the trp charts again. fortunately yhm is still in good position among the top ten shows .but if u continue this show without ishra nd show all these shit. i doubt it will b amng toppers . plzz listn nd change ur tracks nd bring somethng realistic .. i know leaps r important to run a show fr a longer time nd yhm will hv to take leap sooner or later.but the show has just completed 2 yrs nd 2 months . nd gained a strong nd permeant fanbase .dnt damage its popularity by showing separationnd leap simultaneously . evn ur actors r not comfortable with leap tracks . trust me ..yhm has the best cast who can actually nd best leads . KP nd DT r grt actors or i say best . nd RUHI well she is another gem .i dnt find her replacemnt anywhr nd despite of these tracks ppl r watchng this show just bcz of ruhi . so please leap tracks so soon not needed . if u want to brng leap only bring it after an year or so .not so will b bad idea .currently u need to finish up this track , unite ishra nd ishru nd show surrogate baby , manoj – shagun marrg. mihika – romi or mihika – mihir love story nd othr reaslistic stuffs .celebrate festivals .show happiness . trp will surely rise . please its a heart felt request brng ishra back nd spread positivity please!!

    1. I am totally agreeying you,site…What all you have mentioned here is truth

      1. I too agree with u diya whole heartedly.

  9. I don’t want raman-niddhi marriage to happen.I liked the Raman’s idea of exposing niddhi but I won’t be nice if Raman married nidhi
    Don’t drag too much
    We want old yhm back

  10. what’s going on????plzzzz give our old ishra love story…plzzz ekta think about us…

  11. I m confused how is Ishita saved and escape is it possible than we could hàve saved Bhagat Singh and all


  13. I am from Mauritius. Here too almost every mauritian like the show, specially IshRa Jodi and Ruhi. But nowadays the show is getting worst. Please Ekta ji do not spoil the show with these unrealistic issues. Don’t you think that there has been too much sufferings and hardships in this couple’s life. It’s been exaggerated. There are people who might think that its better be bad than to be good hearted if you have to suffer so much. Please let us have our old YHM track. The family type. I agree that a leap will be required but please IhRam should not be separated.

  14. swaragini fan

    Now if you still can’t figure out why Nidhi wants to marry Raman, don’t worry. A flashback sequence will be introduced in an upcoming episode explaining Nidhi’s obsession with Raman. Nidhi will be shown as being madly in love with Raman in the past, but he will reject her advances to marry Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) and then Ishita. Losing Ishita’s case was her revenge for the insult.
    But that’s not all. Another twist is already planned. According to reports, Raman will seize the tape and try to get Ishita freed, but Nidhi will have his kids kidnapped and blackmail him. Following that, Raman will apparently die, paving the way for a time-leap. Post the leap, Ishita will be seen paired up with ACP Abhishek (played by her real-life fiance, Vivek Dahiya, and a ploy by the producers to cash in on the couple’s chemistry).

  15. swaragini fan

    I read it in a spoiler………..

  16. Hi,great to see you all Malayalee friends.I am a great fan of YHM.I am a Malayalee viewer .

  17. Hii guys.. nd ritushree the information u gave us is absoluetly correct but I read the news that Raman will apparently die and ishita will be getting married to ACP abhishek

  18. I am really unhappy with this upcoming twist.. becoz there is nothing to see if Raman will die.. there will be no fun

  19. disappointed to see the beautiful love story is ruined to this level . why the writers are not paying any attention to the audience request ? i stongly feel the writer is totally a pshycho now and making the fans too a pshychic case . yhm has become a garbage day by day and it hurts to see the eonderful story line is a cra now .rReally feel Bhooth track Ishitha could deliver and justify to some level why she was firced to act like that , though she has acted so well but hurt every one in the family . here , what justification Raman can give for being so rude and harsh to his love …. and romancing and spending one night with Nithi . one can make out , its fake but wonder how the writers can make Raman to act in such a way , which is totally nonsense . feel very sorry for this great actor ….. please stop this crap

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