Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun talking to Amrita and saying about Nikhil’s wedding invitation. Amrita says what, how dare he. Shagun says I felt I saw him and then recalled I met him with you, you guys were seeing each other so I thought to inform you. Amrita thanks her for this favor. Shagun asks is she coming India and ends call. She says everyone loves Ishita and now things will change. Nikhil tells Rinki about having wedding in Delhi. Rinki says she is fine with it and tells Ishita. Ishita talks to Nikhil and asks what they have to do finally. Nikhil says Delhi and thanks her. She asks when is he coming in evening. He says sorry, I can’t dance. She says our choreographer is coming and convinces him. She asks him to keep Rinki happy and take care of her preferences.


asks Rinki when to come. She asks is he coming. He says yes, teach me some dance steps. She says she is expert and will teach him. Ishita thinks Raman’s tension will be less, if marriage happens in Delhi. Raman comes to Ashok’s office and Ashok and Suraj walk in. Raman greets him. Ashok starts his taunts of his time changing and asks him to change, middle class people come on time, learn to be late. Ashok says do some adjustments, cabin is not ready but files are ready, you can start from your old seat. Raman agrees and thinks not to react, as he needs this job. Ashok says poor Raman, I had fun to show him his old place. Suraj says don’t leave him. Ashok says it will be good if he bows his head down.

Raman talks to the peon and asks about his daughter, is she happy in her inlaws. The peon says yes, she is happy and have a son, you helped me with money on time and her marriage was possible. The staff talks to him and Raman says he joined this company. The man says I read about you in magazine, and I can learn from you. Ashok asks him to come with him. Romi asks a flower decorator about the flowers and asks him to get other ones. He argues with the man and gets angry. Mr. Bhalla comes and asks Romi not to see all this, they don’t need him. He scolds Romi and says don’t show me your face, I will throw you out. Romi leaves.

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Mrs. Bhalla scolds the man to and Ishita sends him. Romi gets sad and cries, saying I did a mistake, its my sister’s marriage and they made me a stranger. Adi comes and sees him crying. Adi comes to Ishita and she asks what happened. Ishita goes to Romi and he asks her to leave him alone. She refuses. He says dad kicked me out. She says he was angry, you need to win hearts if you broke it, trust broke, do something to win it back. He asks how. She says its your sister’s marriage and I m managing, its hectic for me, if I get free assistant, whats bad. He smiles. She divides the work and he asks Papa. Adi says don’t take tension, I will make him busy in dance practice. Romi hugs him and leaves. Ishita smiles and says Adi did like Raman, thanks Lord for bringing Adi back.

Raman and Ashok talk about work. Ashok shows boss’ tantrums and Raman assures of positive results. He says I have a condition. Ashok asks hello? Raman says I have a request, I work for you, no one should know this at my home, and I want to go home early as we have some functions. Suraj says fine, but after completing the work. Ashok asks why did he allow him. Suraj says let him go, now he will work for us, lets have some benefit from him, and about his family knowing it, they will know it themselves. Ashok says right, which reminds me I should call home. He calls servant and says ask Mihika to keep food ready, as some guests are coming with me for meeting.

Romi talks to Ishita and says everything will be managed. He sees Puri and is shocked. He follows Puri. He falls by a cycle. Puri turns and sees him. He gets tensed and starts running. Romi runs to catch him. He beats Puri and asks for money. Puri says give me one day time. Romi says you ruined me, you can’t fool me. He takes his phone and cards. He says if you don’t give money, then see what I do. He leaves. Suraj and Ashok bring Raman home asking him to relax and work, then leave for home. Ashok says don’t worry, Mihika is not at home. Raman sits to work. Mihika comes downstairs and says why is Raman working in Ashok’s company.

Ashok says Mihika I felt you went for shopping, anyways come and see who came. He says I m sorry Raman, I can’t hide this from her, and asks Mihika not to tell her family that he gave Raman the job as a favor. Mihika gets teary eyed. Raman says can we get back to work. Ashok says yes. All the guess start coming in the sangeet function. Ishita calls Raman and asks him to come soon, as everyone is asking for him. He teases her and she asks him to come. He asks is everything ready. She says yes, come and change. Raman says all done. Ashok again puts work on him. Raman says this is legal department work. Ashok says I know, that man is on leave, you see it, its 10-15mins work, do it and leave. Raman says fine.

Mrs. Bhalla welcomes Nikhil and his family. Nikhil asks for Raman. Ishta says he is on the way and sends him to Rinki. They have a talk. Bala introduces Mihir to him. Nikhil says I heard a lot about you. Mihir and Rinki talk in friendly way. They ask about Raman. Mihir asks Ishita about him. She says I spoke to him, he might be on the way. He says I will see him. She thinks where is he, its so late.

Everyone dance on the song Locha e Ulfat. Ishita waits for Raman, while he is working. Suraj asks Ashok what did he do now. Mihika hears them and thinks to do something, else the function will spoil.

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  1. Very much average frankly speaking a dull episode…. Kaha gaya o YHM yaar,jiskeliye har roz 11 baje wait karte the?? Raman is back to pavilion?? jaha se shuru kiya tha Wahi pahunchadiya…. Very bad story line….

  2. Ye cheapo ..ashok apni harakkataun se baaz nahin aaye ga ………..
    ……aagaya aapne ..purani. ..tricks aap na raha hai. ……par hamari. ..mihika uss se. .gin gin kar badla le gi. ….

  3. Raman k muh se 6’2 ” sunn kar achcha laga. …..ashok ko raman sir bole bilkul achcha nahin lagta. ……..uss k liye yahi thik hai 6’2″……

  4. arey yaar we cant c raman like this yaar.where is the hell mani is.when we need him he is nt even seen.and kamal hai even mihir did nt ask raman which company he joined.only good thing today adi ka scene.

  5. waise i got very much angry ki usi ashok ka mard dalo.i cant even wish to c that pagal ka face.this nt our yhm.our yhm will always rocks screen.oh ho agar it goes like this then feeling sad to say we will lost trp plz do something yaar.

  6. Awww romi ruta hoa bilkul bhi achcha nahin lagta. ….par Adi bahut samjh Dar hogaya hai. .uss ne ishita ko romi k bare main bataya. ……..ghar k decoration main help bhi kiya. …good kuch toh positive hoa. ……

  7. bhagi

    hey bhagavaan plz isss makers ko thodaasa akhal dena plz god koi bhi makers hamesha yehi koshish karthe hai ki unki show hit ho par yaha tho pura ulta ho raha hai yeh log tho jaan bhuch kar show ko flop karne me lagi hui hai……mi tho sirf actors keliye show dhek rahi hu par aab tho ruhi bhi leave par hai….

  8. Waise romi ne. .so called. ..Dr. ko kya pita maza aagaya. …..ab jald hi woh money wapas kar de. …….aur shagun ko exposed kare. …………iss din ka intezar kab se kehrahe hai hum. ..ab jald hi aajaye. …

  9. Hii. Angel. .tumhari tabiyat kaisi hai
    ….&All the very best ….wish k tumhara first exam aur Jitne bhi. .paper hai. ….In Shaa Allah sare achche jayen ge. …..

  10. dont wry mizun ur pain will get less.have ur medicine and food properly.and aaj ishu ka white and blue dress mai tho oh superb cool beautiful hai naa.

  11. bhagi

    hiiiiii guys nd all the best angel hope your xam will go good…….and yah prayosha & ruhi yo tho hamaari yhm nahi hai jise dhekne keliye hum har ek min count karthe the…….aab tho uss pal ko ginthe rah the thab hamaari puraani vaali yhm ko dhekne ko milega…..

  12. Haan priyaroli. …..ishita aaj bahut achchi lagrahi thi. ……..& kal ka black dress toh aur bhi achcha hai. ….IshRa kya lagrahe hai yaar. ….black combination. …mast. …

  13. rozi

    are year yhm charm is going down. I want to stop to watch this show. already my family. as well as my. colony members stop watching this since nearly 35 days back. not day is not far when this show go to the place of like jhoda akbar

  14. Hey ek baat notice ki. ………jab raman ishita ko pata nahin tha ki woh ek dusre se pyar karte hai. ……har episode main IshRa scenes hote the. ..koi zyada problems bhi nahin the ….lekin jab se unn ko pata chala hai ki woh ek dusre se pyar karte hai. ……….achche romantic. .scenes. .badhne k. .bajai. ..aur bhi kam hogaye hai. ………aur problems ko bada diya hai ……pata nahin makers aaisa kyun karrahe hai …..

  15. Ashok kitna giroge …. .Raman ko jabardasti ka kaam de rahe ho……usse nicha dehka rahe ho….mujhe yeh sab bikul bhi pasand nahi aa raha hai………

  16. sonu

    Ishitha should have talked to her old buddy Mani for ramans’ job.. What’s going on in this serial. its becoming boring

  17. Yaar yeh India me saare boys mar gaye hai kya…jo yeh punjabies sab se jyada NRIs se apni daughters ki shaaadi karvate hai…………
    Yeh Bhalla family ek beti ki shaadi to NRI se karva kar pchhata rahe hai………to phir wo hi galti kaise kar sakte hai…….

  18. Yes priyaroli. ..jab pehli bar ye song jeena jeena. …suna tha. ..tabhi main ne prayosha…palak se kaha tha ki. song. ..ishra par hona chahiye. …..perfect hai ishra k liye. …..aur chahati thi k. ..ek bar IshRa iss ….romantic song par dance karen aur dekho. …..ishra. ….jeena jeena. …song par dance karne wale hai. ……kal k liye super xcited hoon. ……….
    ..fav. song par fav. IshRa dance karenge…..toh song aur bhi fav.aur bhi beautiful hojaye ga. ….

  19. Haa………….Mizun mast gai Exams………..
    & kal maja aayega….Ishita intjaar karegi….pichhe se Raman aayega………
    Par Suraj & Ashok muje bilkul nahi pasad……saale kitna niche girenge…………Raman ki majburi ka kitna faayda utha rahe hai………inn dono bhaiyo ko to Ashok ki trophy wife Mihika thik karegi……….

  20. Yes…miZun…tumne kaha tha . .aur dehko aaj tumari wish puri ho gai….kal rinky je sangeet me…ishra jeena jeena par perform karge ……wait hi nahi ho raga hai…

  21. Yes. ….prayosha. …
    ashok ..raman ka jitna faida utha hai utha le lekin …raman jab apne pe aaye ga. ..toh. .ashok ka itna nuqsaan kare ga. .ki. ……nuqsaan ki bhar payi karte karte. .thak jaye ge. .par kar nahin payenge. ….woh dono bhai. …….dekhna. ..

  22. No Mizuun mmuje nahi lagta jaan buj kar badla lega………….. par yeh to jarur hai ki jab usse pata chalega ki uski family ke aansu ka kaaran Ashok hai to wo insaaf to 100% karega……..

  23. Right 123 aap kp jo chahiye wo yanha nahi to aap mat dekhiye……..par hum to last ep tak …jab tak IshRa …..DivAn hai…….tab tak dekhenge……….

  24. Yes. .ye bhi Ho sakta hai. ……..par raman ne kaha ki. ….dusri job mile tak. .aapne Gusse ko control kar. …….toh jab raman ko dusri job mile gi. raman ..ashok ka band zaror baja ye ga. …………..

  25. Jab tak ishra { divan } hai tab tak dekhe ge yhm. …last episode tak. ………Jab tak hai IshRa. …Jab tak hai IshRa. ..Jab tak hai IshRa. ..

  26. Are yaar aaj sbs & sbb dekh kar achcha laga ki ishra ka dance aaya. ..par bura bhi laga. .ki. ..har serials main holi celebration horaha hai. .aur hamare ishra. .kab holi manaye ge. …………..I wish k sab se achchi holi party. ……IshRa ki ho. ..

  27. Mai yeh keh rahi thi ki aaj mere didi ki shaadi ke meri saari wale pics apni friends ko dikhaye to sab ne mujse kaha ki same Ishita jaisi lag rahi ho……
    Pls Don’t mind……..
    & agar kisi ko bura lage to I am realy sorry…….

  28. Are yaar prayosha iss main bura manne wali baat kya. …….koi bura nahin manega. ….aur achcha hai na ki tum divyanka jaise lagrahi ho. ..good. ….aur waise tumhari didi kaise hai. …..kab se pochna chaharahi thi. …

  29. ya yaar……meri didike father in law ka shaadi ke agle din accident ho gaya tha… unka honeymoon cncle ho gaya….wese kal ek month ho jayega….& last month to aaj ke din hum Garba party kar rahe the…….matlab hum Gujrati Sangit……..

  30. sangs

    For the dance sequence they are arranging the wedding. Finally the wedding will be called off. Now rinki,
    ‘s Wedding before shagun’s wedding.

  31. kal ka episode accha hoga.ishra dance toh hamesha rockzzz but baki saare ke bhi accha hoga. iss baar holi manayenge ya nahi patha hi nahi.ladt year holi was just dam good.lekin iss ashok wale track se patha nahi kya hoga. ek toh iss show mein v-day hi nahi celebrate kiya aur twist pe twist overlap ho raha hai.

  32. hi prayosha.iam here.where r u.and kaise a tumari health and u guys have exam next week right.all the very best yaar.and pata hai even my bro ka exam next week 5 hai.i wish u and all and my bro do ur exams well.waise prayosha aaj kal ishra is wearing same to same colour contracts dress code hai naa.and ofcourse whatever they were and whatever songs they r playing for ishra is always rocks and awesome hai naa.

  33. and it sound good that adi is changing for good.and u guys noticed when adi romi was alone and hurt then adi went first ishu and said.cue ki adi understand that only ishu can solve all problem.adi changing a lot.that good hai naa.

  34. Hiii Priyaroli…..meri exams to 12th ko staart hogi…abhi to prilim exams chal rai hai……..& now I am fine but not so good…….& yes Ihra aa kl same colour pehente hai…but jis din wo project tha tab raman & shagun ka dress same kiya tha mje achxha nahi laga……..

  35. Karan patel’s latest interview about YHM and his personal interests:
    The grumpy and bitter Raman Bhalla aka Karan Patel is nothing like his on-screen character in real life. He is someone who one would enjoy speaking to. The ‘Ye Hain Mohabbatein’ actor opened up about some lesser known facets of his life with recently. Excerpts from the interview:

    Your character in ‘Ye Hai Mohabbatein’ has been shown a hard-to-please fellow. Please tell us those facts about your off-screen nature unknown to most people.
    Off-screen, I am the most outgoing and friendly person. Other than that I am not hard to please person at all.

    How is atmosphere on the sets of YHM like?
    Atmosphere on the sets of YHM is absolutely brilliant. It’s kind of picnic always and we have a gala time shooting together.

    How is your personal equation with co-stars Divyanka and Anita?
    I share a great rapport with Divyanka and Anita. In fact I know Anita since a very long time. She is one of my closest friends and Divyanka and I have become very good friends since the last one year.

    YHM is doing very well in the TRP race. Please share your thoughts on this achievement.
    YHM is a very bold step from Ekta’s side as she tries something different as always. In YHM she has shown a single father and a complex relationship is been tackled in the serial. It is accepted by the audience as they have loved the show. I would love to share that the response we are getting from people is that YHM is an epic Mohhabatein. That’s what audience feels.

    Were you convinced that YHM would do so well?
    I believed completely in Ekta Kapoor. She’s always been a good friend, philosopher and guide. When she is convinced about the idea, then it has to work out anyway; that’s for sure.

    Do you and Divyanka have any issues shooting intimate scenes?
    Not really. Divyanka is a professional actor and the main thing is that we are very good friends off-screen. So our friendship shows in the chemistry on-screen and it’s not difficult to shoot those intimate scenes.

    Things that put you off are…
    # Poor management
    # I don’t like people lying; I like honesty

    3 things that make your day.
    # A late call time
    # An early pack-up
    # An Early pack-up followed by a nice dinner with friends

    How is a normal day in your life is like.
    I wake up, go for a walk, hit the gym, meet my friends and come back home. Then after, I go to work. So that’s about it.

    What are your thoughts on love and marriage?
    I think that’s the most important phase in each and every person’s life. I think one needs a companion at some point in life.

    Your fans are curious to know when do you plan to settle down.
    Right now I am very much occupied with work. So whenever it happens, the world will come to know for sure.

  36. ha yaar even i has same feeling.per a donkey can never be priness.waise ki whatever shagun wear we will nt look like our ishu.she is the best. hai naa prayosha.

  37. Chalo ek baaat to achchi hui…Puri hath me aa gaya…….Romi ko Ishita ka saath mila……Ashok ke emploies to Raman ki respact karte hai……..& Ashok ne Mihika ko bata kar khud apne piro par kulhadi maar li…ab Mihika thodi Ashok ko Raman ko pareshan karne degi……& most important Raman ne ab tak apna self confidance nahi khoya….& naa hi kabhi khoyega………

  38. ……yes karam ne bshut achcha iinterview diya ……jjis kobhi doubt tha ki divan k beech waisi chemistry nahin hai. ..issi liye woh zyada romantic scences nahin karrahe. ……aur har bar divyanka karan sab ko. …chup kara dete hai. ………….

  39. mujhe lagtha hai they are showing backwaaz drama .nikhil ka track aana hi kyu tha aur jab raman ke kuch financial crisis hai job ko lekar toh kyu dikha rahe hai . roz hume raman ko uss ashok se humiliate hothe hothe hue nahi dekh sakte aur mihika ka case toh jaise stop hi ho gaya hai .kab tak yeh raaz chupkar rahega ki such mein kya mihika ki shaadi ashok se hui hai ya nahi aur family ko toh patha hona chahiye na ki mihika ne ashok se kyu shaadi ki especially mihir. sab khuch adhoora adhoora hai.

  40. ok guys.bye goinp for sleep i want go early to office trm.and upper se i have to prepare breakfast for mrg.cue ki maa went to her father should do all thing.and guys c u all trm.good nt.and swt dreams with ishra.bye.

  41. hey guys i wanted to say something that rithushree is my sisters name and the comments are posted by boomika .i am in 10 th std and rithushree is also in 10 th std but since she is in icse she is one year ahead .boomika and rithushree are own sisters and we both are great fans of yhm. but all the comments are posted by me boomika because my email -id is not proper .

  42. Mizun interview mast hai…….&& maine pehl bho Karan ki 2 wishes ke baare me padha tha…tab se me har weekend par Karan k FB par use wish kartithi ki use satureday shooting se jaldi packup ho jaye & Monday late shooting shuru ho…yeh hi Karan ki 2 wishes hai……par kai dino se FB log in kiya hi nahi……..

  43. Hey Rithushree comment name ka email id se koi connection nahi hai…aap koi bhi name se comment kar sakte ho…………

    Ok Mizun Priyaroli Rithuushree……. Bye…….Good Night……….

  44. Ok prayosha. good night. …..waise rithushree main aap se pochne wali thi k ye aap ka real name hai. ….chalo bye rithushree n boomika good night ……..kal milte hai. ..bye

  45. & Mizun take yourmedecines properly……….
    Yeh to achcha hai….haat par nahi laga…..warna exams me kya karti..m…… humara to abhi bhi wo hi haal hai…par kyakare Exams to Exams hai….deni hi padti hai….Bye Good night…..

  46. anonymous

    u guys are really crazy …..I ‘ve never seen sick ppls like u ….
    it’ s just a silly serial keep it to that seems like u guys are eating it living it
    I feel sorry for u guyss tata

  47. Gppd Morning…..

    & Mizun maine MATH dekha……maja aaya unki Date fail ho gai……..par pata nahi ekta kyo apne Romantic showss commedy bana ne par tuli hui hai….

  48. Hey …aaj humare Ahmedabad ki 604th Birthday hai…………..
    Happy Birthday………My Ahmedabad…..
    Gujrat ki jaan………
    & Wish to all Ahmedabadi………

  49. Hey mizun humari 2nd wish complete hone ja rahi hai……humane wish kiya thaa…Ishita Bhang ke nashe me ho…but Ishita vodka pine jaa rahi hai……Raman Ishita YHM FB par video hai dekho….

  50. Hii guys. …….
    hey maine kal pura video dekha uss mein tha hi nahin k ishita votka peerahi hai. ………jo ishita pic dekha rahe hai drink k sath toh. …kal jab pummi aunty aayi thi tab ye drinks ishita lakar deti hai. ………… mein toh sirf guest aane..ishita raman ko call karti hai aur rinki aur nikhil k dance scenes the. …….
    …par I wish k. ….ishita votka peene wali news Sach hojaye. ……….aaisa ho toh maza aajai ga

  51. Prayosha main ghar par hi hoon ….bata dungi k sbs & sbb mein yhm ka kya bataya. ……..dekho agar votka wali news Sach na Hoyi toh holi par toh Sach hojaye gi. ..kyu. …..dekho DABH hum me holi k din bhang khali. …….

  52. Hey Mizun wo video chhodo…but YHM FB par IshRa ka pic dekho Ishita ke haath me Drink hai….& Raman ne uska haath & glass pakda hua hai…uss pic ke comments bhi dekho…sab yeh hi keh rahe hai kya sach me Ishita drink karegi….

  53. Prayosha………par ye toh pura scene hai na …….pata nahin ishita drink kare gi ya nahin …….ye pic dekha kar Admin kuch aur bolna chahate the. …aur hum sab ne kuch aur samjh liya. ..

  54. Haan prayosha. ….divyanka ne interview mein kaha tha ki. ….aaj shagun bhi nahin thi ishita raman. ….ek sath achche se dance bhi kiya mil bhi gaye. ….koi. ..problem nahin thi. ……toh dance k bad hi aaye gi. …shyad. …..

  55. Sab ki holi ho & IshRa ki naa ho yeh bilkul nahi chalega …..are yaar holi mera fav festival hai..but iss baar exam hai to nahi khelenge…but IshRa ko dekhkar hi enjoy kar lenge….. hume IshRa ki holi chahiye to chahiye. ………& wo bhi fully Romantic……masti ke saath…….

  56. Next week special hoga. .karan ka fan no 1 segment aaye ga. …..par hum fan no 1 hote hoye bhi karan se nahin mil sakte. ……….prayosha. ….

  57. Online. Viewers. Based TV Shows Rankings: Week 8)
    #1 Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15.8
    #2 Kumkum Bhagya 14.8
    #3 Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 13.8
    #4 Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 10.4
    #5 Qubool Hai 9.6
    #6 Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 6.7
    #7 Diya Aur Baati Hum 6.3
    #8 Suhani Si Ek Ladki 5.7
    #9 Jamai Raja 5.6
    #9 Sasural Simar Ka 5.6
    #10 Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5.3

    TRP This Week~
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 
    7:30 pm – 4.3 (4.0) (last week )
    11:00 pm – 1.5 (1.5) (last Week )
    TRP Place: 3

  58. bhagi

    ohhhhh god sns no 1 ho hi nahi saktha vo kithna bakwaas show hai…….par kushi hui ki yhm 3 par agayi agar yeh makers iss track ko change kare ga tho seeda no 1 pe hogi yhm……

  59. Congratzz YHM for winning 6 awars In Garv Awards 2015. YHM has won 5 in Favorite category & 1 Award in entertaining Category awards..

    Best Entertaining Actress – Divyanka
    In Favorite Category: (Votice Choice by Audience)

    Votice Choices Jodi – Karan Patel & Divyanka Tripathi as Raman & Ishita (Yeh Hai Mohabbatein)

    Votice Choice Serial – Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (Ekta Kapoor/Balaji Telefilms)

    Votice Choice Child Star (Female) – Ruhanika Dhawan as Ruhi Bhalla (Yeh Hai Mohabbatein)

    Votice Choice Star in Negative Role (Female) – Anita Hassanandani Redy as Shagun (Yeh Hai Mohabbatein) & Ashwini Kelskar as Pamm Khanna (Itna Karo Na Mujhy Pyaar)

    Votice Choice Star in Negative Role (Male) – Sangram Singh as Ashok (Yeh Hai Mohabbatein)

  60. Hey where is karan. …..karan ko bhi best entertaining actor ka award milna chahiye tha na. ….usse ye award kyun derahe hai. …….

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