Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th February 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raman coming home. Mrs. Bhalla asks everyone to go and sleep. Raman looks at Ishita angrily and goes to his room. Mrs. Bhalla stops Ishita and says I will sleep with ruhi today, you go to your room. Ishita comes to Raman. Raman goes to change clothes. She waits outside. She comes and she goes to the bathroom to change. Raman watches news. He switches off the lights. Ishita comes and switches on the lights. He switches off the lights again. She switches on. They continue doing this.She takes his clothes from the bed and keeps aside. He occupies the whole bed. She takes the pillows and sleeps on the couch. She switches off the tv. He switches it on and watches cricket with loud sound. Ishita is unable to sleep.

She says please switch off the

tv, I have to wake up early. They start arguing. He asks her to sleep in the hall. He says I m tired, don’t take my peace. He says tv is better than wife. She says I m human, I need peace. She turns. He goes out thinking she slept. She turns off the tv and the lights. She sleeps. He comes back and turns on the lights. She hides the remote. He sees the remote with her and tries to take it. He says this is the side effects of marriage, a man can’t see match in his own house. Ishita smiles.

Its morning, Mr. Bhalla asks Mrs. Bhalla to talk to Raman. Mrs. Bhalla says fine, I will talk. Ruhi comes with Ishita and greets everyone. Mrs. Bhalla says come, have breakfast. Mrs. Bhalla is annoyed that Ruhi did not come to her. Ruhi asks did Papa go to office. Rumi makes Ruhi smile. He says I m going to my college now to find out the result. Raman comes. Ruhi is scared of him and hugs Ishita. Ruhi and everyone laugh seeing a towel hanging to his pant. Simmi teases Ishita. Raman scolds Rumi and says if you fail this time, then see. Raman asks Simmi to ask her husband what is he doing in Dubai. He says Ishita don’t try to make my room yours. Mrs. Bhalla says stop it now.

She says have breakfast. She stops him and says don’t get angry on Ruhi, its not her mistake. She asks him to talk to Ruhi and drop her to school. He says I have office work, she can go by school bus. Ishita says I will drop her as its in my clinic’s way. Simmi says drop me also, I have to go for baby’s vaccination. Everyone complain to Appa for getting outsider’s cars parked. The watchman says its Mrs. Bhalla’s orders. Mrs. Bhalla comes and asks what happened. Appa says they came to talk about parking problem. Mrs. Bhalla says it was my friend’s kitty party and defends herself.

Appa says I will see this matter. Mrs. Bhalla says my husband have made him the secretary, I will do what I want. Appa asks everyone to leave. They get angry and leave. Mrs. Bhalla says Appa, you are straight, so they are taking advantage. She says we should not worry as you are our relative. Appa says this is wrong, I came to help people. Amma says sorry, it was my mistake, I was also in that kitty party. Appa says its fine. Ishita comes to her clinic and meets her friend Bani.

They have a talk. Bani says you married so soon, whats the matter, did Mr. Bhalla could not wait. Why did you not go on honeymoon. Ishita says its not possible, as he is very busy. Ishita comes to know that polio vaccination is not fine. Ishita thinks Simmi went there with her baby. She calls Simmi and rushes asking Bani to attend her patient. Bani says fine, you don’t worry. Raman comes to know that Ashok is opening a new company and naming it on Ruhi. They think why so, its Raman’s daughter. Raman gets angry seeing the same thing in newspapers.

Mihir comes and asks how was the meeting. Raman shows him the newspaper. Raman gets a call from Ruhi’s school. He asks is Ruhi fine. The lady asks him to come as they have to meet him. Raman asks Mihir to explain the office staff not to gossip. Ishita comes to stop Simmi at the nursing home. The watchman stops her and says we have send everyone back. Ishita says I just hope that Simmi’s daughter is fine.

Raman talks to Ruhi’s class teacher. she shows him Ruhi’s maths book and english’s books. They say that Ruhi is very poor in maths. He says I was a topper in maths. The principal says these things are genetic, you have to focus on her, don’t be upset. They ask him to take Ruhi with him. Ruhi talks to her friend about principal calling Raman. Raman is angry again and holds Ruhi’s friend’s hand. Ashok comes there. Raman sees him. Ashok smiles. Raman looks at Ashok and leaves.

Ashok says you are not Ruhi’s dad so you are keeping her away from me. You can’t be peacefully. I m warning you I will take Ruhi from you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ashok is jealous of Raman soooo much. He is soooooo UGLY! Why did Shagun leave Raman for some ugly long faced man. Well atleast there is ishita for Ruhi and Raman even though It is going to take a long time for them to fall in love

  2. raman is too angry

  3. @ naina
    dea money makes people blind.atleast ashok is physically fit i hav seen people marrying to handicap people just coz of money.

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