Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abhishek and Mihika dancing on the song Main Bhi sarphira………Everyone clap for them. Mr. Bhalla asks Appa not to take tension of the tattoo, if he takes tension, everyone will doubt. He gets scared of Mrs. Bhalla. Appa asks him to go to Mrs. Bhalla, afterall he was saying about being fearless. Mr. Bhalla tells Mrs. Bhalla that his kurta button broke out, will she fix it. She says fine, come home. She stitches the button and hurts him by the needle, to explain him his mistake.

Raman gives icecream to Ishita. She says thanks, I was going to take it. She asks why did he not take her calls, he was missing, its alright. He says this arrangement is superb. He says its fine, we will talk after function. He says silence before the storm. They pose for pics. He thinks

people hit axe to their leg, and I m mad to marry the axe……

Bala murmurs and asks Abhishek not to go leaving him. Abhishek says don’t worry, I m with you. Vandu gives the baby to him, and he goes. Bala worries and she asks him why is she making strange faces, and scolds him. Bala hides his face and says he has to go, and goes on stage. He sees Raman laughing and says now see what I do. He calls Raman and Ishita for the dance. Raman and Ishita dance on the song Dagabaaz re……….She shows her annoyance and holds his stole to control him. He goes. They all clap for the performance. Mrs. Bhalla and Pammi talk to some lady. The lady asks about Sarika becoming mum before marriage, Mrs. Bhalla is big hearted and accepted her, they are good family. Pammi says they are best family. The lady says Lord gives prize for the good we do. Pammi says I know what will it be, Ishita and Raman will get baby. She hugs Mrs. Bhalla. The lady tells about that doctor, my friend got baby after 13 years. Ishita smiles and hopes everything will be fine, Dr. Manoj’s treatment will do some miracle.

Manoj talks on phone and comes home. He collides with Shagun and his files fall along with her groceries bag. She sees Ishita’s name on it and asks him is she your patient. He says its confidential, why would I tell you, do you know him. She says yes. He asks him not to tell her that you have seen this file. She asks him to do his best, and tells him that Ishita is a mum without becoming a mum, please put in your 100%, help her out, I m sure this is possible. He says sure, I will do what a doctor can do, I m not Lord. She says I really want Ishita to become mum, I will leave this home and see some other flat, you can stay here, please help her. He says don’t make me so glad, it means Ishita is dear to you, I care for all my patients, but I will see to it that I put more efforts in this case. She thanks him and goes. He says she said thanks, Ishita Bhalla did wonders for me, this flat will be just mine.

Bala announces Romi and Sarika’s name for the dance. Sarika is not there. Bala says Sarika is taking time for her makeup, and calls the kids for the dance. Ruhi, Adi and Shravan dance on the song Lets celebrate this moment……………… Rinki asks Romi to come. Romi asks the guys to come along. Raman asks him to go. Romi asks Sarika to come. She says do situps then I will come. He asks why, we are getting married. Sarika asks why did he reply to her calls, all the men left all the work on women. Romi says bachelor party was Raman’s idea. Ishita asks Raman to do situps. Raman asks her to talk to Appa. Ishita asks Appa to do situps too. Appa says I m your dad. Mrs. Bhalla says Mr. Bhalla has to do situps too. Mr. Bhalla says you already punished me with needle pinches, we had police officer, we were his responsibility. The men put blame on each other. The women ask all of them to do situps and say sorry. The men say sorry and do situps. The women smile seeing them.

Romi and Sarika have a dance performance. They all smile seeing them. Manoj tells Shagun that he will do anything possible for Ishita and Raman.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Yaar ishita kitne sweetly gussa horahi thi. .shikayath karrahi thi …aur raman ne kya kaha. ..uss ne kuradi se shaadi karli 😛 😛

  2. IshRa dance superb tha. .bechare raman ko dance k waqt bhi nahin choda. ..wahan par bhi gussa dikha ya. ..but dono cute lagrahe the…:-*

  3. The elegant actress also opened up about her time after the break-up. She revealed how it was difficult for her in the beginning and her leg injury helped her realise her strengths. “Since we were together for a long time his name would pop up every now and then in casual conversations with friends and acquaintances. So, such small things would affect me. Thankfully, I got a fracture just days after my break-up. I had this huge plaster on my leg and had to manage on my own for the first few days. I felt if I could manage this, I could do any damn thing. I took this break as an opportunity to chill out with friends wherein I discovered a new me,” Ishima of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein divulged to the same website

  4. Yaar bechare boys sab ko sit ups karna pada. ..raman ne bhi sit ups kiya 😛 😛
    ye bachelors party. .badi mehngi padhi 😛
    Sab log ek dusre ko blame karrahe the. ..

  5. phela romi ne raman se blame lagaya ki a sab ne kaha a sab raman ka idea.phir raman ne appa aur mr.bhalla and usi ne acp ko.and bala by vandu and lawyer also.sab k sab sry with sit up.wah wah.

  6. In the upcoming episodes of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, viewers will get to see to Shagun coming forward to be surrogate mother of Raman and Ishita’s kid. But the twist in tale will be later Shagun refusing to give the baby to Raman and Ishita as she feels Ishita always snatches her kids from her.
    Nothing is yet confirmed on the track but we will inform you as soon as it is confirmed.

  7. Hey Ramya
    5th position par tha yhm. ….par yhm 5th position par nahin hona chahiye yaar itne achche episodes aarahe hai. ..

  8. chithra

    Please, YEM DIRECTORS & TEAM Ishitha will get natural pregnancy in positive report. It can be beautiful for series.please do it. Don’t get surrogate track for shogun.
    I’m in YEM fan for sri lanka.

  9. There is a confusion regarding Ishita hurriedly running towards her bedroom when all the other Bhallas were busy dancing with the groom Romi. Many people thought Ishita got pregnant.
    DT in her latest iv cleared it out saying no good news (pregnancy track) as of now. Ishita ran there to attend a phone call. Apparently there will be a twist in RomiKa’s marriage and looks like some bad news is coming up!

    P.S.: According to some sources twist is that villagers will kidnap Sarika

  10. The sangeet function goes well and everyone enjoy dancing in the function. Everyone dance with full energy and happiness. Raman dances with Ishita during the marriage functions. Romi and Sarika give a special dance performance in the party. Romi and Sarika’s marriage functions are next in the show. They keep Mata Ki Chowki before the marriage. The families do the Jagrata. The house is filled with happiness. Romi and Sarika’s sangeet is done and now Ishita keeps a Bhakti function. They all sing Bhajans. Ishita thanks Lord and prays for the happiness in her family to stay forever.

  11. why do the makers want to show ishitha to taunted by the world as baanch .i dont understand who is the main lead of the show.ishitha or shagun because now shagun has turned positive and she is given more importance. shagun was agaim surrogacy and came to delhi on a misaion to stop surrogacy racket and how can she agree to do it.its really so confusing .i dont know what the makers are upto.hope to have something good and interesting rather than this.

  12. abhi tak toh romi kishaadi mein kuch nahi hua balki saare shaadi mein koi na koi tamashaa hua aur twists bhi aaye.ishitha ko phone aana yeh sab lagtha hai ab romi ki shaadi mein bhi tamashaa aur hungama hoga.

  13. A

    Plz… Plz… Plz… Makers we don’t want the surrogacy track…. We want IshRa to have a baby only if Ishita can conceive naturally…. Otherwise, Ruhi & Adi is enough for them…. Plz call off the track…

  14. jhanvi

    Ne ishra dance was also nice… Raman kitne pyar aur masumiyat se mana ne ki koshish kar raha that….

    Sab ko punishment mili good….. Sab kaise ek dusre ko blame kar rahe the….

  15. jhanvi

    Us totally agree guys …..makers plsssss we want ishra’s own baby.. Not by surrogacy…. Ishita should be pregnant. She dsrvs dis..plsssss makers do it….Good people always dsrvs best…. Ishu dsrvs d happiness.. Plsssss let her be pregnant…

    And ys we don’t want shagun in ishra’s life… We don’t want any surrogacy track ….if ishu can’t cncv’s OK… Adi and ruhi are ishita’s kids.. And they are enough for ishu…. Don’t give soooo much important to shagun plsssss… Nooooo surrogacy…. Plsssss makers all d ishra fans and yhm fans want to see ishra’s own baby not by shagun and not by surrogacy..

  16. ya exactly .i agree .ruhi aur adi hi kaafi hai.surrogacy tracks and etc.sab laane ki zaroorath hi kya hai.aur aise tracks se toh accha hai acp mihika ki shaadi aur kuch mazedaar ishitha ya raman ka koi paat ka raaz etc.type mysterious stories laa sakthe hai .

  17. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein girl Divyanka Tripathi on how she handled her break-up, her hope for more Mohabbat in life and her fans showing their love by giving back to the society Divyanka Tripathi has been having a roller coaster ride this year.

    First a spree of awards for her stupendous role and performance in ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.’ Then a painful break-up from her long-time beau. A leg injury soon after. How did she handle so much action in such a short span? What gets this super workaholic going? She gets candid about dil, breakup, work, accolades and a lot more.

    On sweeping all television awards for Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: It’s been overwhelming, to say the least. I knew it was Ekta Kapoor’s show all the way and it would fare well, but the response has been unprecedented.

    On winning the Shan-E-Bhopal Award: I hail from Bhopal so it is double special. Gulzar saab handed over the award to me at a function that was held at Bhopal’s Bharat Bhavan. We girls feel a lot more confident when our own people support us. This award was like a huge stamp of love and acceptance.

    About her painful break up and the aftermath: Since Ssharad and I were together for a long time, whenever his name would pop up in casual conversations with friends and acquaintances, it would affect me and remind me about our good times. To add to that, I fractured my leg just days after my break-up. I had a huge plaster on my leg and had to manage on my own for the first few days. I felt that if I could manage this, I can manage any damn thing. After the break up, I spent a lot of time chilling out with my friends, bondin with myself in my me-time, contemplating about my future etc. In the process, I discovered a new me! That’s the silver lining!

    On YHM breaking stereotypes on Indian television with its take on remarriage, infertility and idea of marrying for the love for a child: I hail from a tier II city like Bhopal but the response from back home for YHM has been heartwarming. After the show, a lot of people have thanked me for giving them a new perspective on divorce and remarriage . A woman who could not bear a child messaged me that I inspired her to adopt a baby . When you build this kind of connect, it’s gratifying. You feel accomplished that your show and your performance has touched people’s hearts.

    About her proactive fans: I am blessed to receive so much love and adulation from my fans. Even more touching was the fact that my fans in India and Bangladesh spread their love for me by giving back something to the needy when I announced that my followers on Instagram reached 300K. They visited orphanages and old age homes to serve food, books, stationary etc. I am lucky to have fans who are socially-conscious and give back to the community to show their love towards me.

    About being friends with Ruhanika Dhawan on the sets: Children don’t open up easily before strangers. It was somewhat similar with Ruhi. I had to make her super comfortable to achieve this sync. My first task was to make friends with her; play a lot with her.

    About children below 14 years being made to work: I believe that children should not be made to work. Kids in the entertainment industry are at a risk of developing depression as they see glamour at an early age. The kids of YHM work for limited hours on limited days. They have fared excellently in their exams. If it were otherwise, I would not have supported the idea.

    About Bollywood dreams:
    Currently, I am still looking at more exciting roles on TV, especially since so many roles are being written for female leads now. A lot of people are expecting me to take up a role in Bollywood, but I won’t run after films.

    • V P

      Very true Rithshree , with Divyankas painful break up too , she was able to deliver her excellent acting to make viewers happy . God gave her the strength .shharad doesn’t deserve Divyanka . That’s all .

  18. chithra

    Please, don’t separate/destroyed Ishitha & Raman’s their own baby dream.It’s not only “Ishra” dream there whole two families dream…

  19. swapna

    Ishitha and evry one lady looking awesome stunning…splly mihika was super magical stunning today….and abhi mihika dance was superb…….kids…evrything was awesome today….

  20. rosy

    The main theme being an infertile woman gettng two children loving them lyk own children…it wud b fair to show dat thro medical science treating pple,, makng them well they shd nt get insultd or humiliatd due to 1 fault…ishita hav experienced all insults enuf nd she deserve to b a mom aftr enduring so much…

  21. Ria

    plzzz don’t enter the surrogacy track..if it had to happen then y ishita’s so long treatment going on with the hope tht she will concieve her own baby..if it is planned to b her own baby then don’t enter surrogacy track to it.. that to b through Shagun who will turn to a surrogate mother…

  22. Aa

    Nice episode tonight but please can you have Ishita makeup and hair dresser change ?,,,,, they say less is nice her nose had too much of shiny cover up her hair is so bad she looks nice in simple hairstyle loose and less lali on her cheek and nose

  23. Roselyn Dada

    Very nice episode. YHM is too much. Wonderful set of people their acting look real and you all . where is Mihri and Simi? Pls we really missed them. Pls once more no surrogate issue pls Ekta Kapoor am pleading with you. From Nigeria

  24. V P

    Beautiful episode . Ishitha looked stunning. , did not look very fat .also all the ladies . Thoroughly enjoyed the episode . Hope there is no surrogacy . Kindly avoid it .divyanka you are very beautiful , expressions are awesome ,ishitha said and Ramans chemistry too is excellent . Not seen with any other pairs in any serials . Ishitha has to go thru the pregnancy and motherhood . Creators please donot disappoint us.

  25. sow

    the previous apisode wz vry funny….bt ishita ….so hvy yaar. ..plz kuch halka pehno yaar….khud ki shaadi he kya…???raman wz looking so cool…and mihika and rajbir…both r so cute….nyc prfrmnce….

  26. Hiranya

    Please tell me
    is Ekta’s shows are too long .
    Because there was soo boring Indian loooooong drama in srilanka ,it showed for ten years .
    And we were sooooooo bored with it.
    And I want to tell to the MAKERS I don’t care whether you surrogate, or separate Ishra,or leap .
    Because that’s your opinion.
    But I like it comment to the MAKERS

  27. Darshika

    very nice episode…. I enjoyed with whole episode…….
    And yes, Anyone can’t beat to the ishra’s chemistry….. It’s unique….. ! ! ! Actually I haven’t seen such a matching couple before….. And I never addicted anyone than divyanka and karan.
    This is the first indian tv serial which I’m watching continually. Because other indian tv serials are dragging for looooooong time. I hope that yhm is not like that.
    Honestly, I don’t like surrogate track. Please makers, drop that idea.
    From Sri Lanka.

    • V P

      Darshika , Even I have not watched any serials in any language . I love Divyanka , watched all the serials she had acted in the you tube . One to one is better and YHM is really come out with a good story . So too Karan a good pair they are .

  28. Sbb segment
    Guys bad news hai. .. 🙁 🙁 🙁
    Woh call doctor ne kiya tha ki ishita maa nahin ban sakti. .ishita bahut rurahi tho. ..yaar aaisa nahin hona chahiye tha. ……

  29. ‪#‎Upcoming‬
    Ishita receives the call from the doctor and the doctor says that Ishita cannot become a mother, she can’t conceive! Ishita becomes very sad and in Romika’s marriage she tries to hide her tears from everyone but Raman notices this and tries to make her mood lighter by romancing with her but Ishita gives him some excuse and leaves from there!
    But I am very disappointed with this track! I know they introduce surrogacy track after this which is hated by all the yhm viewers. I still don’t understand why the CVs are always trying to create conflicts in ‪#‎IshRaFamily‬! At first they said she have 10% chances to become a mother then after that it became 5% chances and finally now, she can’t even become a mother! I don’t find any logic in this! CVs plzzz use ur brains! It would be better if they boycott yhm than making Shagun the surrogate mother of ‪#‎IshRaBaby‬! Mujhe bahut gussa aaraha hai! ???????

  30. Mihir

    Wow… very nice.. With the Surrogate track, Shagun’s role will be the most important one in YHM hereafter, what a lovely news for all Shagun lovers and I am sure Ekta madam will be very happy to see Shagun at the top … By next month, TRP rating of YHM will fall down below 5….
    I stop watching YHM for a long time now with Adi-Vinnie’s track and with rumors of leap but I continued to read the written episode and all the comments.

    Wonder why Divayanka likes and accept “Ishita’s” character… Ishita was humiliated by each and everyone for not being able to conceive.. do you want to make Ishita’s character a joke, with this introduction of surrogate track…I like this YHm mainly because of Ishita and Ruhi, its better to end YHM or end Ishita;s character than introducing this track

  31. nimrit

    hey….missing simmi sooo much…..romiki shadi & uski badi behen gayab…….that’s nt fair …….simmi ko lao jaldi se….

  32. nimrit

    NO SURROGACY TRACK……MAKERS PLZZZZ……UNDERSTAND…..NO SURROGACY……..HATE SHAGUN………& aapko ye track lana hi hai to jara socho ki phir aadi & ruhi to shagun ke hi kids hai….to phir aur ek kid wo bhi shagun ka hi……that’s really nt fair…..WE WANT ONLY ISHRA’S BABY………..plzzzzzzzzz

  33. nimrit

    ishita kya sirf dusro ke bachhe sambhalne baithi hai kya…..use bhi to hak hai na….& chances bhi hai……plzzzzzzzz NO SURROGACY……..

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