Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman stopping Ishita. She recognizes his voice. He says I m sorry, I think I know you. Sanjay asks Raman to come, and meet his parents. Ishita gets tensed and leaves. Shagun hides from the goons. The goons go ahead. Ishita comes there and thinks where to find Shagun. She gets Shagun and pacifies her. She asks her to sit, and checks her fever. She says I think your injection is spreading. Shagun says I m scared, don’t leave me. Ishita says I m not going anywhere and hugs her. Shagun rests. Ishita thinks to get aid and goes, seeing her sleep.

Bhallas come home and talk about the function. Mrs. Bhalla asks about Rama. Mr. Bhalla says he has come before us, he would be changing. Raman asks Neelu about Ishita. Neelu says she did not come till now. He calls clinic

and says no one is answering there, it means clinic is shut. Romi asks him is there any problem. Amma brings Mihika to Dr. Manju, who is looking for a girl for her brother, he is also a doctor who lives in America, just meet her once. The nurse calls them. Manju welcomes them.

Ashok comes to his goons and asks what happened, did you get her. The goon says no, she was here and disappeared. Ashok says find her, she is injured and pregnant, where can she go, wait for her near medical store, Shagun or Ishita will come there, you will get her. He says Ishita Bhalla, I will win this third challenge.

Manju tells Amma that she wants to talk to Mihika. Amma goes out. Manju says Mrs. Iyer told me about your first marriage and also no physical relationship between you and your first husband, my brother will come soon, I want to do a small test to be assured of what Amma said, be comfortable, I want a proper girl for my brother, I hope you don’t have any problem. Mihika says what and gets thinking.

Raman and Romi complain missing report of Ishita. Inspector says its less than 24 hours and complaint can’t be taken. Raman argues and leaves. Amma thinks why is this taking time, I should have not left Mihika alone, I will go and see. She goes and sees Mihika signing some form. She asks what are you signing. Manju says Mihika is ready for this. Mihika asks Amma did she want this. Amma says yes, I want you to know Manju and her brother. Manju tells about a test, Mihika is ready. Amma asks what test and checks form. She cries and tears it.

She says there won’t be any test, are you not ashamed, you are a woman and doctor, I have not hidden this that my daughter is a divorcee, you are educated and literate, but think such low thing, I brought Mihika’s proposal, I did not come to do her deal, what about your brother, do you know whom he meets, if he is unmarried, it does not mean he has no relations. Manju says Mihika is lucky to get him, who will marry a divorcee. Amma scolds her and cancels the alliance. She takes Mihika out and asks why did she agree to Manju, you should have slapped her. Mihika cries and hugs Amma. She says just for you and my mum. Amma says your mum and I want you to get married, but not by losing self respect, don’t do anything that your heart does not allow. Mihika says I love you and hugs her. They leave from the clinic.

Raman makes call to known people to know about Ishita Mrs. Bhalla calms him down. Raman gets to know Ishita left clinic early today. Sanjay calls Raman. Raman says I will call later. Sanjay says its imp, you were asking dancer’s name, two main dancers did not come from troupe, I also feel that dancer was someone else, maybe someone you know. Raman thanks him and recalls seeing Ishita dancing.

Ishita goes to the medical store and buys painkillers and tetanus injection. She takes the phone to call Raman. He asks where is she. She says listen.. and his mobile gets off. He asks Neelu to get portable battery fast. She takes medicines and turns. She gets shocked seeing the goons.

Ishita runs. Raman says Ishita called from some landline. He calls back to the medical store. The man says she took medicines. Raman notes the address. Ishita hides. Goons look for her. Shagun gets up and does not see Ishita. She worries and says she may have gone to get medicines, but if Ashok sees her and follows her, my baby… I can’t stay here, I m scared. She leaves from that hut.

Shagun runs out and Ishita comes to the hut, thanking that goons did not follow her. She gets shocked seeing Shagun gone and thinks where did she go. She goes out to find Shagun and calls her out.

Shagun sinks and goons look for her. Ishita saves Shagun and gets bitten by crocodile.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Today only mihika and amma’s portion was nice and still many people who are highly educated are narrow minded and have very low value does a virginity test prove that a girl is pure and good … bullshit and i am happy that yhm speak about such kinds of issues but on the other hand I feel frustrated by seeing the crocodile track hope all the truth come in front of raman tomorrow and nothing happens to ishita

  2. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will
    show that Shagun and
    Ishita hid near to a lake
    saving from Ashok.
    Shagun hides in lake and
    Ishita asks Shagun to
    come out but Shagun
    finds difficult to come
    Ishita then goes inside
    the river seeing crocodile
    coming towards Ishita
    and brings out Shagun
    out from the house but
    herself gets stuck in
    crocodile’s jaw.
    Shagun is shocked
    seeing Ishita and takes
    villagers help saving
    Villagers kill crocodile
    and bring out Ishita out
    from the water.
    Shagun is shocked Ishita
    unconscious and tries to
    wake up her but Ishita
    does not respond.

  3. sbs mein aaj dikhaaya ki ishitha ka face disfigure nahi hoga aur ishitha ko shagun hospital le jaayegi aur raman ko family ko saara sach pathaa chalega . i hope leap aur seperation naa ho.

  4. Ishita and Shagun dance in a function while hiding from Ashok and his goons. Shagun runs from there where she is followed by goons. Raman gets glimpse of Ishita and stops her. Ishita manages to leave from there. The crocodile presence in the nearby lake is evident, and that track will follow now. Ishita saves Shagun from the lake seeing her sinking and a crocodile near her. The crocodile follows Ishita and bites her hand. Crocodile pulls Ishita in the lake and Shagun screams seeing the blood. The villagers come there and hit the crocodile with axes. The villagers save Ishita and bring her out. Shagun takes unconscious Ishita for the treatment to the hospital. The Bhalla family will know the truth that Shagun is alive, spotting her in the hospital.

  5. Jhanvi

    Hi guys …how r u all ???

    Again I will say too much dragging…. I have a doubt will they show crocodile jii tomorrow or drag ….???

    Y did Shagun go from there..??

    Nd where is our nikkamma ACP yar….???

  6. Jhanvi

    Nowadays it’s too hard to find mohabbattein btwn ishra… Name of d show shld be changed to ” Yeah Hai Ishagun ki mohabbattein “….!!!!!!

    Now it’s irritating….. Not coz they r showing ishagun’ s friendship…but they r showing Shagun as a helpless Nd poor ( bechari ) intentionally… May be to win fans trust Nd sympathy on Shagun…. But it’s headache for me…

    Sorry if I hurt anyone…..

  7. Jhanvi

    Ya Raghu I was about to say….., I m really impressed by d dilougue of Mrs she replied that idiot doctor was amazing… How can she ask for a virginity test..??
    Mihika shld slap her hard… Idiot….!!!!
    What Mrs Iyer said Na was very nice… Nothing is more important than self respect for a girl……

  8. Naaz

    Hi friends, happy Christmas to rithushree, jhanvi, diya, parvathi, nimrit, sabrin, Zara, fathi, VP, siddhi, Natasha,misty etc yhm fans

    • arey naaz ,priyaroli prayosha bhagi mizun angel thachu gree angel and many left this site long back .i thought on atleast good episodes they would comment and after their exams they would comment but they all left the site and now not even a comment from past many months. if i am not wrong are you aliya naaz?

  9. Oh this is very very sad the way the show is heading.. after the fantastic start. Do they have to go to all this dramas just to show Ashok win?? where are the ACP & his mate. Isitha went all out to do all this to save her Husband & Kids. But do they have to harm her & For Raman to Doubt her. No wonder Ishu won’t say anything to Raman he jumps to all the wrong thinking without finding out the truth. If he believes Sarika he is not worth a husband for Ishu.. She is in this situation also cos of Raman . the root of the cause is Raman. With Sahgun getting involved with Asohk for money & Ashok the loser is harassing Ishu ..a As Raman has a fighter behind him that is Ishu. She will guard her hubby & family like a lioness. but when you watch all the other old episodes it is sad what a beautiful story very unusual one at that turns out with all this crap .. very sad as most of the incidents are not relevant to the first love story.

    Is Isu Super Woman. NO. She is an ordinary house wife cum dentist. Surviving an earthquake driving a bus with a time bomb , now a Croc attack are these necessary for a simple love story..

    there are so many nice things as a family they can do. & ‘ The terrible Two’s’ the KANNA’s causing so much pain to one family is unheard of. anyway what can we say Absolutely NOTHING , just keep watching.. actually i did not watch the last two epis only read the updates & the comments of the YHM fans. so Disappointed. this is my view some may not agree . so sorry to hurt ur feelings. have a great fun filled night & MERRY CHRISTMAS.

  10. fathi fathi

    Shocking precap n eargly waiting for the upcoming….
    hi rithu, janvi, vp, siddhi, faya, darshika, parvathi n all YHM fans

  11. Misty

    I m really heart broken with this track. Mihika part was nice.and remaining part was just dragging. Fed upp now.. Hope no leap , no separation .only Shagun Shagun Shagun….!!!

  12. yeh acp aur prateek saale kisi kaam nahi hai .bewakoof nikamme haraamkhor aur dono ke dono crack hai akal se .ishitha mil nahi rahi hai aur shagun bhi aur yeh dono patha nahi apne konse duniya mein hai .

  13. agar raman sarika ka baath sunke ishitha ko galath samjhe ga toh uss se jyaada bewakoof looser aadmi aur koi nahi hoga . raman ne pehle hi bahuth logon ki baathon ki wajah se ishitha ko hurt kar chuka hai .infact jab raman ashok ki baathein sun kar ishitha par shak kar saktha hai toh sarika konsi cheez hai.

  14. Misty

    I m not saying anything about ishu..I m talking about Shagun’s role..they are showing her bechari type..don’t take me wrong plzzzz…..

  15. hey nivedha.i think you are new to this site .welcome to the site . the news of leap is some spoiler .it may be fake rumour . i dont know wheter it is really or not .but i am scared if it happens so means.

  16. happy

    I think o seperation will be their …because in todays episode shugan said my child my child…so may be shugan will get feeling for this child andshe will refuse to give it to ishu….and no sepration …..just my imagination.. no source

  17. agar kisi ko leap aur seperation naa hone ke confirmation ka news mile kisi bhi source se toh plz post kariye .kyunki aaj sbs mein ishitha ka face disfigure nahi hua toh yeh baath fake thi .i hope leap aur seperation bhi fake ho.

  18. mera dimaag toh buss crocodile attack ke baad kyaa hoga ussi par atka hai .patha nahi uske baad kya hoga .agar kal crocodile attack nahi dikhaaya toh bahuth dragged ho jaayega aur yeh poora haftha ishitha shagun ka goondon se bhagam bhaag mein hi jaayega aur bacha sirf crocodile attack ka precap.

  19. Jhanvi

    Who told u bout my hand…????
    Nd r u copying me ?? Nd I didn tell bout my hand anyone .but ya now it’s fine Nd thank god it’s left hand.

  20. Yeh hai mohabbatein may aman aur ishita ki love story kay alawa shagun aur ashok ko nahi dhikAna chahiya mujhay tho dono raman ishita aur uni families ki nok jokh unki nok jokh dikhani chahiya I think so because I sometimes thing that she wants to break ishita raman marriage

  21. nivedha

    Ya jhanvi you are right.. My frns who are not regular yhm viewers making fun of me with this current track.. Imagine guys how I am tackling them..

  22. diya

    episode was nice … thrilling …
    ishita and shagun’s part was emotional
    i love raman more whn he worries fr ishita ..

    mihika amma part was grt .
    this shows the real faces of some so called educated ppl in our society
    otherwise things r getting a lil draggy ..
    nxt episode crocodile attack .

    well am xcited nd more than rlvd that ishita’s face wont get disfigured .
    really waitng fr tmrws epi ..
    hope no seperation ahead!

  23. Siddhi

    Yup happy I also think so aj k episode me shagun mera bacha mera bacha Kare rahi this I also think k WO Raman n ishu ko baby niii de gi

  24. Siddhi

    Hey fathi fathi , jhanvi , misty , diya , diya , ritu , naaz , nimrit , dharshika faya , sabrin n all how r u guys??

  25. Misty

    Yup Di… Pinky dii told me bout ur hand. Sorry for copying u but It was my answer to someone for ishu’s deeds and u said what I want so I copied u..soryy .don’t take me wrong for copying u dii.. Actually I wanted to talk with u but I wrote my views in ur rpl.
    I came here only to see that u r coming here or not
    Coz u r not coming on fb Nd wa..

  26. diya

    hey all rithub, diya , jhanvi , misty , faya , fathi , naaz , mino , siddhi , vp nd all yhmians .. how r u ppl?

  27. Cindy

    Pls don’t drag it too much and ishitha your soo mad you should have tell raman about shagun but now when he finds about shagun he will doubt you ????

  28. VSD

    How stupid and insane all this can be!! Why cant ishita now reveal the truth to raman and take his help when she already informed about informer to him!! Its soo foolish of both ladies running here and there to get saved from ashok and his goons!! All this doesnt happen in real life and in today’s world who accepts such bullshit stuff!! All they wanna prove is they are strong women but it looks like they are fools and stupid not strong and smart!!! Now ACP has also disappeared! Fake stupid drama!!

  29. Jhanvi

    Gd mrng rithu… Nd everyone..
    It’s OK..pls don’t tell anyone that I m coming here or they will not leave me…

  30. Priya

    I think shagun should go to out station in order to avoid such problems, she can aramse live there and give birth to Ishita’s child. Why unnecessarily these many things staying nearby.

    I really love the mihika’s and amma’s part, it is great, everyone should learn.

  31. sbb aur sbs mein dikhaaya ki raman shagun ko dekh lethaa hai aur shagun ko thappad maar tha hai aur usse ishitha ki haal ka zimmedaar theheraatha hai .pagal ho gaya hai raman aur shagun ko sabke saamne lee aatha hai .i hope ishitha ke hosh mein aane ke baad shagun ka sach sabko pathaa chale.

  32. mujhe sbb aur sbs mein raman ko dekhkar gussa aa raha tha .kaise ussne shagun ko thappad maara aur gala pakda aur bad mouth kiya uska .bina khuch jaane bhowkla gaya shagun pe aur aapa kho gaya.

  33. UPCOMING SEGMENT- (26/12/15)
    -> SBB Preview…
    Shagun’s truth revealed infront of
    Raman. Raman Slapped her. And Ishita
    unconscious(Hospital Scene)….

  34. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will
    show that Shagun saves
    Ishita from crocodile with
    help of villagers.
    Shagun is shocked
    seeing Ishita is not
    responding and she admit
    her to the hospital.
    Shagun is scared as
    Ashok is still behind her.
    Raman searches Ishita
    and finds her in hospital.
    Raman is shocked seeing
    Shagun alive and then
    knowing about Ishita’s
    Raman brings Shagun in
    front of family members
    and still angry on her.
    Raman gets broken down
    knowing Shagun and
    Ishita reality and
    consumes alcohol a lot.
    Raman is unaware about
    Shagun is still carrying
    his and Ishita’s baby in
    her womb.
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

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