Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun and Mani reaching airport to know about the flights. They see each other and think whats happening here. Mani asks officers are they in touch with the passengers. Shagun asks do you have any loved one in this flight. Mani says yes, actually…. He thinks I should not tell Shagun about Ishita, there may be complications. He says my friend is travelling in this flight, why did you come. She says Raman, he is travelling in this flight. Mani thinks Raman and Ishu are in same flight, if they come face to face, I hope they are fine. Shagun worries. She sees Mani gone and says Mani is in Australia, I will ask him about Ishita, does he know about her.

Adi says I hope you liked the themes. Mihika says yes, I liked the fairytale theme. Adi thanks them and says we

print invitation cards according to theme, did you get cards printed. Mihika shows a card. Adi asks can I keep this card, I can work our more in theme. Adi sees card and thinks Romi did not get Bhallas’ name printed in this card. He says its good, its formal card, marriage is personal event, card should be different. Romi says we can print more cards. Adi says superb, you can give personalized gift to guests too. Romi says good, you have impressed us. Adi says I m Bhalla, business is in my blood. Romi gets a call and asks Adi to switch on tv and play news channel. They see the flight hijack news and get shocked.

Ruhaan gives milkshake to Aaliya and asks about her Amma. Aaliya says you here Ruhaan. Ruhaan says I just came, you left so worried, I thought to come and meet you, I got this chocolate milkshake for you. She asks how do you know this, whenever I feel low, Amma used to make chocolate milkshake for me, don’t know how is she, I m just worried about her. Ruhaan thinks Ishita loved Aaliya as a mum, but she did not try to find me. Mani calls Aaliya. Aaliya asks where are you, do something, update me with news, I m waiting. Aaliya hopes Ishita is fine. Ruhaan consoles her and says I asked Nupur to update me with news. Aaliya says I asked Amma to go India alone for that project, I will not forgive myself. Ruhaan says don’t cry, and prays for Raman and Ishita’s safety. Ruhaan asks her to come Mumbai with him, she can meet Amma. Aaliya asks really, thanks, I will talk to Appa, I m sure he won’t refuse. Ruhaan says fine and leaves.

Adi makes call to airport office and asks about passengers safety, talk to pilot. He worries for Raman…. He talks to Mihir and says I m going home, don’t know what will happen if Dadi sees the news. He says sorry, I have to leave and rushes.

The hijacker’s girlfriend is called by the airport authorities. She says he is not bad, we love each other and my parents are not agreeing, he can’t harm anyone. The inspector says he has gun, he hijacked plane, he is criminal, I will treat him like that, get ready for action. Raman asks everyone to try to leave. Ishita says we should go outside. Hijacker sees the commandos and says they will kill me, how will I meet my girlfriend. He catches a boy and asks the commandos to leave from plane, else he will kill everyone.

He aims to shoot the boy. Ishita comes in front, and gets shot at her shoulder. She faints. Raman is far behind the other passengers. The commandos throw some gas. Everyone rush out from there, by skipping Ishita, who is fallen down. Raman says that woman got shot, wait…. He cares for Ishita, though he did not see her. People step over Ishita and leave. Raman covers up Ishita and let people pass over him. He lifts Ishita with the crew’s help and says hurry up, her breath is running. He rushes her to the hospital.

Mrs. Bhalla hears about plane hijack in the society meet. She stays relaxed. She complains about Iyers. Amma comes there and argues with Mrs. Bhalla. Amma asks Mrs. Bhalla not to shout and taunts on covering mistakes. Mrs. Bhalla says I did not do any mistake, and taunts Amma. Mrs. Bhalla says my Romi and now my Adi, you guys are taking revenge by snatching my sons. Amma says I lost my daughter, what did you lose, when you lose your precious thing, you will know. Mr. Bhalla comes and asks them to shut up. He tells Mrs. Bhalla that the flight by which Raman was coming is hijacked. Mrs. Bhalla scolds Amma for cursing her, and says if anything happens to my Raman, I will not leave you. The society meeting gets cancelled and everyone leave. Amma tells Bala that I did not mean this, I did not mean to curse Raman. Bala says yes, come home. Mrs. Bhalla and Mr. Bhalla try to find out Raman. Adi comes home and hugs Mrs. bhalla. He consoles her. She says what happened after hijack, how is Raman, tv is not working. Adi says I trust Mata Rani, nothing will happen. Mihir comes and says plane landed safely, all passengers are evacuated, but there was a firing between police and hijacker, there was stampede, reports say some deaths happened, we will go Mumbai and get Raman. Mrs. Bhalla prays for Raman. Raman takes Ishita to hospital and says nothing will happen to you. Yeh hai mohabbatein…..plays…………

Mihika looks for Raman, and gets shocked seeing Ishita in the hospital. She says she is my Akka/sister…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. gd epsd bt sad fr ishu. well ths writrs r makng us fools fr hw mny days wl they drag realy gtng fedup

  2. Rocking but if see the writters some where I am going to shoot them how can ishra be so close and not see each other idiot writters

  3. i want raman to meet ishita. Ruhi should understand her ishima.., Longing for my happy YHm

  4. shagun will be die in the show

  5. Sorry wrongly posted

  6. what’s happening in yhm..why doesn’t raman recognize ishita..and mani is didn’t inform ti shagun about ishita..gud thing atleast mihika met ishita..

  7. Oh.. Raman.. You are stupid sooo much.. Why can’t you identify?? This is ishitha.. Oh ektha mam i think it’s impossible incident.. Bcz.. Ishra hv very strong bond.. And they are tooo much love them.. Bt what happen now?? It’s not normal bond.. I can’t believe this.. Try to understand ekta mam.. Am i right?? Guys.. Are u agree with me???????

  8. It was so touching when Raman was protecting Ishitha . But he cud not make it that was his JKR is very sad . cvs spoiled Ramans character here . Ishitha was unconscious ….. her face was so clear to us …… it was nice to watch them together …Alia and Ruhi was very nice scene ..,oue Adi is Ishimas son only ..,Its high time to stop mrs Bhallas and Mrs Iyers fight …. not required at all … have never come across like this … initially it was nice … now its boring … let them be serious in their old age …,shaghun .., I cant tolerate …Mani … tolerable …

  9. episode was emotional .precap was ok.

  10. Its time for some
    emotional drama in your favourite
    daily soap ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’.
    Post seven-year leap, the
    estranged sisters Mihika
    (Avantika Hundal) and Ishita
    (Divyanka Tripathi) will come face
    to face in the upcoming episodes
    of the show.
    If reports are to be believed,
    After the hijack sequence, Mihika
    will reach hospital to
    enquire about Raman’s condition
    but there she will see Ishita.
    Both the sisters will share some
    emotional moments in the
    hospital. Then, Ishita will get to
    know about all the mishappenings
    which took place in the past seven
    years in Bhalla and Iyer family.
    Will Ishita be back in Bhalla
    house? Will she reunite with
    Only time will tell!

  11. leap ke baad vanditha
    ko dikhaaya hi nahi.patha nahi woh jaise dikhthi hogi .

  12. The upcoming episode
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will
    show that Mihika meets
    Ishita in hospital.
    Mihika and Ishita share
    emotional bonding where
    Mihika request Ishita to
    come back to home.
    Ishita refuses to go back
    to home because she
    killed her Ruhi.
    MIhika tells Ishita that
    Ruhi is not died but she
    returns in form of Ruhi
    and shows Pihu’s photo
    to Ishita.
    Ishita is happy seeing
    Ruhu’s face in Pihu.
    Ishita thinks to return
    home for her daughter
    Pihu but stop assuming
    Raman gets married with
    Shagun for Pihu.
    Ishita thinks that Shagun
    sacrificed her life to
    grown up Pihu so she
    should not snatch
    Shagun’s happiness.
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

  13. Star Plus Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein is
    going to introduce some mind
    blowing twists and turns in the
    upcoming track.
    Hijacker wants to meet his girl
    friend who is in Delhi.As he doesn’t
    get any flight to Delhi, he boards
    flight which is supposed to go
    Raman talks with the hijacker
    what is the guarantee that his girl
    friend loves him equally as him.
    Also suggest him that people
    and love is nothing.
    The plane lands in Delhi but there
    will be bomb blast in which ishita
    gets injured. Raman gets saved, but
    unknowingly he helps ishita to
    Mihika who gets the news of Bomb
    blast reaches the hospital in search
    of Raman but find her Akka who is
    believed to be dies 7 years ago.
    When Ishita opens her eyes,She see
    mihika and tries to hide her
    But mihika being a soul sister
    the truth out from ishita’s mouth.
    There will be a emotional reunion
    both the sisters.
    Later Mani and Aliya reach the
    hospital to meet Ishita. Mihika
    invites Ishita for her marriage.
    this good news ishita will be happy
    thinking Mihika is marrying mihir.
    Ishita gets shocked to know Mihika
    is marrying Romi.

  14. OH NO ! Why Ishita admits in Hospital and get shocked of Mihika’s Marriage? Read More :-

  15. Mindblowing Twist in Yeh Hai

  16. Not bad…
    When u make them meet each other

  17. In Star Plus Show Yeh Hai Mohabbtei
    Mihika will come to the hospital
    looking for Raman Bhalla , but will find
    Ishita(Divyanka Tripathi).
    The makers of Star Plus Show Yeh
    Hai Mohabbatein seem to be getting
    better at hit and miss sequences. Just
    when we thought that Raman (Karan
    Patel) & Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) will
    finally come face to face in the
    hijacked plane, things changed. What
    better than a crisis can get lost love
    together? But seems like that is not
    enough for these lovers! Even after
    bringing the injured Ishita to the
    hospital, we wonder how is it possible
    for an ex-husband to not recognise his
    ex-wife. But it has happened! Again!
    The current track of Star Pls show
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein shows that
    Ruhaan (Aditi Bhatia) has found out
    that the Sydney-Mumbai flight, which
    Raman & Ishita are travelling in, has
    been hijacked. Only he has
    recognised them & Shagun (Anita
    Hasnandani), but they haven’t
    recognised Ruhi. Shagun is now
    worried for Raman and Aliya (Krishna
    Mukherjee) is concerned about her
    Amma. And surprisingly, Ruhaan is
    also concerned about Raman and
    Ishita, praying that they are safe.
    The precap showed that Raman will
    take a wounded Ishita to the hospital,
    but he won’t see her face.
    The latest promo showed that in the
    hospital, Ishita’s estranged sister,
    Mihika, spots her and they will finally
    meet after seven years. Mihika will be
    ecstatic that her sister is alive. She
    will meet Mani (Sumeet Sachdev) &
    Aliya as well, and give Ishita the news
    of her wedding. Ishita will be initially
    happy, but when she will later realise
    that Mihika is marrying Romi (Aly
    Goni), she will be unsupportive of the
    Mihika had initially come to the
    hospital to see if Raman was injured
    in the hijack, but she found her Ishu
    akka instead. She will find out all the
    details from Ishita and decide to not
    reveal Ishita’s presence to the Bhalla
    family. Why is Ishita not happy with
    Mihika’s marriage with Romi? When
    will the Bhallas realise that Ishita is
    On the other Side , Ruhaan will also
    come to the hospital. One woul think,
    he wants to check on Ishita’s health,
    but no! He will inform Ishita and Aliya
    that he is backing out of their contract
    and he will not work for Mani and
    Ishita’s company. This will shock
    Ishita! Talk about morre stress! Is this
    Ruhaan’s new trick to keep Ishita
    away from Raman?
    Now, most of the Bhalla family is back
    in Mumbai. Is this an indication that
    now the entire family will come
    together? Keep reading this space for
    more updates…

  18. Y he didn’t recognize ishita n i hope shagun tell adi n pihu about ishita being alive

  19. Now its time for ishita to show anger to the bhalla family.. Specially Raman.
    She has suffered a lot after marrying Raman. I wish they don’t re unite again.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more…she deserves better than that selfish family, even Ruhaan is selfish and favors her dad..I just hope Ishita doesn’t settle for less.

    2. Absolutely right sam….ishita suffered a lot….and raman didn’t gave her any respect which she deserved….but i want my ishra back…Raman should not realize her value if she forgive him so easily….

  20. Seven Years Later Edit
    It is shown that Ishita is alive in Australia. It is revealed that Ishita’s childhood best friend Mani, had saved her from drowning but had met with an accident in the process and now cannot walk. In order to make him better, Ishita, Mani, his niece Aaliya and nephew Vivaan, moved to Australia. Aaliya and Vivaan had lost their parents and as Ishu and Mani took care of them they now call them “Amma” and “Appa” but Ishu and Mani are not actually married. It is also shown that Raman and Ishita’s daughter has grown up to look exactly like Ruhi, when she was younger and is named Pihu. Pihu lives with Raman and the rest of the Bhalla family, who still lives in Delhi. Pihu’s personality is very much same with Ruhi’s. Pihu is just a bit more Indian Punjabi girl. Raman and Shagun act as if they are married however, they are not. Pihu thinks Shagun is her real mother not knowing anything about Ishita. Adi is shown to have grown up worshipping Ishita and loving her a lot, in fact, we can see many glimpses of Ishita in Adi.

    It is revealed that on the night of Ruhi’s death, Romi had broken all ties with the Bhalla Family due to Raman blaming Romi for the kidnapping of the newborn Pihu. This had turned into a very heated argument. He had promised to only return once he had become something. Then, everyone got the news of Ishita’s suicide and the Iyer family, especially Mihika, blamed Raman for this. After this, Mihika and Romi left together. Due to this, the Iyer and Bhalla family hate each other. Now Adi and Pihu make it their job to bring the two family’s together, though Pihu doesn’t know what actually happened.Pihu goes to Iyer house and sees Ishita’s photo having a garland on it and Ishita’s mother tells her that she is her daughter and she is no more.

    Later on, it is shown that Nidhi is alive and is the manager of a music show for a teenager called Ruhaan that Aaliya attends. Pihu and Shravan love the music of Ruhaan. It is shown that Ruhaan is actually Ruhi. Nidhi has threatened Ruhi and has made her wear man’s clothes. Nidhi poisoned Ruhi’s mind that her Ishita doesn’t cares for her and abandoned her for the sake of her own child. But Ruhi doesn’t knows that Ishita was thrown away from the house and is living in Australia and is supposed to be dead. Mani has a surgery due to which he can now walk again and but Mani started to fall in love with Ishita, he also asks Aliya if he can marry Ishita and Aliya tells to him to propose Ishita.

    Aaliya takes Ruhaan aka Ruhi to her home since Ruhi was having a toothache and Ishita could treat her. At that time Ruhi meets Ishita but Ishita doesn’t recognise her. Raman gets the Business Excellence award of Delhi but it turns out to be a tie. Raman has to share the award with Romi. Due to this, Raman decides not to accept the award.Romi has decided to marry Mihika and she accepts his proposal .Romi has made Ashok his business partner.Ishita feels a strong connection with Ruhi/Ruhaan.Ishita hears Ruhi’s voice as she was shouting because she has an attack when she calls her .Ruhi doesn’t wanted to see or meet her so she tells her to go.Ishita gives Ruhi’s medicines to her governess Nancy and leaves.Mani proposes Ishita the next day but she refuses and says she is only Raman’s and Ishita loves only Raman and the relation between Mani and her is only friendship. It is also shown that Raman decides to let Shagun marry someone else as she is staying at the Bhalla’s house as Pihu’s mother without marrying Raman.Shagun refuses because she would only live with Raman as his wife and she loves him.Raman suffers a great lost because his business rival his brother Romi bribes people to take the which Raman is bidding for Raman commands Mihir to search some international which is suffering and from the list there is a company called “Ishra” Mani’s company. Raman decides to call the owner when Ishita receives the call but they do not recognise each other. Ishita sees Raman’s award function on television and assumes that Shagun is Raman’s wife.Raman decided to go to Australia for business but Pihu wants to go with him to see Ruhaan and Raman agrees.Pihu sees Ishita and recognizes her but Ishita doesn’t sees her. Pihu decides to tell Adi.The next day she gets locked in the washroom. Coincidentally, Ishita is also in that washroom and hears Pihu crying. She calls someone to help her but couldn’t meet her. Ruhi gets very angry after seeing Ishita and starts feeling dizzy. Pihu recognizes her and asks Raman to help Ruhaan. Raman takes Ruhaan to his room after which Ishita also reaches there. Though, they don’t meet as there’s a power cut in the hotel.Pihu tells Shagun that she saw Ishita in Australia.Shagun comes to Australia to search Ishita but couldn’t find her.Ruhaan agrees to become icon of both Ishita and Raman’s company.Ruhaan refuses to board flight.Both Ishita and Raman are going to Mumbai for ad campaign but their flight is hijacked.Romi is stealing Raman’s data to ruin him but Simmi stops him.Hijacker wants to meet his girl
    friend who is in Delhi.As he doesn’t
    get any flight to Delhi, he boards
    flight which is supposed to go
    Raman talks with the hijacker
    what is the guarantee that his girl
    friend loves him equally as him.
    Also suggest him that people
    and love is nothing.
    The plane lands in Delhi but there
    will be bomb blast in which ishita
    gets injured. Raman gets saved, but
    unknowingly he helps ishita to
    Mihika who gets the news of Bomb
    blast reaches the hospital in search
    of Raman but find her Akka who is
    believed to be dies 7 years ago.
    When Ishita opens her eyes,She see
    mihika and tries to hide her
    But mihika being a soul sister
    the truth out from ishita’s mouth.
    There will be a emotional reunion
    both the sisters.
    Later Mani and Aliya reach the
    hospital to meet Ishita. Mihika
    invites Ishita for her marriage.
    this good news ishita will be happy
    thinking Mihika is marrying mihir.
    Ishita gets shocked to know Mihika
    is marrying Romi.

  21. Ekta ji How many months you want to take Raman and Ishita’s face off ?? Even my father who watched it today said an utter crap. Any man would see the face of woman who was injured atleast with curiousity.. But here Raman broguht her to the hospital and din’t recognise her.. ONly you can do this Ekta Kapoor ji… Why do you keep that Ashok still in the show ?? Didn’t it enough what he did until now ?? Atleast make him married to someone before his hair gets totally white.

    1. What u said about Raman is 100% right!…he is carrying women he doesn’t even want to look at that person face with little curiosity…anyone would do that and this writer making everyone fool.

  22. the episode was nice..but broke all our expectations because Raman didn’t recognize Ishitha…anyhow I loved the scene of which Raman covered Ishitha when she was shot..It was very romatic..Though he didn’t recognize her,they were solemates and Raman really cared for her as they both lived in their past,7 years ago…If they were together now,Raman will do the same as he did here

  23. Hey guys why do u take this much serious it’s serial not a movie they should drag so that to make it lengthY watch a serial like serial and don’t scold the characters they are designed by director . if u r not interested don’t watch but don’t say waste

  24. where are you guys jhanvi darshi meghana sowmy summi ude fathi riya diya and many?

  25. Why Adi Says “Raman ka Dill Pattar
    Hi Hai” Adi gets Sazaa from

  26. hey guys good morning to all.

  27. In the coming episodes, Ishita will
    be saved from the bullet shot by the
    Hijacker. Soon Mihika and Ishita’s
    emotional confrontation will be seen.
    Then both sisters hug each other but
    ishita takes a promise from mihika
    not to inform anyone about her being
    Mani and aliya reach India and Ishita
    will be glad seeing them.
    We will witness another Hit and
    Miss of Ishita and Raman.
    Raman brings flowers for Ishita but
    he gets disturbed by a call and
    didnot see her face. He asks Nurse
    to give those flowers to the lady.
    Another twist in the show is Ruhaan
    cancels her contract with Mani and
    informs this to ishita.With this
    breaking news Ishita will get angry
    and tells Ruhaan that she cannot
    breach the contract. But Ruhaan
    shows an exclusive clause in the
    contract which shows she can be out
    of that anytime she wants.
    It is also hears that Adi will be
    surprised to see his ishima.
    Will Ruhi stops Raman and ishita
    from seeing each other? Will Pihu
    finds her real mother ishita? Stay
    tuned for more updates.

  28. Upcoming Hit and Miss Twists in
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.. . http://

  29. hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna
    natasha sowmy naaz meghana
    darshi sam tansuri shivani lavanya
    and all yhm friends.

  30. hi everyone yhm ka new title song Maya hai ye hai in ki nafratein so I think it will take at leasdt two months for ishraru reunion I am missing old yhm a lot specially ruhi I don’t want to comment on today’s episode coz it was a crap Raman don’t see ishita face uuufff its only possible in ektas shows

  31. Only few comments..!!!!…i think everyone become fed up with ishra’s hit and miss….if writers dont want ishita to meet Raman atleast let adi to meet his ishima….because of the this writers’ stupidity viewers already started hating raman, now they are forcing us to hate ruhi also by making ruhaan so rude to her ishima….

  32. stupid stop commentingoing you don’t have any work mad people I will get laugh seeing this

    1. If u have work thn wht are you here?

  33. hey guys good afternoon to all.

  34. stop this moderation. plz.

  35. why the comments get posted so lately? today morning I posted comments and still its not posted .plz post it fast.

  36. upcoming is hu meet adi but didn’t recognise him

  37. In coming episode Adi also sees her Ishima and Ishita also sees Adi but don’t recognise because she can’t see the pictures of Adi after leap but Adi recognise as her Ishima. ….. video on YouTube. …

  38. mad rithu. sake ani you don’t have work always about yhm

  39. Gud episode …..but am too worried for ishitha.

  40. HI Vinnu,
    Stop Being Insulting & Rude All The Girls & YHM fans are like a family here.. What’s ur problem & what is bugging you, Go & Get A life. We don’t need trouble makers. Anyway who watches & who does not is none of ur business . So pls do us a favour & mind ur own business. Without spoiling this page with rubbish. we all are together as a Family If u want to join in Pls Be nice.. Thanks

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