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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman saying I m with you, you don’t need to worry, what is the matter, tell me if he is troubling now by any new threat. Ruhi shows message. Raman reads that the man has done Mr. Bhalla’s accident and threatening Ruhi. He hugs Ruhi and asks her not to worry, we will complain in cyber cell, nothing will happen, we are with you. He goes. Ishita says we are together, don’t worry, Raman will make everything fine. She hugs Ruhi. Adi waits for Aaliya and says she is really angry this time, Dadu got hurt and I got busy, I will call her now.

Aaliya says he got time to call after many hours, I will not talk now. She answers call. He asks are you fine, did you reach safe, you did not call or message. She says say something new. He says I know I should not behaved

that way. She says don’t waste my time, bye. She ends call and switches off the phone. He says what’s this nonsense, I will call landline. She says I m going, I will not talk to you. Shagun answers call. Adi asks Aaliya to listen to her, why do you always fight, I m an idiot, I have to tell something. Shagun says so you and Aaliya fought again, you men just know to hurt women, Adi you…. She ends call. He says it means Aaliya told Shagun, is she a kid, I can’t handle this.

Raman comes to cyber cell and asks constable to let him meet Sir. The man says Sir is busy and talking to someone else. Suhail comes out. Raman says you here. Suhail says I think you also came for Ruhi, I lodged complaint, Ruhi told me about the blackmailer, the matter was serious, you were busy with Mr. Bhalla, we can’t take risk and catch blackmailer before he makes video viral. Raman thanks him for doing this for Ruhi. Suhail says no need to thank me, I would have done this for someone else, we will find the culprit, I know what you are going through, they want to check Ruhi’s phone and messages. Raman says I will meet them, thanks.

Shagun serves food to Mani. Mani asks her not to worry for him. She says its your fav food. He says please Shagun, stop this acting, we are not a happily married couple, stop this drama, in fact I had to say something imp, its better to stop this lie, our relation had no love and now there is no respect, we should take divorce. Aaliya comes home and looks for keys. Shagun asks Mani why is he saying this. He says we will file divorce after Aaliya’s marriage, we are just sharing this house, no need to show this unnecessary concern. He goes. Aaliya looks on shocked.

Ishita asks what, Suhail filed complaint, its good, what do we have to do. Raman says I was surprised, police called me and Ruhi with phone, nothing will happen, Suhail will come with us, we can’t tell this to anyone, don’t worry, I m with you. He hugs her.

Shagun dumps the food. Aaliya asks what are you doing. Shagun says Mani does not care, I made food with love. She asks Aaliya to say something. Aaliya says Mani is behaving this for the reason, you broke his trust. Shagun says please stop me, I agreed I did mistake. But I realize my mistake, I got carried away, Vidyut and Ishita did that by plan, I realized I should have not done that, please help me out, Mani can’t leave me like this. Aaliya says fine, I will try to talk, I can’t promise anything. She takes coffee for Mani. He asks whats the matter. She says enough of work now, I need to talk to you, you have no time for me, I m worried for you, I heard you want to give divorce to Shagun, is that true, do you want to spend life alone. Mani says I got habitual to be alone, stop it, I don’t want any discussion about my marriage, I had to talk to you about your marriage, did you and Adi decide anything, I will talk to Bhallas. She says no, I m not ready for marriage. He says its been a year, talk to Adi.

Romi gets angry seeing Suhail and scolds him. Raman stops Romi and says I called Suhail here. Romi asks what. Raman says sorry Suhail, come. They leave. Romi asks Ishita whats happening. Ishita says Raman asked Ruhi to do concert for Suhail, Suhail is not much bad as we thought. He says what did Suhail do that Raman trusts him.

Simmi asks Amma not to thank, you will get new set, jeweler accepted his mistake, Gaurav and I went to his shop, Gaurav showed diamond authenticity certificate, the maker at the jeweler’s shop replaced the diamonds. Amma thanks him. He says no problem, I hope your misunderstanding is solved. Amma goes to make coffee for him. Gaurav says I have some work, aunty I will leave. Mrs. Bhalla says fine. She sees Simmi and Gaurav smiling. He leaves. Simmi says I will see him off and come.

Mrs. Bhalla smiles. Amma gets coffee. Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi how do you know Gaurav. Simmi says just like that. Mrs. Bhalla says he is your friend. Amma says he helped us a lot. Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi whats the matter. Simmi says there is nothing, have your fav coffee. I m not kid like Ananya, I know what to do, I have much work. She goes. Mrs. Bhalla says she will always be kid for me.

Raman asks Ishita how is Ruhi. Ishita says she is in room, she is scared and wants to be alone, Pihu is at nature’s camp, its good she is away from all this. He says police said Ruhi has to see video and give clue where that video is made, then they can find that culprit, she is not able to see that video. She says how can she see that video. He says we have to get proof to catch the culprit, please talk to her. She asks shall I ask her to see it now, I will talk to her. He worries. She asks him not to worry. He says I could not protect her, I will kill that culprit. She goes. Raman cries.

Ishita says its Shagun and Mani’s Adelaide home, it was service apartment taken by Mani for Shagun and Pihu, Ruhi recalled she had gone there to have bath when her clothes got spoiled. He says if Shagun knows, it means the culprit is in Delhi, I will ask commissioner to find that culprit, I will not leave him alive.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Tvfan1

    Hello all YHM fans. merry Christmas!! How are you guys..i don’t like this adi and aliyas Shagun evil again or her true feelings? ? I would rate it 5/10 how about u guys..?

    1. Shreya shetty

      I would rate it nearly 7/10 coz I liked the scene where mani divorces shagun once and for all just to remove that nasty lady vampires shaggy doo out of his life but once again occurs adi and aaliyas misunderstandings about each other.i wonder when is it gonna end their small fights over petty issues

    2. Hi tvfan how are u doing?

      1. Tvfan1

        hodin innawa!

  2. Hy magic ,priya , rithu, Bhagya, TV fan, tia ,Susan ,shivani, madhu,sindhu ,zabia . How u all dng??? Hv u all enjoy the Christmas??

    1. Shreya shetty

      hiii there Ahs and how have u been??by the way did u like todays episode coz I haven’t seen it at all.and yes what about u r time in Christmas??I am fine too dear Ahs

      1. Hy shreya um dng well n um preparing for a Christmas party tomorrow. When talking about da show day by day its getting weird. Earlier I was really addicted on da show BT nw its losing its charm.

    2. Hi ahs oya kohomada? Mang inne Colombo wela oya koheda inne? Hehe mang danagatta oya lankawen 🙂

      1. Hy zaiba. Api Dan inne Galle wala rent ekta. Bt api next yr Colombo (dehiwala) ape gedrata ynna inne. Oya colombo khda????

      2. Sry zaiba i hv mentioned ur name as zabia. Um really sry.

      3. Oh attada apit inne Colombo dehiwala wala. Ekata kamaknaa ane

      4. Sry ane mata email address dekaka tiyenawa eh nisa mage anit comment ekey magey pinthura wenas

      5. Attada? Apit inne Colombo dehiwala wala, next year kiyanne 2017 da? Ekata kamak naa ane ewagey mistake ekak dakkenaa? Oya school yanawada?

      6. Hi ahs. Attada? Maat inne Colombo dehiwala wela. Next year kiyanne 2017 da? Naa ane ewagey mistake ekak dakkenaa. Oya school yanawada?

      7. Yea zabia 2017 wla col walata shift wenna inne. Mn me awurudde Al kre. In which grade r u??

      8. Oh sry ane echara message ewekata. All the best oyagey al exam ekata. Mang inne grade 9 wala

  3. Tvfan1


    1. Shreya shetty did u get this news that suhail the nice guy is in fact but nidhis brother??have u seen the further updates??omg I cant believe this that he has come in this nice form just to seek revenge on the bhalla family once again.
      sadly the bhallas never had any happiness in their lives and poor ishita is suffering a lot by facing one trouble to another where villains escape easily and the good gets trapped fast

      1. Tvfan1

        yes..just read on the spoilers!! i’m soo surprised!

  4. If Raman ever finds out that Suhail is involved in this MMS video, oh my….. he will kill Suhail straight away. I noticed that initially Ishita was very accepting of Suhail but now when Raman has accepted Suhail, Ishita seems to have her reservation. When Romi questioned her about Raman has easily accepted Suhail, Ishita had this confused and skeptical look. She is probably thinking have they made mistake in accepting Suhail very soon.

    I am glad Shagun is eating her very own dessert. So happy when mani told her off and wanting divorce. They don’t even look like one happy married couple. They are strangers in the house. Shagun now knows what it means to lose all the riches and lifestyle. Speaking about husband and wife being strangers, our Ishra also seems to be so distant as each episode progresses. In fact Raman is very close to Ruhi and can see the affection on her than Ishita. It is fine Raman showing his love for his daughter. That is good. What about Ishita also comforting Raman and hugging him? I don’t see that at all. It is absent for so long.

    Actually instead of Suhail, I really wanted Vidyut and Ruhi but she already addressed him as Uncle Vidyut so it is a pity. Somehow I realized Vidyut and Ruhi compatible. Mani should be for Simmi. Gaurav is also a shady character.

    1. Hi Sindhu . You are right. Raman should kill suhail if he is involved in the MMS case.

  5. HI Rithu, VP, Mino, Shivani, Magic, Marin, Bhagya, Priya, Priyamvadha, Ridika, Siddhi, Khushi, Monique, Kiran, Parichary, Riya, Ahs, Susan, Jay, Zaiba and many YHM fans.

    1. Shreya shetty

      Sindhu!!what about me dear I not included in ur list of all friends out here because I usually comment here hardly enough.

    2. Hi sindhu.

    3. Khushiarvind

      Hi sindhu
      Dear hw ru doing?
      Merry xmas to u

  6. Shreya shetty

    Sorry for the late wishes to all those who re celebrating Christmas here.Wishing u all a very happy and lovable Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ahead!!
    I was not able to watch the episodes since days already.well this is getting very interesting nowdays,finally the culprit whos behind that dirty trick of recording ruhi changing in washroom is going to be caught red-handed in the next episode!!I am damn eagerly awaiting for that to let it happen,what say everyone
    how are u all doing shivani,rithushree,priyavamadhu,priya,sindhu,siddhi,mino,vp and especially my best friend magic,how have u been.i think u might be busy in ur studies so carry on and yes hope that u r doing well my friend
    ohhh my I almost totally forgot about parichary,ananthi,marin,tia and the new member Ahs!!
    hello there Ahs nice to meet u for the first time!!
    very amazing on hearing that mani is going to finally divorce that shaggy doo shagun the monstress once and for all after hearing the truth from his best friend ishu.well done ishita and raman,thanks to ur actual saying of shaggys true evil colours mani has now decided to quit and remove the evil vampires shagun out of his life forever!!
    guys are u all saying that a goody boy and helpful gentle man who has been ruhis good friend,is Nidhis brother??!!what am I hearing this for the first time.
    I never knew he could plan all this at advance to revenge the bhallas by trapping ruhi in his love pit and behaving like a sweet and kind friend of the bhallas.well I ve been doubting on him on watching the last week episodes for days
    maybe suhail is probably a good guy from the outside but a tricky minded bad person from the inside because I have a strange feeling that he s plotting something fishy by connecting with ashok or someone.hmmmm…let s watch whats going to happen next coz I am in to know who has done such a thing on dear little matured teen girl ruhi like that!!!

    1. Hello shreya how are you and don’t you think this comment is 5 km long hahaha

      1. Glad to meet u too shreya!!!

      2. Shreya shetty

        lolol, magic looks like I ve said quite a lot ever since I ve been missing u guys for so long at a far time my friend.yeah sure it is coz to express my thoughts nd views about the show and everyone in a detailed manner.hahahahaha maybe its quite too big for u to read it I guess.hehehaha

  7. Hi EVERYONE…..
    VP Rithu Mino Sindhu Magic Madhu Siddhi Khushi Aditya Jaz Az Monique Saritha Priya Supergirl parichari Ananthi shreya Bhagya Nish Susan Ruhi Ahs Tia and all YHM fans…hope everyone had a nice Christmas and enjoyed a lot….

    So suhail is Nidhis brother…..And Gaurav..? whoever he is, came to take revenge on ishra…As VP said,whole world is taking revenge from ishra….hope our jagga jasoos ishita will expose them soon….

    As i hate this story line, nothing much to comment on it…
    Happy Christmas to all my dear friends here….

    1. Yeah yeah good hope shivani am doing fine my friend actually you are absolutely right and i think no happiness for ishra until the senile in this serial thats it

    2. Khushiarvind

      Hi shivani
      Merry xmas dear
      Hw ru doing?
      As u said me too dnt lyk the current track… Everyone is behind ishra.. Cant they evr live a peaceful life devoidof plottings ..Omg.. This hardly happens with any family in real lyf..

    3. Hi Shivani. Yes everyone is coming after Ishra .

  8. Hi rithu,sindhu,magic,VP,Priya,ahs,bhagya, tvfan, and many other yhm fans. I think I liked the episode what about you’ll?

  9. Hi all … How long this is going to drag .., I dont know … too rubbish … when Raman said you trust me … to Ruhi … I just laughed .so many times he had told Ishitha the same word and promises . Raman cant do anything . As parents their worry , tension and all done well . As Sindhu said one Ishra hug to console each other .. all these days not shown . This MMS and all very cheap Ekta Madam . Is it your Panditji s advise .. Sohail and this Gauav is the worst actors I have ever seen . From where did the cvs bring ? where Simmi and Aditi too good … cant match to their acting .I too feel Sindhu , Ishitha has doubts on Sohail .As we fans are asking about Pihu , today Pihus subject is come . Adi Alia also neglected . Something is wrong with the writers .. Shaghun should learn a lesson … when she goes thru the pain only she will understand … please change Ishithas sari … or whatever it is . But her facial expression was fabulous .

    1. Khushiarvind

      Hi vp,
      Hw ru doing dear
      Merry xmas to you nd your family..
      Hws ur grand children?

      The show is no more intrsting.. Till how long they will drag this mms nd sogail track.. May be more than a mnth.. New year is cuming.. I really wish if ektas pandit advise her to change the writer of the show..all bakwas…
      It seems lyk gaurav also some sort of enemy of bhallas…
      Thay r planning to make shagun positive again.. What is the use? Again in future they might turn her neg..
      Ashok is missing since long…seems lyk soon he will be making a dramatic entry..
      If suhail is nidhi’s cousin hw ling it will take to expose him.. They might drag it for another 2 mnths nd in the end he will be free of any punishments..

      1. I am fine Khushi … all well …. To make shaghun positive only all this melodrama .

  10. Guys please help me out I don’t remember. But is the mani that shagun is married to the same mani that was engaged to ishita earlier in the show?

    1. Khushiarvind

      Hi nataSha,
      Merry xmas..
      Ishitha was engaged to subbu not mani… Mani is ishitha’s childhood frnd..

    2. Hi. No they are childhood friends but never engaged. Ishiya was engaged to Sibhu but he left her after knowing that she cannot have children.

    3. No it was subbu who was engaged to ishita.. mani is ishitas choldhood best

  11. Khushiarvind

    Hi vp, parichari, sindhu, rithu, adi, mino, monique, shivani, tvfan, shreya, magic , natasha, zaiba, ahs.. Nd all my silent readers nd fans of yhm..
    Wish you and your family a merry x’mas…
    Be in good health nd peace…

    1. Hy kushiarvind. Tnx n wish u the same

    2. Hy kushiarvind. Tnx n wish u the same yar

  12. Hi everyone. I don’t think Mani and Shagun will get divorced so all anti-Shagun fans should not get to happy yet. I think they are planning to make Shagun positive again. Then we get to watch Mani and Shagun’s YHM. As for IshRa I have given up on hoping for any kind of chemistry between those 2. Watching the show every night with so much anticipation and then . . . NOTHING! Frankly speaking I am tired of Raman’s crying anguished look all the time. And yes don’t get me started on the body double thing again. Directors must think the viewers are total fools.

  13. Episode was OK ok

  14. I think this sohail drama create same situation between ishra and ruhi like niddhi’s track….i felt they r going to do justice to raman character…he will correct past mistake and we can see ishra proper reunion….after that they will rebuild ishra chemistry…this is the only positive thing working in my mind…hope for the best….yhm becoming so boring day by day…till dt return they will drag this track….

    1. Possible Ishan …

  15. Can you plz stop yhm? I love ishita so much. But I can’t stand this serial anymore. I wonder who the director is but I am done with this serial. It’s just too many struggles for ishita and Raman. I think it’s enough of dragging this stupid serial. Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi), you should better start looking for better project. I hate to see u doing some spoiled serial. There are no proper relations in this serial. I hate to say this but plz stop this serial. I used to love this serial until Raman changed and nidhi entered. I used to love the bond ishita and ruhi shared before. But there’s nothing now.

    Also, I am sorry yhm fans to say this, I don’t hate any characters in serial. I love ishra too. But I hate the director to change this beautiful serial to a stupid one. I wonder what’s going on in director’s mind.

    Also, I don’t mean to hurt you guys but you all should also change your way if speaking. Like if someone is telling bad words, you guys don’t have to. Plz be polite even to rude commenters and be like a role model for other serial commenters. I hope you guys understand what I am saying. I am new to this chat btw. Thank you 🙂

    1. Yes Mystery totally agree with you . I also a crazy fan of Dt , feel the same thing this serial is really damaging good artists like Dt and KP . Always think whether these lead roles have an opinion of their own and stop acting this meaningless dragging story line.

  16. Hi riya, Ahs, TVfan1, parichary, magic, sindhu, rithu, ridika, saba, vp, shivani, shreya, bhagya, madhu, mino, priya, zaiba, marin, kushi, hrisita, ishan, mystery, tanaya, tia, susan, natasha, priyamvadha, and all yhm fans.

    Hi Mino how is your christmas??
    Hi Shreya how is your exams??
    Riya where are you? I am missing you so much.
    Hi all yhm fans . how about all your Christmas celebrations??
    Zaiba, tvfan, AHS kohomada oyalata ??
    Oyala school yanawada??
    I would give 8/10 for yhm. I mean writers are so creative enough to high up the curiosity in all the fans. We can’t even clearly and truely guess what will happen next? We can’t clearly guess other than reading a spoiler right. So I think giving 8/10 is fair.

    1. Hy priya. This year um done with my Al’s. Way dr??? And um dng well.

      1. Nikan ahuwe Ahs..

    2. Hi Priya. Mang hodin oya kohomada? Ow mang school yanawa. Oya school yanawada? Mang inne Colombo wela oya koheda inne?

      1. Oh ok oya ge grade monawada?

    3. Hi Priya. Mang hodin oya kohomada? Ow mang school yanawa oya school yanawada? Mang inne Colombo dehiwala wala oya koheda inne?

      1. Math hodin. Mamath school yanawa. Mama inne Galle.

      2. Priya I too in Galle oya Galle khda?? And zabia my hometown Colombo dehiwala. Oya col khda??

      3. Tvfan1

        ayubowan..sorry for interruption. mama inne kandy..mama wennathi podima..mama next year grade 9!

  17. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  18. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Raman, Ishita and Sohail get failed to catch Ruhi’s blackmailer.

    Raman and Ishita busy finding culprit with help of ACP Abhsihek and Shagun while Sohail is busy consoling Ruhi.

    Ruhi start behaving weird seeing her MMS controversy is getting more complicated so Sohail slaps her tight bringing her back in sense.

    Apart from this, Sohail who shows very concern towards Ruhi is none other hand Raman and Ishita’s biggest enemy Nidhi’s brother.

    Sohail makes Ruhi’s MMS just to take revenge from Raman and Ishita becoming Ruhi’s friend.
    Sohail being Nidhi brother makes Ruhi MMS revenging from Raman (Karan Patel) – Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi)

    Sohail also gets successful winning Ruhi and Raman, Ishita trust so he will use MMS creating havoc in Raman and Ishita’s life.

    Sohail knows as Ruhi is life of Raman and Ishita so he makes plan to break them destroying Ruhi.

    Will Ishita find Sohail’s truth?

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  19. The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some high intensity drama.

    It seems that soon Suhail’s (Gaurav Wasdhwa) true identity will be revealed.

    It is heard that Suhail is actually Nidhi’s (Pavitra Punia) younger brother and has entered the life of Bhalla family to seek revenge from them.

    Suhail is the actual mastermind behind the MMS scandal and he is doing so on his sister’s instruction.

    Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) is Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) weakness and hence Suhail is using Ruhi to seek revenge from them.

    It would be interesting to see what will happen next in the show.

    Will Raman and Ishita be able to expose Suhail or not?

    Stay tuned for more updates.

  20. Hi everyone. I am fine ahs and priya how r u?.
    Episode was ok but the misunderstanding between adi and aliya increasing day by day. There is no romantic scenes between them in these days.before adi was crazy behind aliya but now he doesnt have time to spent with aliya.They were so cute couple before but in these days they are becoming irritating

    1. I’m also fine Tia..

      1. Tia i too doing well

  21. First time I am happy with yhm since then first leap. Some ppl say ishra don’t have love anymore. The thing is romance which was there nearly a decade ago won’t be same. There is also maturity. I also like the track of Mani and Shagun. in serial s lead pair needs problem thats why new negative introduced

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