Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla crying for Adi, and Ishita and Simmi explaining her. Mrs. Bhalla says I can’t let Adi go anywhere. Mrs. Bhalla sees Shagun coming and stops her, asking whom she wants to show by taking home in chawl, where does she spend money which Raman gives her every month. Shagun says I will shift to better place when I start earning. Ishita also explains that the area is not good, how will you stay. Shagun acts sweet and I will manage. Ishita says its not easy as you think, you have time to decide, no need to leave house in hurry, we are talking about Adi’s life, till things get sorted you will stay here. Amma comes and says no, she can’t stay here in this house.

Ishita asks when did she come. Amma says I went to Chennai for some days and this drama

here. She says this is Ishu’s house, Shagun can’t stay here, get out. Ishita stops Shagun and says this is my house, my husband’s house, Adi is Raman’s son, so he is my son too, Adi and Shagun will be here. She says Appa and Amma that I told before not to say anything in our matters. Appa asks Amma to come and they leave. Mrs. Bhalla tries stopping them. Ishita says I will talk to them later. Shagun says no one is happy with us being here, till when will we be here, its not permanent place. Ishita says its safe place for Adi. Mrs. Bhalla says we have to forget old things and think about Adi.

She asks her to stay here. Shagun says fine, but I have a condition. I don’t want to be in Ishita and Raman’s room. Simmi asks Shagun to be in her room and Adi can be in Ruhi’s room. Shagun thanks Simmi and Ishita. She thinks first I will have right on one room, I m not going to go anywhere from here. She says I m going for job interview, I will be coming late and leaves. Ashok talks to Suraj and says Mihika made me mad, she spoils my mood, she knows I can’t force her for this. Suraj says she told she will do police complaint, we can get saved, and I did some research, her family will come here for some rituals, treat Mihika as queen infront of them, and take some happy pics.

Ashok says I don’t think they will come. Suraj says try, they will come, Mihika will act being happy. Ashok says Raman is violent and beats. Suraj asks him to be a man. Ashok says yes, I will show them I m man. Ishita talks to Amma and asks how could she leave Shagun in junk, you taught me humanity, and what about Adi, he is Raman’s son, how could I leave him on road. She asks him to think about Adi, and after Mihika married, everything fell apart. Adi sees Ashok and says maybe he came to take me and mum. She calls Shagun and asks her to come home, its big surprise. He smiles and says he will pack my bag.

Amma says Shagun will create problems in your marriage. Ishita says my relation is not weak, Raman loves me a lot. Raman knows her and he won’t let me face any trouble by Shagun. Amma cries and says you are very innocent and good, Shagun is Raman’s first wife, they have two children, how can they be in one house, its not natural. Appa says yes, Amma is right, what will we tell society. Ishita says who makes rules, is humanity wrong, I just know its wrong to separate a father from his son, for me Raman and Addi have to be together, I m doing all this for Raman, I don’t know anything else.

Ashok walks in with gifts and says I m sorry, I saw the door open, so I came in. Amma asks how dare you come here, get out. Ashok says I know you are annoyed with me and Mihika, you can punish me. Ishita asks why did he come here. Ashok says I came to invite you all, and I know according to your culture, groom invites bride’s family for dinner. Amma scolds him. Ishita asks him to leave. Ashok says fine, don’t punish Mihika for my mistake, she is feeling alone because of me, I will always support her, I know you don’t like me at all, but I love your daughter a lot, so I m here to invite you all, so please come, I need your blessings, I will be waiting. He leaves having done his drama.

He comes out and smiles saying they will surely come. He sees Adi standing near his car with bags. Adi asks dad where did you go, I know you came to take us, I know you miss us, mum misses and loves you a lot. Ashok acts rude to him, and asks him not to call him dad. Ishita looks on. Ashok says I told your mum that she is junk, use and throw. Shagun comes and scolds him, Adi has his Papa and home, he does not need you, get lost. Ashok says whatever and leaves. Adi says sorry mum, I felt he came to take us. He cries and hugs her. She says calm down, I m with you. Ishita tells this to Raman. He fumes and she stops him asking him not to go to Ashok.

She asks him to think about Adi, he is in safe environment, things are fine, he has his home, I want you to do something, go and talk to Adi, he needs his father. Raman says I will talk to him and leaves. Amma tells Ishita that she won’t go to meet Mihika. Appa says how can you think this. Ishita says we have to go to protect Mihika, I have seen Ashok misbehaving with 11 yr old Adi, with whom he has been for 6 years, he said if we don’t come Mihika will be alone, we have to go, Mihika has hurt us a lot, I m hurt the way she spoke to me, but she is our daughter, will we leave her to Ashok and Suraj, they can ill treat her knowing nobody will support her, I think you all should go, and we have a benefit, if you go and see, we may know the reason why this happened, I can’t believe Mihika did this for money, we know she is not like that, I feel there is some other reason she married Ashok, we have to find out. Appa says I think she is right, we should go.

Shagun asks Adi not to cry, why did he talk to Ashok. Adi says I went to him for you. She says we don’t have any relation with Adi now. Raman comes and asks what is she telling him now. Shagun says what did I say wrong, me and I are one family, you and Ashok will be busy taking revenge, who will see Adi, I m his mum, no one else, I won’t stay here for long, we will go soon, else we will be in illusion, I don’t want Adi to see dreams. Raman says I will fulfill all his dreams, when you went from here, I was here for Adi, I will be forever. He tells Adi to tell him whenever he needs anything, I m always there for you. He gets a call from Pathak and says I m coming. He leaves. Adi says see mum, I told you he is with us, Shagun says stop it, he means he is favoring us, we are beggars, he always treated us wrong, its just charity case, we don’t have any value, they don’t care. She thinks he feels they are good as he is upset, you have to feel insecure and I can stay here, I will come in Raman’s life and kick out Ishita. She smiles.,

Mrs. Bhalla tells Ishita about Adi being annoyed with Ishita, I was thinking if you could stay away from him.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Precap se to lagta hai ki Mrs. BHALLA Ishita ko mayke jane ke liye keh rahi hai…….age aisa hua to Shagun pura fayda uthayegi mauke ka……..

  2. sree

    shagun jaisi besharam aurat meine zindagi kabhi nahi dekhi,wo ishita ko raman ki zindagi se baahar nikaalkar uski jagah lena chahti hai.kaise aurat hai yeh…

  3. paroo

    Wow..very nice mrs.bhalla…ishita shud stay away from adi anh???will you tell Ishita shud stay away from raman coz shagun is annoyed with ishita.. Too bad 🙁

  4. wow ishu ur saying to ur amma that raman loves u so much.then y dont u say it raman yaar.plz to do it yaar.and ishra scene just for 1min in that also raman ka scene is so was totally boring.plz show some good scene yaar.waise bein whenever that stupid shagun come into screen.she just spoiler our mood.bus throw her out of the house soon raman.kya wowen hai yaar.being so selfish using her own son.its geting something intersting.and i heard in a spoiler there will be chrismax celebration

  5. anandraaz

    A long time “” NO CHANGING “” in yhm show… just boringgg … types story so change tracks…

  6. ishra

    shagun tum chahati kya. ..ho…..yaar. ……tum chahati ho k adi. ..ko uss ka haq mile. ……usse har cheez provide ho jo. ….usse chahiye. ………..usse raman ka naam mile. …..
    lekin jab bhi adi. ..raman Se close hone ki kushish. ..karta…hai. ..usse ulti Patti pada rahi ho. ….
    kon aaisi maa hoti hai k aap ne bache ko galat nasihath deti hai. ……….haan. …..ek. ..maa. .hai. .jo aaisa karsakti..hai. …aur woh. …..tum ho shagun. …….jo aaisa kar sakti hai. …….tumhara naam shagun kyun hai. …..tumhara naam toh. ….DAYAN. ….hona chahiye. ….jo. .apne. ..bachche. …..ko bhi nahin chodti. ……..
    kuch sikhu ishu. ……..
    tum sonch rahi hoke. …………
    ye achchai ka drama kar ke. ..tum raman k life mai phir se aajao gi. ………tum. …raman k life ke…..L…….tak bhi nahin pahonch sakti. ………..wahan sirf ishita ki jaga hai. ……
    ye sab drame se tumhe faida to nahin lekin nuksan zaroor hoga. …woh bhi adi.…surat mai. ….adi ishita se aur close hoga. …..aur usse. …ishita aunty. ….ki jaga. ..ishita mamma..kahe ga. …..
    ye drama is liye toh horaha hai ki adi raman …ishita ke rishte ..thik hojai. ………

  7. ishra

    kal raman tha hi nahin. ….aur aaj bhi sirf. …2 min keliye dikha ya…….Not fair. ……..mean leads raman ishita…hai …na ki. …woh. …trio ashok mihika and shagun. …..
    IshRa scenes dikhaoooooo

  8. Yes Iahra you are right…….
    Yeh Shagun kaisi maa hai……keh rahi hai jab tak Aadi emotional rahega wo uss ghar me reh sakti hai…….waha rehne ke liye kya apne bete ko rulaogi…..maa apne bachcho ke aansu pochhhati hai…..aansu ka kaaran nahi banti…..

  9. Humari Christmas par to kuch nahi huw hope ke jab unka christmas aaye tab kuch achha ho IshRa ke bich……
    Ishra meri Exam achhi thi wo to chhotisi 1 ch. ki Exam thi Final Exams to March me hai……..

  10. Hyma

    Thoshi ji hum aapse ye expect nahi kiye..aap ishu ko aisa kaisa keh sakthe…we all r expectng dat u vl make dat shagun out of ur house…bt yeha tho kuch aur hi hora…

  11. Sarith

    Ungrateful mother in law…hw could she behave like tiz esp for this useless adhi..Ishita u better leave tiz hse they dont deserve u at all..I juz worried for ruhi..

  12. ishra

    bhalla house mai jo Christmas party hone wali uss main toh bahut maza aaye ga. ………intezar hai uss episode ka. …

  13. ishra

    p. …I think. …aage k. ..episodes intresting honge. ……kyun Christmas party hai. ….New year bhi aane wala hai. …so. …..bahut kuch hoga. …….

  14. ishra

    This is for IshRa ‘ s feeling. ………
    …Yeh din ye mahine. …..saal …….guzar jainge mere….. yaar. ..magar itna rakh na khayal. ……….
    jeena. ..sirf. ..mere liye. ..
    jeena. ..sirf. ..mere.liye…
    kasamse …..
    jeena. ..sirf. .mere liye. ..
    jeena sirf. .mere liye. ..
    Yeh. .din ye mahine. .saal. …guzar jainge mere yaar. ..magar itna rakh na khayal
    jeena. ..sirf. ..mere liye
    jeena. .sirf. ..mere liye
    kasamse. ..
    jeena sirf. ..mere liye
    jeena. .sirf. .mere liye

    Hath yon. ..pakad. ..sath. …sath chalna. ….chahe badle mausam…..tum nahin badal na. …..
    tera mera nataa. …..ab. ..kabhi na tote. …sanson ka. ….ye bandhan ab kabhi na chote……
    mile hum. ..ko. ..gham ya khushi. …….
    chahe kuch bhi ho. …..apna haal …magar. ….itna rakh na khayal. …….
    jeena sirf …mere liye
    jeena sirf ..mere liye
    kasamse. ….
    jeena sirf. ..mere liye
    jeena sirf. ..mere liye. ….
    kaisa laga. ……

  15. bhagi

    yeh toshijii aap ko kya ho gaya aap kyom esa kar rahe ho i think aage aap hi ishu ko support kare gi par yeha tho aap ulte ho gayi hai………

  16. bhagi

    shagun tum plz mar javo……plz yar ye show day by day bakwaas hothe jarahe hai its going worst day by day i am hating it know plz end this drama in 2 days show some romantic scensce even for this new year yar plz ekta mam dont be pshyco plz

  17. ishra

    Yes prayosha. .I hope so. .aaisa hi ho. …IshRa k..scenes dikhne ko mile. ……yaar do din hogae IshRa ka romantic scene dekhe hoe. ……kal kuch achcha bataye. ….

  18. sree

    yeh shagun hamesha mussibat lekar aati hai aur ishra ko alag karne ke koshish kartehai,iss baar toh adi ke pyaar mein toshiji bhi andhi ho rahi hai.wo ishita se aise kaise bol sakti hai?ishita khud adi ko lekar aayi thi,varna uss sadak par pada could she do this to ishita?

  19. Ishita

    That group made by Arpit sometimes I feel to join as the makers just for cheap publicity they do something or the other to separate ishra which is not good ! I swear to god if this time ishra got separate then I will not watch this serial ! There is a limit of something .
    Ekta Kapoor u are pathetic !

  20. rithushree

    kal sbs mein christmas celebration dikhaya tha jah mrs.bhalla,mr.bhalla aur bala santa bane the.raman bechara room mein khada tha kyonki use snata nahi banna tha.ishitha you looked gorgeous.bas yeh shagun jald se jald chalijaye.mihika dont make any more stupidity plz tell everything to ishra about hou ashok and soooraj played game wiyh you.

  21. bhagi

    yeh kya ho raha hai iss show tho day by day worst hothe ja raha hai plz change this track or rnd it in 2 days

  22. nithya

    Boring episode .hate u toshiji .when raman and ishita is celebrating their first wedding anniversary.ishita is nice in sarees only not in modern dress bcos he is tamilian. after marrriage we donot wear these type of modern dress.Christmas celebration dress is not nice

  23. 123

    wish I was not loving Ishra then I would have stopped watching this show. Absolutely rubbish is happening in this show. Who will think at Raman & Ishita. They have a life. When will they live for themselves. When will we see just romance and love between Ishra and not this type of bulshit drama. I’m tired of this show now. The main charatcters of this show r Ashok, Shagun, Adi, Mihika.

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